The Twilight Saga

Todd is an immortal kid he can still cry and does not like human blood. He has a power, it's not like the others and it's really powerful. The Volturi still don't know about Todd but they will find out. When the Voluri find out about Todd do they think Todd should die like all the other immortal kids or does he have spark to the Volturi and live?  ~COMPLETE~


Chapter one-Todd

Once upon a time there lived a boy.The boys name was Todd. Todd was 8 and was orphaned at the age of three. His life wasnt really great. Everynight he wished his life was better. Never happened. But one night he had visions, but of course he thought these were dreams. The visions were mostly a blur but he saw some thing was going to happen. He didnt know what was going to happen, but he knew it was going to happen on his 9th birthday. He always thought anything could be better then his life now so he ignored his dreams. Todd had these dream every night but ignored them.........





Okay so the first Seven Chapters REALLY sucked so I'm re-writing them and deleting the bad ones. Just to fill you in! I hope you guys will enjoy the story a lot better now! :D

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hmm sorry its short!!!didnt have much time to write it!!! also i dont have spell check sorry!
Itsz Okaii !!! I lik it !!! It kinda soundsz lik mii but i ant a boy !!! Nd ma twin sis !!! it happened 2 us wen we waz lil !!!
oh so thats you in ur pic nd your twin sis in that pic u guys look so alike. nd i know u ant a boy!
Thanks!!!!! I dont know how to make a banner its because im new here thanks for helping me!!! This is my first Fan Fic so it might be a liitle bad!!

Chapter 2

Today’s my birthday. I’m turning nine, big number, I know. I should be excited, my parents should be throwing me a huge blow-out party and all my friends should be invited. I’m supposed to be having the time of my life! Yeah, if only.

This morning I started crying. I mean, that’s not a huge shocker, but still. I cried because I wanted all those things. I was fantasizing about all those things the night before. And when I opened my eyes the morning expecting people jumping out of from behind the furninture yelling, “Surprise!” But that didn’t happen! I woke up to the same thing every morning, and the realization, it hurts.

“Todd!” The headmistress yells my name through the intercom. I look at it slightly confused. My names never called on the intercom. Because when names are called on the intercom, that can only mean one thing.

I draw in a deep breath and my arms begin to shake. The intercom can only mean one thing! Adoption!

I bound out of my room and down the stairs straight into the administration office. I stop dead in my track and notice nine of the most beautiful people in the whole world. These are the people adopting me? Now way!

“Hi! I’m Todd! I’m so grateful you guys are going to adopt me. I already filled out all my paperwork. I mean I didn’t think someone would want me but I still wanted to fill it out. Anyways I don’t have any personal belongings so we can just go!” I shout jumping up and down excited at the fact someone wants to adopt me.

“Okay, let’s go,” one of the girls smiles holding out her hand.

“Okay,” I smile taking it. Walking out of the orphanage I think this is the happiest moment of my life. I’ve never been happy. I’ve always been bullied so now that I’m being adopted out? Wow!

“Todd,” the girl says looking down at me nervously. “I’m so sorry.”

She then bends down right at my neck level and all I feel is excruciating pain. This is where I die. I guess, I guess those few seconds of pure bliss were enough. I guess I’m okay dying now. I guess so....

So that’s the second chapter! Thanks for giving this Story a chance! :D

I love it


Chapter 3

Todd’s POV


I wake up to a bright room with an unmistakable burning in my throat. I want to cry out or break something or whatever. Just do something about the irritating brightness or the burning in my throat. But I can’t there’s nothing I can do but lay there and wish with alll my heart that it would just go away!

After a few moments of laying completely still I feel I am able to move. I sit up confused at where I am or what happened since I can’t seem to remember anything.

“What the-“ I hear a big guy say looking completely astounded staring at me.

I cock my head to one side. “Who are you?”

“I-I’m Emmett,” he says confusion still plastered onto his face.

