The Twilight Saga

I had a really weird idea. but for my friend imightbreak. I decided to right it. xD


Okay, so after i read my sister Zoe's story 'brand new riot' on about how she got the band paramore back together i started thinking about paramore. and wondering if i could right a story about me doing something cool like that. before i went to sleep that night i remember in 6th grade i wondered what it'd be like if something like twilight had happened to me. when i fell asleep i dreamed of 6 vampires name hayley, taylor, zachary, erica, jenna and joshua Orraf (thats farro backwards teehee) hayley was with taylor, zac was with erica. and josh didn't have a mate. jenna was in love with josh but he didnt love her. my parents got killed in nashville so i go and live with my sister Zoe in pennsylvania. there i meet josh and his family and we fall in love, but jenna wants to kill me... whatt will i do? :O p.s. i wanted to make it a joshayley story but... i wanted to do it like in my dream. and I <3 josh. lol  



I was staring death in the face. After avoiding it for so many months, I was surely going to die now. After seeing the people I loved die in vain, well I wasn't sure if I wasn't sure if I cared if I died now.

I would surely miss my new adopted siblings, especially Zoe. I didn't kno what Seth would do without me, but he had Zoe, Sadie and Roman now. and our loving new parents Brandy and Keith. I was sure he'd be fine.  

Surely, this was a good way to die. In place of the person I loved. That's got to count for something. Right? I knew that if I'd never gone to Natrona Heights, I wouldn't be facing death now. But, terrified as I was, I couldn't bring myself to regret the decision. When life offers you a dream, so far beyond your expectations, it's not resonable to grieve when it comes to an end (a/n: yeah i stole somethings from Twilight ^_^)  

I had so much more than I ever thought I would. I had two new sisters and one more brother. Two loving parents who took me in when mine were killed. I wasn't Emma Alleyn now as I faced death, or EmBeth Alleyn. I was EmBeth Rogozinski. I had a guy who loved me. Joshua was beyond anything I could have asked for. I loved him and I knew he loved me back.  

The hunter smiled in a friendly way as she came forward to kill me.


Chapter 1: Emergency:

I was in the car on Thanksgiving day, being driven to Nashville against my will. If I had my way, I'd be spending Thanksgiving with my best friend Harley and her goofball family. Like I had done for the past two years, avoiding my family. Then the next day we would go shopping on Black Friday. But I was missing all of that.

My mother was literally forced me to go with them to Nashville. It wasn't that I hated my family, not completely anyway, I just couldn't stand seeing my grandparents. My pour grandfather was losing his memory. It wouldn't be long now before he forgot who everyone was. That thought scared me, it scared all of us. My stressed out gandmother, who did everything for him now, would yell at me when she had finally had enough. My cousins, who were unfortunately all boys, never said a word to me. They sat around all day playing on their IPhone's, and when they weren't doing that they were on one of the game systems my Uncle and Aunt had let them bring. They never let me play on it when they were around. It was like a living hell in there.

I sat in the back of the car and pouted at my mom for at least 30 minutes, trying to get her to take me back when finally I decided to give up. I never really tried to guilt my mom into anything, but she always assumed I did. What about? I don't know. But when I actually tried to, it didn't work.

I should've gotten in my truck and driven away when I had the chance, I thought. To late now.

I texted every one of my close friends a 'help, save me, I'm bored' message. All I got was 'I'm busy Emy, suck it up' for Ariel, and a 'I'm sorry hun, but I'm busy' from Aubrie. The only text I got back that was actually worth reading was from Zoe. 'Yeah me too. My thanksgiving sucks, it sucks corn cobs. =('  'Mine to. I'm being dragged against my will to a living hell.' I replyed.

Zoe was my best friend, she was like my sister. I had met her on the internet one day four years ago when I was 12 and half. We instantly became good friends. I finally met her at almost two years after later. I saved my money up and went to see her with Harley in Pennsylvania. We satyed for 4 days and ended up taking her and her dad Keith. They spent the whole summer with me. We've done the same thing every year since then.

'That bad, huh?' she responded. 'Yeah :/ Come and save me, will you? XD' 'Sure, I'll steal my mom's car and I'll drive down there. I'll be there in 12 hours.' she was always funny like that. She had a way of making me laugh in some of the most horrible times.

Finally Harley texted back. 'I'm sorry, love. But I am very busy at thy moment. I shall call u around noonish. =)' No, help there. I continued to text Zoe Finally we got to our halfway point in Manchester. We always stopped there for our only restroom break for a 2 hour drive. Like is said before; 'living hell'. We parked our car in the lot of the only Starbucks in town.

We ordered some coffee and muffins. I got a donut to smash in anger of being brought here. I hated my mother for doing this. Why? Why did she wanna torture me?

Just then, I heard a man scream "Everyone put your hands on your heads." he raised a gun. The man had panty hose over his head so we couldn't see what he looked like.  "Get on the floor!" We did as he asked. The man went to the cash register.

"If anyone moves I'll fire." he said. He took all the money from the cahs register. He went over to a lady and screamed "Give me your wallet!" she gave it to him. He went to a few more people and did the same.

Then he came over to my mom. "Give me your money, lady." I knew my mom wasn't about to let him take her money.

"No, it's not yours." she said stubbornly.

"Give me your money! Or I'll shoot!"

"No," she refused again.

"I'll count to 3 and if that wallet isn't in my hand. Your dead."

"Mom give hin your wallet!" my brother Seth shouted at her.

"1...2..." He counted. "3." he fired. He shot her right in the heart.

"MOM!!" I screamed. My dad got up and ran over to her. The man shot him in the chest three times. (a/n: i know sad, . . but the only way i could move in with zoe is if my parents were dead and this is the only thing i could think of :/)

Just then, the cops showed up. The man ran out the side door right before the cops came in.

I ran over to my parents. "NO!!" I screamed. I shook my dad. Please be alive, please, please, please. A cop came over a put two of his to my dad's neck.

"He's still alive," thank god.  He did the same thing with my mother.

"Anything?" I asked, nervously.

"I'm sorry, but no." I layed my head down on her stomach and started to cry. My brother came and hugged me, he cryed with me. The ambulance came for my dad. We left her there and went with him.

"Is he going to be okay?" I asked the paramedic.

"I don't know," she said, unsure.

When we got there they made us stay in the waiting room. even though I insisted I go with my dad. The police asked us questions.

"What are your names?"

"I'm Emma Elizabeth Alleyn and this is my brother Seth."

"Were you only with your dad when this happened?"

"Our mom was with us. . . . but that man. . . . he. . . ." I couldn't finish my sentence without almost bursting into tears.

He understood. "I'm sorry," He apologized. "I understand you were on your way some where in Nashville. Who were you going to see?"

"Our grandparents, the Fosters. They live in Brentwood, it's not in Nashville, but it's close. It's right next to Franklin."

"What's there home number?" I gave him the number for him to call. An hour later they arrived with my aunt, uncle and my cousins. I told them everything. My grandmother started to cry. She held onto my brother tightly, like he was still a little boy. My aunt Kathy hugged me.

Harley called me at least 5 or 6 times, but I didn't answer. Around the seventh time I did. I told her what happened. Two hours later, she and the rest of my friends were with me. Harley had told Aubrie and she told Ariel and so on. They came with Harley to see me. They all tried to comfort me, but it didn't really help.

Why did my mom have to be so stubborn? She could've saved herself . . . and my dad. Why hadn't I saved them? Why did this have to happen? Why?

I waited anxiously all night in the hospital to hear that my father would be okay. My friends stayed with me. We fell asleep in the waiting room. The next day was B;ack Friday, this was a day I'd usually be out shopping with my friends. Instead I was waiting for the doctor to run in and tell me he was okay, and that I could see him, then I'd run in to him alive and well. But it didn't happen, I waited all day not eating or drinking. Sunset came, I watched the fadin sunlight until it was completely gone.

It was dark outside now. That was when I got the worst news I had ever gotten in my whole entire life.

The doctor came out. "Is he okay?" I asked.

"I'm sorry... but no. He passed away 5 minutes ago." I ran into his room as fast as I could to see him lying there as pale as a ghost. He had always been pale, I had gotten my looks from him. But this pale was deadly pale. I looked at the monitor, nothing was moving. I dropped to my knees and started to cry. He was dead, and I was an orphan.

Chapter 2: Orphaned:

What was I going to do now? Where would I go? Where would Seth go?

I ran back to my grandmother and cryed in her arms. We cryed there for hours until the doctor said we should leave. We went to my grandma & grandpa's house. I sat in my room for hours, trying to firgure out what I was going to do.

Zoe called around 3:00p.m. which was odd because she never called me. I was usually the one who called her, but she never answered.

"Why didn't you text me back?" she asked me, concerned. "And I just read your facebook status, what does 'Emma-Elizabeth Alleyn is heartbroken and thinks things are never going to be alright ever again' mean?"

I told her the whole story, as I sobbed into the phone. She tried to comfort me, but there was nothing she could say or do to make me feel better.

I spent the next two days in my room doing nothing but grieving, when Zoe sent me a starnge text 'What's the address of your grandparents house?' I gave her the address '. . . Why do you wanna know?' 'No reason' she replyed. Hmm... how weird. I thought. But I didn't bother to think about it. I spent the next hour writing in my journal.

 Dear Journal, I am heartbroken. Yesterday, my parents were shot by a robber at a Starbucks in Manchester, TN. I don't know where to go. My grandparents said I could live with them, but I can't do that to them. I don't to wake up everyday and have my grandfather ask me who I am, either. My aunt and uncle said I could go to Oklahoma with them, but my cousins won't even say more than a word to me. I couldn't live with me. Harley, Ariel and Aubrie even offered for me to live with them too. But Harley already has enough trouble with her adopted siblings Emma and Adyen. Aubrie has cats and I'm VERY allergic and I dont want to make her get rid of them. And I just wouldn't be happy will Ariel, who is on the go 24/7. So, where will I go? I owe Seth more than that. I wish we had never gone on this dumb trip! Everything would be okay. I would be laughing with Harley right now. Not grieving for my parents . . . I didn't even get to say goodbye... Why don't people realize what they have before it's gone? God, I wish I had.

I closed the book and put it down. Why was I always to late? Everything I did was always to late! Someone always had to help me realize it. Like 7th grade Zoe showed me a lot that I couldn't figure out myself. This time I was way to late. I never realized how great my parents were, and the last thing I thought about my mom before this all happened was that I hated her! It took a man with a gun and enough greed to steal from innocent people. Why did this have to happen? Why?

I began to cey again. My parents were good people. I wish I could've appreciated them more. My mother had gotten on my nerves pretty much everyday of my life, but she only did what she did because she loved, and so did my dad. I was lucky to even have my dad, I remember Zoe told me her real fdad didn't even want her. How could a father not want his own daughter? My father loved, and I took it for granted. If I had known what was going to happen Thursday I would've  stopped it.

I continued to cry until I heard the door bell ring. No one but Seth and I were in the house at the moment, so I ran downstairs to get it. I opened and for a moment there I almost forgot about everything that had just recently happened to me.

"ZOE!! Oh gods, what are you doing here??" she and the rest of her family were standing outside the front door,

"When we heard what happened, we came as soon as possible." Mr. Rogozinski said, he had always been nice to me. He was like my second dad... well... when I actually had a first dad...

"Oh my god! Come on!" I ordered them. Zoe looked inside and her mouth dropped.

"This... is your grandparents house??" she asked me. I looked around, I had forgotten how huge and fancy the place was.

"Oh yeah, it's nothing. Come on in."

They stepped inside. "So... ummm... is the living room?" Zoe asked pointing to a room next to the staircase.

"Yeah, but they don't use it. We've got a living room, den and a reck room. We perfer the reck room." I took them to the reck room. "Wow, I can't believe y'all are here!" I looked at now 12 year old Sadie and 8 year old Roman. They were so much bigger from when I saw them in the summer. Zoe was about to turn 16 soon. Gosh, time went by fast.

"So, why are y'all here?" I asked confused. They couldn't have just drove all the way from Pennsylvania just to see me for a few days... not even if my parents were killed.

"When Zoe told me you and Seth had no place else to go, I decided I should be the one to to take you in." Mrs. Rogozinski said. "But only if you want me to to, of course."

"What? Wow, y-you would do that??"

"Yes, I would. But reallyonly because Zoe talked us into it."

"W-w-what? Huh? Wow... I-I-I don't know about that, but---" I looked over at Zoe. Her face said 'come on EmBeth, please?'

"My other grandparents in Flordia said they would be coming soon. My grandma Rose said she would let us live with her, ya know... if we wanted to. But y'all could stay for a couple o' days, my cousins and aunt & uncle just left town so you can have their rooms." And so it was settled. Zoe would share a room with me. Sadie & Roman would get the blow up mattress in the living room and Zoe's parents would get my aunt and uncle's room. When Zoe walked into my room the first thing she said was:

"Wow, this room... isvery... green." The room was covered with the color green, all things in there had been my mother's 30 years ago.

"Yeah, its all my mom;'s old stuff... she... umm... liked the color green."

"Huh, cool. So, do we sleep on the same bed?"

"Yeah, it's big enough for two people." She laid her bag down on the bad and gave me a hug.

