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Fading Dusk (book in Renesmee's POV, con'ted of Breaking Dawn) U will <3 it!!!

Fading Dusk

Nothing happens on accident, by chance, out of luck, or by coincidence. There is a reason for every existence, every action, every emotion, and every love. No matter when it begins, or when it ends, or how it grows, and how each being feels, love is love, and nothing can be compared to that.
Thoughts cannot express how one feels in love, it is too much to grasp. With love there are certain sacrifices, each being must make. But when the love controls your life, your actions, and it is your only emotion, the love can only grow stronger.
As soon as a relationship begins, it becomes your main concern. As each being feels more comfortable and trusting with the other, the seed of love begins to sprout. Love makes the relationship strive; it is the sunlight of a plant. Each person must keep loving that person and love that person with their whole heart. Every love is different, but everyone wants love, needs love; and once you find love; your life revolves around that love.
Love is something most people find, but not many people can find the love I have, werewolf love.
Chapter 1
I could hear my mother discuss the issue of moving to my dad, the concern in her voice was so clear; I could imagine her brows burrowed, jaw locked, and her mouth forming a hard, pressed line. “Renesmee is growing up too fast; lets’ take her where she can start over, make new friends. For goodness sakes Edward, she has no friends! I just feel as if I am making her suffer. I want her to be content; she needs some interaction with people! We are keeping her at home too much. Renesmee needs a normal life! Edward, can’t you see she doesn’t fit in? She is left alone, the only human she knows is Charlie, Sue, and Billy! Edward, I need to see her normal, she wants that, I feel it.” My mother stated in her perfect, ringing voice. “Bella love, you have to see that she isn’t normal, she never will be. This is why we have to stay here. You know we can’t separate her from Jacob. And Charlie would be devastated. She is perfect, and although she may not encounter many humans, we know she is being loved—“No Edward, that is my point, she needs friends, human friends. What if she only knew vampires and werewolves all her life? Think of the pain of being alone would be to her.” Mom sighed whole-heartedly. As I walked into our small den, the stone fireplace lit, with my reflection visible in the flickering flames, the silence grew over a few seconds as my parents exchange d worried glances. “Renesmee dear, how much of our conversation did you overhear?” Mom said in an uncomfortably calm tone. “Enough to know that you want to move, because you think I am unhappy with my life, and I heard enough to say that you are completely wrong.” I heard my own, soprano, beautiful voice says with no hesitation. “I’m glad that you feel that way, love.” Dad said thrilled that once again mom had been so wrong. I flashed a huge smile as I bent over to hold my mom; to reassure her that I was content. In her face I read relief, I was glad. Mom gently pulled me tighter, and then she gracefully swung me onto her lap. “Mom, I’m almost 15, I’m not a little girl anymore.” I said with some sarcasm hidden beneath the fluent voice I spoke. “Oh really? ‘Cause last time I checked you were 3 and ½. Hmm, I must have missed something.”
Mom teased playfully. “Well, last time I checked, I was in the 8th grade.” I said tauntingly back. “Huh, think of that Edward, our little girl has grown up so fast, she has the manners of an adult, the mind of an adult, and not to forget; she is as gorgeous as her father.” “And don’t forget the most beautiful eyes in the world, by which her mother gave to her.” My dad stated as her swung us both into a cradle, “Come on dad, put us down…” I said embarrassed. He slowly released me, and kissed me on the forehead, “’Night kid, love you.” “’Night dad, ‘night mom! Love you!” I said as I bounded joyfully to my bedroom. I twisted around cautiously, and caught a glimpse of my parents kissing. “Wish that could be me and Jacob…” I whispered silently to myself. Suddenly I hoped that they would sometime see that I am growing up, and that I should be aloud to start seeing Jacob, like on a date, not just around our house or yard, I needed to get away so I could really talk to him. I wanted to start kissing, but I was afraid that my parents wouldn’t approve. Poor Jacob, he couldn’t help that he loved me, and my mom; she put so much pain and hurt upon him, until she truly forgives him; I don’t know if Jacob and I can be together. I want to share the love Alice and Jasper have together, like Emmett and Rosalie, like Carlisle and Esme, like my mom and dad. I felt so left out, I wanted to be part of Jacob, I didn’t want him to have to wait for me to grow up, and I wanted to be with Jacob, forever.

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Blending In

After the celebration of my “going to school”, I went straight to bed. I felt so groggy in the morning; I was shocked that Aunt Alice woke me up and shoved me in the shower at 4:00 a.m. “Wha—Alice, I’m tired!” I mumbled as she dragged me out of my bed. I then remembered that I was going to school today, for the first time, finally going to be normal.

After waking myself up in the blistering shower, I quickly dried off and let Aunt Alice take control. She dressed me in jet black tights with lace on the bottom, small silver slippers with cute bows; well-fitted, tattered blue skirt with rips throughout the whole thing; and a low-v neck pink top with silver paint splatters to bring every thing together. She also painted my nails a glittery silver, and gave me a makeover that was Hollywood style.

When looked in the mirror of Aunt Alice’s “final product” I gasped. Staring back at me was a freaking super-model!