I sit there for a couple minutes trying to remember. Suddenly it all hits me. Everything hits me all at once and I’m overwhelmed with emotion.

“Oh my gosh,” I whisper looking at Emmett uncertainly. “I’m supposed to be dead!”

“I think I have some explaining to do,” Emmett says sighing. I nod my head. “Come with me.”

Okay there’s Chapter 3! Oh, and sorry for the short Chapter. :/ Comments are really helpful! :D

Chapter 4

Todd’s POV


I follow Emmett as he leads me around the house down the stairs and into the living the room. It was a confusing place to remember but for some reason I did remember. I remembered every single move we made. What the heck?

“Oh my gosh! You’re awake and moving and not dead! You woke up early, but I’m pretty sure that’s okay. That’s okay, right Carlisle?” A bouncy girl shouts jumping around me.

“Yes Alice, it’s okay,” A guy with blond hair, older than the other nods.

“Oh yeah, introductions,” Alice smiles. She bounds around the room excitedly. I scratch the back of my head tired at her enthusiasm.

“I know, she’s a lot to take in,” Emmett laughs a booming laugh. He places his hand on my shoulder and I smile at this brotherly feel.

“I am not!” She shouts pouting at Emmett. “I’m Alice by the way.”

Everyone introduces themselves and I surprisingly remember all of their names. Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Edward, Bella, and Jacob were all their names.

I frown a scent in the air. “There’ a scent.”

Rose lets out a small smirk, “Oh, the mutt!”

“The who?” I ask confused.

AN: I’m skipping to after they explain everything to him…

Holy Crap is probably the first thing that runs into my mind. I’m a vampire. I suck human blood and- and. Oh my gosh.

“Calm down,” Edward says looking at me with an irritating look.

“It’s a lot to take in,” I say wondering how he knew I was freaking out. I mean, I am pretty good at keeping my face emotionless.

“I can read your mind stupid,” Edward says again.

And then I start doing something, I have no idea why. I start crying. It’s just so much, everything to take in, and then to top it all off Edward is treating me horribly.

“I-I want to leave,” I whisper rubbing my eyes.

“But,” Alice whispers.

“I’m sorry, but I want to leave,” I say turning towards the door.

Leaving the house, I head to over to the forest trying to vanquish my burning in my throat. I tackle a deer and to my utter disgust drink the whole thing.

Emmett’s POV

“Woah! Little man’s got an appetite!” I laugh as I see Todd finish up the deer.

After Todd laugh, I had an impulse to follow him. I just met him and all, but  I didn’t want to say good-bye. I quickly promised my family I would keep in touch and come by often then headed out the door following Todd’s scent.

“What do you want?” He asks not really darkly, but curiously.

“Nothing, I was just going to invite you to stay at Rosalie and I’s place,” I say as he leaves the deer.

“Are you sure that’s okay?” He asks timidly.

“Well duh! You’re like the little brother I actually wanted,” I smile giving him a hug.

“Thanks Emmy!” He smiles jumping onto my back. Emmy? Emmy? That’s like a girl’s name! I groan inwardly but decide its best not to comment. I don’t want to upset Todd even more.

“You know that was an awfully odd choice for a new-born vamp. Most vampires usually go for the human blood,” I say noticing his animal diet.

“Yeah, well I’m not like most vampire,” Todd replies. Hmm, this kids got spunk, he’ll fit in just fine here.

Chapter 5

Emmett’s POV

I open the door to the house and realize the house is a total mess. I had forgotten all about the party I had thrown at the house a couple of days ago. Damn.

“Holy cow Emmy!” Todd yells as he walks in after me.

“Yeah sorry, I forgot,” I say looking around the house embarrassed.

I begin picking up random things and throwing it into the trash. Thankfully Rosalie decided to pick up a few things before coming to the house.

“Do you mind helping me out here? Rosalie would kill me if she knew I threw this party and didn’t clean up,” I tell Todd cleaning the room as quickly as possible. I throw everything anywhere kicking stuff under the couches or outside just out of site.

