The Twilight Saga

Every Beinning Has An End(Sequel to One Ending Is Another Beginning)

This is the sequel to One Ending Is Another Beginning=)
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Chapter 1:

Renesmee's POV:

After that very long night I awoke to Jacob's warm hand caressing my face. I layed my cheek against his bare chest and was in total bliss. I looked up into his eyes. "hey" I said. He smiled.

"Hey", he said in his very husky voice. "I was wondering if you wanted to go swimming?"

"Ya, defiantly." I went to my bag that my mom had packed for me and was happy to find a super cute little white and red bikini. We went outside and then Jacob swept me off my feet and before I ever had time to gasp he threw me into the water. I swam back to the top and he had an evil grinn on his face.

"Canonball!" and he jumped in the water. He swam over to me and we were both laughing. But once his arms wraped around me our laughs were quicky cut off by our lips moving against each others. The day went on without changing. I didn't argue though. I could spend all day in Jacobs arms with his lips on mine and I wouldn't mind.

Amanda's POV (one of Nahuels sister)(nickname Amy):

(She's been withher borfriend, Erik,. for almost a year now. She met him when she started going to highschool, she was a junior at the time and also half-human half-vampire. Sh had stopped growing two weeks before that. Well, at least that's what they thought. She was living with him now. Her mom and Dad are clearly dead.)

I was at my boy friends house. His name was Erik. I had just taken a pregnacy test. Positive. Erik had been knocking on the door for an hour now. How was this possible. I had stopped growing a year ago. This couldn't be right. But then I looked to the left of me. Seven other pregnancy test, all positive. I opened the door. I had tears in my eyes. He pulled me into his chest. "Amy, what's wrong?" he was confused. Then I held up the test. He was confused a little bit and then his eyes got huge and his face turned pale white.

"I don't understand. You said that you couldn't have children." (she had told him that she wasn't able to have children, that it was pased down the family.)

"I...I...can't. Yhis doesn't make any sense. I'm not supposed to be able to have children. I need to go see someone."


"The Cullens. They're some friends of the family. Carlisles a doctor." I headed out of the door but he grabbed my hand.

'Wait, if you are going to have a child...then...I'm going to be here for you. I'm going too." Well, I was glad that he was going to be responsible but was going into a house full of vampires that he didn't know existed such a great idea? Would I have to tell him? WHAT would the child be?

"Umm, thanks Erik. This really means a lot to me. Let's go." So we left and headed to the Cullens. I really hadn't expected him to back me up. He was only eighteen and was already a Dad. A dad to either a human or a vampire. Or both. I pulled up in the drive way and Alice, Edward and Bella were standing outside and on their faces were pure horror.

Bella's POV:

I was getting ready in my room. Aice wa planning on taking me shoping. Since everyone else was gone hunting Edward decided to go with us. I was talking to Alice about how she was crazy and then she dropped the way -to-tight dress she had been planning to wear.

"Alice, whats wrong?" I asked her. Her eyes were gone looking somewhere way different than her ordinary closet. Edward was right beside me and his face was of a mad man. Then Alice took off. She was flying down the stairs and I was right behind her. I was going to go crazy if people didn't start giving me answers. Edward was right beside me. Then I heard someone pulling up in the driveway. I realized that it was Amy. We had met her a while back. We had reunited her and Nahuel. She pulled up in the driveway and had a single tear going down her cheek. Then a human stepped out of the car. I defiantly wasn't expecting that.

I quickly started acting normal. Well, I tried to act like a normal human. I was pretty good at I it. I walked over to the young man. He looked at me and his eyes widened. Normally Edward would have reacted to that in some way but when I looked at him I realized he was still getting over whatever Alice had seen. "Umm, Hi. I'm Bella Culen. This is my husband Edward and my sister in-law Alice."

