The Twilight Saga

chapter 1:Doubt..

When the one you love stabbed you from behind, I guess it doesn't matter how much it hurt you
physically. Surely, the pain caused you emotionally would absolutely hurt even more, somewhere
I thought, loving someone means giving yourself a chance to receive the same affection. But my
mind never reach the idea of having someone I love, trying to get rid of me. I can't even imagine it.
It's killing me behind my thoughts...
"Okay, what's going on here?" I asked everyone impatiently in a low voice, pretty sure that they
would definitely hear me.
"What's wrong, Bella?" Edward asked as he swiftly came beside the door.
"Nothing's wrong...but someone's wrong". I tried to speak calmly. "Someone took all my clothes
out from my closet."
"Bella..!"Alice's voice rang all over the entire house as she entered the front door of the living room.
"Oooo.. I'm so excited.! Try your new clothes here!" she said with so much anticipation.
"Where did you put Bella's clothes, Alice? She's starting to get annoyed about it..."
I heard Rosalie asked.
Then Alice stepped in our room holding 4 pairs of shopping bags. "Oh..yeah..about your clothes,.."
she sounds nervous, I never thought Alice would ever feel like that, "I threw them away 'coz, I know
they're beautiful, but it's almost out of style so I bought you some brand new outfits from Port Angeles."
I don't want to disappoint her especially after I saw something in Edward's face, I'm sure he heard what's on Alice's mind. But my clothes, then I suddenly remembered my favorite shirt, given to me on my 17th birthday, from Renee. Oh,please,.I hope she didn't threw it away.
"But," I took a deep breath, even though I didn't have to, "did you threw everything away? I mean, I'm looking for my favorite shirt, it's color blue with white edge on the sleeves." I tried my best to give her the description.
"Do you need it, I mean now?" she smiled sweetly, trying to hide the OH-MY-GOSH look.
"Yeah, Renee will be coming over to see Nessie and I'm planning to wear it for her great pleasure."
I answered in a straight tone. "It's a birthday gift from her."
"By the way, these are the perfect outfits for you, Bella!" she exclaimed.
But I kept my tone. "Alice..the shirt..just give it to me and.." I stopped with a hard face.
She gave in, "Oh,alright... I threw it away with the rest of your clothes..well..I had no Idea about it."
she answered looking at my eyes, made me feel that she really mean her explanation.
I heard a car stopped at the front of the house... It's Renee for sure. I tried to compare myself as I heard Carlisle and Esme welcomed her at the front door.
"Sorry..." Alice said sincerely, "and please forgive me..."
I didn't let the silence envelope each of us.
"Apology accepted," I smiled at her, "no harm done."
"So, let's go down to welcome Renee." Edward offered a hand. "Don't keep her waiting."
"Go ahead, Edward, we'll just change her clothes."
"Alice..."Edward called her.
Alice looked up at him. It's seems that they're talking in each other's mind.
"O kay, fine..." Alice answered.
Edward approached me then he pressed his lips to mine.
"I have to do something with Alice." He said as he started for the door.
"Bella...please...don't be curious." she paused for a while then continued, "we'll be right back."
she smiled at me.
"wait..." I called for her.
"I'm sorry about the shirt."
I wonder what Edward saw in Alice's mind. I feel a twinge of jealousy. What's happening?
What is it that they didn't tell me? something's wrong...SECRET...seems to be made up of puzzles,
so hard to figure out. Maybe, if I'm human, tears would start gathering in my eyes because of tension,
annoyed by what had happen. Come on Bella, everything is going to be fine. I realized that my hands shake a little bit. I tried to calm myself, my fingers are on my temples.
"Bella!" I heard Renee called for me from downstairs.
"Mom, come down here, someone's looking for you!" Nessie shouted.
I forgot about mom. I'm so distracted. I stood up then glanced at the mirror. I looked absolutely
fine... but honestly, I'm not. Somewhere inside... I can't explain the feeling.FEAR?. ENVY?.
I went downstairs,then I met Jasper's eyes. as if asking if I'm alright. Maybe he felt my mood.
"Hi mom." I said plainly.Then I hugged her tightly that she sensed something's wrong.
"Bella..." she whispered without knowing everyone heard it.
"How's everything in here?" she asked, changing our topic.
"Perfectly fine..." I tried my best to lie...but as usual, I'm a terrible liar.
We spent the rest of the day in the living room talking with each other. Nessie would usually tell
stories about her classmates in school, of how funny they are. She looks like 12-year-old girl now.
It's been a year when Volturi came here, I could still remember, it seems like we faced death but
was able to run away again from it. It has been a peaceful year for me, until this day came. It's hard for me not to think about what Edward saw in Alice's mind. It's been a while since they left...
I'm nervous.
Nessie laid her head by my shoulder, then she looked at my eye, I saw pictures of our family,
Nessie,Edward, and me.My happy family.
Then, from the window, I saw Edward come out from the trees. Renee didn't notice that one
because she's facing towards me, opposite from Edward's place. He entered at the front door. But I
didn't saw Alice. I wonder where she is. I stood to meet Edward. I held his hand then asked:
"Where's Alice?" I looked into his eyes as he kept his sweet look at me.
"She's gone."

