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This is set a few years after and Peter does not go back to Narnia this time, This time Lucy goes with her other Brother Edmund. Bella knew Peter would not come but is still upset and misses him deeply. Caspian and Lucy grow more close as they fall in love more. But Edmund falls for Bella and he wishes she'd forget his older brother, One day Bella gets kidnapped and almost sold as a slave. When Caspian, Lucy and Edmund come to the rescue Peter turns up out of nowhere. What will happen?


Bella was in her cabin asleep on her hammock, the locket that Peter left for Bella was on her neck, she did not wake up when Edmund sneaked into her cabin.

Edmund walked over to her bed silently and without waking her up he slipped of the locket from her neck and he walked out to the deck with it. He was about to throw it when Lucy came out so he quickly hid it behind his back and pretended he was looking at the sky

"What you doing Edmund?" Lucy asked as she raised her eyebrow at her brother

"Nothing" Edmund said, he was not a good liar

"Edmund!" Lucy said as she looked at him bit suspiciously but he seemed to be doing nothing "Okay fine, go to bed" she said and sighed shaking her head and went back inside

Edmund sighed and he thew the locket and it landed in the water "You will just have to forget about Peter" he mumbled to him self.



Chapter 1~Return to Narnia

Chapter 2~Bella's Mirror

Chapter 3~Edmund Begins His Plans

Chapter 4~Lies and More Lies

Chapter 5~Reunion

Chapter 6~Surprise

Chapter 7~The Proposal

Chapter 8~Caspian's Surprise For Lucy

Chapter 9~Mean Uncle's Back

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Chapter 8~Caspian's Surprise For Lucy

Next Day:


Caspian had planned something special for Lucy. He got the blind fold and put it over her eyes not tightly but so she could not see.

Lucy giggled "Okay what's going on?" she said as she leaned her hand on the wall and tried to feel her way around the room so she would not trip up or something like that.

"A surprise for you darling" Caspian said kissing her head and took her hand in his walking outside making sure she did not trip over and fall. 

Lucy giggled "So does this surprise require me having a blind fold?" she said as she kept close to him following him to where ever he was taking her.

"For a while" He said and chuckled, he stopped by a lake and he took of her blindfold and in front of them was a picnic and he had roses in his hands, he tucked one rose in her hair as it had no thrones.

Lucy blinked and she smiled "Aww, I love it" she said and looked around "It's so beautiful here" she said and sat down on the blanket with him.

"Not as beautiful as you" Caspian said and he kissed Lucy softly on the lips deeply and he smiled against her softly lips "I love you"

"I love you too" Lucy smiled as she kissed him back softly and leaned her forehead against his after. She smiled at him and he kissed her forehead when he pulled back. He fed her strawberries. 

Lucy had some cream and she got it on his nose and she giggled.

Caspian chuckled and he nudged her with his nose getting the cream on her cheek making her giggle. 

Lucy whipped it off with hand and she smiled and kissed him softly. Caspian smiled and he layed back so she was laying with him as he held her close to him. They cuddled into each other and watched the blue sky. Caspian leaned his chin on her head as he held her close.

Later they took a walk along the lake, Lucy knelled down and she splashed her self with some fresh water. Caspian smiled and he took her hand in his once she stood up. "Lucy, I loved you from the moment we met. Being away from you was so hard and I never want to lose you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am not going to let that slip away from me. I only want to spend my life with you and only you." He got down one knee and pulled out a ring "Lucy Pevensie, will you do me the greatest honour and be my wife?"

Lucy gasped in surprise and smiled "Yes, Yes I will" she said and got happy tears in her eyes.

Caspian slid the ring on her finger and got up kissing her as he span her around


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I am glad you liked it :)

Chapter 9~Mean Uncle's Back.

Few Days Later:


Everyone was in the garden, they were just happy and content with how things were going but then Aslan appeared and he seemed to have a worried look on his face. that could only mean one thing. Trouble is ahead. Caspian looked at Aslan "What's wrong?" he asked.

Lucy sighed and swallowed, she was not really sure if she wanted to hear what was wrong. She stood by Caspian, her hand on his arm softly.

"Your uncle is back" Aslan said looking at Bella and Caspian. At that moment Lucy gripped Caspian's arm tighter, she felt like she might pass out any moment now.

"He wants Revenge" Aslan said

"I banished him" Caspian said and frowned and he held Lucy close to him.

"I know, but that means nothing to him" Aslan said as he looked at Caspian and sighed "He wants...Bella. Just like his men few years back, that will be his revenge."

Peter got mad shaking "I'll fight him, he's not touching Bella!" He said

"Peter, no!" Bella said looking at him "He's cruel and evil, I can't let you fight him" she said and gripped his arms. She said looking into his eyes "I can't lose you too him" she said.

Peter held her close "You won't lose me Bella, never" he kissed her and then pressed his lips to her forehead and looked at Aslan "I will fight Miraz and send him back to Hell where he belongs, no one harms Bella or my family, he will learn that lesson the hard way."

Bella sighed and buried her face in Peter's arm. She hated her uncle with a passion. He was always a mean man and he wanted to steal the throne from Caspian. Her brother was the rightful king of Narnia, he always was, Miraz was never in line for the throne. And never would be.

Caspian sighed and he rubbed his sister's arm "Peter will do good, don't worry" He said and Bella nodded, but was still worried.

Lucy looked at her older brother Peter and then saw Edmund walk over "What's going on?" He asked curious.

"Miraz is back, and Peter is willing to fight him" Bella said

"Miraz?" Edmund asked confused

"Mine and Caspian's uncle" Bella said simply.

Later that day everything was ready for the fight, Mirazs's people where there to watch and so was the Narnian's. Bella, Lucy, Edmund and Caspian stood over by the battle station where Miraz and Peter were going to fight.

Bella sighed worried and bit her lip as she saw Peter walking over, in his warrior clothing, He kissed her softly then he walked over to where Miraz stood ready "Oh how many more must die?" he said

"Only one more" Peter said as he pulled down his helmet and he pulled out his sword and leaped on Miraz and they fought.

At one Point near the end Miraz dropped to his knees surrendering to the fight. Peter looked at him and turned to walk back to Bella.

Bella was about to go to Peter and hug him but Caspian pulled her back as Miraz was on his feet again and was about to go for Peter, he faked his surrender. Peter span around grabbing the sword Miraz had in his hands and stabbed Miraz driving the sword through him. Miraz gasped falling to his knees defeated.

Caspian let Bella go and Bella slammed into Peter hugging him tightly and buried her face in his chest holding onto him as he rubbed her back softly.

A/N-I posted the fight between Peter and Miraz. The fight scene was taken from the second Narnia movie so please watch and see how Miraz and Peter fought.

Awesome!!! I love how you added the scene from the movie!!!


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