I was wearing the necklace my mom gave me for Christmas; a small locket with a picture of my mom and dad and me when I was a baby. My brown-bouncy curls were pulled up on the top in a silver barrette and it continued to hang down on my pink shirt. I surrendered to Alice and let her supply me with a ride to school.

“Bye Renesmee! Good luck! We love you!” My mom called after us, her face tearless, but I sensed her wailing inside.

“It’s really a piece of cake. You kind of just sit there; go to your classes, and study. And after a few years you don’t have to study, and it gets really boring. So if you need something to occupy your mind, just focus on somebody and try to learn their reactions and facial expressions. You will have no problem.” Aunt Alice chimed as we pulled into the parking lot.

“Wow,” was all I could manage to whisper through my locked jaw. “I know, a bit overwhelming at first.” Aunt Alice reassured me. “But there are so many of them. I have never seen so many humans all gathered together at once.” “You will get used to it.” She said as she unlocked my door and handed me a small bag, “All the girls carry one, so you might want to also.” I grabbed the heavy thing and turned to face the doors. “Here I go.” I thought to my self, “My first day of school.”

As I walked through the doors of Forks High School, I felt movement in the air. I heard conversations of gossip or parties. I smelled the rolls for lunch burning in the cafeteria kitchen. I saw tons and tons of kids walking around, shuffling their bags or tying their shoe.

Everything came in a huge rush, and smacked me in the face like a baseball. I tried to remember all my family had told me to do, and what not to do. A small headache began to grow, so I decided to relax and just act normal, as if I knew what normal was.

As I traveled around the school, I was being followed by a dozen stares and gawking boys walking to their classes. I strutted into Biology and sat down in an open seat. Quickly, some of the girls came to introduce themselves and possible get a seat near me. Faces showed they wanted to be my friend, so I smiled politely and unpacked my bag.

I watched as most of the girls ran into the bathroom between classes. Curious, I walked in after one and noticed all the girls padding on powder, brushing their hair, examining their outfits in the mirror, and applying more lipstick than necessary. I wonder how Aunt Alice could have resisted showing them how to really put on make-up . Carefully, I opened my silver purse, hoping to find Aunt Alice’s beauty supplies, luckily, she never leaves anything out. I pretended to dab on some base and check myself out in the mirror. Wow, this is kind of easy, I thought to myself, I should fit in by the end of the week.

Wrong. I did the opposite of ‘fitting in’. Not only did everyone know me, everyone loved me. I made friends with everyone on campus, they worshiped me! The guys always lingered and tried to musk up the courage to ask me out on a date, the girls always wanted tips on how to make their skin ‘glow’ like mine. “My Aunt bought it for me in Paris; it is just a lotion with a shimmer and shine in it.” I lied smoothly for the hundredth time. “Wow, it is just so radiant and soft! I wish I could get some of that cream! When can I buy it in America?” Natalie asked, “I don’t know, probably next year.” She turned away disappointed.

My family tried to tell me this wasn’t good, but Carlisle assured me that I should be fine, as long as I try to act normal; which obviously wasn’t working well.

Homework and classes were no problem; I went through the week with no stress or questions. Friends were in every class, and I hung out with as many as I could. It was very interesting to listen to them babble about almost anything. Lunch was probably my least favorite time, I had to swallow disgusting human food; without wrinkling my nose. Physical Education was fun, I could beat anyone on the court, basketball, volleyball, running, you name it and I won. What was hard was not showing my friends pictures, or project any kind of image to them. I was able to stop, but I was worried that I would forget and accidentally show someone. I had been asked to go to the beach, and I said sure without thinking about anything.

La Push, I had been offered a ride with Maryssa, and we all piled onto the sandy shore. With our bikini's on, everyone froze; it was chilly and there was a breeze. Just as we were headed back from the foam matted rocks, someone walked down the soft hill towards us. I could see a tiny figure, black hair, and huge against the other students, as I wondered who it was, as he came into view, I noticed; there stood Jacob.
Rabbit (Yes, I am aware that this is a very short with it.) hehe

I quietly broke away from the group, and strolled over to…him. “Jacob, what are you doing here?” I asked as I approached the humongous figure. “Do you have to ask? Why are you here is the real question.” He smirked tauntingly, but I didn’t give in. “I have started high school, my friends and I came down to enjoy the beach for a day. Is that a crime?” I asked sarcastically, but with a hard, bitter stare. “No, I just thought it was weird for you to have so-called friends to hangout with that weren’t blood-suckers.” He rudely laughed. “I can make friends as well as any other teenage girl. In fact, everyone adores me.” I snickered back, feeling better about myself. “Well, wouldn’t that be disobeying your parents’ strict rules? I remember them telling you to specifically not to make friends. I don’t recall you as a rule breaker Miss Renesmee. You can’t have friends.” He said trying to irritate me, making me furious. "My family doesn’t mind me making friends,” I lied, “and I can have what ever I want! Stay away from me Jacob Black,” I said warningly, with my face tense, “I don’t care whatever you think of me, because all I feel about you means nothing now! Your imprinting no longer affects me, and I hate you, for all the pain you caused me, now I am leaving. Don’t try to contact me, don’t let me see you, and do not come near me ever again! You hear me? I want to make it loud and clear for you dumb dog, WE ARE NOT TOGETHER, WE WILL NEVER BE TOGETHER! I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU! IT IS OVER! Good bye.” After a moment, he tried to question, "Wha--" Jacob stammered. And with that, I walked away, leaving the one I love, awestruck, confused, and heartbroken.