“No way! I would love to see Rosie throw a fit. Especially if that gets your butt busted!” Todd laughs sitting on the counter of my kitchen. I squint my eyes angrily at him.

“Well geez, thanks man,” I say continuing my quick rampage.

The living room is nowhere near clean when the front door cracks open. Damn it!

“Emmett Cullen!” Rosalie’s voice rings out in a loud screech. I duck behind the couches and cover my head afraid of what’s to come next in Rose’s wrath. “I know you’re here so get out here and explain this before I beat the crap out of you!” Rose shouts in the most threatening voice ever.

I’m about to get out from behind the couch when I hear Todd. “But Rosie,” Todd begins in the sweetest voice known to mankind. “I just wanted to tell you.”

“What did you want to tell me sweetie?” Rose asks with a new found kindness in his voice, Damn Todd’s good, Rose has never used that voice with me?

“Emmy get ready!” Todd shouts I peer over the couch confusedly. “Dog Pile!”

I laugh throwing the couch in the other direction and jumping onto Rose after Todd. “Oh yeah!” I yell laughing hysterically.

Rose’s POV

“Get off of me!” I shout trying to push them off. Only for some reason I’m not mad. Usually I’d be furious that my hair is messed up or my clothes are crinkled but I’m not mad now. I’m getting this weird warm feeling in my stomach. Holy crap, its happiness!

I’m not used to this feeling. It’s rare and, and, I actually kind of like it. What is this kid doing to me?

Chapter 6

Todd’s POV

I stood from the dog pile (Or perhaps we could call it vampire pile! Haha! Nobody? Nobody? Alright then..) only to be tackled down again. “Hu-wha?”

“Wrestling!” Emmett laughs from on top of me.

“Bring it!” I shout back. I’m probably going to lose, I mean look at me now look at Emmett, and back at me. You see? You think I could possibly win against Emmett? Haha, you’re funny if you do.

Emmett hops off of me and gets into what seems as a wrestling stance. I mimic his motion as he charges at me. Out of reflex I grab him and push him away. I open my mouth from utter surprise as I see Emmett’s muscular figure fly out the window and into a pile of mud just outside the house. Holy cow!

I was too awestruck to realize Rosie had sneaked up behind me and she tackled me down. “Rawr,” she shouts in a not so intimidating voice. (But really how intimidating can you be saying ‘Rawr?’)

I push Rosie off of me as well and she flies into the mud next to Emmett. Woah!

I shake of my surprise and run out the window after them. “Cannonball!” I shout jumping into the pile of mud after them.

“Mud fight!” Emmett yells laughing evilly.

I smile mischievously at him, “You are so on!”

AN: When I previously wrote this Chapter six was SO short that it shouldn’t be counted as an actual chapter! So I’m updating Chapter 7 along with it. Good? Good!

Chapter 7

Todd’s POV

“You are the only person in the whole world who can throw my sister in the mud and have her not rip out your throat!” Jazz laughs his hand over Ally’s protectively.

“What did you want Jasper?” Rosie asks rolling her eyes irritably.

“We’re visiting, duh!” Ally cheers happily. “We’re going to the mall to buy Todd over here some clothing since you just ruined his only pair!”

I look at my crusted clothes and realize that these are in fact my only clothes I own.

“Well, I can’t go out in these clothes,” I tell them sadly. I had actually wanted to see the world for once and I had ruined my chance.

“I bought some clothes on the way seeing a vision that this,” Ally says waving her hands over my clothes. “Would happen.”

“Thanks Ally!” I shout jumping up from the pile of mud. “You’re the best!”

~At The Mall~

“We meet back here in three hours! Got it?” Ally says looking at Emmy accusingly.

Emmett leads me to Walmart first and goes immediately to the toy section. He hops into a toy car screaming with pure bliss. I glare at him because he’s attracting the attention of many other customers walking by.