"Uh...oh, Hi. I'm Erik, Amy's boyfriend." he dropped his gaze. He had a girlfriend. Wow. How could she keep a relationship going like that without letting her secret slip. I guess like Edward had. hmm.

"Well its nice to meet you. Can I get you something?---" Edward cut me off.

"Right nows not the time Bella. You see,Amy is here with some very important information. She's pregnant. She stopped growing a year ago."

I was frozen. If she was pregnant then that meant that Renesmee... oh my God.

"Woah, how did you know that?" Erik asked.

"I think it's time he knew Amy." Edward suggested. I was still frozen. Nessie.

"But...he won't understand, he won't believe it." she said. She was surprised that Edward would even suggest that.

"He'll stay with you no matter what." Edward said.

"Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on!" Erik said.

"Erik, I'm not completely human. I'm half vampire."

"Right, nice joke Amy. Is this some kind of joke to you?"

"She's telling the truth." Alice said. "I'm full vampire. Would you like me to prove it?"

"Sure, lets see those magical powers you have."

"Actually I do have powers. I can see the future. That's how I knew why you were here. But to prove this even more I'll show you vampire abilities." She then ran in the house and back so fast that I knew there was no way this Erik boy would have been able to see it. She was holding a vase of flowers. Before he had time to catch his breath Edward cut in.

"And I can read minds. Right now your thinking who the hell are these freaks." he then ran over to a car and lifted Alice's porsche off the ground and set it gently back n the ground without damaging it. "Now that you believe me I need to talk to Amy. Amy, are you sure that you stopped growing a year ago?"

"I'm for sure. Theres no doubt it."

he nodded his head. "We need Carlisle." he called Carlisle and they all went in the house. I just stood there. I couldn't figure out how to move. It was like deja-vu. But I was the one frozen instead of Edward. It's like my life was repeating itself all over again.

I saw Carlisle pull up in the driveway. He walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulder. "Bella, whats wrong. Why did Edward tell me to come here?"

"Amy's pregnant." It took Carlisle two seconds to add it all up in his hands. He ran into the house and I followed.

"Edward, get Renesmee on the phone now!" Carlisle said.

I hoped you liked it!

Chapter 2:

Renesmee's POV:

I was in the living room sitting on the couch. Our lips were moving together and I wondered if I would ever be able to stop. His arms were wrapped around me and he his lips moved down me jaw. He started to pull me towards the bedroom when my phone rang.

"ugh, hold on." I said. But Jacob didn't losen his grip. I smiled.

"If it's important then they'll leave a message.

"If it's important then I should answer it." He finally gave in so I ran to the bedroom where my phone was. "Hello?"

Edward answered. --Nessie, I need to talk to Jacob.--

"Umm,ok. Jacob." I called. He entered the room. "Umm, my Dad wants to talk to you." I reached over and put the phone on speaker. There was no way they were gonna have some wierd talk without me knowing about it.

"Thats odd. uh...ok."

edward: --Jacob, do you know who Amanda is?--

"No. Why?"

--She dropped by and had some very well...shocking news. First off I should explain something. Amy is Nahuel's sister. So she's half-vampire and half-human, just like Ness. She had thought that she had stopped growing over a year ago. So she started dating a guy named Erik. They well...had sex. She started feeling really wierd and so she took a pregnancy test. She would have never thought that she would ecen be able to hold a child but it came back positive. Amy's pregnant.--

I stopped breathing. I all of a sudden felt really dissy and my vision became very blurry. The next thing I saw was a wall of black. I blacked out.

dream: I was walking around in mine an Jacob's meadow. I looked around and was expecting to find Jacob but instead I found something way more surprising. It was a little boy. Standing in the middle of the clearing. He had dark brown eyes. He had dark skin and then he shocked me. He laughed and ran to me. He jumped in my arms and wrapped his arms around me. His arms felt warm to me and I smiled. Then my dream ended and when I opened my eyes Jacob had his arms wrapped around me. We were on the couch and the warmth in my dreams that had seemed so real was coming from him. "Ness! Are you alright?!" he said wth alarm in his voice. I tried to recall what had happened.