"I'm  sorry that this had to happen to you, EmBeth. It must be hard going through all this." I hugged her back. "It's okay ZoeVibe." I had called her that since I was 13. I was mainly a very depressed person them. The only time I was actually happy was when I got to talk to Zoe. She seemed to be the only person who could understand me. Most of the time certain people got half of EmBeth and someone else the other. Because I feared people would judge me. I was never completely me. Zoe was like a good vibe to my life that kept me together. So I called her 'ZoeVibe' "What I don't understand is why you would come all the way here and try to talk me into moving to Natrona."

"Hey, it was worth a shot! And do you really want to move to Florida, either?"

"Not exactly, it's warm and sunny... but I could see things being hard for me there."

"Well, think about this then EmBeth. You and Seth would be happy in Natrona. You would atleast have friends there. Everyone at my school knows who you are thanks to me. You would be like famous! Like the Hayley Williams you've always wanted to be. York would be your friend and so would Nick." York was Zoe's best friend Taylor and Nick was her boyfriend. I had met them only a few times when I had gone up to get Zoe in the summer to bring her to TN. We hung out all the few days I was there, It was fun but I wasn't sure if they liked me or not. So I wasn't sure if Zoe would be right.

"I don't know ZoeVibe, we'll see... but I doubt my grandparents are going to let me move to Pennsylvania with a girl I met off the internet, even if I have known you for 4 years."

Just then, I heard my grandma walk in the house. She shrieked at something, probably Sadie and Roman. "Who the heck are you??" I heard her ask.

I ran downstairs as fast as I could. "It's okay grandma. They're my friends." I explained to her everything that had happened while she was gone. She said it would be okay for them to stay here for twodays, but she wasn't sure about going back with them. "Emma, you don't even know them all that well. Fours years is a long time. But seeing each other only for a few summers and from facebook and... what do you call it... TweetBirdy? That;s not good enough for me."

"It's called twitter grandma." I corrected. "Just trust me on this, okay? They're good people. I'm not even sure I want to go with them. Wait 2 days, prepare for Seth's birthday. He's had a hard time with this, too. We'll see then, okay?"

"Okay then, honey." she said, unsure. But I know she wasn't about to give her only granddaughter up to a bunch of strangers.


Chapter 3: Decisions:

For the rest of the day, Zoe and I sat around talking. I asked her how thing were in Pennsylvania.

"Nothing has happened really," she said. "Nothing interesting ever happen Natrona. School's been hard, but it's nothing I cant handle."

"Hmm..." I answered.

"How's your school?" she asked.

"School is... okay. I guess. It's not really something to talk about though."

"How's Aubrie, then? Ariel, Harley & Meredith?"

"Aubrie, is well... Aubrie. Hyper and most the time just plain bored. She came up with something weird last week where we call the pizza guy and tell him we love him or something. Ariel is just as popular as last year, and she still bites like a piranha if you ask me. But... she's good, I suppose. Harley is... ya know... still a total psycho!  Her and Meredith had some sort of disagreement about Stefan from the Vampire Diaries last week, but they're good too. Harley threw her new phone at the wall again, thank god it still works. She's on her fifth one this year ya know. And well... that's it..." (a/n; when you read this harley... well... thats what you get for losing and breaking your phone all the time:P)


"All of them, Aubrie, Ariel & Harley I mean, are here. They're coming over tom make sure I'm okay. Aubrie will be glad to see you." We waited an hour for them. I showed her around the house, she thought the whole jacuzzi thing was cool. We really only just sat in the attic and talked.

She was stoked about her up and coming Sweet 16. She was sure she was getting a car for Christmas. She had her permit, but she hated driving her mom's car. Her mom didn't seem to like ti either.

"How's your driving?" I asked

"I'm pretty good, I'm sure I'm getting my drivers license right away." she beamed.

"Awesome, what kind of car do you want?"

"I want something like my mom's, old but sturdy. I just want one of my own."

"Yeah, I understand that. My truck is like that. It's a 1960's Chevy."

"Yeah, I remember when your first got it. I was there ya know."


"I have a suprise for you," my dad said, as he drove me and Zoe home from the mall. It was four days away from my birthday.

"Oh, what is it?" I asked excitedly.

"It's a suprise you'll have to wait and see."

"C'mon dad you know I hate suprises, what is it?"

"Well alright... it's a car. It's a good car for you, really cheap." I was supicious of the way he said 'good car for you' as opposed to just 'good car' "Well, it's a truck actually, a Chevy."

"Where did you find it?"

"Do you remember R.J. from where I work?"

"Yeah, I do."

"I got it from him. He's in a wheelchair now, so he can't drive anymore. He offered to sell me his truck cheap."

"What year is it?" Zoe asked.

"He bought it in 1984, I think."

"Did he buy it new?" I asked, suspicious.

"Well,no. I think it was new in the early sixties -- or late fifties at the earliest." he admitted.

"Dad, I don't know anything about car. I wouldn't be able to fix it if anything went wrong, and I couldn't afford a mechanic." I argued.

"Reall, Emma, the thing runs great. They don't build 'em like that anymore." The thing, I thought. It had possibilities for a nickname.

"How cheap is cheap?"

"Well, Emma, I knd of already bought it for you. As a birthday gift." Wow. Free.

"You didn't have to do that, Dad. I was going to buy myself a car."

"I don't mind. I want you to be happy." He looked out his side window when he said this. We were home now. He stopped the car in the driveway and opened the garage. Zoe and I got out of the car and ran to the garage. I took dad a minute to catch up.

There it was, parked in the garage of my own home, was my new -- well, new to me -- truck. It was a faded red color, with big, rounded fenders and a bulbous cab. To my suprise, I loved it. I didn't know if it would run, But I could see my self in it. Plus, it was one of those solid iron affairs that never gets damaged -- the kind you see at the scene of an accident, paint unscratched surrounded by the pieces of the foreign car it had destroyed.

"Wow, Dad, I love it! Thanks!"

"I'm glad you like it," he said.

"Let's take it for a spin!" Zoe said, excitedly. He toused me the keys. Zoe and I got in it.

"Don't go to far now." my dad said.

"I won't I'll just drive down the neightborhood. You know where the cops won't catch me speeding." I winked and he laughed. I put the keys in the ignition. To my suprise it ran. The engine started quickly, but loudly, roaring to life and then rising to top volume. Well, a truck this old was bound to have a flaw.

To our suprise, the antique radio worked, another plus I hadn't expected. I hit the gas, and we sped off.


"What is it, EmBeth?" zoe asked

I realized I had tears in my eyes.

"I-It's nothing," I wiped my eyes with my shirt's sleeve. "I just really miss them, don't worry about it." She bit her lip.

I heard the doorbell ring. "Bet that's them," I said, relieved. I crawled over to the only opening that led back into the house and pushed it open. Their was no latter so we had to jump.

"Um, how do we get down?"

"We jump,"

"Um, how about you jump and you help me down."

"Or how about you jump and you help me down, instead."

"Your older, you should go first."

"I'm an orphan who's already gone through enough pain," I used my pain against her. "And I do not want to break my neck. So HA! you get to go first."

"Fine." she stood up, hitting her head on the ceiling. "Ow!" she complained. She looked down below. "Uh, I change my mind you go."

Then I heard Harley's voice in the room below.

"EmBeth? Are you in there? I can hear you, ya know." I heard her open the closet.

"Oh my josh, they're here!" I stepped forward, about to jump first, and tripped on thin air. I fell face forward through the opening, taking Zoe with me. (a/n; im crazy, i told you zoe. lol... let's hope your character doesn't die... lol)

"Eeek!" we screeched. Zoe's face smashed into the floor. We layed there frozen for a moment, then we cracked up laughing. I looked over at Harley, Aubrie & Ariel. They stoof with there mouth's wide open.

"Umm, I think I'll come back when it isn't raining EmBeth's." Harley said.

We got up. "Oh my gosh, Zoe what are you doing here?" Aubrie asked, suprised.

"oh my josh, Aubrie HI!" She hugged her. "I came when I heard the news. And tada! I'm here!"

"Oh my gosh this is great!" Aubrie beamed.

"Yeah, but my mom only agreed to come so we can try talking EmBeth into living with us."

"What?? All they way in Pennsylvania?" she asked, shocked. Zoe only nodded once. "But that's so far way!"

"I'm not even sure if I'm going to go, yet." I reassured her. "We'll see tomorrow."

"Uh, umm, okay." she said, unsure. I doubted she wanted her best friend to move all the way across the country.

"So, uh, why did you two fall out of the sky again?" ariel asked.

"oh, we were just hanging out in the attic."

"Umm, okay... why?"

"well, where else is there to talk in this house with 3 wild kids running around?" Zoe asked her. Seth, Roman and Sadie had been running around all day. Creating havock across the house

"True, but were you guys having some sort of diving contst or what?'" Harley asked me.

I rolled my eyes. "No, you goofball!" I laughed. "I tripped and knocked Zoe to the floor and luckily she's alive,"

Aubrie laughed, I'd always been the clumsy one. In fact, I was so clumsy it was almost deadly. Like in this case I had almost broken Zoe's face.

"Wow, Emma. Are y'all okay?"

"I'm fine, now." I said.

"Ugh, my face hurts." Zoe complained. "You could've broken my nose, EmBeth!"

"Not my fault I'm naturally clumsy. I get it from my dead father, blame him."

"Get some help." She grumbled. I wacked her over the head.

"Ow!" she whined at me

"That's enough you two." Ariel said, annoyed. "How long do we have until Zoe LEAVES?"

"That soon?"

"Yeah, she has ro be back in school by Tuesday. Right ZoeVibe?"

"yeah, I get Monday off."

"Aw, lucky." Aubrie whined. "We have to be back tomorrow, but we're skipping to see what EmBeth's gonna do. We're baaaaaaaddd. What are your options, Em?"

We weighed my options for a minute. Pennsylvania or Florida. I told them my chances of living with one of them were under 40%, but they didn't like the idea of me moving away. They liked the idea of Florida, sort of, it was only two states away, but Pennsylvania was a no go.

I took their minds off of it by doing a reenactment of the previous reenactment of the previous event of me and Zoe falling out of the sky. We all hung out in the attic for hours. I showed them the roof top, too.

I looked out among the acres of free land. I remembered when I was a child that i'd came here every summer, we'd berunning and playing with my little playset, swimming in the pools, camping out on the hampers and catching fireflies. I'd miss all this...

We fell asleep on one of the very big antique beds up in the attic. I didn't fall asleep right away. Harley's snoring kept me awake. I thought about my options as I layed awake. If I went to Florida I'd be in the place of my dreams. I would be in a sunny haven. I would be happy. But I wouldn't know anyone there. I'd be the 'new girl' again. I took my 2 years to adjust the last time that happened. It did everytime. I didn't even have two years before I went to college. So if I went there I'd be unhappy and alone. If I went to Pennsylvania, I'd have Zoe. Zoe said everyone knew who I was there. She said York, Nick and all her other friends would be my friends, too. I would have two sisters and one new brother. Seth would be happy that way, too. Plus, I couldn't stay with my grandparents they'd be unhappy with us. So, I decided Natrona was the place to go. I would announce my decision tomorrow. Things will be great, I thought But really, in my heart, I knew I'd be hopeless there too...


Chapter 4: The Driveway:

We got up exactly 9:00 a.m. sharp to the sound of my grandmother in the closest below. We waited patiently for her to leave before we went down, so we wouldn't give her a heart attack. It would definitely freak her out if five teenagers fell out of the sky on her. I wished we had a latter. We all fell out of the sky on Zoe's little sister Sadie. We all went at once, I knocked Harley over and I pushed myself out and dragged Zoe along with me, who grabbed Aubrie. Ariel decided to cling on to Aubrie so she could get out of the attic and have a soft landing. Sadie screamed and ran out of the room. We all laughed.

We went downstairs for a late breakfast. Zoe had like a literal cereal buffet. She had a bowl of every single KIND of cereal we had. The rest of us didn't have much.

Sadie looked at us like we were total idiots. "You guys are... just plain weird." she said, before she walked away. We giggled at her.

By noon, my other grandparents got here. All the sorrow came back to me. My grandmother held me tightly while saying everything would be okay. She told me after lunch we would leave for Florida.

"But we're not going to Florida." I announced.

"WHAT?" everyone asked at once.

"I said ' Seth and I aren't going to Florida.' we're going to Pennsylvania with Zoe."

"W-what? Who's Zoe?' grandma Rose asked. I explained everything to her. Then everyone started arguing at once. "But you can't all the way across the country..." "EmBeth, how could you do this!? You so dead. . ." "But you can't leave! Who else is gonna be in our group..." "But it's not safe! You barely know these people. . ."

My head spun. "Quiet!" I yelled. "I am going to Pennsylvania whether y'all like it or not." I looked over at Zoe and her family "We're leaving... and now." We all went and grabbed our bags and loaded the car. Everyone ran out trying to stop me. I pushed Seth in the car.

"Emma," my grandmother said. "You don't have to do this."

"I want to go," I lied. I'd always been a bad liar, but this one sounded almost convincing to me. "I'm going whether you like it or not."

"B-b-but," she protested.

"But you can't go!" Aubrie stepped in. "Not all the way to Pennsylvania! Who else is going to be the colorful 'Rainbow' in our group? (a/n: rainbow is my nickname in case you were wonderin') The most popular Junior girl in all of Chattanooga Christian High School? The 11th grader who can fit right into a group of 12th graders?? You can't go!" she panicked.

