The Twilight Saga

This is my Seth Imprint story. I really hope I get you know a lot of readers!



Ch. 1

“Seth, sweetie, please hurry!” My mother exclaimed. We were going to my neighbor, Madeline’s, funeral. Apparently, she died in the earthquake he had a few days ago. My mom implied that she fell down the stairs, but Leah implied that a snow globe fell on her head. I had no idea which one to believe. All I know is that most likely, Leah isn’t going.


“Okay mother!” I replied. I straightened the black and gray patterned tie on my neck and tucked in my white long-sleeved button down. I ruffled my scruffy hair in the mirror and smiled at my reflection.


Jogging downstairs, I put some cologne on so that I didn’t smell like a dog. My mother smiled and took a quick picture. I fluttered and rubbed my eyes.


“Aw, you look so handsome, sweetheart!!” My mom said, throwing her arm around my shoulder and kissing my cheek. Her lip-gloss outlined her lips on my cheek. I smeared the stickiness away and looked back at my hand. Oddly, it smelled like strawberries.


“Mom, what have I told you about babying me? I’m sixteen now.” She shrugged.


“Well you haven’t imprinted yet, so I want to baby you as much as I can until you find that special girl and I won’t be able to embarrass you anymore.” She laughed and kissed my head.


I sat at the table and threw my legs on top of it, thinking about what my mom said. Not about babying me, about imprinting. I never knew it was that big of a deal, but it is, especially because almost everyone has imprinted except for me. Sam, Jacob, Jared, Paul… It’s not fair.


“Leah, are you coming to the funeral?!” My mom shouted. I could hear Leah scoff.


“I don’t want to, mom!” She whined. I rolled my eyes at her immaturity. “It’s not like they mattered to me!” She again said. My mom made a face and grabbed her bag.


“Then let’s go Seth.” My mom said in a stern voice. I swung my legs down from the table and walked to the car. Of course, Leah not being here, I sat in the passenger seat.


We got there a little late. The ceremony was sad and they said our last name and my dad’s name a few times. Of course, my mom couldn’t help but cry her eyes out when she heard dad’s name. I stayed in my seat, silent and didn’t shed one tear. After the ceremony, we went to the reception where there were mounds of food. I grabbed a few dishes and sat with my mom and this other family that was sitting with us.


“Seth, be polite.” My mom said. “This is Mr. and Mrs. Johansen. They have a daughter named Erika and a son named Andrew.” I smiled at the boy named Andrew, but couldn’t find Erika.


“Where’s the girl?” I mumbled.


“She went to go get some food. Just wait, she’s very pretty.” I rolled my eyes. Of course, my mother would try to set me up with a girl again. I looked up from my food and saw a girl sitting in, what was an empty seat.


“Hey” She said in a whisper and smiled. “I’m Erika.”


I felt chills run up my arms. My heart was beating fast. I didn’t think what my mom said was true, but I thought wrong. This girl was beautiful. Her eyes were a solid, dark blue. Her hair was a dark brown. She wore a blue and black dress that was embroidered at the top. I recognized the nervousness Jacob was talking about. Had I imprinted on her? I smiled back. She had perfect teeth for the most perfect girl


“Seth” I said. She giggled and tossed her salad around with her fork. “So, how did you know Jessica?”


“She was my godmother, not a good one at that. What about you?” I sighed.


“I am, or was, her neighbor. My mom, my sister and I lived there. My dad had lived on her block for quite some time.” She took a bite out her salad and nodded. Then, she wiped her mouth with her napkin and took a sip of her lemonade.


“What happened to your dad?” She asked. I looked down.


“He died, not too long ago.” She sighed and put her hand on my shoulder.


“Seth, I’m really sorry. The earthquake effected my baby sister and she’s in the hospital. There is a lot of damage in the house, so we have to stay at Jessica’s house for a few months.” My face lit up. She’s going to stay next door? Maybe to her, that wasn’t good, but to me it was perfect.


