The Twilight Saga

chapter 1:Doubt..

When the one you love stabbed you from behind, I guess it doesn't matter how much it hurt you
physically. Surely, the pain caused you emotionally would absolutely hurt even more, somewhere
I thought, loving someone means giving yourself a chance to receive the same affection. But my
mind never reach the idea of having someone I love, trying to get rid of me. I can't even imagine it.
It's killing me behind my thoughts...
"Okay, what's going on here?" I asked everyone impatiently in a low voice, pretty sure that they
would definitely hear me.
"What's wrong, Bella?" Edward asked as he swiftly came beside the door.
"Nothing's wrong...but someone's wrong". I tried to speak calmly. "Someone took all my clothes
out from my closet."
"Bella..!"Alice's voice rang all over the entire house as she entered the front door of the living room.
"Oooo.. I'm so excited.! Try your new clothes here!" she said with so much anticipation.
"Where did you put Bella's clothes, Alice? She's starting to get annoyed about it..."
I heard Rosalie asked.
Then Alice stepped in our room holding 4 pairs of shopping bags. "Oh..yeah..about your clothes,.."
she sounds nervous, I never thought Alice would ever feel like that, "I threw them away 'coz, I know
they're beautiful, but it's almost out of style so I bought you some brand new outfits from Port Angeles."
I don't want to disappoint her especially after I saw something in Edward's face, I'm sure he heard what's on Alice's mind. But my clothes, then I suddenly remembered my favorite shirt, given to me on my 17th birthday, from Renee. Oh,please,.I hope she didn't threw it away.
"But," I took a deep breath, even though I didn't have to, "did you threw everything away? I mean, I'm looking for my favorite shirt, it's color blue with white edge on the sleeves." I tried my best to give her the description.
"Do you need it, I mean now?" she smiled sweetly, trying to hide the OH-MY-GOSH look.
"Yeah, Renee will be coming over to see Nessie and I'm planning to wear it for her great pleasure."
I answered in a straight tone. "It's a birthday gift from her."
"By the way, these are the perfect outfits for you, Bella!" she exclaimed.
But I kept my tone. "Alice..the shirt..just give it to me and.." I stopped with a hard face.
She gave in, "Oh,alright... I threw it away with the rest of your clothes..well..I had no Idea about it."
she answered looking at my eyes, made me feel that she really mean her explanation.
I heard a car stopped at the front of the house... It's Renee for sure. I tried to compare myself as I heard Carlisle and Esme welcomed her at the front door.
"Sorry..." Alice said sincerely, "and please forgive me..."
I didn't let the silence envelope each of us.
"Apology accepted," I smiled at her, "no harm done."
"So, let's go down to welcome Renee." Edward offered a hand. "Don't keep her waiting."
"Go ahead, Edward, we'll just change her clothes."
"Alice..."Edward called her.
Alice looked up at him. It's seems that they're talking in each other's mind.
"O kay, fine..." Alice answered.
Edward approached me then he pressed his lips to mine.
"I have to do something with Alice." He said as he started for the door.
"Bella...please...don't be curious." she paused for a while then continued, "we'll be right back."
she smiled at me.
"wait..." I called for her.
"I'm sorry about the shirt."
I wonder what Edward saw in Alice's mind. I feel a twinge of jealousy. What's happening?
What is it that they didn't tell me? something's wrong...SECRET...seems to be made up of puzzles,
so hard to figure out. Maybe, if I'm human, tears would start gathering in my eyes because of tension,
annoyed by what had happen. Come on Bella, everything is going to be fine. I realized that my hands shake a little bit. I tried to calm myself, my fingers are on my temples.
"Bella!" I heard Renee called for me from downstairs.
"Mom, come down here, someone's looking for you!" Nessie shouted.
I forgot about mom. I'm so distracted. I stood up then glanced at the mirror. I looked absolutely
fine... but honestly, I'm not. Somewhere inside... I can't explain the feeling.FEAR?. ENVY?.
I went downstairs,then I met Jasper's eyes. as if asking if I'm alright. Maybe he felt my mood.
"Hi mom." I said plainly.Then I hugged her tightly that she sensed something's wrong.
"Bella..." she whispered without knowing everyone heard it.
"How's everything in here?" she asked, changing our topic.
"Perfectly fine..." I tried my best to lie...but as usual, I'm a terrible liar.
We spent the rest of the day in the living room talking with each other. Nessie would usually tell
stories about her classmates in school, of how funny they are. She looks like 12-year-old girl now.
It's been a year when Volturi came here, I could still remember, it seems like we faced death but
was able to run away again from it. It has been a peaceful year for me, until this day came. It's hard for me not to think about what Edward saw in Alice's mind. It's been a while since they left...
I'm nervous.
Nessie laid her head by my shoulder, then she looked at my eye, I saw pictures of our family,
Nessie,Edward, and me.My happy family.
Then, from the window, I saw Edward come out from the trees. Renee didn't notice that one
because she's facing towards me, opposite from Edward's place. He entered at the front door. But I
didn't saw Alice. I wonder where she is. I stood to meet Edward. I held his hand then asked:
"Where's Alice?" I looked into his eyes as he kept his sweet look at me.
"She's gone."

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