"Ya, I think so. I had just had the wierdest dream. My Dad had called and he was talking about this nonsense that some Amy girl had told him. He had said that I was pregnant. Impossible. I wonder why I would have a dream like that." I didn't tell him the rest of the dream. I didn't really understand what that one had been about. I looked up at Jacob. His face was full of fear. His face was full of horror.

"Ness, that wasn't a dream. You are pregnant. I already have all of our stuff packed. We're going home."

I just sat there. What else could I do. Jacob grabbed my shoulder to stead me. "Ness, your going to be fine. I'm going to make sure that you don't get hurt sweetie, ok? I promise I won't let anyone hurt you."

I shook my head. I was still in shock when Jacob finally pulled to a stop out in front of my house. Someone opened my door and pulled me out of the seat. We were flying into the living room. I looked up at my Dad's face. I hadn't realized I was crying till he wiped away a tear. "Nessie, don't worry. Your going to be fine." He sat me down and wrapped his arms around me. I didn't know why I was crying. I wasn't even sad. I wasn't happy either. I was shock. I didn't know what to feel. Then my mom walked over.

"Ness? Are you ok?"

"She's confused Bella." My Dad told her. Confused was a good word.

"May I speak to Renesmee alone please?" my Mom aked. I looked around for the first time and realized everyone was there. Emmett, Alice, Rose, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, the wolves, and Charlie. They all followed her request and exited the room. She walked over to me. She grabbed my shoulders and stared into my eyes. "Ness, I want you to be completely honest wit me. Do you want this baby?"

I thought about that for a while. I remembered my dream and I immediately knew the answer. I loved this baby and I wanted to keep it. "Yes."

My mom smiled. That was the answer she had been hoping for. "Ok, then we're going to do everything we can to keep you and your baby safe. Ok?"

I nodded my head and then she wrapped her arms around me. She started crying and then I felt another warm hand on my waist. I turned around and Jacob was standing there. His only expression was pain which quickly turned to panic when he realized that I was crying.

"Whats wrong? Are you in pain? Are you ok? What's wrong?" He wrapped his arm around me and then held my face in his other hand. He wiped away the tears.

"I'm great. Jacob, I want to have this baby."

He smiled. "I'll be here every step of the way."

I sighed and he pulled my face up to his. He kissed me until Carlisle who had walked into the room interupted us. "Renesmee?"

I looked over at him. "What are you going to do?"

"Don't worry. I just need to run some test. You must understand that we don't really know what the child will be. As soon as I figure this out I will let you know. I have a bed ready for you upstairs."

I followed him upstairs and Jacob kept his arm firmly around my waist. I would be able to get through this as long as he was by my side. With him I could get through anything. I walked into the bedroom and I laid down on the bed. Carlisle hooked me up to a bunch of things and took X-rays and an ultra-sound, etc. Jacob's fingers were interlocked with mine. It was amazing how things had changed so quickly. One minute me and Jacob are sitting on the couch and the next I was pregnant. After a while I fell asleep. When I woke-up a lot had changed. Including the size...of my stomach. Then I screamed in agony as the little thing inside me broke a rib. "Jacob!!" He was right beside me instantly. Carlisle, my Dad and Mom were all in the room as well. Jacob's hands were shaking. But he didn't seem mad. They were shaking because he was losing it. I reached out to him and he grabbed my hand just as I felt another kick. There was a crack and another rib broken.

"We're going to get him out now!" Carlisle said and then I once again saw blackness as the morphine set in. I would awake to a whole new world.


Chapter 3:

Renesmee's POV:

waking up:

"Carlisle, she's been out for a long time, are you sure something's not wrong?" I heard Jake ask as I opened my eyes. Jake held my hand and was looking at Carlisle,

"Well why don't you ask her yourself." Carlisle smiled.