“Well, I’ll keep you company.  You can go to the same school as me. That way it will be easier to, you know, actually have some fun with someone you know” She smiled.


“That sounds lovely” She said, finishing the rest of her salad. I decided to start on my food too, but didn’t stop thinking about Erika. She was my imprint. It was as if a guardian angel heard my prayers.


I really hope you guys liked it. I worked hard on it!

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Great beginning. I look forward to reading the next chapter. When are you planning to post again?


I'll make a banner. I've got plenty of BooBoo pics.  Send me the girl or give me her name. She looks familiar but I'm terrible with names of anyone who isn't in Twilight or isn't SelenaG. What can I say? K?

This is a great story!!! BTW its Victoria Justice :)

Thanks so much :)


After finishing my food, I talked to Erika more. One of her brothers died, so she put his name in a heart tattooed on the small of her back. She was Mexican, but not full. She said about 30% Mexican.


“So what about you, Seth? I bet you have a few things that no one knows.” The smile on my face faded. I’m a werewolf, I thought. I couldn’t tell her that, then what was I supposed to tell her.


“Um, well…” I started, but never finished. I noticed she was focused on something that was on me. She stared at my arm. I looked at my right arm. She was staring at my wolf tattoo.


“That so cool, you have a tattoo?” I pursed my lips and nodded.


“It’s, um, a special tattoo our Quileute tribe gets. We all have one, even my sister.” She dropped her jaw.


“That’s an amazing tattoo. It’s so big! I wish I had a tattoo like that one, but every tattoo has a story behind it, right?” She said smiling. I shrugged.


“I guess you can say it like that” I chuckled. Then, Just the Way You Are, by Bruno Mars, cam on. She started to sing the song. Her voice sounded like a thousand angels singing from heaven. It was gorgeous and it amazed me. “You have a very beautiful voice.” I complimented. She blushed a light fuchsia.


“Thank you. I get that… a lot.” I laughed. She giggled back. My mom and Mrs. Johansen came back from getting dessert laughing and talking. I could tell our moms really did like each other. I could hear them talking about living next door and Mr. Johansen could meet Charlie, or Chief Swan. Erika and I looked at each other and laughed. “Looks like our moms are getting along quite well.”


“Yeah, and my mother’s excited to have you guys as new neighbors.” I said. Then I realized, when is she moving in? I didn’t want to seem desperate, or seem like a creeper, but I was desperate-not a creeper- “Um, so, when- are- you moving- next door?” I asked. She looked up at the ceiling in thought.


“It’s Sunday, right?” I nodded in response. “On Tuesday. We actually have been planning this for some time. I am almost done packing, and because the funeral was today, we wouldn’t have enough time to pack, so Tuesday.” I smiled. My imprint would be moving in two days. It would be the best thing that has ever happened to me. The pack would meet her, Nessie, Emily, Kim, Rachel… It was exciting.


“That’s great.” I implied. “I hope I could make you feel at home as much as possible” She smiled and giggled.


-Erika’s POV-

“That’s great. I hope I could make you feel at home as much as possible.” Seth said, although, I wasn’t paying much attention to the words. All I thought was Just being around you makes me feel well. He was so cute and so sweet. Words can’t describe him.


“Thanks so much Seth. It will be great knowing someone at the least.” He smiled widely. I felt idiotic for liking a guy who most likely would never like me back. He’s too perfect, and I’m just… ew.


“Seth,” I heard Ms. Clearwater call, “we are leaving now, sweetheart. Leah called and the Cullens would like to see us.” Her voice was serious. It frightened me a little. I darted my head back to Seth who also had a serious face.


“Yeah, Embry and I figured something was going to happen today.” I furrowed my eyebrows. Who is Embry? His mom nodded and picked up her purse. I looked at Seth, hiding the sadness behind my fake smile. “I’m so sorry for the dilemma, Erika, but it’s probably serious.” I nodded, opened the palm of his hand. I brought out a pen and wrote my number and my email on his hand.