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where's alice?
where did she go..?
what's that secret?
why edward have to talk with alice..?

--->the title and its chapter title is so interesting..!
I love it ...please update me thanks
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chapter 2: Answers...

"Gone where?" I asked immediately. I started to be nervous.
I can't explain this feeling. I'm experiencing right now.
He smiled then said softly, "Gone for hunting," he glanced at Renee and Nessie,
"she's been thirsty for a while,she had no time for a hunt."
"All because of unstoppable shopping." I tried and guessed his next words.
"Exactly."he breathed out some air so he would look natural to Renee's eyes.
"I thought that it would be better for Renee if Alice would be fully re freshened."
"Oh..I see..." so that's it. My thoughts, my doubt, everything that I was thinking a while ago seems to be a bubble that simply burst, then gone. No more uncertainly inside me.
"Edward, is there something wrong?" Renee asked.
"Everything's absolutely fine." He answered her immediately.
"Are you sure?" she asked again.
I smiled, with humor on my face, "Positive."
"So, it's getting late already, I have to go." she exclaimed.
"You said it, it's getting late, you could stay here for a whole night." Esme offered as she descended from the stair.
"Thank you... I really appreciate your kindness, but Phil would already be coming home tomorrow from their game in New York." she said in a nice way.
"We understand." Carlisle smiled.
"Just drop by here when you have the perfect time." Esme said as she held Renee's hands.
It's so nice to see two moms, different from another, human and vampire,
both of them are too good and exquisite, so hard to find.
"Don't forget to return the car to Charlie." I said with glee.
Everyone laugh. They all knew that Renee used to forget simple things.
"Thanks for reminding me, Bells." she approached me then kissed my cheeks.
She hugged Nessie then started for the door as she said goodbye to all of us.
Everyone returned to what they're doing a while ago.
Emmet turned on the television to watch a baseball game, with Jasper.
Rosalie's doing some artistic braids with Nessie's hair.
Edward and I decided to return to our cottage. We both walk slowly, holding each other's hand
"You know what? I wish you could read my mind, too"
I told him with a smile. "so I don't have to tell you what's on my mind."
"But I like it." he answered looking straight ahead. "Even sometimes it makes me uncomfortable, I enjoy it, because it's one of the reasons why you have to speak to me."
"Absolutely. Then what are the other reasons besides that."
"You have to speak to me because," he paused, then continue, "I wanna hear your voice. I wanna prove myself that you're here with me, because, there are times that an idea plays in my mind, that what if this was all just a dream." He stared at me as we both stopped on our spot,
"That what if I'm not really a vampire. That what if I'm just an ordinary guy from somewhere."
"Edward," I said as I held his face between my cold hands, "you're not dreaming..."
"I know, and it's all because of you that I was able to know how real I am."
I kissed him then extended my elastic shield out from my mind. I let him hear me. I showed him a blurry picture of our first dance during prom.
"I like it... I missed dancing with you." he whispered.
"I never knew that you're full of curiosity." I told him as we started to walk again.
"Yeah...even I, myself, didn't know it before, just until I met you."
We had our walk full of reminiscence, we talk about the things that happened, and places we went, when I was still a human, the time when he saved me from a group of thugs in Port Angele's, the incident in the ballet studio in Phoenix, the castle in Voltera, the time when he would sneak into my room because I'm grounded, his proposal, our wedding, our honeymoon in Isle Esme, the different covens and definitely my first sight of the world as a vampire and of Renesmee. I believe that I must treasure this moment, too.
For quite sometime, I thought of myself to be the luckiest one in the world, for I've got everyone I love and who loves me. Humans, Renee and Carlisle, werewolves, the quilleute tribe, and vampires, my family. I realize that I just can't live without them.
I could already see our cottage. It seems to bemore than a hundred meter away from us. But even before I could take another step, Edward took a defensive position. Then I realized why, because of an unfamiliar scent of a vampire, I crouched and prepared myself to attack.
"Be careful, Bella." Edward said in a low voice.
"I will."
I stretched my shield to make sure that Edward's completely safe.
Then something hit my shield. I could tell that it's not as strong as Jane's or Alec's attack but I'm positive that Edward's the target.
"I don't understand." Edward seemed speak more to himself.
"what is it?"
He didn't answer me.
The force seems to be hitting faster, stronger and continuous. I'm not sure if I could overcome all of it. But I have to keep Edward safe.
After a while, I could no longer feel any force hitting my shield. But the unfamiliar scent is still there, I hear footsteps roaming around a kilometer radius from us. But then, all I could hear is the movement of the leaves because of the wind. I tried my best to pay attention. And suddenly I could hear footsteps again. I realized that the footsteps are coming towards footsteps, coming towards our direction, the sound of the footsteps, becoming clearer and louder. A new problem? No...not again.
Edward stood firmly from his crouch.
Then there was this very familiar scent, so different from before.
"Edward...Bella..." I heard the voice called for us, "are you alright?"
"Alice!" was all I could manage to say.
Edward made a low a growl.
*keep writing please....
*very nice idea for a fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
the chapter 3 of fading moonlight was posted..
nice fan fic! it! ..
chapter 3:Broken Bond...

