The Twilight Saga

This story is different from most fan fics in that you will find the same characters in very different roles, places and a different time. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it. Please comment and let me know what you think! (All the characters belong to Stephanie Meyer and my only purpose in using them is entertainment.)

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Chapter 1
“Bella! Bella get up quick! You’ve overslept again!”

I rolled over and glared at the voice that had awakened me from the most beautiful dream ever. I don’t usually remember my dreams but this one was special. I was out of the castle, I was in an unbelievably perfect meadow, and I was dressed in the prettiest dress I had ever seen. I doubted that even Alice had seen such a dress. But none of that was the best part. The best part was the boy. He was so perfect he took my breath away. He was tall with a perfect smile. He looked sort of pale but not sickly. Not like my mother had looked before she died. No, this boy looked like he had never been in the sun, ever. His skin was almost translucent but it was perfectly smooth and soft. And his eyes! His eyes were the most vibrant shade of green I had ever seen.

“Alice,” I groused, “you ruined my dream. It was so lovely!”

“The mistress is going to ruin your life if you don’t get moving.” She retorted. “She’s going to need you early today.” I didn’t question her. Alice had the uncanny ability to just know things. She said it was just observations but I wondered if it might be something more than that.

“Up now!” She ordered one last time before leaving our sleeping quarters. Alice and I shared a little room on the top floor of the southeast corner turret. The castle wasn’t huge but it was large enough to make me dread the trip to the opposite side to attend to my mistress.

I was, I suppose there’s no better way to say this, a servant. Ours was a small country and my parents were farmers with too many children. When my mother died of the plague my father placed me in the service of the king. I think I reminded him to much of her. I was the youngest and definitely her favorite. That was ten years ago.

My mistress was Queen Esme. She and her husband, King Carlisle, had ruled for fifteen years. They still looked as young as she had the day of her coronation. Not that I could remember that day, but I had been told about it enough times. I was only 2 when it happened.

Stop day-dreaming Bella! I commanded myself. That was a common problem and I was sure that Alice would be back shortly to make sure that I was properly turned out. Alice's sense of style was unparalleled. Even Princess Rosalie listened to her, and that was saying a lot!

Princess Rosalie was your typical princess. (After working in the castle for ten years, I had seen a lot of them.) She was absolutely breath-taking. But with the beauty came the attitude. I did my best to stay away from her and out of her notice when that failed because she definitely didn’t like me. Fortunately, Alice was called to attend her more than I was.

I quickly finished washing my face and hands in the freezing water and dressed myself in the clothes Alice had laid out for me. She was always finding scraps and fashioning dresses for me in the little spare time she had.

I flew down to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread and some cheese from Emily, the cook. It would have to do for now because as Alice had pointed out, I was late. I thanked Emily and grabbed my mistress’ breakfast tray as I headed out of the kitchen. I really liked Emily. She had such a quiet, lovely personality. You couldn’t be around her without feeling happy. She was very beautiful even though her face was marred by scars that ran from her temple to her shoulder and down her arm. Alice tried to help cover them by coming up with some dresses with long sleeves and high collars but after a while Emily went back to the dresses more conducive to working in a large kitchen. We all accepted her as is. She wouldn’t talk about her scars but the rumor around town was that she had been attacked by a large wolf. I was glad I never had to go into the woods.

Fortunately for me, my mistress didn’t notice my tardiness. Alice had just finished helping her dress and was pinning up her hair. Next to her daughter, Queen Esme had the most beautiful hair. It was a lovely rich brown and fell down her back in gentle waves. It was rare to see it in its natural state though. Alice always pinned it up into the most elaborate pile of twists and curls. I set her breakfast tray on the stool beside her and began making her bed and straightening the things in the room. The king was absent, having left before we arrived, like always. He never seemed to need much sleep. The queen’s ladies-in-waiting huddled in the corner, gossiping. I tried not to listen as I went about my duties. It was impossible not to hear though.

“You will never believe who just entered the King’s service!” Jessica Stanley, a short brunette with lots of curls was saying to her companions. They listened intently. The shorter of the two, Lauren Mallory had blonde hair and blue eyes and thought very highly of herself. (I had happened upon her fixing her hair and make-up with the Queen’s supplies more than once.) The other was my favorite of the Queen’s ladies if I had to choose. Angela Webber was a shy, quiet girl that was unfailingly nice to everyone, even me. She never spoke harshly or sent me on nasty errands like the other two.

“Who? You must tell!” Lauren pleaded

“Michael Newton. I have heard…” She glanced around conspiratorially “… that he has come to court to find a wife.”

