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Hey guys!This is a fanfic about Reneesme's life. Seventy years after The Cullens return to Forks.What will Nessie decide?What is she afraid of?And who is this new enemy? I hope you like it!
WARNING:Jacob's fans don't even start reading.I don't want you to get pissed of me.

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1. First Impressions

2. Bittersweet


Seventy years.Seventy long years after The Volturi decided on not killing me and my family. My loving family. They would die to keep me safe.They would leave everything they had just gain after all this pain.

But we lived. And now all of us are happy. Except me.

My name is Reneesme Carlie Cullen and I am unique.Not the only one of my kind, but still difficult to find someone like me. I am a hybrid. Half human, half vampire. A child of the truest and strongest love I've ever seen. And I'm proud for that.

Well you already know my family and our past. I will only inform you about our present.

Ten years after my birth we moved to Alaska near to our close friends, the Denalis. It's beautiful here!
I love the snow.The way it shines on my bear skin. Unlike the sunshine, the snow's glow matches so finely on my hotter than usually skin.

And I prefer the sky here. There are some nights when there is no cloud and you are able to see all the stars shining like diamonds. Like snowflakes that don't fall.When we first came, my father, Edward told me a story. His stroy from the moment he met my mom, my lovely, kind and sweet mother who almost died to give birth -well in truth I almost killed her. He told me everything.Every sweet and every bitter detail. The mistakes he did and the mistakes that mom did but even now he couldn't see. Only I saw my mother's mistakes with Jacob -with whom I'm supposed to have imprinted. Dad still thinks that her behavior with Jacob was nothing and it was all his fault.

Anyway, he told me that ever since he met his Bella he couldn't see the sky clearly.Even Alaska's sky was not bright enough to keep her thought of his mind.

This is love I think. And this is what I seek.Someone who will be the sky for me. The shelter. The sun to protect me from the cold. The dark to hide me from the danger, the fear and the pain.

And I know this is not Jacob.

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Should I continue? Ihave the story ready.I just have to write it down
I love it and hope you post more soon. please keep me upsdated

Hey there Thanks!
This is


It has been 15 years since Jacob last came here. 15 years since we "broke up". I had started feeling strange around him. And he could sense that. It was't an undying love that would last through the eternity. It was something between greeting an old friend from far away -well technically he was- and a past you try to erase.Our realationship with Jacob wasn't exactly a relationship.Even though I admit there was a time I was in love with him, it didn't last much. There were nights that as I was starring at the Alaska's bright by stars sky -the same sky my dad was looking at when he realised he was in love- I realised I wasn't. As long as Jacob couldn't stay with us he visited a lot. And every time he did this feeling grew stronger.

Anyway, he could sense the change. And I couldn't just spare his feelings for me.

And the last time he came -15 years ago- I had a conversation with him. I told him that I didn't feel the imprinting anymore and I wasn't in love with him. God it took me all my strenght to tell such a thing to him. I knew I wasn't in love but it doesn't mean I didn't care about him. We've been together for so many years. I still remember how he helped me the first months of my birth when we had this Volturi problem. And after that he was my best friend.

Now I longed to leave it to that.

He didn't even speak a word and just left. The next day he came again to find me. I was alone in my room while my entire family was at the Denalis'. Dad knew what had happened and persuaded everyne not to make me go with them. Well when Jacob came from nowhere he didn't let me speak at all. He just came close to me, kissed me once lightly on my lips and said looking straight into my eyes "I will always be around". And in his once beautiful eyes I saw no pain, no sadness. I only saw hate, a weird craving and thirst for something I couldn't understand. And then he was gone.
Sorry for it being short but I had to put Nessie in a chapter that will explain her situation with Jacob. I'm writing Chapter 3 right now and it won't be long since I'm posting it. Hope you like it


Our decision of going back to Forks was a matter of time.That place had been the epitome of my family's life.Where all the adventure began. Where everything changed. It pulls the Cullens like a magnet.

I have no problem going back to Forks.My only worry is about Jacob

We all know that the pack won't have a problem with our return. After the "Volturi problem" -you will hear me saying it like this a lot- we were really close. And not only because of my imprint with Jacob. The two families have real bounds now.

Before we left for Alaska, The first ten years of my life, it was obvious that there was no treaty line anymore. Both families trusted each other. They became friends. I mostly liked my dad's friendship with Seth. Once dad told me about how the two of them came so close to each other. And I'm proud of them. And that was only the begining.

Now the only thing that separates them is the smell!

No. My only worry is Jacob himself. How he will react to our return. If he will turn the pack against us again. Dad saw Jacob's look when he came for the last time, in my mind. It has been haunting me all these years.