"I did my best to come here as fast as I could, did something bad happened?" she explained as she came came out from the trees.
I waited for Edward to answer her question but he didn't. So I'm the one who replied her instead.
"The vampire didn't even show up."
"Really? But I thought I saw her coming for you, Bella." She looked deeply to my eyes.
There was fear growing inside me.
"So, it's a she." I confirmed.
"Did you recognize her?" Edward began, "who's she?"
"No,.. I didn't see how she look like." Alice made a face.
"I could say that she's not that strong, but honestly, I did struggle a little bit to keep my shield stable to protect Edward from her attacks." I explained but didn't mean to insult the vampire's ability.
I saw Alice rolled her eyes. As if she was the one I'm pertaining to.
"It seems she's planning to attack me to be able to take you down." Edward guessed as he approached me.
"But I didn't see anyone when I was on my way here." Alice assured us. " I didn't even sensed anything unfamiliar."
"Let's go back to the house, it's better to be with each other, especially in times like this." I suggested.
"Perfect!" Alice commented on my idea.
"Where have you been?" Edward asked her which surprised me, because he said a while ago that he told Alice to go for a hunt. And now he's asking where she's gone.
"Oh...umm..." she hesitated, "Like what I've said before, I told this vision earlier about the vampire.So I tried to look for clues."
I became puzzled. I had these contrast ideas. Alice hunting for food and Alice looking for the vampire.
Suddenly, Edward swiftly pushed Alice against a big tree, with her arms struggling against his. I heard Alice growled helplessly, reaching for help.
"Who are you?" Edward asked.
"L-let me-.." she tried to speak, "Let me explain Edward, Bella."
I tried to overcome the shock that froze my entire body.
Do something Bella!
I told myself.
"Edward! Let go of her." I pulled him away from Alice.
Alice, then, fell to her feet. Her face blank from any emotion.
"Are you alright,Alice" I came beside her to comfort her but even before I could touch her, she slapped my hand, violently.
I'm pretty sure that if I were still human, she's be able to break my hand.
She stood immediately then gracefully jumped up the tree, landing on its thick branch.
Edward approached me to hold my hand. Then he looked up to Alice. There's something I saw in Edward's eyes. Maybe guilt or concern for Alice.
But to see Alice's face, it hurt me very much.
Then Alice ran away from us. It seems that there's something wrong...What is it?. My mind started to ask.
About the thing that I've felt when I saw Alice's face, I still can't believe that she have done it, I still can't believe that, For the first time, she looked mad. But...
mad about what?
Did I say or done something that made her feel uncomfortable?...Something that made her act like that?...
Anything that made her ran away from us?...
Why did Edward hurt her?...
"Bella," Edward said that made my mind to stop asking. "We have to tell everyone about it." Edward said.
In a low voice as he held my hand and looked into my eyes,deeply.
Then we started running back to the house.
I don't know what's on Edward's mind. But, what I feel right now is, he wants to speak and tell me something I don't know but he can't.