“Just, keep that. It’s my number and my email. Talk to me when you have the chance, just so I can make sure your okay.” She smiled and nodded. I reluctantly let go of his hand and let him leave.


-Seth’s POV-

My mom and I were in the car, driving to the Cullen’s house because there were a few vampires caught roaming Forks.


“Seth, I’m going to drop you off. I am going to make sure Charlie is okay. Be safe, baby boy.” She kissed my head and left me at the Cullen’s house. I ran to the door step and opened the door. Inside was Jake, Nessie, Jared, Embry, Paul, Quil, Kim, Rachel, Jennifer –Embry’s wife-, Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Rosalie. I decided to take a seat next to Jacob.


“What’s going on? Where’s Emmett and Jasper?” I asked. He sighed.


“They are trying to find where the vampires have been last. Paul and Jared said their names where Alessandra and Giovanni: vampires from Italy. They said either we surrender and they won’t hurt anyone in the pack or of the Cullens, or we don’t surrender and face the consequences.” I furrowed my eyebrows.


“Consequences? What’s that supposed to mean?” He, again, sighed.


“Someone can be seriously hurt. Anyone of the wolves, vampires, or even worse: any of the imprints.” My eyes widened. Did Jake know about Erika? I saw a smile on Jacob’s face. “Imprinted on Erika, huh?” I smiled and shrugged.


“Yeah, I met her at the funeral. She’s…”




“Yeah” I smiled.  All of the members of the pack smiled at me. Of course, they could hear my thoughts. Shut up I thought they all looked at each other and chuckled. Then Jake stood up.


“Listen up!” He said mildly loud. Everyone hushed and listened. “Alessandra and Giovanni can be up to anything. They are only threatening us to bring our guard down, but don’t let that stop you. We have to work together to stop them. We have to be confident and strong. Keep an eye on each other and make sure we know where we are at all times.” We all looked and nodded. I still couldn’t help but think about Erika. What if she got hurt? I immediately took out my phone and texted the number on my hand.


“Are you okay?” I asked. It felt like forever for the reply, but she answered.


“Yeah, I’m fine. Are you ok?” I sighed in relief.


“Never better” She answered back with a smiley face. I closed my phone and paid close attention.


“The Cullens agreed to take shifts looking out for Giovanni and Alessandra from 5am to 5pm. The pack gets 5pm to 5am. Got it?” The pack and I shared out thoughts and agreed on the times. Jacob smiled and sat back down next to Nessie and I.


I decided since these vampires could cause damage, I would have to keep a closer eye on Erika. She had to be with me more than I thought, and more than she thought too.


This is getting really good!


love it write more soon please

Thanks so much :) I will

Actually, I am having a few difficulties that I need to figure out right now on my own. I will let you know ASAP


It was Tuesday, a few days before Christmas and I was worried as hell. Erika was going to come any minute and I was freaking out. I have patrol today, Erika was coming, and I had Christmas shopping today. Some much stuff to cram in such little time. I rubbed my eyes and ducked my head.

“Seth,” My mom called. I looked up to see my mom looking out the window and smiling, “She’s here.” I got up and ran to the window. She was here. Although I was still stressed, I felt a bit better knowing that she was here. I walked outside, trying to make it seem like I wasn’t as excited as I really was.


“Seth!” I heard her shout. I smiled and hugged her. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. It felt well, her being in my arms. “It’s so great to see you.” I smiled.


“It’s great to see you too, Erika.” She chuckled. I looked at my phone to check the time. Accidently speaking my thoughts, I said “Dammit.” She furrowed her eyebrows. “Sorry, I have to go Christmas shopping. So sorry I have to leave.”


She giggled and smiled. “If it’s that big of a deal for you to leave me, I’ll go with you.” I raised one eyebrow. “I-I have to go shopping anyways. I have a few people to shop for and I don’t have anyone to drive me, if you don’t mind.” I shook my head.


“I don’t mind at all. It would be nice having company on the way.”


“Cool, I’ll go get my bag and we can leave ASAP.” I smiled.