“Emmy! What are you doing?” I question walking around awkwardly. A couple looks at me as they walk by. “I- uh, don’t know him.” I tell them quickly.

“I’m having fun Todd! Come on, live a little!” He laughs driving the toy car around. I look at him, a huge muscular man in a tiny toy car. Eh, what the heck!

I jump into the fire truck and turn on the siren.

 “That’s the spirit Todd!” Emmett laughs following close behing me in his police car.

We’re like that for probably a good hour before security comes and butts us out of Walmart.

“Well that was fun while it lasted, what could we do now?” I ask disappointedly.

“I think I’ve got an idea,” Emmy says with a mischievous glint in his eyes. I know I should be running in the other direction and such but I’ve never had so much fun in my life. So I plant my feet down and stare Emmett straight down daring him to tell me his idea.

“You know those things cops ride around the mall?” Emmett says looking at me happily. (AN:  I don’t know what they’re called >.< But the guy from Mall Cop rid it??)

I look over at what he’s talking about and I literally jump up in joy. “Oh yeah!”

Emmett runs into a nearby store and throws an unpaid item out the door. The mall security who were on the segway (I looked it up on Google. Thank You Google!! ;D) use there segway to check out what happened but I quickly jump behind and whisper “Boo.”

They freak out and fall off of there segway as I double on the floor laughing my butt off.

“Come on Todd get on before they catch us!” Emmy shouts pulling me up from the floor. We run the segway out of there before the two mall cop have a time to figure out what the heck even happened?

Everything was going great and Emmett and I were going around the mall screaming at the top of our lungs, “Whee!” When suddenly one of the mall cops came, oh no.

“What are you two doing on Private Property?” The security guard asks looking at Emmett accusingly. I look up at him using the most innocent face I can muster and he actually cracks a small smile.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry sir it’s his ninth birthday and he must’ve seen the segway and so sorry!” Alice yells running over to us. She looks over at us looking as innocent as I do. Ooh, she’s good.

 “Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a mall cop when I grew older!” I say smiling happily. I hop off of the segway and hold Alice’s hand keeping my innocent face plastered on.

The cops face looks at me sympathetically and begins talking. “Well happy birthday son, try and stay out of trouble.”

“I will, promise!” I say smiling and holding out my pinky towards him.

“Promise,” the mall cop says wrapping his pinky around mine. “But what about this guy?” He asks looking at Emmett accusingly. Emmy tries pulling off the innocent look too but it doesn’t work. I mean, a really buff muscular dude looking extremely innocent? Don’t make me laugh anymore than I already am!

“Oh I know his parents,” Alice says giving a disgusted look towards Emmett. “I’ll make sre he gets a good whooping.”

The mall cop chuckles and nods his head. “Yes, yes, you do that.”

“What!” Emmett shouts. Alice shakes her head and pulls him by the ear towards the car. I laugh and smile and wave towards the mall cop and follow Alice to the car.

“You totally embarrassed my butt back there!”  Emmy says looking at Alice angrily.

“I saved your sorry butt! You’re not in jail and you have absolutely no charges on you so I think the words you’re looking for are Thank-You!” Ally shouts looking at Emmy with a smug face.

“Thanks,” Emmy replies sarcastically.  


“Well, it was fun but we have to head back,” Ally says smiling at me.

“Come back soon!” I say smiling back at Ally.

Once they leave we settle back on the couch. Right as the movie begins the doorbell rings. Who is it now?

Just one little comment is what I am asking for and then I will right chapter 8.


Okay, so, I feel weird guilt tripping you to comment so I'll just stop that. Comment or don't. I think I will continue writing because I like where I'm going with it plus I think my witting has gotten better :-)

Oh and I do apologize again about spelling errors and stuff...

Also I changed Todd’s age to eight

Chapter 8

Todd's POV


It's that Edward. He told me to calm down, punk. As you can probably tell I have some anger management problems, whatever.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” I said when I let him in. “What do you want?” I seethed at him. I don’t like this guy.

