The Twilight Saga

This is a sequel to Stay Click the link to read it :)

This is set a few years after and Peter does not go back to Narnia this time, This time Lucy goes with her other Brother Edmund. Bella knew Peter would not come but is still upset and misses him deeply. Caspian and Lucy grow more close as they fall in love more. But Edmund falls for Bella and he wishes she'd forget his older brother, One day Bella gets kidnapped and almost sold as a slave. When Caspian, Lucy and Edmund come to the rescue Peter turns up out of nowhere. What will happen?


Bella was in her cabin asleep on her hammock, the locket that Peter left for Bella was on her neck, she did not wake up when Edmund sneaked into her cabin.

Edmund walked over to her bed silently and without waking her up he slipped of the locket from her neck and he walked out to the deck with it. He was about to throw it when Lucy came out so he quickly hid it behind his back and pretended he was looking at the sky

"What you doing Edmund?" Lucy asked as she raised her eyebrow at her brother

"Nothing" Edmund said, he was not a good liar

"Edmund!" Lucy said as she looked at him bit suspiciously but he seemed to be doing nothing "Okay fine, go to bed" she said and sighed shaking her head and went back inside

Edmund sighed and he thew the locket and it landed in the water "You will just have to forget about Peter" he mumbled to him self.



Chapter 1~Return to Narnia

Chapter 2~Bella's Mirror

Chapter 3~Edmund Begins His Plans

Chapter 4~Lies and More Lies

Chapter 5~Reunion

Chapter 6~Surprise

Chapter 7~The Proposal

Chapter 8~Caspian's Surprise For Lucy

Chapter 9~Mean Uncle's Back

Headers made by Claire J. Darling

Headers made by Eva

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Wow O_o !!!

I LOVED IT !!!!!!!

Pleas post more soon and keep me updated !!!!


I am glad you did :) will post soon

I am glad you liked it and yeah lol :) the fight between them was amazing so I thought I post it

Loved it. Sorry I haven't replied lately. :)

I am glad you liked it


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