The girls squealed in unison, their delight attracting the attention of the Queen.

“Ladies,” she said in a motherly tone, “don’t all swarm him at the same time. Let the boy adjust to life before you connive to get him married.”

“Yes, Milady.” They laughed.

I shared a quick smile with Alice as I left the room. Such silly girls and their silly dreams. I hurried on to the next task: Princess Rosalie’s room. Cautiously, I peeked into the room to ascertain whether she had left yet or not. Luckily for me, it was empty. I hurried through this room making sure that everything was exactly as it should be, and then I returned to the kitchen where Emily had a list waiting.

“Bella, love, make sure you get the right cut of meat this time. The butcher sent the wrong one yesterday and it nearly ruined the entire dinner.

“Of course, Emily.” I replied. “I apologize for not paying more attention.” I blushed remembering why I hadn’t thought to check the package from the butcher. The sun had been shinning so brightly yesterday that I stumbled into someone as I entered the butcher’s shop. He was tall, dark and handsome, just the way a young man ought to be. I recognized him as he helped to steady me.

“My apologies sir.” I said as I bobbed a quick curtsy.

“Not at all. I should not have been standing in your way.” He replied with an easy smile.

His name was Jacob Black and he was a member of the King’s guard. He was one of the youngest of the guard so that explained what he was doing at the butcher’s shop. The guard had their own cook and kitchen. Not that Emily would have minded if she had been the only cook. She had feelings for Sam, the lieutenant of the guard. They were a perfect couple. He cared for her a great deal and it was obvious from the way he looked at her.

I looked up and realized that I was already at the market. Too much day dreaming. I thought with chagrin. As I started to assemble the things I needed for Emily, I caught sight of a boy sneaking through the stalls of the busy merchants. He was slight but well muscled with messy bronze hair. I couldn’t see his face because of the way that he was turned. I watched him for a moment more and saw him pocket a loaf of bread from one stall and some cheese from its neighbor. I was about to say something to the merchant when the boy turned and caught me starring. I blushed scarlet when he winked at me. Then it hit me, he was the boy from my dream!

Chapter 2

I yawned and stretched in the hay that had served as my bed for the last few hours. I was still dark out which was a good thing otherwise the owner of this very fine barn would be in here milking his cows. That would mean no easy breakfast for me. My brothers and I, they weren’t really my brothers but might as well have been, had found this barn late last night as we searched for a place to escape the rain. It was raining buckets and we hadn’t been dry or warm for two days.

I rolled over and only saw one figure asleep in the hay. Oh no. Not again! I thought. I quickly woke Jasper and gathered a few eggs without disturbing most of the chickens. We stole outside to look for Emmett.

“Look Edward.” Jasper whispered as he pointed towards a window in the farmer’s house. Emmett was frantically trying to squeeze his broad shoulders out of the tiny window. We ran to assist and had just made it out of sight when we heard the yelling begin. The tree of us ran for the safety of the nearby trees.

“What was that, Em?” I growled. “Can’t you keep your hands to yourself for just one night?”

He grinned in response. “That barn was much too cold for me and she looked so pretty lying there sleeping that I just had to visit.”

“Visit?” Jasper questioned. “Isn’t that something you do during the day and with the father’s permission?”

“Not in my book.” Emmett grinned again. He was impossible. He had gotten us kicked out of more towns in the last few months than Jazz and I could count.

Jasper glanced over at me as we ran. I knew what he was thinking. I shrugged my shoulders. Emmett was going to get us killed one of these days.

We made our way down a lane bordering the forest as the sun rose. At least it was going to be dry today. Being hungry beat being soaked and hungry. I still had the eggs in my pocket but eating them would require a fire and we couldn’t afford to draw attention to ourselves now. We were still on the run from Emmett’s last misadventure. I grimaced at the thought of the angry sheriff. If only he could learn to keep to himself.

The sun was high overhead now and it had gotten considerably warmer. We risked exposure for a brief moment to enquire about the nearest town from a little old woman walking down the lane. She seemed taken aback by Emmett’s size. Jasper and I were both tall but he was huge.

“Don’t you know where you are?” She asked when she had finally recovered from her fears.

“No Milady.” I replied, trying my best to look innocent and non-threatening. I hadn’t thought through what the poor woman would be feeling being approached by three men who appeared out of nowhere. We had hidden along the side of the road looking for someone to ask before she happened along.

