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This is my Seth Imprint story. I really hope I get you know a lot of readers!



Ch. 1

“Seth, sweetie, please hurry!” My mother exclaimed. We were going to my neighbor, Madeline’s, funeral. Apparently, she died in the earthquake he had a few days ago. My mom implied that she fell down the stairs, but Leah implied that a snow globe fell on her head. I had no idea which one to believe. All I know is that most likely, Leah isn’t going.


“Okay mother!” I replied. I straightened the black and gray patterned tie on my neck and tucked in my white long-sleeved button down. I ruffled my scruffy hair in the mirror and smiled at my reflection.


Jogging downstairs, I put some cologne on so that I didn’t smell like a dog. My mother smiled and took a quick picture. I fluttered and rubbed my eyes.


“Aw, you look so handsome, sweetheart!!” My mom said, throwing her arm around my shoulder and kissing my cheek. Her lip-gloss outlined her lips on my cheek. I smeared the stickiness away and looked back at my hand. Oddly, it smelled like strawberries.


“Mom, what have I told you about babying me? I’m sixteen now.” She shrugged.


“Well you haven’t imprinted yet, so I want to baby you as much as I can until you find that special girl and I won’t be able to embarrass you anymore.” She laughed and kissed my head.


I sat at the table and threw my legs on top of it, thinking about what my mom said. Not about babying me, about imprinting. I never knew it was that big of a deal, but it is, especially because almost everyone has imprinted except for me. Sam, Jacob, Jared, Paul… It’s not fair.


“Leah, are you coming to the funeral?!” My mom shouted. I could hear Leah scoff.


“I don’t want to, mom!” She whined. I rolled my eyes at her immaturity. “It’s not like they mattered to me!” She again said. My mom made a face and grabbed her bag.


“Then let’s go Seth.” My mom said in a stern voice. I swung my legs down from the table and walked to the car. Of course, Leah not being here, I sat in the passenger seat.


We got there a little late. The ceremony was sad and they said our last name and my dad’s name a few times. Of course, my mom couldn’t help but cry her eyes out when she heard dad’s name. I stayed in my seat, silent and didn’t shed one tear. After the ceremony, we went to the reception where there were mounds of food. I grabbed a few dishes and sat with my mom and this other family that was sitting with us.


“Seth, be polite.” My mom said. “This is Mr. and Mrs. Johansen. They have a daughter named Erika and a son named Andrew.” I smiled at the boy named Andrew, but couldn’t find Erika.


“Where’s the girl?” I mumbled.


“She went to go get some food. Just wait, she’s very pretty.” I rolled my eyes. Of course, my mother would try to set me up with a girl again. I looked up from my food and saw a girl sitting in, what was an empty seat.


“Hey” She said in a whisper and smiled. “I’m Erika.”


I felt chills run up my arms. My heart was beating fast. I didn’t think what my mom said was true, but I thought wrong. This girl was beautiful. Her eyes were a solid, dark blue. Her hair was a dark brown. She wore a blue and black dress that was embroidered at the top. I recognized the nervousness Jacob was talking about. Had I imprinted on her? I smiled back. She had perfect teeth for the most perfect girl


“Seth” I said. She giggled and tossed her salad around with her fork. “So, how did you know Jessica?”


“She was my godmother, not a good one at that. What about you?” I sighed.


“I am, or was, her neighbor. My mom, my sister and I lived there. My dad had lived on her block for quite some time.” She took a bite out her salad and nodded. Then, she wiped her mouth with her napkin and took a sip of her lemonade.


“What happened to your dad?” She asked. I looked down.


“He died, not too long ago.” She sighed and put her hand on my shoulder.


“Seth, I’m really sorry. The earthquake effected my baby sister and she’s in the hospital. There is a lot of damage in the house, so we have to stay at Jessica’s house for a few months.” My face lit up. She’s going to stay next door? Maybe to her, that wasn’t good, but to me it was perfect.


