The Twilight Saga

Was it meant for Bella to fall inlove with Edward? Or was Edward meant to be with someone else? How does Jacob get in between the whole mess, too, as well as the rest of the characters that collide throughout the story? The crazy thing about love,not every story can have a happy ending. Read my new story FORBIDDEN LOVE and find out what happens! (It's ALL HUMAN)



Chapter One.... Bella's POV

"AH.... AH.... CHOOOOO!" he sneezed with so much effort. All the germs where spreading around the room, making Alice to get all paranoid about it. Well, it was disgusting how Edward didn't bother to cover his mouth and let all his germs out and about. Ew! But Alice was taking it to another level.


"GERMS!" she shouted, spraying the FreBreeze around the living room. "Edward, you should really cover you mouth when you sneeze! I'm not trying to get sick here!"


Edward sniffed, wrapping himself tightly with his navy blue blanket. "It's not so bad to get sick every now and then." You could here the difference of his voice that his nose was stuffy behind his grin.


"Not right now! Maybe some other day, but not today!" Alice crossed her arms. "I have an important competition coming up and I have to be well and healthy."


He rolled his eyes. "Cheerleading isn't a sport, sis."


"Yes it is!" Alice shouted. Oh boy. Here we go again,


You'd think after spending so much time with them for like, I don't know, 10 years, to get used of their bickering. Well, it just comes to show you that it is impossibleto get used to it. To the point even their own parents had enough of their childish ways.It was even worst when they drag me into it and I suddenly have to decided who's right. Well, not today. I was just going to be the audiance. I hope.


I couldn't believe that I knew Edward and Alice for 10 years! Actually, I should say that I knew Edwardfor 10 years, when we were young, I wasn't at the whole cute-guy type. i cared more about books and studying (Yes, Im a nerd. Sue me!). As we grew older, Edward also got more attractive  and popular and more noticable than I was. He didn't mind the center attention as I did. He and his amazing, sparking eyes with the perfect honey-bronze hair. Girls tried to hook up with him or wished to have at least one kiss from him. And that always never happen. Hey, a girl can dream! But I tried not to have so much feelings towards him. I mean, he's my best friend. He's that one person I can never doubt on. He's always there for me just like I was always there for him!


I was still able to remember the first time I met Edward. It only took a few days after to meet his sister Alice, along with their parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen. They were very nice people and so kind to me, after a situation I had just been through. I had tons of fun with Alice when we were like twelve, baking cookies and brownies at her house and Edward putting out the fire when we almost had burned their house down.


Ah, good times.


But now, we are all grown up! Junior year already and summer vacation is just around the corner. Edward and Alice are excited for summer. Well, they didn't have to worry about anything. Their grades were perfect with B+ and A+. Unlike me. Uh, let's just say I had a difficult time understanding ALgebra 2,,,, And Poetry class isn't my best subject.... Along with English....


I just hoped everything would turn out okay before school ended. Right now, I just wanted to relax and watch what happens with Ms. Alice and her brother Mr. Edward turn out to be. I doubt any fists would come up. Edward had a cold. A really bad one, unfortunately.


"Look, do you see any cheerleaders in the Olympics?" Edward said. "Noooooo. The only ones who do twirling and spinning and some-what flying are called gymnastics."


"It doesn't matter! We win medals and trophies and compete around the states as much as your team does!" Alice was highly pissed off. She scared me sometimes.


Alice had her girly-girl moments which I wasn't so used to. She loved to party and orginize so many events. Her freshman year, she decorated Senior prom and nobody wouldn't believe that a freshmandid all the amazing things. She was deffinitely a cheerleader and had a red and gold outfit that suit her right. She was around the same height as I am and she had a bit of a temper when she doesnt have it her way. I blamed her parents that spoiled her a lot.


"Well, my team is an actual sport. Sure we win medals and trophies, but we're also in the Olympics! Track is considered a sport. We're not just running around in circles. Right Bella?"


Crap. "Heck no! I'm not getting involved in this! Besides, you should be restingnot bickering with your sister over here. You're mom said to take it easy today."


Edward decided to go with his track team and compete across town in a massive wind and rain storm outside the field. Thier coach wanted to cancle it, but, as always, Edward was determined to go just like his teammates were. Yay, wahoo they won! And then they came back home with a cold and flu! Yay! Go team! Smart desicion you guys made!


He's been on the track team since he went to middle school. I think he got it from his father side. His dad almost made it to the olympics when he passed Division, if you know what I mean. He liked to run, but he decided to become a doctor, and let me tell you, it was well paid off. I mean, he owns a mansion!Edward enjoys running and he's really good at it. Better than his team, but he doesn't like to brag.


"I will as soon as I prove my point," Edward said, facing Alice again. And he tells me Imthe stubborn one.