“You are in the kingdom of Volterra. Our King and Queen live a few hours journey down this road. That is the nearest town by far. The others would be two days from here. Where did you say you came from?” She asked suspiciously.

Uh oh. That was our cue to leave. “We have travelled for several days from the North. We are just passing through. Thank you kindly for the information. Good day to you.”

We went on our way and hopefully passed out of her mind for good. The last thing we needed was for someone to remember that they had seen us.

Emmett was whining by the time we could see the outskirts of the village. Being hungry did that to all of us but to him especially. We passed close enough to a river for me to hear the flowing water. Emmett was all in favor of cleaning up. He hated smelling of barn.

The water was cold so we washed our clothes and ourselves as quickly as possible before laying them out to dry in the sun. Thank goodness for the sun. I thought for the umpteenth time today. The rest was good for us. Emmett regained his usually good mood. This pleased Jasper and I because Emmett unhappy was not pretty. We had been known to hide from him for hours when he became moody. The only bad thing about Emmett’s mind not being preoccupied with the lack of food or the smell was that it left him to think about other things. This was only bad for us because everything Emmett thought, he said.

“You wouldn’t believe the things we did last night…” he began.

“Emmett!” Jasper growled. “For the last time! We do not want to hear ever last detail about last night. Especially because it ended with us getting chased away again. Who knows if they are still behind us.”

“Why must you be so boring, Jasper?” Emmett retorted

Great, here we go again. I thought

“Why must you flirt with everything in a skirt?” Jasper shot back

He has a point.

“How come you never show interest in anything?”

Swell Em, just keep digging.

“Because I haven’t seen anything interesting yet!”

He definitely has a point

“Do you mean to tell me that the girl last night wasn’t interesting? She was perfect. What a figure. She had the fullest lips I think I’ve ever kissed.” Emmett was back in his own little world.

“You said that about the last four girls!” Jasper was clearly irritated now. I figured I should stop it before it came to blows.

“Come off it guys. You know you’re only squabbling because we haven’t eaten in two days. Let’s be on our way and see what we can find for food.”

Another hour found us entering the market. It was larger than I would have believed from seeing the size of the village.

“Stay here gents and watch the master at work.” Jasper teased as we entered the market.

“Whoa, now. What if we have a repeat of Asconce?” Emmett provoked. I don’t know why he enjoyed needling Jasper so.

Before Jasper could come up with a reply, I spoke up. “I believe that it is my turn.”

“Why?” Emmett was forever challenging.

“Because you stick out. Anyone who saw you would remember you. Besides, you are too clumsy to be a proper thief.” And with that, I won.

I crept around the stalls looking for the merchants. I didn’t want to get caught. The market was busy. There were people everywhere. I looked to my left. The merchant was busy talking to an older woman with two children clinging to her skirts. She asked about one fruit versus another. Good. The other merchant didn’t have a customer. Not good. I glanced back at Jasper then returned my gaze to the unoccupied merchant. Jasper made his way to the opposite side of the booth. He began to question the unsuspecting merchant. Jazz was very smooth. This was the easiest way to get breakfast, if not the safest. Jasper made a very good distraction. I checked one more time to make sure no one was watching. I grabbed a loaf of bread in one hand and a chunk of cheese in the other. This would make a decent meal. Our first in a week. I looked up to check my surroundings again. I was staring into the most perfect pair of chocolate brown eyes. They were bottomless in their depth. I felt like I could see into her soul for a brief instant. Her eyes showed amusement at first but then it changed to… was it recognition? I thought quickly. Had I met her before? No, I think I would remember those eyes.

“Stop thief!”

“Time to go Edward!” Emmett burst out of his hiding place to grab my arm.

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Have to keep you interested some how ;)
Thanks! I'm glad your enjoying it. :)
tomorrow can't come soon enough
I think I have an idea of what will happen next,
but I don't want to ruin it
you always seem to surprise me.
This was great
Thank you =]

Peace Love Twilight
Message me.. I'd be intersted to hear your theories... :) Thanks for reading!
EDWARD!!! Noooooooo!!!!
Damn Cliffhanger!!!
*starts muttering under breath*
Thanks for reading Brie and Amy!
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Chapter 41 "Pleadings"

I wanted so badly to ask Jasper what was the matter but he raced by Alice and I so quickly that neither one of us had a chance to ask. Impatiently, we tried to go about our duties but it was impossible. I suggested that we go inquire and Alice readily agreed.

While on our way to the King's study we were passed by Seth who was speaking as he ran. " not know who... Unfamiliar smell..." Moments later a few more people raced down the hall.