When we would call Seth or Sam or any other werewolf they would talk to us as if nothing had happened between Jacob and me. And when we would call Jacob he would claim that ha cannot talk due to him having something to do or not answer at all.
your goooood! :D write more! i check for updates everyday(:
WOW your sooo good! :D

"This has been a knot in my stomach for 15 years"

"Hey, sweety. Open your eyes.We're home."
It was my mom. Her soft voice in my ear trying to wake me up. I couldn't comprehend her words though. So I just moaned changing my position at the back sit of dad's latest model of BMW.
"Reneesme Carlie Cullen, Do you want me to get Emmett carry you out?"
Despite her soft voice, that was a threaten. She knew how much I hated being carried. Especially by my oversized bear-like uncle...

So I opened my eyelids just to face outside of the car.

The so well remembered scenery hadn't changed the slightest. The only difference was that the trees were bigger.

I got out and let my gaze rest upon the familiarity of green, brown and grey. And then turned to face the Cullens' castle. Their shelter. The house greeted me with all the strenght of memories it had. And the worry, the knot in my stomach, was chased down by hospitality. I was home.


As much as I loved the main house. I prefered my parents' cottage. I had the chance to watch my mother's face lit up as she was walking into the main house. Memories lingering in every corner. Both sweet and bitter. But when we were getting closer to the cottage she looked as if she would cry, were that possible.

Dad's arms around her weren't there to comfort her .They were reassuring her that he remembered, too.

And as much as I wanted to seethe inside of the cottage, I let them appreciate the moment alone. When you live the way we live, you understand the need of past.


It had been two days since we arrived at Forks. And after some research we found out we was possible for us to stay for many years.

Well. everyone who had known the Cullens before had left the place or had died. And the stuff at the hospital had changed. So it wouldn't be difficultfor my grandpa to find a job(yeah I know it's weird to fantasize Carlisle as a grandpa).

The only thing that had changed was grandpa Charlie's absence.

It was ten years after we'd left that Alice had the vision. The next moment there was a call by Jacob. And next thing we knew Chief Swan had died earlier in the morning by a heartattack.

Mom didn't grieve. Even though I knew the pain it caused her. And all the family would hurt for one's pain. She knew this would come.

She had kept contact with her father after we left. And it seemed this was for the best.

When I asked her why she was so tough about this she just smiled and answered solemnly.
"He had a long life my Nessie. And I'm glad he wasn't alone. And that his life included me and you"
"And what about dad?" I asked challenging her. "Shouldn't we feel sorrow, pain? Shouldn't we cry at all if he dued?"
Then she spoke the words that later made me understand some things...And even then she didn't stop smiling.

The only thing that hurt her more was that she couldn't go to the funeral.


There was another thing that had changed, too.

We caught the scent the time we approached Forks. There was a new vampire here. A male vampire. Alica saw him in a vision, at the same moment, stopping in the middle of his surprisingly animal hunting to follow a trail that lead straight to mom's old house. Weird.

And another vision in which he was driving a car (neither Alice nor dad said what was the brand of the car to my dissappointment) and going to school, where he parked next to a black BMW. DAD's BMW.

Unlike dad, Alice thought the new vampire looked familiar to her but didn't exactly knew why.

He never came to greet us and we never came across him during our hunt. We were just waiting for scholl.

*Hey I know I write small pieces but I assure you the story is long. And I try my best to not make it uncomprehendable.
Chapter 8 and 9 coming soon.
Thanks for reading!!!hope I won't disappont you.

The play was shared. Now the actors only had to play their roles.

We would act just like the last time. The family with the foster kids. But now we would be up to number by two. My role was dad's sister. Yeah, that sounds weird. but our similarity didn'y leave us any other choice.
Well, we had to steal the previous files the school had for my family. That was a piece of cake. And a lot of fun for dad and Alice to do it. They wouldn't let Emmett go. He would have too much fun.

The first day of school we decided to take the two cars that would be the most unnoticed: dad's BMW and Jasper's SUBARU. Believe, me you wouldn't take any of the other cars!

My parents and I took the BMW. I loved that car. It was sport and fast and even though I had my own car (my amazing white AUDI A5) dad would let me drive his every once in a while.I loved that when it could draw all of your attention it could become like a phantom and disappear.

Anyway, let's leave my herebitary obsession for cars aside.

I got out of the car and turned to look to my new school. It was not bigger than the one I used to go in Alaska. Dad had assured me it was the same building as seventy years ago... Fascinating...I thought...this is where everything started. Maybe something new will come up again...

I was thinking about this new vampire. The spot next to our car was still free. I wandered if he would be in any of my classes. Speaking of I was anxious to see the Biology classroom.

EDWARD's BMW(I was thinking sth like that)
i really like this is good i feel bad for Jacob
Will be posting more soon


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