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This is a sequel to Stay Click the link to read it :)

This is set a few years after and Peter does not go back to Narnia this time, This time Lucy goes with her other Brother Edmund. Bella knew Peter would not come but is still upset and misses him deeply. Caspian and Lucy grow more close as they fall in love more. But Edmund falls for Bella and he wishes she'd forget his older brother, One day Bella gets kidnapped and almost sold as a slave. When Caspian, Lucy and Edmund come to the rescue Peter turns up out of nowhere. What will happen?


Bella was in her cabin asleep on her hammock, the locket that Peter left for Bella was on her neck, she did not wake up when Edmund sneaked into her cabin.

Edmund walked over to her bed silently and without waking her up he slipped of the locket from her neck and he walked out to the deck with it. He was about to throw it when Lucy came out so he quickly hid it behind his back and pretended he was looking at the sky

"What you doing Edmund?" Lucy asked as she raised her eyebrow at her brother

"Nothing" Edmund said, he was not a good liar

"Edmund!" Lucy said as she looked at him bit suspiciously but he seemed to be doing nothing "Okay fine, go to bed" she said and sighed shaking her head and went back inside

Edmund sighed and he thew the locket and it landed in the water "You will just have to forget about Peter" he mumbled to him self.



Chapter 1~Return to Narnia

Chapter 2~Bella's Mirror

Chapter 3~Edmund Begins His Plans

Chapter 4~Lies and More Lies

Chapter 5~Reunion

Chapter 6~Surprise

Chapter 7~The Proposal

Chapter 8~Caspian's Surprise For Lucy

Chapter 9~Mean Uncle's Back

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Yeah Edmund is noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttt gooooooooooooood lol

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Loved It Just Like The Story : Stay !!!!


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Chapter 1~Return To Narnia

It was rather silent in the Pevensie household until Lucy heard drilling next door at the neighbors, she groaned and dragged her self out of Bed. the neighbors were re decorating and they kept drilling each day from 6am to 10pm and doing other things like that.  It was the third day in row. She got changed and then dragged her self to the bathroom, where she found Edmund splashing his face with cold water.

"Again?" He just asked her

"3 days in row" was all she said before she cleaned her face and brushed her teeth. After that they both went down to breakfast, Peter was gone. He was always gone before 6 in the morning. Lucy saw an envelope on the table that read Bella's name on it, in Peter's handwritting, it looked like a letter with a gift as seemed bit heavier then usual. She saw a note next to it for her.


When you return to Narnia please take this Letter to Bella with you and give it to her, Please.

Peter xx

It took a moment for Lucy to realize what day it was. It was the day they first went to Narnia and the second time they went to Narnia 4 years ago. Only this time she would have to bring Edmund with her. Edmund was more prepared that she would thought seeing he would be new there.

Edmund looked at the Envelope and raised an eyebrow at Lucy "Bella?" he just asked

"Caspian's sister, you know Peter's true love" Lucy said, Peter always talked about Bella and Lucy about Caspian, sometimes she had the feeling that either Edmund did not listen or he was just too bored to listen as he heard about them too many times over the past 4 years.

"Oh, yeah" He nodded as he ate his breakfast, they ate in silence. Lucy then tucked the letter in her pocket and she looked at the painting of the ship in the living room, she swore she saw the picture move and she titled her head to the side.

Edmund looked at it "Did it just move?" he asked, thinking his mind was going around a twist or something.

Lucy nodded "I think so" she said, it looks like a Narnian ship to me. She thought to her self and looked at it closer to see how it looked like but then water started to pour from the painting, she and Edmund tried to push the painting back but both fell back at the pressure of the water.

Meanwhile, in Narnia Caspian and Bella were on the ship Dawn Treader, due to the voyage. Bella was on the deck sewing up Caspian's old torn clothes he packed for the voyage, her mind on Peter, she wondered if he even remembered her anymore, how he looked like older and if he ever thought about her. She longed to see him, but knew he would not come, his time in Narnia was up. She knew if Lucy came Peter would not be with her, but it didn't mean it would hurt less.

Caspian was talking to a crew member and he thought about Lucy and smiled to him self, she would be beautiful as always he told him self.

Lucy and Edmund were not under water as the whole living room was filled with water, they swam up the surface and found them selves in the ocean...Narnian water. Lucy gasped as a wave pulled her under, Edmund lost track of her as he got lifted onto the ship. Lucy tried to swim to the surface but couldn't. she then suddenly felt strong arms around her pulling her to the surface, she gasped for air "Caspian" she blinked

Caspian smiled at her "You okay?" she just nodded, he swam with her and they got lifted up onto the ship and he placed a blanket around Edmund and Lucy to help them dry off.

Bella looked up from her sewing as she was done and she folded up the clothes neatly, she saw Lucy and she smiled a bit, at least her brother would be happy to have Lucy back, she noticed a boy that was near Lucy watching her. Must be Edmund, she thought to her self so she smiled politely at him.