“I’m only here to apologize, Todd,” he says putting his hands up in defeat. Apologize? What for? “For reading you mind.”

“Oh like you did just know? You’re not so great at apologizing!” I yell at him. He sips his head down. “Well I guess it’s okay, you’re probably used to reading people’s minds, just try not to read mine okay?”

Instead he just laughs. Laughs! Is he laughing at me? He better not! I give him the evil glare but he just keeps laughing. Oh, whatever, bullies have done worst anyways.

“What? What have they done?” Edward yells shaking me vigorously. I don’t like it.

“Leave me alone,” I yell escaping his grasp to hide behind Emmet. “And stop reading my mind!” I yell. Then suddenly he frowns.

“What is it?” Rosalie asks him.

“It’s just, well, I can’t read him anymore!” He yells exasperated. What? He can’t read me? I’m scared. Go away, I think in my mind. I just want Edward to go away!

Quickly Edward turns to leave but tries to say something. Not a word, I say again in my head and he shuts his mouth. Is it me that’s making him do these things? I think so. I run to Rosalie as fast as I can and start crying in her arms, I don’t know why, I just do.

“Todd, Todd what is it?” She yells frantically at me.

“I-I-I made him go away! I thought in my head for him to leave a-and he did! Rosie please protect me!” I yell then I black out and drift into a dreamless sleep. I thought vampires couldn’t sleep?


When I wake up I’m in a bed, which I have no idea whose it is. Where am I? What happened? Suddenly all the memories of yesterday come flooding back to me. Me being changed on my birthday, Edward coming, everything.

“You’re awake,” Rosalie says walking into the room. Her face stone hard and serious, but then suddenly, fear and worry. Woah! “Don’t ever scare me like that again Todd! When you cried and ran to my arms I wanted to make everything better! I wanted to stop you from crying but I couldn’t! I didn’t know how to! Then what really scared me the most was you blanked out! I didn’t know you were asleep, vampires aren’t supposed to sleep Todd! I thought y-y-you died!” She yells throwing her arms around me.

“Really Rosie?” I’m sorry,” I say smoothing her hair. “I was just so scared. But I promise for you and Emmy I’ll stay strong, I’ll never ever scare you again! And I also promise that I’ll never let anything hurt you or Emmy!” When she looks up at her I smile the biggest smile possible, because her face is filled with pride.

“You’re just like Emmett,” she says with a small smile. This news got me excited.

“I’m just like Emmy? That mean I’m super strong and tough! Right?!” I say jumping up and down like I am on Christmas!

“Of course you’re like my personal mini me!” Emmett booms from the door.

At that I frown. Just like him? Even the bad stuff?

“Todd what’s wrong,” Rosie questions worriedly. I’m doing it again! I’m scaring her!

“Nothing,” I rush out quickly.” It’s just, if I’m exactly like Emmy that means I’m childish and overdramatic. I don’t like that.

“I am not!” Emmy yells from the door.

“See what I mean?” I question Rosie. She just nods her head and laughs.

“Okay so about yesterday,” she says trailing off. Oh right. I don’t want to hear this! No, no, no you HAVE to hear this Todd. Stay strong, for Rosie and Emmy. Slowly I nod my head for her to continue. “Well. I told Carlisle about it and he said it’s just a power. You can make people do stuff. Got it?” She questions.

Slowly I nod my head. I have a power just like Ally! “Rosie, Emmy, if you, uh, don’t mind can we go to that place where everyone is? I want to give everyone nicknames. And, uh, probably apologize to Eddie!”

Rosie’s smiles and nods her head. So does Emmy. Yay! I get to tell everyone their nicknames!


Okay! That was Chapter 8, I tried to make it long because I noticed how alll my chapters are usuallu so short. Well anyways I'm already working on Chapter 9 so I THINK I can get it up today!!


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