"Brie, this is the only way. If I moved to Florida I still wouldn't be able to be those things anyway."

"At least you'd be closer," she mumbled.

"Brie's right," Ariel said. "I go to Florida every summer for SeaCadet training camp and in the winter. I'd get to see you a lot more often than I would if you were in Pennsylvania!"

"I have to agree with that," Harley said. "I live only seven hours from where your going in Florida. PA is just. . . to far."

I frowned. how could I leave my friends? I had never realized how much they needed me until now. I had always felt like I didn't belong, the crazy junior who hung out with seniors. The extremely dumb girl in Harley and Meredith's Vampire Lovers Club. I had always thought I was just another 'third wheel', but now I knew otherwise.

If I went to Pennsylvania I would be a third wheel. The weird Junior who hung out with Sophomores The freak from the big city. The girl from a private school. I could never see myself fitting in inside a public school. I would never be accepted.

I almost changed my mind for a minute. "I know," I sighed. "It may seem like a bad idea in your eyes, but it might not be as bad as y'all think." I hoped I was right. "I'll miss all of you." I hugged each of them and I got in the car.

"I'll my  see you soon," my grandma insisted. "You can come home whenever you want."

"I'll come right back as soon as you need me," my other grandmother saud. The others promised the same thing. But I could see the sacrifice in their eyes behind the promise.

"Don't worry about me," I urged. "it'll be great." We started the car and drove, and they were gone.

"So, where to?" Keith Rogozinski asked.

"To my house, we'll have to close the rent deal with our landlord and get a moving truck to take all the things we need."

He typed the address in the GPS. It was a two hour drive from Brentwood to Chattanooga. Then, a twelve hour drive from Chattanooga to Natrona. The two hour drive didn't bother me. I was pretty much used to it after riding it a couple times each year for 10 years of my life. But, I had to drive the next twelve hours im my truck, and it didn't get great gas milage.

We loaded the moving van with all the things we needed. We threw the rest of it out front in the yard. We put the for rent sign up on the lawn. I sat in my bedroom floor for a while before we left. This place had been where  I had lived practically half my life in. The place where I sat around talking to my friends for hours after school, the place where I read for hours all weekend in sixth grade, where all my great story idead came to me, where I cryed over my first ever heart break. I had half the mind to take this place with me. But, of course, that wasn't possible.

I walked over to the kitchen. I had spent most of my childhood birthdays here, I remembered the singing, the laughter, the cake. . . then I remembered something else, something I had completely forgotten about.

I ran to Seth's room, pulling out a tiny wrapped gift. I found him sitting quietly in his room. I couldn't believe had forgotten! Today was Seth's 14th birthday.

"oh my gosh, Seth! I'm so sorry, I totally forgot." I apologized. I hadn't even bothered to stay long enough for him to enjoy the cake our grandmother had worked so hard on. What kind of sister was I?

I handed him the gift. He opened it. It was a little Star wars toy he had been wanting. He put it in the pocket of his jeans. "Thanks," he said. "But it doesn't matter, it wouldn't of been the same without mom and dad anyway."

"But this was your big day!" I protested, but I knew he was right. "I should've atleast stayed long enough for them to sing you 'happy birthday'!"

"It's not a big deal sis, Id rather have no celebration at all than one without mom and dad." I didn't argue back, there was no use in arguing with him.

We got ready to leave. I tied everything I needed in the back of my truck. Zoe offered to ride with me, but I said no. I needed the time to think.

So, I spent the next 12 hours thinking. I thought about my new life awaiting on Pennsylvania. It was obvious I was hopeless. Highlands High School had a frightening total of four hundred and sity-two -- soon to be sixty-three -- students according to Zoe. There had been more than that in my Junior class back in my private school alone. For a public school it sure sounded small. It scared me a little bit.

All the kids in Natrona had probably grown up together. I would be the new girl from Chattanooga, Zoe's so called 'sister' who she met online. Everyone would be asking why I was so dumb for choosing to live with Rogozinski's. I met them on the internet for heavne's sake! I'd be a curiosity, a freak.

Maybe, if I looked like Zoe, I could work this to my advantage. I sould be tan, blonde and all the things Zoe was. (a/n: u get to be blonde in my story zoe. woohoo!) Maybe if Zoe would've just stayed brunette and never dyed her hair to the color blonde we would  have something in common. But Zoe was never satisified with one hair color. I had never been allowed to dye my hair, only a few times in temporary dye was the only thing they'd allow me when I was 14, but permanent dye was something my mom would never agree on.

Instead of being like Zoe, tan, blonde and extremely tall. I was ivory-skinned without even the excuse of brown eyes or red hair. I was a pale-faced brunette with plain gray eyes. That was like a nightmare to me. Zoe and I looked nothing alike. But we had a lot in common. Inside we were exactly alike, and when i say exactly, I mean it literally.

I had been really popular at my old school Every 11th grader envied me. I'd sit with the Seniors at lunch like I was one of them. Iwas in the school choir, in all the school plays, on the volleyball team. I'd made a name for myself.

In Natrona, I didnt stand a chance.

                                   * * *

I finally reached the driveway if their house. I was relieved, yet horified to be here.

It took only one trip to get all my bags upstairs. They had gotten here before me. They had already arranged everything. Seth would hsare a room with Roman. Zoe would share a room with Sadie, and I'd get a room to myself.

Zoe begged me to let her share a room with me. But I wouldn't allow it. I doubted it was a good idea for her to share a room with a girl who would be crying all night.

My new room looked a lot like my old one, just larger. Bed in the middle, my old pine dressed on the left side, chair by the closet, book shelf next to my bed. It was all there. The room was even the color blue, just like my old room. The only difference was the window was larger and the old oak desk with my mother's computer on it was beneath it, blocking any sunshine.

I gave Zoe my dad's computer, because I felt bad that she had to share a room with Sadie. But I had half the mind to keep them both.

I put all my pictures on my dresser. Most of them were of me and Aubrie. We'd been best friends since I was in 4th grade. We always will be, I promised. I wasn't so sure though.

I put the few family pictures of on there, too. I put the scrapbooks me and my mom had created together up on the very top of my bookshelf with the rest of my favorite books. I had at least 50 of them.

I looked back at the photos on my dresser. I let a few tears out, It was impossible, being here, knowing I'd never get over the death of my mom and dad.

I spent most my December days here just sitting in my room. I didn't bother going to school with Zoe. I'd wait 'till the next semester to register. Finally, Zoe get out for Winter Brwak on the 20th. She was suppose to get out an extra week, but apparently they skimmed the breaks here to make up for missed days. It might sound like a good idea to some people, but to me it sounded like torture. Where I lived they gave you 15 school days off, not 8. It was colder up here, too. I didn't like the cold.

I spent most of December reading, writing, texting and talking to my friends for long hours. Chrsitmas & New Years' went by in a flash, Then, January 6th came. The first day back to school was tomorrow.

It was three days after Zoe's birthday she had gotten her driver's license. She was going to have a big slumber party this weekend. I wasn't excited wbout that. I was usually the one for that kind of thing. I use to love slumber parties; the talking, the games, the makeup, the fun! It was an 'EmBeth' kind of thing.

But was the point of enjoying anything if everything that actually mattered to me was gone? There wasn't...

From that though, I knew the old EmBeth was gone. I was broken inside. I didn't want to eat, drink or even sleep. But I did anyway. It was good to know I was that strong... atleast.

This felt like the 7th grade all over again... I had always been a fairly happy person. Hyper, always laughing, running around like a complete maniac. I remembered the summer before last when I had spent most of my time with Zor working a part time summer job at a diner. The owner had let us play what ever we wanted as we worked. We would play Paramore, tons of it. We would scream a long to Misery Business while skating. It had been tons of fun.


Let the Flames Begin turned on. "WOw, it just got hotter in here!" I yelled, like an idiot.

I twirled around on my skates. "Weee!!" I giggled, like I was on crack.

 I started singing. "Sing it was me ZoeVibe!" I shouted at her. She rolled in out of the kitchen. She screamed the chorus at the top of her lungs as she handed some guy his food and sped off.

A few people laughed at us. I didn't care though. I was the best entertainment this place would evre get! I thought.

Aubrie walked in. "Hiya, hun" she said.

"Brie Brie! Hi!" I shouted skating forward. I handed her a pair of skates. "Help me out, will you?"

She put them on.  We skated around doing a dance to Fences. We were both in an intrepretive dance class together, so I bet we did pretty good. (a/n; *cough* doubt it *cough*)

After we were done Crash by Decyfer Down came on. Harley walkied in just in time.

"uh oh! Harley's here! Hide!" We grabbed Zoe and hid behind a table in the right corner. She looked around us, finding nothing.

"let's get her!" I suggested Zoe, Aubrie and I locked arms and we skated forward

 "HARLEY!!!" we screamed. She turned around Oops, to late Harley.

Right on cue the guy in the song sange 'crash your going down' as we knocked her over. Just then, Ariel walkined in. We all laughed as we got up.

"Y'all are a bunch of nut jobs!" Ariel said. We laughed again.


It was a good memory I knew I'd never have anyone like them here. Not even close.

I sighed. I decided to go for a wlak. I grabbed my jacket and walked outside. I walked around the block. Thinking of nothing, doing nothing. Their was no sunshine out. The whole month I'd been here it had been cloudy. Like the sun had disappeared or something. It was depressing.

I walked back to the house, freezing my butt off in the bitter cold. Zoe was standing in the driveway by her car.

"C'mon Em! Let's go for a ride!" she forced me into the car. Apparently, she thought  going for a ride would make me feel better. It didn't.

Zoe drove like a maniac! She sped alond the road, almost hitting cars. I screamed the whole ride, but I knew she couldn't hear me over the roar of the engine. I could barely hear my self and trust me, I scream loudly.

Don't let me did, don't let me, DON'T LET ME DIE!! I screamed over and over in mind.

She pulverized a shiny green Porsche and sped off. "WOw! He's gonna feel that in the morning!" she laughed. Was she drunk or something??

We finally reached the driveway again. "Wasn't that fun?!?" she asked. I stared at her. "What?"

"Nothing," I mumbled, stepping out of the car. Almost toppling over.

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Chapter 5: Pressure:

I spent the rest of that day in my room. Talking to Aubrie.

"I don't wanna go tomorrow. Help me, please!!!" I begged her.

"Uh, I'm sorry hun, but what do you want me to do?"

"You have 2 more days off right? Come and get me!"

"Hey, you chose to go to Natrona. I can't help you, now. Give Natrona a chance, you might find you like it there." she said. Aubrie had almost always been an annoyingly positive person. She didn't really have the capability to be negative. It got on my nerves most of the time. But it always tunred out that she was right. She could annoy you to death with it, but you came back out to love her for it anway.

"Maybe," I sighed. "I'm just a little scared. That's all."

"hey, you'll be fine." she encouraged. "But if ant of the kids there mess with ya, I swear I'll come up there and kick their butt for you! The rest of the girls will join me, too." I could see that happening. Ariel, Zoe, Aubrie, Harley and all the rest of my friends ganging up on someone and saying 'Did you mess with our EmBeth?' While pounding their fists against their hands.

I laughed. "okay, I gotta go Brie. School tomorrow ya know."

"Haha, okay Emma, 'night."

" 'night"

I layed down in my bed. I started crying, I was hopeless, I knew I was.  I didn't get to sleep until midnight. The rain was pouring down really hard. I hated rain, it was like a really bad omen to me. It moved in a strange mysterious way. It haunted me. No good thing ever happened to me when it rained. I knew it was definitely hopeless now.

                                    * * *

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock. It buzzed so loudly I bet the whole neighborhood heard it. I hit the snooze. "Let me sleep! I don't wanna go!" I screamed at it. Ten minutes later, it buzzed again. "Fine! I'm getting up!" I turned the thing off and ran downstairs to get in the shower.

Zoe had gotten there first. She was singing 'The Only Exception' by Paramore. She had been busting out old love songs all week. She would twist the words around and sing it differently "Oh, Nick is the only exception, he is the only exceptiom, OOOOOOOOOH he is the only exception!" Jeez, could she sound more obsessive? But she had been with him for three years now. I was a bit jealous. Three years and those feelings never went away? Not for either of them?

I had completely given up on boys. After searching for the right guy from 7th to 9th grade I had pretty much given up on the whole 'love' thing.

"Grr, Zoe hurry up in there! Your going to use up all the hot water!"

"Nuh-uh, I gotta look good for Nick today!"

"Ah, come on ZoeVibe! I'm sure he could care less about what you look like and more about whats on the inside."

"I know, but I was look good either way. If you wanted in the shower first you should've gotten up earlier!" Gods, people that were in love could get really annoying.


"Nope, not gonna" she started singing a different song. "Woah, I never meant to brag, bit I'm usin' all the hot water now! Woah, it was never my intention the brag! To steal it all away from you know!"

"Yeah, hahaa, very funny Zoe. I'm in the business of misery. Now get out of the shower! You want me to lOOK GOOD TO, RIGHT?" I heard the water turn off. She came out four minutes later, wearing a dress.

"Fine," she said. "but, don't take to long I've got to straighten my hair."