Jake looked into my eyes and he had tears in his. I placed my hand on his cheek. "What's wrong?" while I thought through what it could be I looked down at my toes...the toes that I couldn't see before I blacked out. The toes that I could now see.... "Where's my baby?" I asked before Jacob had time to answer my first question. Jacob smiled while I looked around the room trying to find the small creature that I was somehow connected to. I saw my Mom walk over with my Dad right beind. Esme, Emmett, and Jasper were standing across the room. Wheres Rose and Alice?...

"Don't worry, he's fine." Jacob assured me.

I smiled. "He?"

He nodded his head. "Umm, I haven't named him.. I thought that you would like to. You can see him if you want?" he said this as if it wasn't obvious.

I nodded my head. This took some effort. I felt so weak. Then I saw Rose and Alice enter with a little baby boy. I had readied myself for a larger and older child but he looked only hours old. I smiled. She walked over to me and handed him to me. I gasped as his shin touched mine. It was ice cold. Colder than ice. I looked up to Jacob who didn't really understand. My Dad explained. "He has cold skin, yes. There are a lot of things that are surprising about him." My dad smiled. Wow, he was a grand father, hmm. I looked down at my baby. He opened his eyes for the first time and I was shocked even further. Bright green eyes looked up at me. My baby boy had brown curly hair and his skin was a lovely mix of mine and jacobs. He had little pink cheeks and then something happened that took my breath away. I was just laying there with him in my arms and nothing visibly changed. My baby's mouth did not move but I heard him? He had the most amazing sweet little voice and it was so clear. It was as if he said it out loud. I love you mama. And that was all that was said? I looked up at Jacob startled and I came to realize that this was the first time it had happened because everyone else in the room either had their jaw to the ground or was starring at the little creature in my arms. I looked down at him and he giggled. "Unbelievable", my Dad said breaking the intense silence.

"What the hell just happened?! What ever it was, it was cool! Awesome!" Emmett said excitedly.

"I don't know, Edward?" Carlisle asked.

"He...just..." was all he got out. I started to get nervous.

"Edward!" Alice was getting so impatient. I wonder how she didn't see that. Oh, I guess that meant that she couldn't see him either.

"He spoke...with his mind. He simply wanted Renesmee to know something so he just...thought it. He can share his thoughts with others. His mind is absolutely amazing! I've never seen someones mind so complexed before. Its...unbelievable." He finally finished explaining.

"It's like he has Edwards and Renesmee's gift combined. He can share his thoughts with others but theres no physical boundary." Carlisle said.

"Yes, but he only shares the thoughts he wants to. I can still read all the other ones but I have to work at it. I'm sure that if he wanted to he could block me out completely." Me Dad said.

I looked down at my baby boy and he smiled. Sure could. He did it again. But this time he was talking to my Dad.

Then Edward gasped. "He did it. He blocked me. All I an see is a wall, a wall of black. It's extrordinary!"

I looked down at my baby who was giggling. I smiled back and kissed him on the forehead. "Little Noah just surprises us left and right doesn't he" he giggled again. His laugh filled the room. It was a beautiful sound. I looked up and everyone was starring at me. Jacob smiled at me and grabbed my hand. "Oh, well, its kind of just a nickname. I wanted to name him Nomatha. It means big surprise. If you don't like it then we can change it, I just thought that it kind of fits, ya know. Oh, and I was hoping his middle name could be Anthony." I looked over at my Dad who smiled.

"I love it. It's a beautiful name." Jacob said and wrapped his arm around me and kissed me very sweetly on the cheek. Everyone walked out of the room to give us some privacy.


After I had taken a nap I got up to walk around. I picked Noah up out of his crib and Jacob was immediately next to me. "Sorry, I was just getting a drink, I was gonna be right back. I didn't think that you would wake--"

I cut him off, "Jake, I'm fine." I smiled up at him.. He wrapped his arm around my waist. It was perfect. I had the love of my life right next to me and my adorable baby in my arms. It couldn't get better than this.