Alice and I quickened our pace. I envied her slightly because she knew her husband was all-right but I didn't really suspect anything had happened to Edward. None of King Aro's vampires would be stupid enough to attempt anything so close to Volterra. We were almost to the King's study when we were passed by Collin, one of the Quileute children.

"I am sorry, Milady." He said with a half bow in my direction as he kept running.

I wanted to ask what he meant but he reached the door to the study and flung himself in, as children do, without knocking. As we reached the door, I heard his little, out-of-breath voice exclaim: "Ryan is back but he's been badly injured!" A young lady, one of the Quileutes came running out of the study at young Collin's words, her long skirts flowing out behind her.

The guilty relief I had felt was torn away by Jasper's shouted question: "What news have you of Edward?"

I felt myself losing my grip on reality. I was unable to hear the soft reply to Jasper's query. I wanted to scream out, to ask what had happened to my Edward, but no words would come. All I could do was lean against Alice for support as she led me through the door. As we entered the room all eyes were upon me in an instant. I must have looked wretched for every pair of eyes held the same look of pity.

"Bella," someone said gently. I thought it might be King Carlisle's voice but I couldn't be sure. It had been too much. I couldn't handle the thought of losing Edward. He had come back once; he just had to do it again!

"Bella!" The voice said again, a little more insistent this time as if refusing to be ignored. My eyes finally rose to the one who spoke and I found it was indeed King Carlisle. "Edward is alive, Bella. He is badly injured but for now at least, he is alive."

His words partially released me and I was able to walk with Alice's assistance to the infirmary where they were treating Edward. It was a dark, unwelcoming room with several benches in the center. I could only see two figures, neither of which were moving. As my eyes finally adjusted I could see Edward. He looked like he was in great pain.

"What happened?" I asked, a little too harshly, the boy who had sat up on his bench. He opened his mouth to answer but then closed again without speaking a word.

Turning to King Carlisle, I pleaded with him. "Please tell me what happened to my husband!" I could feel the tears beginning to work their way down my face. Ashamed, I tried to push them aside but they would not be stopped.

"You must calm yourself. For his sake and your child's." King Carlisle said gently.

I knew he was right be it was so difficult. Finally managing to control my tears, I looked down at Edward. He was lying so still I almost couldn't be sure he was still alive. "I love you, Edward." I said, hoping he could hear me. "You must get better! I need you! Our son..." I trailed off, the tears drowning my words.

The King gently placed his hand on my shoulder and led me away from Edward, comforting me as a father would comfort a grieving daughter. I was so numb I couldn't even protest being taken away from Edward. I simply couldn't imagine life without him.

"Bella, this is going to be difficult, but I need you to hear me." King Carlisle began tenderly. I nodded, unsure of how much more my poor heart could take. “Bella, we don’t know if he will last the night. He has been hurt too badly. I have the best doctors in the Kingdom here but they do not know what to do.”

“But you do.” I softly interrupted. I knew Edward’s thoughts and feelings on becoming a vampire but I also knew that it couldn’t be as bad as he thought. I knew my main motivation was selfish but I had been given so little time with my love that I was not willing to give him up now. He needed to be there to watch his son grow up. I needed him alive.

“Please!” I begged the still silent Monarch.

“Isabella,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper, “you know what Edward thought about becoming a… one of us.”

“I do.” I replied. “But that was before.” I placed my hand on my ever-growing stomach to indicate my child.

King Carlisle’s face showed a slight smile before turning grave again. I knew he was still deliberating but I needed him to act.

“Please!” I pleaded again. “I know this is what he would want if he had time to think it over again.”

“If I do this, there is no return.” The King warned but I could see it in his eyes that I had won. I nodded for him to proceed.

“As you wish.” King Carlisle replied somberly. “You will need to go to Alice. You cannot be here when I do it.”

“Very well. But you will send someone to fetch me when it was done so that I can be with him?” I was amazed at the calm in my voice and the clarity of my thoughts.

King Carlisle thought for so long that I began to wonder if he would answer me, but when he did it was just one word. “Aye.”

A/N: Sorry it's short but i will try and get more posted tomorrow. :)
Thank you :)
Edward is becoming a vampire!!!!
Cant wait to read that!!!!!
Oh my Gosh, Nooo, This is unbelievable Christine, I am gripping my seat!!!
Can you do one tiny thing? When you start the chapter, can you tll us who's POV it is in, because I was very confused with the Jasper chapter...
As always, an excellent job!
I'm glad it's keeping you entertained. :) Thank you!


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