 I got in and  out of the shower in five minutes. I was usually in their for at least thirty. But I was going to play nice with Zoe, she's not the kind of person you want to mess with. I put all my make up and straightened my hair in no time. It took like. . . what? 20 minutes? I looked as good as ever! Ha, beat thta ZoeVibe!

Thirty minutes passed and finally she was done. "Finally, done?" I asked.

"yep." she said, frowning at my impatience. "can I drive you?" I wanted to respond: HELL NO! but with a small fake smily, I agreed. I didn;t know how she managed to get her license, but I wasn't going to bother to ask. She probably cooked up some illegal sceam and... well... I didn't wanna know.

The drive to school as short, but Zoe drove like a wild animal. "Whopee! I drive fast don't I, sis?" she screamed over the roar of the engine. I didn't respond to that.

When we got to the school I was shocked. It looked like any normal place. What, no metal detectors or metal fences with barbed wire? I thought. Zoe pulled into a space in the parking lot. She barely made it into the space without slamming into the car next to it. People stared at her. 

I looked around the lot, old cars were every where. My truck would fit right in, which meant Zoe wouldn't have to drive me to school anymore. That was a relief. I looked at a scetion of cars. A yellow Porsche, a shiny Volvo, a huge black Jeep and a bright red Convertibe. They stood out among all the other cars in the lot. Back at home it would be the other way around. I shook my head, this place was to weird.

People stared at me and Zoe, they whispered to each other. 'So, the parawhore thinks she can drive now? Idiot. . .' 'Who is that girl? Is that EmBeth?' 'Probably...' 'EmBeth, what a dumb name.' 'Is she a parafreak too?' 'well, duh. Zoe said was.' I heard in a jumble of whispers as we passed by.

Zoe took me to the secretary's office. "Hello, Zoe what are you doing here? Who is this young lady?" a motherly looking women asked her, looking at me curiously.

"Hi, Mrs. Clemmons, this is EmBeth." Mrs. Clemmons eyes lit up. I was a topic of gossip, no doubt about it. The girl who had no where else to go after her parents died, so the Rogozinski's kindly took her in. Such a touching story, I thought sarcastically. "We came to get her class schedule."

"Ah, yes, of course." she smiled, keeping her eyes on me. She gave me a schedule and a map of the school.

"T-Thank you, ma'am," I stammered.

"Your welcome dear, have a nice day."

Zoe and I split up to go to our classes. I found my English class very easily. The class room was small. The people in front of me stopped just inside the door to hang up their coats. I copied them. They were two girls, one a porcelain-colored blonde, the other also pale with light brown hair. At least my skin color wouldn't stick out here.

I took the slip that Mrs.Clemmons had given to me for each teacher to sign to Mr. Russo, a tall, balding man. He gawked at me when he saw my name - not an encouraging response. At least he sent me to a seat in the back, and without introducing me to the class. It should've been harder for my new classmates to stare at me in the back, but somehow, they managed.

I kept my eyes on my reading list, it was fairly basic: Bronte, Shakespeare, Faulkner. I'd already read everything. That was comforting. . . and boring.

When the bell finally rang, a nasal buzzing sound, a gangly boy with a bad skin problem and hair as black as an oil slick leaned across the isle to talk to me. "You're EmBeth Alleyn, aren't you?" He looked to be the overly helpful, chess club  type.

"EmBeth Rogozinski," I corrected. Everyone within a three-seat radius turned to look at me. Brandy had promised me a couple weekes before today that she and Keith were going to adopt me and Seth when they could. I didn't really see the point in it, I'd be long gone in two years anyway. But I decided to make the most of it.

"Where's your next class?" he asked.

"Um, World History, with Mr. Adams, in building 4." There was no where to look without meeting curious eyes.

"I'm headed toward building 6, I could show you the way. . ." Yep, definitely over-helpful. "I'm Jason." he added.

I smiled tentatively. "Thanks," We grabbed our things and headed outside.

"So, this is a lot different than Tennessee, huh?" he asked. I looked behind me, i COU

"Very," I looked behind me, I could've sworn several people behind me were eaves dropping on us,

"It doesn't rain much there, does it?"

"Only 4 or 5 times a month."

"What's that like?"


"You don't look very tan."

"My dad was part albino."

He studied me apprehensively, and I sighed. It looks like rain and a sense of humor didn't mix. A few months of this and I'd forget how to use sarcasm. Jeez, how did Zoe survive this crazy town?

He walked me around the bulidings, into building four and into the door of my classroon, though it was clarly marked. "Well, good luck." he said. "Maybe we'll have some other classes togeth." He sounded hopeful.

I smiled at him vaguely and sat down. Ignoring the stares. The rest of the mroning passed quickly. In my Algebra 2 class, Mr. Cleghorn, who I would've hated anyway just because of the subject he taught, made me stand up and introduce myself. I stammered, blushed and tripped over my high-heel boots on the way to my seat.

I sat by two of the same girls from my English class. After class, they came over to me. "Hey, your that EmBeth girl, right?" a blonde asked.

"Umm, yeah I am."

"I've heard about you, Your from Chattanooga, Tennessee, right? Your Zoe Rogozinski's 'parabuddy' or whatever?" I was suprised, most people didn't know I had lived in Chattanooga.

"Umm... yeah. How did you know?"

"Zoe's dating my friend Nick. He said she talks about you a lot," she rolled her eyes.

"Wow... she does?"

She nodded "Yep, more than you think."

"Whats your name?"

"My name's Kara. Maybe you've heard about me?" she quizzed, eyeing me in a way that made me uncomfortable. No it couldn't be... was this Kara Reno? Zoe's newst enemy? The one was trying to steal Nick from her? (a/n: idk if you know a girl named kara who is trying to steal nick or not. but im puting this in here. i need this high 'drama' for me story. lol. but she wont steal nick from .u. i pwomise ;D lol. and im going to make half chapter 10 or 11 in ur P.O.V. just to make it up to you. yayyy! lol.)

I decided to play dumb. "Umm, sorry, no."

she looked suprised. "Really?"

"Yeah, really."

"Hmm..." she frowned.

"Excuse, Kara.: a brunette said. "she's a little wacko. I'm Britt."

"Hi, Britt." I greeted her.

"So, are you liking Natrona?"

"Sorta, It's a lot different than Tennesse. Less sunshine, and to much rain if you ask me."

"It's only temporary. It's always raining in the winter and spring. It's sunnier in the summer. You'll get used to the weather." she assured me. "What's your next class?"

"Spanish 1 with Mrs. Ramirez."

They smiled at me "That's our next class, too." Kara beamed Great, I get to have three classes everyday with Zoe's arch-enemy and her BFF. Things can't get any worse, I thought. I was wrong, they're friend Drew was in the class with them. She smirked at me when she heard my name. She gave me dirty looks all through out class.

Lunch time finally came, I sat at a round table with Kara, Draw, Britt and a few other of their friend. I was trying to make a conversation with all 7 of them when Zoe, Nick and Taylor came over to me.

"Oh my gosh! Its true! You really did move gere." Taylor said, unbelievingly.

"I know, it's freakin' epic, isn't it?" Zoe laughed.

Then they noticed who I was sitting with. Zoe frowned.

"Oh... hi Kara." she glared at me. 'Why are you sitting with her?' her face said.

I glared back. 'What else was i suppose to do?' I had no where else to sit.  Besides, I got an open invitation to sit with them. It'd be rude to pass it up.

Nick laughed "Come on guys, lets sit down. Sitting with juniors isn't a big deal." Did he really think that was what the problem was? Boys are clueless... I thought.

"Umm... okay. I guess we'll stay."

They sat down. Kara looked at Nick in a dreamy way. It was gross, a Junior girl falling for a Sophomore boy? umm.. yuck.

If she tried anything on my sisters boy friend I might have to kick her ass later. I could feel tidbits of the old EmBeth still there. Revenge was my speciality. If someone messed with my friends, they would hear from me about it later.


Chapter 6: All Around Me:

 They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, sitting as far away from as possible. There were 6 of them. They weren't talking, and they weren't eating, though they had a tray full of untouched food in front of them. They weren't gawking at me, like most of the other students were. They looked oddly familiar to me. I leaned out closer to see. I could feel my eyes widing. No was this was possible... My mouth dropped. Holy crap, what were they doing here? They were all to old to be in high school.

I looked in closer. Why did they look so young? Then, it became clear to me. They weren't them. The band members of Paramore had gotten older, way older, they couldn;t look this young. These guys were at the least seventeen or eighteen. Hayley Williams was, I don't. . . twenty-five now? But the people looked exactly like them. It was like the younger version of Paramore was sitting there. Hayley, Josh, Zac and Taylor were sitting there. With a younger version of Erica and Jenna sitting with them.

They looked EXACTLY like them, and yet they didn't. Each of them were paler than me, the albino. They had very dark eyes despite the range in hair tones. They also had dark shadows underneath those eyes. As if they were all suffering from a sleepless night. All their features, were straight, perfect, angular. They were all looking away -- away from each other, away from the other students, away from anything.

I turned  to Kara, Zoe and Nick. "Who are they?" I asked. As they looked up to see who I meant suddenly one of them looked at us, the one who looked like Josh. He looked at them for just a fraction of a second, and then his dark eyes flickered to mine. He looked away quickly. I dropped my eyes at once. In hat brief flash of a glance, his face held othing of interest for me.

 "That's Joshua and Zachary Orraf, and Taylor & Jenna Kroy. The other two are Hayley and Erica Smailliw. They all live together with Dr. Orraf and his wife." said Zoe. I stared at her in amazement, did she not find this extremly weird?

"This doesn't shock you?"

"No, why should it?" Jeez, was she crazy?

 I blinked in amazement. "Their names, their looks."

"Coincidental, I bet."

"It doesn't freak you out?"

"No, not anymore, I guess I got use to them." Gotten used to them? How was that possible?

"Have they always live in Natrona?" Surely I would have noticed them on one of my summers here.

"No," Kara said in a voice that implied it should be obvious, even to a new arrival like me. "They just moved down here two years ago from somewhere in Canada."

"They are... very nice-looking."

"Yes!" Kara agreed with a giggle. "They're all togehter though -- Zachary and Erica, and Taylor & Hayley, I mean. And they live together.

"So, they're not related?"
Oh, they're not. Dr. Orraf is really young, in his 20s or early 30s. They're all adopted. The two girls Hayley and Erica are actual sisters, twins and they're foster children."

"They look a little to old to be foster children."

"They are now, Hayley, Erica and Taylor are all 18. But they've been with Mrs. Orraf since they were 8."


"Its really weird, if you ask me." York said. Finally someone understood.

"So, which one is Joshua?" I asked, Josh had always been my favorite band member. I wondered if they each looked like... well their duplicate... thats what you might call it.

"They all look like... they should, I guess." York told me. Kara looked at her like she was an idiot. She obviously didn't know Paramore.

"Well, duh, Taylor, are you an idiot?" Taylor flushed red as Kara pointed each of them out saying theirnames.

"So, Josh and Jenna are the only single ones?"

"His name is Joshua, and yeah. But apparently none of the girls here are good enough for him," she sniffed. I wondered when he turned her down.

After a few minutes, the six of them left the table. Joshua didn't look at me again. I lefy my lunch table, after Zoe and her friends left, trying to avoid Kara. A boy who sat with us followed me.

"Hey, your EmBeth Alleyn, right?"

I sighed. "EmBeth Rogozinski."

"Yeah, hi. I'm Jeremy. Jeremy Davis." I stopped in my tracks. Jeremy Davis? I turned slowly around and looked up at him. He looked like the Jeremy Davis from the band. Just 3 years younger. Hedidn't have the perfect features like the others did. He looked. . . normal.

"Uh, umm, hi." I stammered. This day couldn't get any weirder.

"Weird stuff, back there huh?"

"Yeah, very weird."

"I'm a bit o a Paramore fan myself." That was good, I wasn't the only parafreak in my junior class. But it was also weird that he, the one named Jeremy Davis, was the only one so far.

"WHat were you asking about Joshua back there?"

"oh, I was just curious about him. He looks exactly like Josh Farro! It;s weird... yet cool, and Josh was my favorite band member back when he was still in the band. So I was only curious 'bout him"

He looked unsure about something "Well, he's not in a band or anything. So, he's not a bid deal..." Not in a band???? Well, that was disappointing. That would've made everything weirder, though. So, I guess it's a goof thing.

"Oh," I sighed. He asked me about classes. He nodded when I told him about the pain of Algebra 2.

"It'll get easier, I had Mr.Cleghorn last year, trust me."


"So, what's your next class?"

"Physics with Mrs. Chastain, I think." He frowned when I told him this, wow, wha twas his problem?

"What is it?" I asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Oh, nothing." he lied. I heard a beeping noise coming from his back pocket. He pulled out his cell phone to look at a text message. "I gotta go, my friend back in the lunch room wants to know where I went. I'll see you later."

"yeah, later."

He walked back into the cafeteria. After he left I decided to go back in there myself. I saw the girl Jenna yelling at Jeremy about something. She looked mad. What is her problem? I thought. I noticed the others weren't around. I was going to try and sneak over to eavesdrop pn them, when I got distracted.

I saw Kara trying to flirt with Nick. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but she was twirling her hair, a bad sign if yu ask me. I was about to go over there and kick her right in the legs, when I caught control of my temper. I walked over to them.