The next couple of weeks began to calm down. I was surpriised to see that Noah was growing at a noral rate but was way smarter than any other three week old. He was smarter than most 3rd graders actually. The Salvatori came by to see Noah often. The wolves were constantly over. I remember the first time they had heard Noah speak. It was hilarious. Seth had taken a huge drink of coke and he had came out his nose. He started jumping around like an idiot saying it burns, it burns. Everyone became very attached to little Noah. Emmett insisted that he was to be a football player. Jacob didn't have a problem with that either. Alice was having more fun than ever. All of Noahs clothes were designer ofcourse. I remember one day Jacob was wearing a black leather jacket with blue jeans and sun glasses and Alice carried Noah downstairs and everyone started laughing when we realized that Noah and Jacob matched. Of course some weren't so happy about the thought that they were great grandparents. I laughed when Charlie had gotten upset but he soon got over it. It's not like he was your average gr.grandfather. he was better looking than most dads.

Today we were going to Jacob's house. All the wolves were meeting there and Sam was taking us to a new spot so that we could explain all the Quiliette stories to Noah.

We surrounded the spot where I assumed a fire would soon be. We were all gathered around the fire when all of a sudden I heard a wolf howl.

Chapter 4:

Renesmee's POV:

We all jumped up and ran towards the direction the howl had come from. I held Noah in my arms and Jacob ran next to me. Sam ran into the woods and phased. He quickly caught back up with us. My Dad and Mom were up ahead of us. What had happened? Was one of the wolves hurt? who? I looked around. They were all here except for...Seth.

My Dad stopped up ahead. We all did the same. Sam howled next to us and ran off in the direction we had been going. The rest of the pack ran into the forest to phase and followed Sam's lead. My Dad walked over to me. I was glad to see that Jacob had stayed. "What happened? What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Seth well...I guess theres no point in it being a secret anymore since all the wolves know. He imprinted."

Oh... Wasn't expecting that. "On who?" my mom asked.

"A girl named Ashley. She's a year younger than him. She just moved to Forks. She seems like a sweet girl from what I can tell. The good news is she seems to be attracted to Seth."

I looked over at Jacob and I was surprised to see him smiling. I guess he understood how Seth was feeling right now. "Well I'm happy for him. Ness, do you mind if I phase real quick, I just want to talk to him."

"I don't mind, are we going to reschedule this meeting for Noah?"

"That sounds like it would be best."

"Ok" So me and my mom and dad started on our way back home. I saw Esme run out the door. "Nessie! Can I show you something please? please?!" What was this about. She seemed so happy.

"Umm, sure. What is it Esme?"

"It's a surprise. You'll see." My Dad put his hands over my eyes and my mom grabbed my hand. We started walking past the house and into the forest. Where were we going? Canada?! We ran at a quick speed. Then I heard Esme stop so I did the same. My Dad removed his hands...

The most beautiful house I had ever seen stood in front of me. It was a light blue and was surrounded with a beautiful garden. It was two story and absolutely beautiful. I turned to look at Esme. I ran to her and gave her the biggest hug possible.

"So you like it?"

"I love it!"

"I'm happy. Alice will be too."

"Where is she?"

She's out with Jasper. They'll be back tomorrow. You can thank her then. I leave you alone that way you can get settled in. We bought all new furniture for you that way so if you wanted to stay with us you would still have a place to stay."

"Thank you so much Esme. This means so much to me. I know Jacob will love it." They left and I walked inside. Noah looked around. Is this our home Mommy? "Yes, sweetie. Isn't it lovely?" Yes, do I get my own room now? "Yes. Lets go in" I walked in and it was beautiful. I fixed Noah some soup and then put him to bed. To my surprise he was asleep in minutes. I sat there for a while and just watched his peaceful little face. It was amazing how wonderful my life had become. I jumped when I felt Jacobs hand on my shoulder.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." I turned to face him. He bent down and kissed me very sweetly.