“Um, my car is right over there. I’ll be waiting in it whenever you’re ready.” She nodded and jogged right into her new home.


I got into my car and turned it on. I smiled at my radio. Just the Way You Are was playing on the radio and it had just started.


Taking your girlfriend to the mall huh? Jacob said. I smiled.


She’s not me girlfriend –Yet– and yes. We’re going Christmas shopping gotta buy stuff for Sue, Charlie, Leah and the rest of the pack.

What about Erika? Don’t you think she would love it if her FUTURE HUSBAND got her a bracelet or something? I chuckled.


Probably but SETH is going to get her necklace. I saw one when Charlie and I went ring shopping for my mom –and he is going to propose to her on Christmas– and it was lovely.

Well, good luck bro.

“Hey!” I heard Erika’s voice say as she opened the door. She sat in the passenger’s seat and started to dance a little. “Hey, my song is ending.” I smiled and changed the station when it ended. Then, The Beatles came on the station singing Something by John Lennon.


“Something in the way she moves…. Attracts me like no other lover” The radio sang. I started to sing along, knowing that The Beatles inspired me deeply.


“You like The Beatles?” Erika asked. I nodded in reply.


“We used to play them all the time in the house. After my dad died, my mom stopped playing them because he always popped into her mind.” I said, while backing my car. When I was finished backing up the car, I drove out of the lot, and to the mall in Seattle.


We talked for a while, but stopped every time a few good songs came on the radio. I smiled as I watched her sing and dance. She was cute, even if she was over-excited when a song came on. I thought it was adorable and I couldn’t help but think that she’s all mine.


“There’s the mall.” I said. She stared out the window, looking at the three-story mall we had in Seattle. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.


“That is a really… REALLY big mall.” I laughed and pulled into the driveway. Oddly, not a lot of people were here, which was a good thing because there were a lot of good parking spaces.


We finally picked a parking space and walked inside the mall. She was very amazed by how many things were inside. So many stores that you didn’t see around anymore.


Erika’s POV

It was the biggest mall I had ever been in. There was a Macys, JCPenny, Hot Topic, Apple, even See’s Candy. I smiled and immediately thought of going to Macy’s to go find some jewelry.


“How about we start at Macy’s?”  I asked. “They have a lot of jewelry and I bet you kind find something for your mom and sister.” He smiled and nodded.


“Sure, my mom would like something from Betsy Johnson or something.” I chuckled. “Only if,” He said, “we race there.” I smiled and touched the floor in the racer position.


“Ready?” I said.


“Set.” He said in reply and together we said “GO!”


I darted off to the store. We were tied for a while until he passed me up. Next thing I know, he’s way ahead of me. Once he beat me, I was completely out of breath. He patted my back as we both sat down and leaned against the wall of the store.


“Are you okay?” He said, as if he wasn’t tire at all.


“Obviously you are” I said breathing heavily. “How could you not be tired?” He smiled.


“It runs in the family. Us Indians can run really fast.” I furrowed my eyebrows. “It’s a long story.” He said.


I smiled and watched him get up. He held out his hand, waiting for me to take it. I smiled and held it. A spark flew in the air. For a while, we just stared at each other, me, making no effort to get up. I just wanted this moment to last, if only, forever. As much as I wanted to be with Seth, I couldn’t. He probably didn’t like me back. He’s probably just wondering ‘Why is she just sitting there.’ I felt like such an idiot, so I got up and brushed my pants and shirt.


Seth’s POV

I stood up and held out my hand, offering if she needed help getting up. She smirked and took my offer, and just then, I felt the love I had for her grow even more. My hand started to turn hot and my arms had chills running up and down then. I stared at her for a moment, knowing that she could be mine, and she would be mine… only if she knew. She didn’t know anything. Stupidity came over me when I thought of what she would think of a guy like me holding her hand. Then, she got up dusting herself off.


“Shall we?” She asked. I nodded


I immediately thought, I would go to the ends of the earth as long as I am with you.



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