"Hey Kara, what's your next class? I've got Physics next." Kara frowned at me. I looked at Nick like I didn't see him before. "Oh, I'm sorry, bad timing?" I apologized to Kara, not really sorry. I held back an evil grin.

"Reallybad," she hissed.

"Nah, it's okay," Nick said. "I've got Algebra 1 next, what about you Kara?"

"Oh, umm. Chemistry with Mr. Hachette."

"Cool," I said. "I've got Physics with Mrs. Chastain.

"Yeah, I had her last year, tough class." she sighed.

I looked at Nick. "Hey, Zoe & York are looking for you, you better go find them."

After he left, Ava got onto me. "WHy did you do that?!?"

"Do what?" I said, pretending I didn't know.

"Just because your Zoe's 'sister'  doesn't mean you have the right too---"

Thankfully Britt saved me from anything Kara was about to say.

"Hey EmBeth, don't you have Physics this period?" I nodded at her. "Cool, me too. I can show you the way if you want." I took her offer, saving myself from Kara. She walked me to the building and into the class. When we entered the classroom, Britt went to sit at a black-topped lab exactly like the ones I was used to. She already had a neighbor. In fact, all the tables were full but one. Next to the center aisle, I recognized Joshua Orraf, sitting next to that single open seat.

After I got my slip signed I walked down the aisle and sat on the seat. Just as I passed he suddenly went rigid in his seat. He stared at me again, I felt something creeping up inside me. Like something evil was going through me, reading my insides. When it got inside my brain I tried psuhing i out. I succeeded. I fely it escape me. I looked at him again, he had the strangest expression on his face -- it was hostile, furious. I looked away quickly, shocked, turning red. His eyes were black -- coal black. I didn't look up as I set my book on the table, I saw his posture change from the corner of my eye.

Throughout class I couldn't stop myself from occasionally looking over at him. He never relaxed his stiff postion. What was wrong with him? Was this his normal behavior? It couldn't. . . have anything to do with me... could it? When class was finally over, he instantly ran out of the room. I sat frozen in my seat, staring blankly after him. He was so mean! It wasnt fair.

"Aren't you EmBeth Alleyn?" a male voice asked. I looked up to see a cute, baby-faced boy, his pale blond hair carefully gelled into orderly spiked, smiling at me in a friendly way.

"EmBeth Rogozinski," I corrected with a smile.

"I'm carter."

"Hi, Carter."

"Do you need any help finding your next class?"

"I'm headed to the gym, actually I think I can find it."

"that's my next class, too." He seemed thrilled, though it wasn't that big of a coincidence in a school this small.

We walked to class together, he was a chatterer -- he supplied most of the conversation, which made it easy for me. He'd lived in Florida 'til he was 10 so he know how I felt about the sun. It tunred out he had sat with me at lunch with all of Kara's other friends, he was also in my English class.

He was the nicest person I'd met here today. But as we entered the Gym he asked: "So, did you stab Joshua Orraf with a pencil or what? I've never seen him like that." So that wasn't Joshua Orraf's usual behavior. I thought.

I decided I'd play dumb. "Was that the boy I sat next to in Physics?"

"Yes, he looked like he was in pain or something."

"I don't know, I never spoke to him."

"He's a weird guy, if I were lucky enough to sit by you, I would've talked to you."

I smiled at him before I walked the door in the girls locker room. He was friendly and clearly admiring.

Coach clip found me a uniform, but he didn't make me dress down for today's class. At home, only one year and a half of P.E. were required. Here, P.E. was mandatory all 4 years. Natrona was literally my personal hell on Earth. I watched four volleyball games run simultaneously. The final bell ranf at last.

As I walked into the secretary's office, I almost turned back. Joshua stood at Mrs. Clemmon's desk.

"---- ?!! trade from 6th hour Physics to another time?!!?! Any other time?!" I heard him yell at her.

I just couldn't believe this was about me. It was impossible that this stranger could take such a sudden, intense dislike to me.

The door opened again, the cold wind suddenly gusted through the room, swirling my hair around my face. His back stifferend, and he turned slowly to glare at me. That creeping feeling went through me again, but I fought it back. His eyes filled with hate. For an instant, I felt a thrill of fear run through me.

"Never mind then. I can see that it's impossible. Thank you so much for your help." He ran hastily out the door.

I went to Mrs. Clemmons. "How did your first day go, dear?' she asked kindly.

"Fine," I lied. She didn't look convinced. I gave her my papers and ran hastily out of the room. I was ready to go home.

I seacrched all over for Zoe, but I couldn't find her. I decided to go to the parking lot. I found Jeremy and Jenna arguing on something in front of me as I walked. I decided to eavesdrop on them.

"I want you to keep an eye on her, I don't like her." Jenna said.

"Why? She seems like a nice girl."

"I don't turst her, I had a vision of the future coming from Joshua's essnce the other day, he--" suddenly she noticed me. She scowled at me. Her eyes filled with hate as she looked at me. She pulled Jeremy aside.

I broke into a run to Zoe's car. I wanted to leave, I had had enough.

Zoe was sitting in the car. "There you are, Ive been looking for you. How was you day?"

"Just take me home, Zoe."

"Did something happen?"

"JUST TAKE ME HOME!" I screamed. She did as I said.

                                      * * *

I ran straight to my room when we got home, ignoring any questions. I threw my self on my bed, crying. Today had made no sense. It was to much for me to handle. I usually could handle stuff like this. Back at home nearly every day drama was literally all around me. I fought it off smoothly, just like I did back there with the Kara situation.

But THIS, this was too much. If I was still completely EmBeth I could probably deal with it. But after all that had happened to me. I didn't think I could now.

I picked up my cell phone, I decided to call the one person who'd understand, someone who had fought off drama daily. She was probably the strongest person I knew.

"Hello." she answered after a few rings.

"Hello, Harley. . ."

And so, it was there, sitting in the lunch room, trying to keep a conversation with 10 kids that had some pretty bad issues with each other, that I first saw them.


Chapter 7: Desperate:

I told her everything. Harley had dealt with a ton of drama, a stressed out mother who blamed everything on her, a crazy whoretrying to get to her head. Nothing you went through could compare to what Harley had. Whatever drama you were going through now, Harley could probably tell you all about her experience with something similar to it. But this was definitely not something she could compare too.

"So, they look exactly like the band members of Paramore?"


"And they have the exact same names as the person they look like?"


"And the one names Joshua hates you for no reason?"

"Yeah, and apparently so does Jenna."

"And crazy Kara is trying to steal your sisters boyfirned?"


"WOW! Holy crap Em. . . I've been through things like this... but not all at once, and definitely on my first day to a new school. Just wow..." You might be suprised she believed me. But I had never lied to Harley, ever. After 3 years of friendship we leanred we could completely  trust each other.

"Yep, it was crazy! Do you have any advice? I could really use it right now."

"Well for starters just ignore that Frew girl. If you leabe her alone she probably won't bother you. If Kara tries flirting with Nick again, you have a right to tell her off. And as for Joshua, if I were you I'd go up to him and demand to know what his problem is!"

"Thanks, what about Jenna? She obviously doesn't like me."

"Ignore her, and don't give Jeremy anything worth blabbig to Jenna about. He could be her little minion or something like that. . . what did you hear her say again?"

"Something about essence and visions if the future, but I bet that was just my imagination kicking in."


"EmBeth!! Dinner!" Brandy called from downstairs.

"i gotta go Harley, dinner's ready."

"Okay, good luck, bye."


I ran downstairs to the smell of steak. Brandy served all of us. Seth chattered o about his great first day at Highlands Middle School. At least someone had a good day, I thought. When we all finally sat down. The attention turned to me.

"So how was your first day?" Brandy asked, looking at my wet eyes, fresh from crying. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I assured her. I turned to Zoe. "I just had a little argument with Kara. She was trying to flirt with Nick. So I stopped her, she got mad."

Zoe stared at me in a funny way, figuring I was lieing about what had really upset me. She knew me all to well. "Don't worry about it. Kara always trys that. But it never works on Nick. Just give her a while, he'll discourage her."

She seemed sure of it. But I was as sure as hello not backing down. Boy's could always change their minds and go for a different girl, even after three years. I'd seen it happen before, and I was going to make sure it didn't happen to Zoe.

After dinner Zoe confrontedme. "I know you lied to them about what really upset you today."

"You do?"

"Yeah, I heard your conversation with Harley from the other room. I know it's not the  only thing bothering you."

"Don't worry about me Zoe. I'm okay. It's not important."

"It is important EmBeth, so don't say it's not. I'll kick that guy right in the nuts if acts like that again!"

"Woah, Zoevibe, it's not a big deal. I'll be fine. . . but can I sit with you at lunch instead? I want to avoid Jeremy and and your table is farther away from Joshua's."

seh sighed, knowing that was all she could do for now. "Okay."

"Now I've got homework to do, Zoe."

" 'kay but if you need anything come and get me."

I went in my room and worked on my homework. Algebra 2 was pretty hard. But the rest of it was pretty easy. I finished in no time. I went downstairs to watch some TV with the family. Then.,I decided to catch some shut eye.  I fell asleep instantly.

The next morning, I woke up the second my alarm clock ranf. Beating Zoe to the shower and aviding an offer to drive mt to school. I took my truck to school instead. I parked in a space and sighed, not wanting to get out and go in. I looked at the sky. Luckily it wasn't raining yet. But there were clouds.

I went inside. The first part of my day was a lot easier than expected. Carter and Jason sat next to me in English. In Algebra and Spanish Kara sat with me. I sat with a big group at lunch. It started out when I sat down at a table full of Zoe's friends. Zoe introduced me to all the people I didn't already know. They welcomed me warmly to Natrona. They seemed like nice people.

The, Kara, Drew, Britt, Jason, Carter, Jeremy and another kid named Tristan sat down at the table, uninvited. I peeked over at the table where the Orraf's sat. Joshua wasn't there.

"I wonder where Joshua is." I wondered out loud by accident.

"Don't know." I heard Jeremy respond. Oops, I wasn't suppose to give him anything to tell Jenna about. But I didn't bother to worry about it.

Joshua wasn't in Physics either. I was glad, I knew I wouldn't have the guts to confront him.

The day went by easily. I reported to Harley bu the end of it. She was a bit disappointed nothing interesting had happened.

After I did my homework I decided to check my email.

"Emma," my grand ma wrote. . .

Write me as soon as you get in. Tell me, how was the drive? How's the weather? We miss you. Rose is almost finished packing for Florida.


I sighed and went to the next. It was sent 8 days after the first.

Why haven't you e-mailed me yet? What are you waiting for?

the last was from this morning.


If I haven't heard from you by 5:30 P.M. TODAY. I'm calling them. I have their house phone number you know.

I checked my clock. I still had an hour and a half.


Don't do anything rash. I'm typing right now.


I sent that, and began again.


Everything is great. It's raining here, it has been for the past month. I was waiting for something to write about. school isn't bad, I met some nice kids who sit by me at lunh. I miss you too, I'll write again soon. But I'm not going to check my email every five minute. Relax, breathe.


After I sent that I went downsatirs to make dinner for the family. I planned to suprise Brandy, and I did. I got praised for m cooking."This is fantastic!" she said. But it was just steak and potatoes. Their was something fantastic about that.

"So, how did you like school? Have you made any friends?" she asked.

"Well, I have a few classes with a girl named Britt, I sit with her at lunch. And there's this boy, Carter, who's very friendly. They all seem nice."

"That must be Carter Burwell. Nice kid." Keith said.

"Do you know the Orraf family?" I asked hestiantly.

"Dr. Orraf's family? Sure, Dr. Orraf is a great man."

"They... the kids... are a little different. They don't seem to fit in very well at school."

He suprisedme by looking angry. "Tsk, people in this twon. Dr. Orraf is a brilliant surgeon who could probably work in any hospital in the world, make ten times the slary he gets here. We're lucky to have him. He's an asset to the community, and all of the kids are well behaved. They're all very mature, and they stick together the way a family should -- camp trips every other weekend. . . just because they're newcomers, people have to talk."

"Hmm..." I let the topic drop. I talked about classes instead. After dinner, we all sat down and watched an hour of TV. Then I went to bed.

Joshua Orraf didn't come to school the rest of the week. Or the next . . . I became more comfortable at school. People would wave at me in the parking lot each morning. I was way ahead of my homework each day. Things were great. Zoe's slumber party was a lot of fun,too. I had more fun that I though I would.

A few bad days occured that week, but my spirits were so high up I didn't care. Jeremy questioned me suspiciously one day, wondering why I was so curious about Joshua's absense. I caught Kara flirting with Nick again. I quickly stopped it adn sent Nick to find Zoe. I chewed Kara our afterwards. Telling her I'd kick right in her scrawny little a** if I caught her doing it again. Things were bitter with her for a few days.

I apologized to her, after I had enough of her snotty little remarks when I talked to her. She accepted my apology and my offer on friendship.

Zoe didn't like that very much. "You shouldn't be friends with someone like her." she reminded me. I didn't listen.

It didn't rain most of that week. Things were going smoothly. But one day that changed completely.