"Don't you just love it, Esme did such a wonderful job."

"Yes, its beautiful. Im' glad you like it."" He leaned down and kissed me a little warmer than earlier. " I love the bedroom." A shiver of pleasure ran down my back as his lips moved down my neck. I couldn't have been happier as the love of my life pulled me into the bedroom where I could stay for the rest of eternity.

Seth's POV:

I walked home from the beach with a whole new meaning to life. It had happened. What I had been anxiously awaiting for had finally happened. I had imprinted.

Ashley. Ashley. Ashley... She was all I could think about. I had never seen someone so beautiful before. She had the look of an angel. I got lost in those blue eyes an unimaginable amount of times. I loved the way her blonde hair blew in the wind. I had already memorized everything about her and I had only been with her for a few hours. She barely knew me but I felt as if I knew everything about her yet at the same time nothing at all. How was that possible. I didn't really care. All I knew was that I wanted her to be happy. I walked into my house and only had few hours of sleep because I couldn't stop worrying about her. Was she alright? Had she made it home safely? When I opened my eyes in the morning and saw the sun pouring in my window I jumped out of bed and got dressed and was out the door in thirty seconds. I didn't know what time it was but I knew that I wanted to see her.

I walked onto the beach and she was there laying down just staring at the clouds. I smiled. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She must have felt my presence because she looked over in my direction. She dropped her eyes quickly and I saw her cheeks change to a rosy pink. Hm, how I loved that. I walked over to her and sat down. She smiled up at me. "How are you?" I asked.

"Better now." I smiled as she blushed once again. "Seth, I was wondering if you would maybe want to come hang out at my house today." She bit her bottom lip and dodged my eyes.

"Of course. What ever you want."

We layed there for hours and I didn't take my eyes off of her the entire time. When ever she would look into my eyes it was as if I knew everything I needed to know about her as soon as I looked into hers. Once it started to get a little chilly we decided to go ahead and leave. Her house was close so we walked there. She walked close next to me and her hand brushed up against mine. I took hold of it and she blushed once again. Her hand was so cold and seemed so breakable but when I looked at her she seemed warm. She seemed bright. I tried to figure out what it was that she reminded me of when I remembered what Jacob had said. He had explained the way he felt about Renesmee like looking at the sun for the first time. Thats exactly what Ashley was. She was my own personal sun.


We were sitting on the couch just talking when she asked it. "Seth, why do you like me? We just met and already I feel so strongly about you?"

Here it goes. How do I even try and make her believe me without her thinking I needed medical help? "Umm, Ashley, its a lot more complicated than you think and I don't really know where to begin. I'm fixing to tell you something that seems impossible and you probably wont believe me but I swear to you I'm telling the truth. I guess I'll start with the story. The Quiliettes are..."and so I told her the entire story.

"Well how does some story have to do with this. I'm sorry, I just don't understand."

"The stories are true. They're all true. I'm a werewolf Ashley."

She stood there and stared into my eyes trying to understand.

"Fell my skin. It's not normal for a human to be 108 degrees. I want to show you something. Come here." I grabbed her hand and pulled her along to the kitchen. This was the only way to convince her. I walked over to the drawer where we kept the knivs.

"Seth...wha-what are you doing?!"

I pressed the tip of the knife against wrist and pulled it all the way up to my elbow. Blood went everywere and she paniked. "Oh my god! Seth, what the hell?! I call 911, dont worry, everythings going to be fine." She reached over and grabbed a towel but I used my clean hand and wrapped my arm around her waist so that she could see.

"Ashley, look."

She looked at my arm as I wrinced off the blood and all that you could see was a small pink scar. "Thats impossible. How-"

"Werewolfs having healing strenghts. It didn't hurt at all. I also am incredibly strong and have amazing speed."