I frowned.


"No, Bella's right. You've already missed two days of school. We'll go for round two when you feel better," Alice said. Yes, round two will continue momentarily! I hope I'm not there to watch!


"Fine," Edward gave. I got up from the comfy couch ready to leave with Alice, but before I had a chance to walk away from Edward, he was able to tell me something. "Bella, I'm really sorry we couldn't go to the movies tonight. I really wanted to go, but, as you can see..."


He was a jerk. My buddy named Jerk. Hell, Edward's middle name was Jerk! But he was my jerk and all he wanted to do was win the game and come back home and go to the movies with me and Alice. We were planning to watch The Avangers, since Edward beat Alice over "Rock, Paper, Scissors..." (Yep. You just read my mind), Alice wanted to seeDark Shadowswhere Johnny Depp is the hilarious Vampire (it actually looks pretty good). But now that Edward wasn't going with us, we're mostly likely to watch what Alice wanted to see. I didn't mind at all. But I wished Edward was able to come with us.


"Yeah, I know," I understood. "We'll go some other day. Right now, you need to rest. Just do that for me, okay?"


"Alright. I will," Edward smiled. He turned around, turning on the huge flat screen TV his family owned. He was so damn rich. His parents bought me an Apple Laptop for my birthday! Talk about rich people.


"Later Dork," Alice called out as she left the house. It was funny how she acted she didn't care much about her brother.


"Have fun," Edward said, not turning back.


"Get well!" I said, before closing the door. I ran towards Alice's beautiful sports car, her yellow Porsche. She was already inside, waiting for me. I climbed in quickly and wrapped the seatbelt around me and did a mini prayer in my head about Alice not driving too fast at the highway. She was very dangerous when she drives around her car. She got it from her brother.


We exited out and surprisingly Alice drove around the neighborhood at the correct speed limit. That's when I knew something was on her mind. I knew Alice too well.


"Bella, how come you won't do cheerleading with me?" She sounded so sad and hurt. Clearly she was trying to make me feel guilty for not joining her.


I sighed. "Alice, I already told you. I'm not good with flips and stunts. Besides, Im too clumbsy! I'll probably break someone's neck from the pyramid."


Alice snorted. "That's no excuse! You've never tried it before! You might actually like it if you tried."


"Uh, no thank you. I don't want to screw things up around your team. Especially with Jessica and Rosaline."


Them two girls were like Thing 1 and Thing 2. You tell them what to do and they'll do the opposte just so they can piss you off. Rosaline was like the girl-version of Edward. She was beautiful, gorgous, amazing to look at. She wasn't too fat and too skinny. WHen she wore spring dresses, you were able to see her nice figure of her body with perfect curves. He hair was extremely blond which shinned from the sunlight. She was a little pail, but that didn't ruin her beauty. She wasn't as rich as Edward, but she was close to being there. Rosaline had an annoying Yorkie terrior that wouldn't shut up, too. She reminded me or the Legally Blond girl. Only, she wasn't so nice to people.


Jessica was just her follower. She was always chasing her tail. She always asked Rosaline if she liked her clothes. Jess would put A LOT of make up which was scary sometimes. One time, she put too mych eye shadow and everyone thought she was that clown from the movie IT. She wasn't the prettiest at our school, but was decent. Her golden brown locks and her sense of style wasn't too off.


Alice sighed. "Bella, they're not going to make fun of you if you do something wrong. Is that why you don't want to join the cheerleading squad?"


"It's not them that I'm worried about. It's the part where I mess up and break a leg."


Believe me, I had no problem with Thing 1 and Thing 2. I was able to put up with them I have a difficutl time walking on a flat surface!


"We'll see about that," Alice smiled. "I bet you $20 that you will be a cheerleader this year!"


"Yeah, thanks Alice. You are the fortune teller either way."


"I am!" Alice laughed. "I'm telling you Bella, you are going to be one. I don't know why, but I know you are and Edward's going to cheer you on!"


I shook my head and faced the window. She was usually right about the whole future thing (which was wierd). I hoped she didn't jenks on me about this one. Alice was all into the whole suspicious thing, like black cats and all. She told me that if she'd ever apply to a different state at a university, she would never go to Louisiana. Too many voodoo majic, she had told me. I thought it was hysterical.


"Just drive Alice."


"Okay then! Hold on to something because crazy A is about to go over 100mph!" ALice shouted.


Well, so much for a safe drive.



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sounds like a great story!  please post more again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You! Im glad you're the first one to read my story!(:

Good story soo far keep us updated.

I will!(: Thanks so much!

Human Bella as a cheerleader. That I must find out about.

Please keep me posted.

Best wishes


Thanks so much! :D YAY!

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