Chapter 8: That's What You Get:

EmBeth's P.O.V.:  (this is the first chapter im gonna do that has another p.ov. in it. so it has this up here. when i post chapters without saying who's p.o.v. its in. its, of course, in mine. i dont wana have to write its in my p.o.v. every time.)

It was raining again. After days of dark clouds. The rain finally decided to come back. Zoe loved rain, I hated it.

"Don't you just love the rain!" she shouted at me, twirling around in it.

"No," I muttered.

"WHy not?"

"WHere I come from, at this time of year, it means ice on the roads the next day."

"Oh come on, EmBeth! Can't you look at the good in something for once?"

"Nope," that was on my list of things I couldn't do at his point in my life.

At school everyone was excited about the cold weather. "If it gets cold enough we might get snow this week!" I heard some kids day.

"Blek, snow." I heard Zoe say.

"Tell me about it. . .' I mumbled. I'd always hated snow, snow was worse than rain. There was nothing enjoyable about it. It may look pretty on the outside but on the inside it was just a bunch of wet mushy stuff. It was overrated. I sighed. Even though I had all those thoughts before, I knew if I was still the 'old EmBeth' I would find away to enjoy it somehow. I always did.

The whole day that day felt like I was literally repeating history. It felt like seventh grade all over again. The whole day my attention was being fought for my two groups of people, Zoe's crew and Kara's crew. Or in another case the 1oth graders and the 11th graders. It was almost always like this 'walk with us to Algebra 2, EmBeth' 'No walk with us, we know a shortcut.' or 'If it snows today your on our team for a snowball fight' 'Nuh-uh, she's on our team.' 'Nuhuh shes on ours!' They acted like a bunch of babies, and apparently Zoe didn't know how to share me. She was the worst.

"Are you really going to choose those snot nose kids over your own sister?!" she demanded at lunch. I had sat down at the table of Kara's friends, which made Zoe mad. She came over to me and demanded I sit with her, I refused. They were clearly done sharing a table with each other, too.

"I'm choosing anyone over anybody."

"Oh really? Well it sure looks like it!"

"Hey, leave her alone." Kara said. "She's doesn't want to sit with you."

"Shut up you one-eyed wacko."

"Excuse me, miss 'I know everything'. But I have TWO eyes." (a/n: lol, that was funny... and weird...)

"Oh my god!" I yelled. "i cant believe y'all. Whis is this the first grade? And what am I, the shiny new toy everyone wants to play with? Ugh, you know what if y'all are gonna act like this, I'm sitting by myself from now on!"

I took my tray of food and sat down at an empty table. My life was definitely repeating itself. Two halfs of me trying to be put together, but ultimately failing.

I imagined myself living with Aubrie. If I had gone to live with her things would be a lot easier. I would be EmBeth Pankau, that was a nice thought.

I looked around the cafeteria, watching the people in the room.  Looking for someone else to sit with, no luck so far. I looked over at the line of people getting there food, and right on cue, HE walked in.

What was he doing back here? After all these weeks he decides to show up NOW? At the worst possible time he could ever walk in. So, not only do I have to deal with 2 stubborn groups of friends, but I have to endure his hateful stares now, too? I wanted to kick something!

I stared at him unbelieveingly at him. His head turned twoard me. I fel that creeping feeling again. I pushed it aside and looked away.

Please don't come near me, please don't, please, I chanted in my mind. It didn't work. I heard it very clearly when a chair next to me moved next to me, but my eyes stayed very carefully focused on a pattern I was drawing.

"Hello," a quiet ,musical voice said. I looked up hestiantly, stunned that he was speaking to me. I was careful to avoid looking into his eyes, I didn't like the feeling they gave me, even if I could push it aside.

I looked at his dazzling face, it was friendly, open, a slight smile spread across his flawless lips. I got the slightest urge to look into his eyes, so I did. Nothing happened.

His eyes were careful as he spoke to me. "My name is Joshua Orraf," he continued. " I didn't have the chance to introduce myself last week. You must be EmBeth Rogozinski."

My head was spinning with confusion. Had I made up the whole thing? He was perfectly polite now.

"H-h do you know my name?" I stammered.

He laughed a soft, enchanting laugh. "Oh, I think everyone knows your name. The whole school has been waiting for you to arrive."

I gramiced. I knew it had been something like that. I wondered what Zoe had told them. I might have to tape her mouth shut in the near future.

"No, I meant, how do you know my last name?"

"Is Rogozinski not your last name?" He asked, confused.

"No, I mean, yeah it. But I think ZoeDeni -- my sister must call me by my old one 'Alleyn' behind my back. That's what everyone here seems to know me as,"

"oh," he let it drop.

We sat in silence as I ate my food. He didn't touch his. When I glanced up, he was staring at me. I looked into his eyes, that strange feeling came again. I pushed it aside with all my strength. What was with that?  It was starting to freak me out. A look of frustration filled his eyes. Suddenly I identified the difference in his face

"Did you get contacts?" I blurted out.

He seemed puzzled by my unexpected question. "No,"

"Oh, I thought I saw something different in your eyes."

He shrugged and looke away. I was sure there was something different. I clearly remembered that flat black color of his eyes the last time he'd glared at me.. Today, his eyes were a completely different color. A strange yellow coloe, darker than butterscotch, but still yellow. I didn't understand how that could be. Either he was lieing about the contacts, or I was going crazy.

I looked into his eyes again, the feeling came to me again. I pushed it a side. Yep, I was crazy. I looked down. His hands were clenched into hard fists.

"So, why aren't you sitting with your brothers and sisters today?" I asked him. It made no sense that he would come and sit by me. I looked over at the Orraf table. Jenna was glaring at me with hateful eyes. I turned my head quickly away from her gaze.

Jushua gave her an evil look, then turned his attention back to me. "I decided I should come and introduce myself to you, since I didn't have the time to last week." No time? I thought. You had the whole damn physics class too. Something was wrong here. "And I might ask you the same thing. Why arent you sitting with Kara or Zoe?"

"I just thought it was best to sit by myself today." I looked over at Zoe's table, then at Kara's,  then back at the Orraf's. Jeremy and Jenna were arguing on something. Joshua looked over at them, and shrugged. I wondered what was up with them. Jenna probably still doesn't trust you, I told myself. Everything had been fine with her until now.

"Why? Is someting wrong?' he questioned.

"Zoe and Kara. . . well the have some serious issues wth each other. They get mad when I chose to sit with the other person."

"Can't you all sit together?"

"They... arent really good at sharing."

"What is their problem, may I ask?"

"Kara has a crush on Nick Gamble, and that's Zoe's boyfriend. And Kara's trying to steal him from her. It like the war of the worlds with them."

"Hmm, well if you ask me-" he didn't get to finish his sentence.

"Hey, EmBeth!" Jeremy waved at me.

"Oh great," I muttered.

He walked over to me from Jenna. "It's almost time for class, do you want me to walk you to Physics?" Jeremy offered. This seemed rather odd to me. Becaue #1: Jeremy wasnt in the same class, and #2: I'd been here for 2 weeks now, it's not like I couldn't find my way.

"No thanks Jeremy. I can find my way myself, thank you."

"You sure? It's pretty icey out there. You might slip on something."

"I'll walk her," Joshua told him.

"But--" Jeremy tried to argue. Joshua cut him off.

"You can run along now, get to your own class." he said angrily. Gosh, what was with him? He had some bad anger issues.

Jeremy walked off and over to Jenna, She screamed something at him.

"What did you that for?" I demanded.

:do what?"

I shook my head. "Never mind. . ."

We got up and we walked out of the building.

"Good thing we're going to have snow this week, isn't it?" he asked me. I had the feeling he was forcing himself to make small talk with me. Paranoia swept over me. It was like he had heard my conversation with Zoe earilier and was trying to prove me wrong.

"Not really," I answered honestly, instead of trying to pretend to be normal like I always did.

"You don't like the cold." It wasn't a question.

"Or the wet."

"This must be a difficult place for you to live, then." he mused.

"You have no idea," I grumbled, he seemed fascinated by what I said, for some reason I couldn't imagine. His face was such a distraction that I tried not to look at it any more than courtesy absolutely demanded. He looked so much like Josh Farro, it wasn't normal.

"Why did you come here, then?" No one had asked me that, not straight out like he did, demanding.

"It's... complicated."

"I think I can keep up,' he pressed as we sat down at out table in Physics. We had a few minutes before class started.

"Well, umm, yeah may laready now, but my parents were killed."

He nodded. "I'm sorry," he apologized, his voice turned suddenly sympathetic. "When did this happen?'

"In November," my voice sounded sad, even to me.

"And you had no where else to go, but here?"

"No, I could've gone with my granparents to Florida."

"Why didn't you go with them then?" I didn't understand his interest. He stared at me with penetrating eyes, as if my life's story was some how vitally im portant.

"They travel a lot. And I guess it's not good for me and Seth. . . " I tried making up a good excuse, but I couldnt think of one. "Zoe's family offered for me to live with them and well..."

"So, they sent you here so they could travel more often." He said it as an assumption again, not a question.

I almost clenched my jaw. "No, they didn't send me here. I sent myself."

His eyebrows knit together. "i don't understand." he admitted, and he seemed unnecessarily frustrated by that fact.

I sighed. Why was I explaining this to him? He continued to stare at me with obvious curiosity.

"It would make them unhappy. My other grandparents can't take care of me, either. My grandfather is losing his memory. It wouldn't be good for either of my grandparents to have to have to take are of my and Seth. . . so I decided it was time to spend some extra quality time with Zoe." My voice was glum by the time I finished.

"But now you're unhappy," he pointed out.

"And?" I challenged.

"That doesn't seem fair."

I laughed without humor. "Hasn't anyone ever told you?" Life isn't fair."

"i believe I've heard that somewhere before.' he agreed dryly.

"So that's all," I insisted.

His gaze became appraising. "You put on a good show," he said slowly. "But I'd be willing to be that you're suffering more than you let anyone see."

I grimaced at him. "Am I wrong?" I tried ignoring him.

"I didn't think so," he murmured smugly.

"WHy does it matter to you?" I asked, irritated.

"That's a very good question," he muttered, so quietly I wondered if he was talking to himself. However, after a few minutes of silence, I decided that was the only answer I was going to get. I sighed. Scowling at the blackboard.

"Am I annoying you?" he asked. He sounded amused.


he grinned, flashing a set of ultrawhite teeth. Mr. Cleghorn called the class to order then, and I turned with relief to listen. I was in disbelief that I'd just explained half of my freary life to this bizarre, beautiful boy who may or may not despise me.I looked into his eyes once more. The feeling came... again. I looked away swiftly and pushed away the feeling.

I listened to the teacher droan on about something. He gave us a few things to do. Josh and I didn't speak to each other again. When I looked at him again, from the corner of my eye, he was leaning as far away from me as possible, his hands gripping the edge of the table with unmistakable tension. When the bell finally rang, Joshua rushed swiftly and as gracefullt from the room as he had that last Monday. And like last Monday, I stared after him in amazement,

Carter skipped quickly to my  side and picked up my books for me. "Orraf seemed friendly enough today," he commented as we shrugged into our raincoats. He didn't seem very happy about it.

I tried to sound indifferent "I wonder what was with him last Monday."

"Don't know,"

I couldn't concentrate on Carter's chatter as we walked to Gym. P.E. didn't do much to hold my attention, either. After P.E. I huried quickly to my truck. I turned the heat on. It was so cold outside. I looked around me to make sure everything was clear so I could drive home. That's when I notcied the still, white figure.

Joshua Orraf was leaning against the front door of the Volvo, three cars down from me, and staring intently in my direction. When I looked at him that strange feeling came. I looked away swiftly and threw the tuck in reverse, almost slamming into a rusty Toyota in my haste. I threw the car back into drive and stomped on the gas pedal. I stared staright ahead as I passed the Volvo, but with a peek from the corner of my eyes, I would swear I saw him laughing.

                                   * * *

When I got up the next morning, a layer of snow covered the yard, dusted the top of my truck, and whitened the road. That was the was the worst part. All the rain from yesterday had frozen solid, making the driveway a deadly ice slick.

I ate my breakfast in haste. I felt excited to get to school, and that scared me. If I was being honest with myself, I knew I was eager to get to school because I would see Joshua. And that was very, very stuid, I should be avoiding him entirely after my brainless and embarrassing babbling yesterday. But I was supicious of him, why should he lie about his eyes?

I was well aware that my league and his league were spheres that did not touch. So I shouldn't be at all anxious to see him today. But I couldn;t help myself.

I took every ounce of concentration to make it to school alive.  My truck seemed to have no problem with the black ice that covered the roads. When I got out of my truck at school, something wet and cold crashed into my face.

"Hey you!" someone shouted at me. It was Zoe. "SNowball fight! Your on my team!"

"Umm... not thanks, ZoeVibe."

"Oh come on! We get to throw snowballs at the opposite team's faces! We'll even target Carter for ya."

"I said 'no thank you' Zoe"

"Well, suit yourself, then. . ."

she threw another snowball at my face. That made me mad. I gathered some snow and threw it at her back. Then a snowball fight broke out. We laughed and threw a ton of snow at each others faces. I actually enjoyed doing it, too. I threw most of my snowballs at Zoe. Throwing a snowball at her for every time she had gotten on my nerves. There was a lot of those.