“Well, I’ll keep you company.  You can go to the same school as me. That way it will be easier to, you know, actually have some fun with someone you know” She smiled.


“That sounds lovely” She said, finishing the rest of her salad. I decided to start on my food too, but didn’t stop thinking about Erika. She was my imprint. It was as if a guardian angel heard my prayers.


I really hope you guys liked it. I worked hard on it!

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Thank you :) that means a lot

Ch. 4

I had no difficulties finding things for my family which includes the pack. I found a necklace for my mom that had a small heart charm that was covered in diamonds. For Leah, I got her a necklace that had a
crescent moon charm. For each member of the pack, I got muscle tees and
sneakers. I got Charlie a long-sleeved flannel shirt.


The only real difficulty I had was getting something for Erika. I didn’t know what kind of jewelry she liked. I glanced at her neck a few time, checking out what she was wearing, but it didn’t seem to help. I
could tell she wore a lot of Betsey Johnson because Emily had the same earrings
and rings as her. So, I went to the Betsey Johnson section of Macy’s, but
again, there was one problem. Which one would she really like?


Having trouble getting your girlfriend something? Paul joked. I rolled my eyes, as if he could see me.


How many times do I have to tell everyone; she’s not my girlfriend. She’s my imprint and that’s all she is going to be. I thought seriously until I saw her face, for now I thought. Paul laughed.


Well, you  might want to think quick. Christmas is around the corner. She can meet a guy at Target. She starts to flirt with him, only because she thinks you aren’t interested. They start dating, and next
thing you know, on Christmas morning they’re kissing under the mistletoe.


I frowned at what Paul thought. It wasn’t a good picture drawn in my head. How was that supposed to make me feel better?


It wasn’t. I’m telling you what could happen if you don’t show her that she means a lot more to you than she thinks. If you don’t, that could be your consequence.


As retarded as Paul is, he was right.


Hey! I heard that!


I didn’t care if he heard it. It was still true. She probably thinks I don’t care about her, that I don’t think about her every day, that she probably fills a little space in my heart. All of that is a lie. On
her car ride to Forks, I prayed nothing bad would happen so I didn’t have to
kick some ass. I think about her way too much, Leah suggested taking me to a
doctor. She fills up so much space in my heart that I think I need another
heart for everyone else.


Damn, that’s deep Paul implied.


SHUT UP! I thought. You are getting on my nerves! If you are going to listen to me, keep your freaking thoughts to yourself.


I burst like a grenade at him, but kept examining the rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches designed by Betsey Johnson as if I had never said anything –which technically I didn’t– I jumped when I felt two hands
on my shoulders.


“Find anything you liked?” Erika said giggling. I shrugged and held a 145 dollar earrings in my hands. Her jaw dropped completely. “That’s gorgeous!” They were heart earrings that had chains draped along the bottom.
She read the label aloud, “Betsey Johnson ‘Snow Bunny’ Fringe Earrings.” I


“They are cute” I said softly. She slowly took them out of my hands and examined them closely.


“I would kill for these earrings!” She grumbled as she brushed her fingers across each diamond that was engraved on the heart.


Then, that’s when it hit me. I knew what I was getting her for Christmas. I was getting Erika her dream Betsey Johnson earrings. Even if they were expensive and it would add 145 dollars to me 200 dollar items, I
had to please her to let her know that she’s more precious than life itself.


Aw! Brady sarcastically said.


Shut up Brady. You’re just jealous because you haven’t imprinted on anyone yet and you’ll become bitter and old and have to end up marrying Collin or Leah, but I’m
pretty sure Collin would be a better wife.


I could tell Brady thought it was funny, but was still sad because it was probably true.


“Too bad I can’t afford it with all the stuff I’m buying.” She said, which made it even better. She’s sad she can’t afford earrings, but I, Seth Clearwater, will give them to her on Christmas morning
and she will see that I will do anything to make her happy.


“Sorry ‘bout that.” I said. She went to the perfume section and that’s when I paid for her earrings.

i love it please update soon


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