Maybe it's for the better maybe he can handle it alone. But why do we have to tell everyone about it? I mean, we could just follow Alice then tal;k to her sincerely, to fix this problem. It's just a misunderstanding. For their whole life as a vampire, Edward never tried to hurt Alice, nor Alice tried to hurt Edward. They mean no harm to each other. Edward respects Alice for she always understands him. They're like, the best of friends, until this day came. I breathed out some air, maybe it could help lessen the tension in my mind.
We reach the house in no time, but as we stepped on to the porch, I stopped. I tried to speak calmly.
"Edward...I suddenly realized that my shield can't protect me.."
"Bella."He held my hand with curiosity on his face.
Then I continued, " can't protect me from myself. It's useless when it comes to my emotions to the point that fear could almost kill me. I could feel it in every part of me.
My shield isn't that powerful at all." I looked down the floor, defeated by myself.
He embraced e as if telling me that I'm still protected. I wanted to cry but I can't. At least, Edward's here for me.
We entered the door to see all of them, Except Alice, in the living room. As if they knew what had happened. Fear is already creeping out of my body. I'm starting to get relaxed. Jasper handled my emotions.
The only thing that I could hear are Nessie's heartbeat, her breathing, and the television.
They're all looking at us.
I'm pretty sure that they heard our conversation outside.
"Something's wrong with Alice." Edward broke the silence.
"What is it?" Carlisle asked.
"I can't hear her thoughts. She has the wrong set of information and acts as if she's not Alice."
"What do you mean by wrong set of information?" Rosalie asked, irritated.
Then there was silence again.
Edward held my hand tightly. I looked at him then he continued, "she had a vision of Bella and her got to each other's nerves then end up in a big fight. So I told her to come with me so we could talk about it. As we left the house, I told her not to do anything stupid. After some conversation, I asked her to go home, but she refused to do so. She said that she'll think about plans to avoid any problem. I told Bella that Alice has gone for a hunt because I don't want Bella to think about it. But the truth is, Alice went to Charlie's house to ask him about the things Bella loves to do." Edward explains.
"Then where's the wrong set of information?" Emmett asked.
"A while ago, when Bella and I were on our way to the cottage, we sensed an unfamiliar scent of a vampire. And I'm positive that it's a half-vampire. I heard her heartbeat. But then Alice showed up and when I asked her where did she go...she said that she looked for the vampire as she sees it in her vision,.. which is quite impossible because it's hard for her to see the future with half-vampires and werewolves. So, she lied."
I suddenly realized that I'm completely alone, even Edward, he lied to me. I know that it's to keep me from being curious, but still, he must have believe my ability to control my emotions, he must have trust me about the problem.
I feel so guilty about it, if it's not for me, she and Edward didn't have to leave the house just for for a conversation. We could have just talk about it. If I just showed myself to be strong, maybe they would have entrust me about a simple problem. You're weak Bella. "But what I don't understand is why did she act violently against Bella. I can't even think she's Alice. I can't even think she's Alice. I don't understand." Edward spoke in a low voice, "because I can't hear her thoughts."


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