As I focused on my snowball fight. Jenna came and parralel parked her car a long the edge of the parking lot. Their wasn't a space there, but she did it anyway. All her siblings weren't het, yet. She usually arrived with them. I wondered what she was doing here so early today.

She got out of the car, ignoring us and walked over to the front doors into the school. She fliped her cell phone opn and dialed a number. A few minutes later she was creaming at someone angrily. I bet I knew who it was, too.

Finally, she hung up on them. Her siblings arrive when the snowbal fight was finally over. Zoe, Carter, Nick, Taylor, Kara and all our other friends walked into school togehter laughing. I was glad they were getting along with each other. . . for now.

"oh hold on guys, I left my school bag in my truck. I'll be back in a second."

I ran outside to my truck and grabbed my bag. As I walked back to the tnrance, I heard a high-pitched screech. I stopped, startled by the sound.

I saw several things simultaneously, nothing moved in slow motion like things did in the movies. Instead, the adrenaline rush seemed to make my brain work faster, and I was able to absorb in clear details of several things at once.

Joshua Orraf was standing four cars down from me, staring at me in horror. His face stood out from a sear of faces, all frozen in the same mask of shock. But more of immediate importance was the dark blue van skidding, tires locked and squealing against the brakes, spining widly across the ice of the parking lot. It was going to slam right into me.

I looked around for a place to run. If I ran  forward, I'd get smashed instantly, there was a wall to my left  so I couldn't run that way, on my right was my truck and behind me was Jenna's car. I had no where to run.

Stupidly, I ran to my left, thinking the van would run into Jenna's car and avoid the wall completely. I was wrong, the van was skidding on it's side now. It's rear would crush me and hit Jenna's car at the same time. Just before I could hear the sound of the van breaking every bone in my body. Something hit me, hard, but not from the direction I was expecting.

My head cracked aginst the icy blacktop. I felt something solid and cold pining me to the ground. I was lying on the pavement beside my truck. How did I get over here? I thought. I didnt have time to think about it. The van was coming at me again. It slammed into Jenna's red convertible., it flew backwards out of the parking lot. And then the van's front end swung to the side, almost hitting me. Two hands moved out so fast they blurred. They hit the side of the van and stopped it from crushing me.It was absoltuely silent for one long second before the screaming began.

I heard Joshua Orraf's low, frantic voice in my ear. "EmBeth?" Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," my voice sounded strange. I tried to sit up, I realized he was holding me against his body in an iron grasp.

"Be careful," he warned. "I think you hit your head pretty hard." I became aware of a throbbing ache centered above my ear.

"Ow," I said, suprised.

"That's what I thought."

"How in the. . . How did you get over here so fast?"

"I was standing right next to you, EmBeth."

Jenna's P.O.V.:

I couldn't believe this. My plan had failed. After seeing it all happen so clearly in my vision yesterday, everything had failed. She was suppose to be dead! That was what my vision said would happen. I planned all of it so carefully. Seeing Zoe's snowball fight and EmBeth leaving her book bag in her truck. I even got Jeremy to try and run her over.

Instead all I got was a smashed convertible and an injured Jeremy, and not a dead EmBeth. I didn't really care how badly Jeremy was hurt. He could be dead for all I cared. But I had just bought that convertible! Ugh, and this was all going so well. I shook my head.

I had gotten Jeremy to investigate on EmBeth, and clearly she was interested in Joshua. Just like my previous vision had told me. It said they would be together, and I wasn't about to let that happen. Joshua was MINE, he was the one who had changed me, he had cared for my every need when I was a newborn, It only felt right that he should be with me, but he didn't know how badly I wanted him.

Of course, Jeremy believed I loved him. I had told him so, but really I didn't. A year ago, I started using him to kelp me look out for any girls that were interested in Joshua and that might catch his attention. I told him it was a 'family thing', I told him Joshua was like my brother and I only wanted the best for him.

But really I wanted him for myself. Ever since I had met the Volturi two years ago, telling me a prophecy said Joshua would fall for a human girl that would become on of us and over throw them, I had been on the lookout . Not only for me but for them. Because if I didn't I was dead meat. I had promised Jeremy I would change him so we could be together, if he just helped me 'protect' Joshua. But really I hoped he would die with EmBeth. When I saw Joshua sitting and talking with her, I decided to mkae a move. That's What she Got for messin' with my man But clearly she was still alive. I wsn't about to give up yet. I had a new plan on my mind.  One that was even better than the last.This tome I might even keep my promise to Jeremy too... Thats What You Get EmBeth...

Chapter 9: Superman:

They found us, a crowd of people with tears streaming down their faces, shouting at each other. "Get Jeremy out of the van!" someone shouted. "Don't move," someone else instructed.

"You were over there." I suddenly remembered, looking over at his shiny Volvo. "You were by your car."

His expression turned hard. 'No, I wasn't."

"I saw you." I accused.

"EmBeth, I was standing with you, and I pulled you out of the way."

"no, no you didn't."

"please, EmBeth. Believe me."

"Why?" I demanded.

"Trust me," he pleaded, his soft voice overwhelming me. I could hear the sirens coming now.

"Will you explain this later then?"

"Fine," he snapped.

"Fine." I repeated angrily.

"EMBETH!" I heard Zoe scream. "HOLY CRAP EMBETH!" she ran over to me crying. "Your alive!"

"Stay back, she hurt her head." Jushua warned.

"I called mom anddad," she told me. "They're on their way."

"You did what?!"

"Sorry, but your injured, they needed to know."

"I'm not that hurt."

"EmBeth, you almost got hit bya van. Cut me some slack."

When the ambulances arrived they got Jeremy out of the van and onto his stretcher. Joshua refused his. I tried to do the same, but Zoe, the little traitor, told them I'd hit my head and probably had a concussion.

It looked like the whole school was there, watching soberly as they loaded me in the back of the ambulance. Josh got to ride in the front. It was maddening.To make matters worse, Keith & Brandy arrived before they could get me safely away.

"EmBeth!" Keith yelled in panic.

"I'm completely fine Ke -- Dad," I sighed. "There's nothing wrong with me."

He turned to the closest EMT for a second opinion. Brandy was in hysterics. I had to tell her I was fine at least thirty times before she would calm down.

And I, of course, was consumed by the mystery Joshua presented, I couldn't stop thinking about it, though I was a little more obsessed by Joshua himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I scolded myself. But how could one person get over to me so fast? It wasn't possible! When they'd lifted me away from the van, I had seen the in it's side, a very distinct dent that fit the size of Joshua's hands. . . as if he stopped the van with enough force to damage the metal frame. . . .

And then their was his family, looking on from the distance with expression ranged from disapproval to fury but held no hint of concern for their brother's safety.

I tried to think of a logical solution that could explain what I had just seen. But the only good one was that I had gone completely insane.

A nurse put a pressure cuff on my arm and a thermometer under my tongue.

Beneath the bloodstained bandages wrapped around me was Jeremy Davis. "EmBeth, I am so sorry!" he apologized. But he looked worse than I felt.

"Woah! Jeremy you look awful! Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, EmBeth. But I am so very sorry. I didn't want to try and hurt you in anyway. The van, it spun out of control--"

"hey, Jeremy. I understand, it's not like you did it on purpose."

He bit his lip. He looked like he felt guilty about something. "Are sure your okay?"

"I'm fine, Jeremy really."

He ignored me. "I thought we were going to die! I was going too fast, and I hit the ice wrong. . ." He trailed off.

"Don't worry 'bout if you missed me."

"How did you get out of the way so fast? You were there, and then you were gone. . . ."

"Uh. . . well. . . Jish pulled me out of the way."


"Joshua Orraf--he was. . . uh. . . standng next to me."

"Orraf? I didn't see him. . . wow, it all happened so fast! Is he okay?"

"i think so," I knew I wasn't crazy. . . or was I? What had just happened? There was no way to explain what I'd just seen.

Just as I was lying there, thinking about all this. A nurse walked in. My mouth dropped open. She looked like the lead singer of Flyleaf! Lacey Mosley! But with the same perfect figure as the Orraf kids. Who was she?"

"Who are you?"  I blurted out stupidly.

"I am your nurse, Ms. Orraf." she said.

"Your the mom of the Orraf kids?"

"Umm. . . yes I am. Why are you asking?"

"Umm. . . well. . . uh," I stammered. "You looked familiar to me, I guess."

"I've never seen you before. . . what is your name?"

"EmBeth Rogozinski," I answered.

She looked startled when I said my name. "EmBeth. . ." she stared at me quizzcally. The finally, she answered me. "I'm sorry, but I've never. . . uh. . . seen you before. I guess you hit your head pretty hard."

"No, not really. I guess you just look like someone I use to know. . ." A lot like her actually. It was freaky. This town was starting to scare me. "Can I leave now?"

"You have to talk to a doctor first. I'll go get Mr. Orraf for you." she said, as she left the room.

As she left, my family came rushing in. "EmBeth!" my brother shouted, as he ran to me. "Are you okay? I thought you were dead!"

"I'm fine Seth. Really, I am. I got out of the way just in time."

He looked over at Jeremy. "You should really watch where your going Mister! You could've killed my sister!"

"I'm so sorry, I didn't . . . mean to do it. I'm so very sorry!"

Keith looked at him too. "We should have your license revoked!"

"Hey, he said he was sorry." I told them.

"Well, that's not good enough for us."

"I'm so sorry, EmBeth. I'll make it up to you, I swear, I'll--"

Keith pulled the blue curtains that were used to seperate both sides of the room on him. "Put a sock in it kid,"

"Thanks, dad. Some should've done that earlier." I said.

"I'm so glad your okay!" Zoe shouted in relief. Sadie, Seth, Zoe and Roman all tried to hug me at once.

I laughed at them. "Really, guys I'm fine."

Jeremy pulled the curtains back. "Hey, I didn't get to finish what I was sayin'!"

I sighed. "Fine, what were you going to say?"

"I'll fix that dent in your truck, I'll walk you to your classes everyday. I'll do anything! Just please forgive me!"

"It's not a big deal Jeremy. I'm fine. And, of course, I forgive you."

He smiled at me. "Thank you, and I'll make it up to you. I promise."

I didn't see the big deal. He hadn't done it on purpose, it was an accident. He didn't have to make anything up to me.

And from around the corner came Dr. Orraf. My mouth dropped open. . . again. There was no freaking way!  It couldn't be possible! Another exact duplicate

But eith with perfect and flawless skin and golden-colored eyes. He was the Orraf version of Jared Leto!  What was with the family?! They were like the family of superstar duplicates!

:Hello," he greeted me. "Your Ms. Rogozinski, am I correct?"

I nodded. "Yes, I am."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," I said, for the last time. . . I hoped.

"Does your head hurt? My son Joshua said you hit it pretty hard."

"It's fine,"

The doctor's cool finger probed lightly along my skull. He noticed when I winced. "Tender?"

"Not really."

"well then, you can go home with your family now. But come back if you feel dizzy or have trouble with your eyesight at all."

"Can't I go back to school?"

"Maybe you should take it easy today."

"And I think most of the school is in the waiting room anyway." Zoe told me.

"Oh great," I moaned, covering my face with my hands.

"Do you want to stay?" Dr. Orraf asked.

"No, no!" I insisted, throwing myself off the side of the bed.

Dr. Orraf smiled as he signed my chart and walked out of the room.

We walked out of the room, passing Dr. Orraf, Jenna, and Joshua along the way. I stopped.

"what is it EmBeth?" Brandy asked,

"Oh, nothing I just need to use. . . umm. . . the restroom, yeah, the restroom. I'll be back in a second,  go on ahead to the car."

"Uh, okay." she said, unsure.

I waited for them to leave, then I hid behind the wall where Dr.Orraf, Josh, and Jenna were talking.

"What was I suppose to do, just let her die?" I heard Josh say.

"Yes!" I heard Jenna hiss. "She's a danger to our family! A danger to you! When the one of your favored blood is about to get killed, you let it happen! You don't save her!"

"But, if that car had hit her. . . and her blood had spilled. . . I wouldn't be able to control myself. It would expose our secret."

"Joshua is right," the doctor said. "He did what was best for all of us."

"But, now she'll want to know what happened back there! She obviously remembers she wasn't over there, she'll--" she cut off when they saw me, she hissed.

I looked at Joshua. "Uh, can I talk to you for a minute. . . alone?"

Dr. Orraf and Jenna left, giving me and him some privacy. Jenna gave Josh an 'I told you so!' kind of look as she walked off.

"what do you want?" he asked, sounding annoyed.

"You owe me an explanation," I reminded him.

"I saved your life---I don't owe you anything."

"You promised!"

"EmBeth, you hit your head--you don't know what your talking about."

"There's nothing wrong with my head!"

"What do you want from me?"

"I want to know the truth."

"what do you think happened?" he snapped.

It all came out in a rush. "All I know is that you weren't anywhere near me--Jeremy didn't see you either, so don't tell me I hit my head too hard. That van was going to crush us both--abd it didn't, and your hands left dents in the side of it---you're not hurt at all---and I was all the way on the left side and there was no possible way you could've pulled me out of the way so fast without getting run over by the van---and you stopped that van with your own hands. . ."

"You think I stopped a van with my own bare hands?" His tone questioned my sanity, but it only made me suspicious.

I nodded, jaw tight. "Nobody will believe you, you know." He said.