"Oh.", was all she said. I was expecting her to scream and run out of the door.. Instead he pulled a Bella, she feinted...

this ones super short, sry, but i have to get off, ill try and get on again this week but more than likely I wont be able to until this weekend.

Chapter 5: part 1:

I caught her before she hit the cold hard floor and replaced it with my warm gentle arms. I carried her through the forest and arrived at the Cullens place. Carlisle was waiting there on the porch for me. "What happened?" he said while staying calm which I was thankful for. I was using all my strength to not go insane. I walked inside and layed her on the couch.

"She feinted when I tried to explain things to her. She wouldn't believe any of the stories and my temperature didn't convince her so I cut my arm to show her. Then she feinted. I didn't mean to harm her. Is she ok?"

Carlise smiled. He was reassused with the fact that it was just a feinting episode. "Yes, she's alright. You gave her a lot to think about. Lets let her sleep." He patted me on the back and then walked outside. Esme kissed me lightly on the cheek and followed. I didn't see anyone else. They must be on a hunting trip. I sat down on the floor and held her hand in mine. She was so cold. I layed a blanket over her and rested my head next to her shoulder. I slowly not realizing it drifted to sleep.

I shivered as a cold hand caressed my face. I opened my eyes and jumped up. She had her beautiful blue eyes open finally. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep. Are you ok? I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that to you. I should've known better. I swear I didn't mean to harm you or scare you."

"Its fine Seth. I know that. made me believe you. She looked up at me with shock and confusion on her face. And then what I had been dreading appeared in her eyes. Fear...

Bella's POV:

My phone rang:


"Bella, its Carlisle. I just figured I should let you know that Ashley is over here at our place. She feinted when Seth tried to show her that he was a werewolf."

"What?! He phased in front of her! Is she alright?! That stupid immature inconsiderate---"

"Hold on Bella, thats not what I meant. Calm down. Seth's not that nieve. He simply cut his wrist to show her how he heals. She feinted. I find it slight amusing. Its been a while since Ive had to deal with young girls feinting at the sight of blood."

I could just see him smiling on the other side of the line, and I smiled too. "Okay, okay, enough with the jokes. Do you need someone to come over there?"

"No, no its fine. But tell me, how is our little Noah doing? Has he had another growth spurt?"

Noah has recenttly been going through a lot changes. He is growing at an extreme rate. Far greater than Nessie did. Carlisle says its from Jakes genes. The chikd is growing older just like Nessie did but his size is exceeding that because of Jake. Carlisle believes that he definantly has the werewolf gene. But what we don't understand is how it will work. He is feeding like a vampire but he will soon be able to phase into a wolf probably. No one knows what to expect. We all thought that once we had Nessie nothing would surprise us and then she had Noah and everything changes. Everyday he was a foot taller. He was now 5'10" and was about 16 years old. We didn't know when it was going to stop, or if it would stop. I thought that once he started phasing he would stop aging. We can only hope because if he doesn't then he will be 80 years old in a few years.

"He's doing fine, he has grown another two inches, I should probably check up on Nessie and Jake. They might be heading over there."

"Ok, thats fine." We said our good-byes. Another thing that we had figured out was that Noah had extreme thirst control. He still loves to use his talent instead of just speaking. Emmett can't get enough of it. They have become best buds. They are like...twins. Its scary. Nessie doesn't seem to mind. He every now and then is able to read others minds but he has to work at it. Then I got a call. It was Alice. Ugh, i was not going on another shopping trip!


--BELLA! Get over here now!!!-- was all she said and then hung up the phone. I assumed she meant Carlisles so I called Edward and we ran to the house not knowing what was in store for us. I entered the house and it seemed all hell had broke lose. All the wolves were there along with the rest of my family. The war had begun...