“Nessie! Come on!” Madison shouted as I came over a mound of sand. “We are going to get some food, hurry!” I jogged slowly over to the Ford suburban and climbed in. I stayed quiet, cold, and deep in thought the rest of the trip.

“Thanks again, Maryssa! Bye!” I weakly said as I opened the door to the house. I slumped in and tossed my bag in the corner of the living room. “Nessie, is that where your bag goes?” Aunt Alice chimed, bounding down from her room. She swiftly grabbed the beach towel and sandals and took them to the laundry room. Of course not to wash them, to throw it away because they were “dirty”. “Aunt Alice, all that stuff is perfectly fine, I can wear it next week.” She gasped, “Heck no! I just went shopping, you have to wear your WHOLE wardrobe, and there are enough bathing suits for at least two decades in your closet. There is no need to “re-wear”. She laughed, thinking I was so funny.

“So, how was the beach?” “Well,” I carefully thought of an easy answer, “it was cold, and we went along the shore and talked. Then we drove to a fancy human restaurant, which was great, if you like dry, bitter, boring, bloodless food.” Aunt Alice cracked up, “If you are going to continue with this friend thing of yours, you might want to consider getting used to that food.” She giggled in my disgust, “Get used to it? Are you kidding me? I would rather have to live on nothing but rabbit for a decade than have to suffer through one appetizer of human food!” I squealed. Both of us chortled as we contemplated on that horrible idea. Smirking, we ran outside to hunt; to hunt anything but rabbit.
I Hate Lemons Chapter 8
School went by slow, dragging out the boringness of my day. At least I could think here, without my dad lingering in my thoughts. School wasn’t ‘quiet’ but it certainly was better than the hard, unmoving stillness in my house. Everyone was bored; the only one who was having fun was Emmett getting on our nerves with countless pranks and jokes. Jasper; to scared of what Emmett my play on him; joined him on his schemes and plots to make a laugh escape from one of us, or a squeal. Either one pleased him; he seemed rather occupied unlike the rest of us who sat around, collecting dusk, or like me, playing music to bring some life into our dead house. Esme decorated and rearranged morning, noon, and night; Alice went shopping at any possible time; Rosalie; well Rose will always be Rose and glamour herself to perfection (which I might add, does not take long, but she manages to stay at it all day.) and Carlisle goes to work; Mom and Dad always look at each other till I get to disgusted to watch; and when I get home from school; my parents greet me with smiles and try to entertain my with hunting or an obstacle course, or a race. But everything gets old, except us, and I get tired of doing nothing.
“Nessie, we are going to see Charlie, would you like to come?” There was finally an option to escape boredom. “Ya, sure. Let me put my things away and I’ll be there in a second.” I called downstairs to my parents.
“Nessie! Baby! It is so wonderful to see you today! Do you want something to eat? I got some ham leftover from lunch with Sue.” Papa exclaimed as he exchanged hugs and walked us in. “Thanks Dad, but we already ate. Renesmee, are you still full?” Mom asked with a small smile underneath her query. “I’m good, but I wouldn’t mind some water.” I responded to her ridiculous question. Water was almost the only thing I could stand. “Would you like ice and a lemon slice too?” Charlie called from the kitchen. Ugh, who likes lemon? Blah! “Just ice would be fine, Papa.”
As the afternoon dragged on, I began to realize something about Papa, no matter what his daughter was, or looked like then, he accepts her now as who she has become. Bored as I was, I also could see that my Mom was still the same person she was when she was human. Nothing can change that. I took a sip of my iced water and shifted my feet a little to act natural. “So, Nessie, what do you want for your birthday, it is coming up soon!” Papa asked with excitement. Not this birthday thing again. If I don’t have a death, then why celebrate life? “Oh, well there is this thing called a Rip stick that a lot of kids use at school. I think it would be fun to try it out.” I replied just for the heck of it.
“Bells, can she have her party here?” Papa asked eagerly; hoping to spend more time with me. “Papa, I really don’t want one.” I said shyly. “Oh, it will be fun! I bet Sue can bring a cake and I will decorate and Seth and Jacob can come over. You have to have a party for your 16th birthday!” He replied so pleadingly. It sounded so horrible; human cake, decorations, here, and with Jacob! How bad c ould it get? “We can have pizza and soda too! Sound good?” As if it couldn’t get any worse. “That’s great dad! She would love it! Wouldn’t you, Renesmee?” My mom chimed in. “I bet it will be a blast.” I said with the cheeriest face I could muster. Just perfect; it is bad enough Aunt Alice is planning a huge birthday party, now Grandpa?
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