'I'm not going to tell anybody."

Surprise flitted across his face. 'Then why does it matter?"

"It matters to me a lot. I want to know what happened, I'm the one who almost died here."

"CAn't you just thank me and get over it?"

"well, thank you, then" I retorted.

"You're not going to let it go, are you?"

"No, I am not."

"well, in that case. . . I hope you enjoy disappointment." He turned his back on me and walked away, leaving me fuming in anger.

             * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That night I dreamed of him. In my dream, it was very dark, but a glowing light was coming off his skin. He was being imprisoned by these strange people. They looked like him, skin pale and flawless, but they had these strange red eyes and black cloaks hanging on their shoulders.

I looked exactly like them too. But I was in a wedding dress, running to him as fast as I could. I was running surprisingly fast for someone like me, even a champion track runner wouldn't be able to keep up.

I screamed his name over and over as I ran. But I never reached him. Then, I felt myself falling off of something.

Then, right when I hit the bottom, I woke up.

After that, things were nearly impossible. Jeremy followed me around the whole rest of that week, obsessed with making things up to me. I tried to convince him to forget all about it, but he remained insistent.

No one seemed concerned about Joshua, though I explained over and over that he was the hero---no one believed me. They always commented that they hadn't seen him there until the van was pulled away.

Joshua ignored me or the rest of the week, and the next, not giving me the explanation I deserved. When he sat in class, as far from me as the table would allow, he seemed totally unaware of my presence. Only now and then, when his fists would suddenly ball uo did I wonder if he wasn't as oblivious as he appeared to be.

I was angry that he wouldn't trust me with the truth, even though I was keeping my part of the bargain flawlessly.

Finally, one day, I decided I had had enough of the silence. I walked straight over to him sitting at his lunch table with his siblings.

"EmBeth? What are you doing here?" he asked, confused.

"I want to know the truth!" I demanded.

"On what?" he said, like he didn't know.

"I want to know what happened back there with the van incident! I know what I saw, and it wasn't normal! Your not normal as far as I can tell. I've been trying to figure all this out for a while and. . ." I trailed off, I hadn't been doing very well in that part. My only explanatipns were, either I was completely crazy, or he was something more than human. . .

"Are you having any luck with that?" he asked in a strange tone.

"Not too much," I looked over at his siblings, they were string at me in disbelife, then at Josh in anger. Jenna looked at me with eyes that were filling with anger and hate. "Could y'all give us some privacy?" I asked them, but they didn't move an inch.

"Please?" I begged. They still wouldn't move.

"It's okay guys," Josh said. "Give us some privacy, please." They hestiantly got up and left.

Erica gave me a look of interest as she left.

"If there's a problem," I heard Hayley say to Josh before she left. "Come and get me."

"i don't own you an explanation." Josh said to me after they left.

"yes you do, you may have saved my life. But it's not fair to leave me without an explanation of how what you did was even possible! I'm not going to let it go," I shouted at him. "What are you?"

He stared at me in complete disbelief.

"won;t you tell me?" I asked, getting angry.

"what do you think I am?"

"I don't know! How am I suppose to know if you won't tell me?'

He ignored my question. "You've got to have some idea of what I am."

"Okay. . . what could you be then?' I questioned myself, thinking. :Superman? Spiderman?"

"That's not very creative,"

"well, that's all I've got, given the very little info you''ve given to me." I said, annoyed, "Now am I right or not?"

"You're not even close," he laughed..

"Dang," I sighed.

 "Your not going to tell me what you are, are you?"


"I will figure it out eventually."

"You'll never figure it out."

I got up in his face, angry. I looked into his eyes. That overwhelming feeling swept through my body at lightning speed, but I shoved it all back with a superhero-like strength. His eyes turned angry, bitter, and filled with hate.

"Your bet your life that I will." Before he could respond, I stomped off and left him again without the explanation I deserved.



Chapter 10: I'll Never Let This Go:

EmBeth's P.O.V.

I soon regretted what I had done at lunch when I realized I'd have to see him in Physics. I was mortified. What might he say to me? What would he do? I thought nervously as I walked with Carter to class. I could barely keep a nice conversation going as we walked. He chattered on about some new CD that had just came out; a new Paramore CD. That became distracting, making me think more aabout Joshua. When he realized I wasn't listening he asked me about Josh.

"So . . . what did you want with Orraf today?" he quizzed.

"Oh . . . umm . . . I needed to ask if he would help me with a physics project later." I lied.

"Really?" he asked, suspicious.

I nodded.

"You loked kind of mad at him if you ask me."

"Well, I guess that's what he gets for saying no . . ."

"I could help you with it, if you want me too."

"No thanks, Carter. I'll get my dad to kelp me with it later. He's pretty smart."

"Well . . . okay then."

When we got to class I was almost shaking in fear.

"You okay?" Carter asked.

"I'm j-just cold that's all." I lied again.

When we got inside, he wasn't there. I waited nervously for his arrival before class, but he didn't come. The whole class I sat thinking about him.

 Where did he go? Was he skipping out again? Had I really been that intimidating that I scared him off? What was he? Could his secret really be that bad that he would run when I threatened that I would find out . . . . but how? If Josh was . . . something other than man, his siblings would probably be too. Why else would they look so angry wwhen he saved me? Why else would Jenna be so concerned about 'their secret' getting out? I obviously couldn't ask them to tell. So, who else could I go to? No one in school was close to the Orraf's. Everyone disliked them.

Suddenly I thought of someone, someone who thought they owed me and would do anything to make it up to me.

I smiled an evil grin. Jeremy Davis was the person that could help me.

Zoe's P.O.V.

 I stormed into the lunch room angry with York at my heels. Some idiots had told Nick that I was angry at him about something and wanted to breakup. I couldn't find him anywhere. He was hiding from me, I bet.

"Ugh, I can't believe this!" I groaned. This was obviously the work of Kara.

"I'll find him," York offered. "I'll explain everything to him. I promise." she said right before she ran out of the lunch room.

I sat down at an empty table and covered my hands in my face. Kara is going to get her ass kicked when I got the chance, I thought angrily. I looked around the room hoping Nick was in the room. I didn't see him.

I looked over at Kara, she was staring at something. I turned my head to see what she was staring at. EmBeth and Joshua were deep in argument on something. They were in each others faces. I saw EmBeth say something to him then she stomped off. She kicked an empty chair and then shoved the lunch room door, knocking a few people down in the process.

I felt more anger flood through me. Had Joshua been messing with my sister? I got up and walked over to him. "What did you do to EmBeth?!" I demanded to know. I threw my fist up in the air. "I you hurt her, I swear you'll be sorry!"

He caught my fist. "Woah, Zoe. I didn't do anything to her!" He let my fist go.

"What was she mad about then?"

"Nothing, your sister has a bit of a temper . . . she was overreacting."

Tell me about it dude, I wanted to say. EmBeth was a nightmare when she wanted to be. "So you didn't do anything to her?"

He shook his head. "No, I didn't."

I sighed with relief. Then I felt a strong hand pushing against in my chest. I fell to the ground.

"Move it, freak!" a voice commanded.

I looked up to see who it was. It Josh's sister, or friend, or whatever she was to him, Jenna. "What happened?" she demanded.

"EmBeth said she wasn't going to stop until she finds out." I heard Josh whisper as I got up.

Jenna's pale face turned red with anger. "That . . . that . . .*edited by mod* Jenna yelled in total anger. "She'll pay if she even trys!"

"Hey! Don't talk about my sister sister like that you moron!" I said to Jenna, raising my fist again.

"And what are you going to do about it, you little freak!?"

That was it, she was dead. I threw my fist at her.

"No! Don't!" Josh yelled.

He grabbed my other arm and somehow crushed the bone completely as my fist hit Jenna's face. Her face was as solid as a rock, it broke my hand. I screamed in agon as I felt the bones shatter to pieces.

Nick and York came running in looking for me at that moment. Nick ran over to me when he heard me scream.

"Zoe!" Nick shouted, shocked. I fell to the ground in pan, screaming some more.

Jenna's P.O.V.

"Oh, now you've done it!" I yelled at Joshua.

"Me? You ticked her off!"

I looked around the cafeteria. Everyone ran to Zoe's side in concern. The rest of our family ran to us in horror.

"What happened?" Taylor asked,

"No time to explain," Joshua said. "We gotta run!"

We ran out to our cars. I got in Joshua's Volvo.

"When EmBeth finds out what happened she'll definitely want to figure me out now!" Josh yelled at me.

I sat in silence. I was going to have to start on my plan sooner that I thought. I would have to.

We were silent the who car ride hime. When we got insde we explained everything to Jared and Lacey.

"We've got to leave now! Or they'll find us out!" Hayley panicked.

"Now, hold on a minute." Lacey said. "We can't just leave, this is our home!"

"She's right," Jaredagreed. "And if we leave out of no where people will suspect something worse, and that will attract the Volturi. And we don't want that, do we?"

We all shoo our heads. "So, what do we do?" Erica asked him.

"Lets just act normal for a few days, and see what happens." Zachary suggested.

"Okay . . ." I agreed. "But if EmBeth finds anything out . . . Joshua will have to finish her off."

"Bloodshed is not the answer." Taylor said firmly.

"He's right," Jared said. "Besides, how will she figure out what we are? We're probably the last thing she'll ever expect us to be."

"Right," said Lacey. "Now go upstairs and relax children. Things will be okay."

I ran up to my room to think. If Joshua wouldn't kill her, I;d definitely have to get Jeremy to do it. I;d have to turn him. I'd bite him tomorrow, wait three days until he turns, get him to kill EmBeth and then destroy him before my family finds out what I did.

It was a perfect plan.

I looked at a picture I had of Jeremy, imagining him with red eyes and plae skin. Then suddenly, I got a vision. I saw Jeremy trying to kill EmBeth, when Joshua drove in out of no where and snapped his head off.

"No!" I screamed pounding my fist again my nightstand. "No, no, no, NO!"

My plan would fail, just like my last one! It couldn't be possible!

Then I saw something else. I saw Jeremy and young girl BOTH trying to kill EmBeth. They bit her and tore her apart limb from limb. (a/n: was that to gruesome?) The little girl was Jeremy's little sister: McKayla. She was at least six years old. It was illegal for us to change a child, but with these circumstances, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. I'd kill her afterwards anyway. I'd turn her after Jeremy and then I'd set them loose on EmBeth.

She'll be dead in no time, I though happily.

EmBeth's P.O.V.

I wasn't able to catch up with Jeremy after Gym class, so I decided I'd ask him tomorrow.

I got in my truck and drove away, noticing Zoe's car was already gone.

I thought about Joshua as I drove home.

Why had he skipped out? And if he wasn't a superhero . . . what else could he be? Could that possibly mean . . . that he was the bad guy? A villian? I couldn't think of any other explaination. Hopefully, I'd find out if I was right or not tomorrow.

When I got home. I saw Keith was already home. Nick and York's cars were here too. Why are they over here? I thought.

I walked inside to see Zoe lying on the couch with two casts on her body, one for her left hand and one for her right arms.

"Zoe! What happened?"

"She broke her hand punching a table and broke her arm falling backwards after he hitting it; she crunched her arm." York answered me.

"Why'd you punch a table?"

"I had a little talk with that Joshua Orraf kid . . . and his friend Jenna made me really mad . . . and I . . . uh . . . punched a table in anger." Zoe said.

"Why were you talking to him?"

"I saw how mad you were at him, so I gave him a piece of my mind."

"You didn't have to do that."

Zoe looked at the other. "Can I talk to EmBeth alone, please?" she asked.

They left as soon as she had said the words. "While I was over there, I heard Josh say to Jenna about you not stopping until you find out. What are you trying to find out?" she said.

I told her my whole story. With the van, and the strange conversations at the hospital. Her eyes widened as she heard my story. "So, Josh stopped that van with his own bare hands?"

I nodded once.

"And you think he's something more than huma?"

"Yeah, I know it all sounds crazy, but you've gotta believe me! He isn't like us."

"I believe you." she said.


"Yeah, back there . . . when I broke my arm and hand . . . well . . . I didn't break them the way York said I did. I only told her that because if I told them what really happened . . . they'd think I was nuts."

"What really happened then?"

"Well, I punched Jenna in the face . . . and ut was assolid as rock! It shattered my and into pieces. Josh grabbed my arm trying to  stop me and . . . and he grabbed it to hard and shattered my arm into pieces! It;s unlike anything I've ever seen!"

"You will be okay, right?" I asked, concerned.

She looked at me like I was a weirdo. "Yes, I will be. But don't you see! I believe you . . . your right, he might be a superhero . . . or worse . . . a villian."

"That's what I was thinking," I said, unsure. How could someone so gorgeous possibly be a bad guy? I knew looks didn't determine a person's personality, but it just didn't seem possibly. " but I have just the person to help us with this though."


I told her my plan on trying to get info out of Jeremy. "If anything, he'll do it, he owes me, remember?"

"Yeah, I know. I'll help you if ya want. York and I will keep watch on the Orraf's for anything suspicious."

" 'Kay, now get some rest Zoe, you need it."

She shut her eyes and fell asleep instantly.

I was thrilled about our plan. Joshua Orraf will never see it coming when I confront him with the answer he'd never given me.

Just you wait Josh, I thought, just you want. . . . . .


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