Chapter 5 Part 2:


Bella's POV:

--BELLA! Get over here now!!!-- was all she said and then hung up the phone. I assumed she meant Carlisles so I called Edward and we ran to the house not knowing what was in store for us. I entered the house and it seemed all hell had broke lose. All the wolves were there along with the rest of my family. The war had begun...

I couldn't understand. I looked around and the wolves were all there and I had never heard them growl so loudly and viscious before. It was the first time they had scared me since my transformation. I tried to find Edward but he wasn't here. He was still on his hunting trip. Nessie and Jacob were here and next to them was a huge white wolf with the rightest green eyes standing in the middle of my vampire family and my wolf family as if he were apart of both...

Seth's POV:

(rewind: he just looked down at ashley and he saw fear in her eyes...)

"Ashley, I swear to you I would never hurt you. I'll protect you from anything and everything. I love you more than you will ever know."

"I know, it just...a lot to take in is all. I know you would never hurt me." she smiled.

"Good, umm, hey I need to tell Jacob or Sam what happened so that they know that you know." She looked a little confused at my words and I knew that she was wondering why I didn't just use the phone. Duh, she didn't know about the mind reading thing. Hmm, I would have to explain that later. I walked outside and let the heat run threw me. In less than a second I was running threw the forest trying to find the rest of the wolves and then I could hear them. Sam, are you there?

Ya bro whats up

I thought back to everything that had happened.

I just figured I should let Jake know but since hes not phased could you just pass it on?

Sure Seth, no problem

Then I heard him. Noah...But something was wrong. At first I thought he was just speaking with his mind again but I couldn't smell all. He wasn't here. But I can only hear him when hes close. The only minds I can hear far away are the wolves... OH! He phased.
I saw what was happening. He had walked into the Culles place and then he realized that Emmett was upstairs with Rosalie. He got annoyed which quickly triggered his transformation. He had been in the living room when it happened, where Ashley was lying on the couch...

NO! I ran as fast as I could towards the house. I cringed in my own agony as I heard Ashley scream in pain as Noah phased and threw her across the room with one paw in his moment of anger.

Seth! Wait for us! I heard Sam order me but he no longer had any control over me as my whole body ached to protect her. I ran faster until finaly I reached the house. I threw the door off its hinges and ten I saw Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme all gathered up on one side of the living room and on the other side I saw Noah in his wolf form. But the person I couldn't get my eyes off of was Ashley. She was curled up in a ball in the corner of the room behind the Cullens. I looked back at Noah and the only thing I could feel for him was hate. He had hurt the one person in this world that mattered the most, the most innocent person imaginable and he was going to pay...

Sam's POV:

I saw Seth flying threw the woods. I was in La Push, there was no way I would get there in time if he decided to attack. None of the other wolves were around so I sent out an order. I howled for the pack. I felt a change in the air and knew that they were coming. I ran towards the Cullens. The first to change was Embry.

Ya Sam whats up?

Noah phased. He was right next to Ashley and Seth wasn't there. He lost control and he threw her against the wall. I don't know how badly shes hurt but I do know that Seth is furious. He's on his way there right now. We have to get there now. All the woves were there now and they had heard me.

So this is it, its all over. The final battle has begun Leah said. And although I didn't want to hear it all I could hear was the sounds of deafening agreement.

3rd person POV:

The wolves raced towards the Culens house where the batlle would soon begin. Bella would arrive soon after and then...Jaocb and Renesmee would arrive along with the rest of the family.


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kk theres only one more chpater left, idk if im gonna leave a cliff on it or not or if im gonna wrap it up=?
oh!it's so awesome!!please please keep me updated!!!!
OMG! Please update soon
please write more and soon this story is great pleaseeeeee

thanks everyone, ill write more tonite=D itll b super late though probly
Hey guys ive tried a lot of different ways to finish this story but I can't figure out what I wanna do so i might not get it done tonite, sry guys, i will work on it some more though to c what i can get=D


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