Lucy smiled and she hugged Caspian tightly and saw Bella and hugged her when she walked over "How you holding up Bells?" she asked her softly

Bella shrugged and sighed softly "Okay, I guess" she said and looked at Lucy "How is he?" she meant Peter. She looked at Lucy, she had so many questions, she had so much to ask, shame she could not ask Peter on his own.

Lucy smiled softly "He misses you, He left you this" she said and pulled out the envelope from the inside of her jacket "I am sorry, its a bit wet"

Bella took it "It's fine" she said softly and looked at the envelope. She then took it to her cabin and she sat on her bed and opened the envelope and she pulled out the slightly wet letter that was inside.

Dear Bella,

If you are reading this then that means I cannot be with you. I am truly deeply for that, I really am. You're the only one I think of day and night and dream of. I wish I could be there with you again, hold you in my arms and feel your lips against mine. I love you so much and I will never stop loving you Bella, Never! You're my one and only and always will be even though we are worlds apart. Inside the envelope is a locket, it was my mum's but she left it to me and I want you to have it, so you'll have a piece of me with you. I will always be with you, in your heart.

Love Always Your Peter


Bella titled the envelope and on her lap landed a silver locket. She picked it up and it snapped open in her palms, inside was a picture of Peter, it brought tears in her eyes, he looked handsome as ever but about 21. She closed her eyes as she let out a few sobs "I miss you" she whispered and closed the locket and then put it around her neck and she held it to her chest. She knew the last person that touched the locket was him.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Edmund asked looking at Lucy and Caspian, he looked back at the door that was closed. it was the door to the deck.

Caspian sighed "I don't know, this is the first time she spoke a bit" he said

"She hasn't spoken in 4 years?" Lucy asked slightly shocked, she had no idea Bella took this so hard, but then who would take it light heartily?

"She spoke a bit since Peter left, but she mostly nods and shakes her head, so she's been a mute for the best of 4 years" Caspian said and sighed, he was worried about his sister, but he hoped that Lucy was here and back that Bella might open up a bit and speak.

Lucy sighed and nodded "Poor girl" she said to her self more then she said that to anyone else. She smiled at Caspian softly as he wrapped his arm round her shoulder rubbing her arm a bit as she was shivering without even noticing. The light breeze blew in her hair.

Once she and Edmund were dried off, Caspian gave them some new clothes to change into. Lucy strapped a sword belt to her waist as well and tucked her sword inside. 

Edmund looked at the swords "You do realize I am useless with sword" he said and chuckled softly

"Well then" Caspian said as he handed Edmund one and he took his and pulled him back out onto the deck "That can change, sword lessons" He said

Edmund looked at the sword in his hands "You can't be serious"

"The King of Narnia never jokes" Lucy and Caspian said at the same time, they then looked at each other and laughed. Edmund chuckled shaking his head.

Edmund nodded "Okay then" he said and looked at Caspian "I just hope I don't poke anyone's eyes out with this"he said as he motioned the sword with his head.

Lucy giggled "That makes both of us bro" he said patting his back and then sat on the deck step as she watched Caspian teach Edmund how to sword fight. It was actually pretty hilarious as one time Edmund swang and the sword flew from his hand and landed right beside Lucy.

Lucy giggled "Don't release it when you swing" she said as she handed it back to him.

He chuckled "Woops" he said and tried again, this time Bella was getting out to the deck when he swung so she had to duck so he would not cut her head off.

Edmund stopped "Oh gosh, you're okay?" he asked Bella as he kneeled down and gently pulled her back up so she was standing on her two feet.

Bella nodded slightly "Yeah, I think so" she smiled a bit "Thanks" she said as she sat beside Lucy and Lucy put her arm round her should rubbing it softly.

Lucy giggled "That makes both of us bro" he said patting his back and then sat on the deck step as she watched Caspian teach Edmund how to sword fight. It was actually pretty hilarious as one time Edmund swang and the sword flew from his hand and landed right beside Lucy.

Lucy giggled "Don't release it when you swing" she said as she handed it back to him.

He chuckled "Woops" he said and tried again, this time Bella was getting out to the deck when he swung so she had to duck so he would not cut her head off.

Whahahahahaah Loved This Part !!!

have a question how old is Lucy now ?

AnyWay Loved It So Much !!!


PS.Post More Soon And Keep Me Updated !!!

Oh gosh :) yeah Clumsy Edmund lol

Lucy is 16

Edmund is 17

Caspian is 23

Peter is 21

Bella is 19 lol just thought I'd tell you how old everyone is :)

I will post soon :)

So is Lucy old enough to date Caspian ??????

Pleas Say yes !!!!!


Despite their age difference of 7 years and him looking slightly older then 23............................................................................................................................................................................................................It's Narnia and Everything is possible

So Yes!!!



but why is it not possible that Peter can not come :(



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