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A dark angel has been set on fire, With burning love and desire

This feeling he never knew before, Yet his mind is asking for more

He curses for the feeling he calls love, It makes him feel like an angel from above

His heart holds the feeling tight, Because it's all that comforts him through the night


Rotten and dark he is inside, A fallen angel of the night

He kills mercilessly, letting no one in, His definition of love: An agonizing sin

His fight for humanity never ends, His heart is one that will never mend

He fell from the dark abyss of the sky, With no explanation of reason why

He fell hard to the concrete but no bones were broken, He stumbled down the streets pleading but no words were spoken

He knew that this heart and soul had been taken, And that meant he was forsaken


This feeling he never knew before, But his mind is asking for more

A dark angel has been set on fire, with burning love and desire







 Forsaken Angel



*Note: This is the sequel to merciless Angel. If you haven't read Merciless Angel, read it here:







His broken body was laid gently atop of the crisp snow that covered every patch of the ground in the deserted clearing. A pool of dried and gritty blood stained the pure milky texture of the snow in random patterns around his brutalized body. Purplish bruises were embedded into his naked skin in clusters from consecutive hits. Cuts that threaded across his jeans and bare arms had turned a feverish red from the freezing cold kiss of winter. His left hand was in a grasping motion on top of his frozen chest, and his right was in the pale hand of the girl's next to him.


His left hand covered the worst wound that spotted his body—the one that he inflicted upon himself in a sacrifice to the one he loved. It was deep and clean cut almost straight through his vermillion heart in his core. A pond of blood and mutilated flesh had settled in the cut now, and deep lines protruded from the edges. It was swollen up a few centimeters from irritation and the gruesomeness of it would even make the holiest angel cringe in agony. But somehow—by some god forsaken miracle—his heart kept beating. Slightly; but still beating all the same. Blood kept flowing through his unmoving body to keep him barely hanging on the edge of survival.


Yet, just looking at him you would have thought he was surely dead. His face was like a marble statue—emotionless and unchanging. His once light filled eyes were concealed by his shaded lids and the new snowfall had left small droplets of water on his inky black lashes. His cheekbones were bruised and swollen; but none the less still prominent against his colorless canvas of a face. His full lips were colored an unnatural mauve in the dim light of the night, barely see-able underneath the painting of blood over his exposed skin. And his muscular chest moved only in slight motions that were unnoticeable to the untrained eye from respiration.



A few inches from his body there was the carefully carved handle of the dagger sticking out from in the snow, which he had used as his tool to give himself to the greater power. He had been willing to give up all he was—all his hopes, dreams, hates, desires, and so much more for the single emotion of love. He had no hesitation when it came down to the fate of his soul and body. The choice was that of an angel. A true, rightfully placed angel.


But when this angel gave up his life for the one he loved, he had not died like what was expected. By some power in heaven he was left to walk the earth with his beloved, and of course this was pleasing to the angel. But the angel didn't know what consequences were in store for him from this discovery. When the angel made the decision he hadn't thought ahead in the least. What this angel has in store for him is no easy task. He will discover what being an angel is all about. He will be forced to make decisions that will change his life forever. He will have to decided how or if humanity will be saved. He will have to decided if love is victor above all else. This angel will be tested. This angel will be hurt. This angel will will have something given to him, and something taken from him. This angel will be forsaken.








 Chapter 1-(Kale's POV)


“Y-You? I thought you were dead?” He sputtered nervously, weakly struggling against my metal grip. I tightened my hold around his ice cold neck warningly.


“If I was dead you would sure as hell know it, leech. These dirty streets would be clustered full of garage—and when I say garbage I mean you and the rest of your trash gang. If I was dead,” I leaned in dangerously close to his sweat stained face so that he could feel my breath on him, “All the humans would already be gone and you low lives would be starving for the need to steal the life from someone innocent and defenseless for the rest of eternity. Without me, there would be no humanity.” I spat. His neck craned back and his lips twisted into an angry frown.


“Pretty high on yourself, aren't you Reject?” He snaked with a new found sense of confidence.


I laughed venomously. “I have an excuse to be conceited, do I not? I've massacred thousand of your brothers in arms with not a glimmer of mercy for any of them. I've ripped your very kind limb from limb, mutilating their flesh and bones in ways you never imagined. In fact, I killed your leader in one single swing of a sword. If that isn't reason enough for being conceited, then I don't know what is.”


His black eyes glimmered in the searing moonlight of the alley, and he hatefully looked up at me. “He's going to find you Reject. He's going to kill you, and then we will utterly flourish. Your ego will not save you from his wrath, and neither will heaven. You were barred from God for your sins—and so he will not save you in your time of need. No one will. Not even the ones that love you. Remember that when you speak of your victories.” He hissed. Involuntarily, a small stream of cold dripped down my spine. I had a past with prophecies, and I really didn't need another one to hang over my head and silently control my decisions.


“Thanks for that insightful look at my future, and forgive me, but sadly I don't believe any of the bull that is comes out of the mouth of a devil's slave.” I shook my head aimlessly, and reached into the waist of my jeans to grab my Desert Eagle handgun. The sleek, silver metal melted into the palm of my hand willingly. I pressed the black tip of the gun against the thin material of the soulblazer's dress shirt right on top of his heart.


“Now tell me; how does it feel to know that I'm going to kill you, and you can't do a thing? Or that not a soul will hear you scream as this lead bullet drills through your heart and sends a hemorrhage of pain ripping across you for a second before you die in my unforgiving arms?” I questioned bitterly. His lips quivered spitefully in anger as he glared at me with his slightly black eyes.


“You'll get what's coming to you.” He cursed under his breath. I rolled my eyes carelessly.


“Unless you mean something good like getting lucky, I'm not interested. So say your little devil prayers or whatever the heck you do before you die.” I mused. He breathed heavily and closed his eyes hesitantly. I sighed impatiently and looked up into the starless night. I wondered absentmindedly if Destiny was up yet. I sure as hell hoped not because she would come out looking for me in this unsafe place. I was not supposed to up and about at all because I was on bed rest, but I couldn't stay in bed when I knew there was a soulblazer lurking just outside our residence.


 “Okay, times up.” I snapped, causing him to open his eyes. Instead of the fear I expected to see on his face, there was a devious smile. I didn't get time to render over what it meant because there was the cock of a shotgun behind me. My stimulated senses heard the almost silent click of a trigger being pulled, and my instincts shifted into full throttle. I twisted the soulblazer around so that we switched places and he was left helplessly in front of me.


There was a ear splitting bang as his body was crushed against mine viciously. Bullets tore through his chest, and the impact sent me flying against the concrete wall. As his motionless body fell the ground, I aimed my handgun at the shadows at the end of the alley. There were two—one muscular and bulky and one small and curvy. I quickly calculated that they were roughly ten meters away. I blindly aimed at the bigger one and pulled the trigger. The shadow moved out of the way skillfully and shot the double barrel shotgun again. I rolled to the left, landing back on my feet mechanically. The curvier figure pulled something from its waist, and it's arm flicked out towards me.


I heard a faint whizzing noise, and instinctively ducked. A dark green metal shard whipped just above my head and stuck straight into the unbreakable wall caging me in. My heart rate accelerated, and I shot my gun several times at the two figures. Miraculously they both danced out the way of the bullets in the small space. Jesus, was I fighting ninjas or something? Either way, it looked like this was going to have to be an up close and personal fight. I swapped my handgun out for my angel sword, and took off running towards them. Figure one shot the shotgun again, but I avoided it by placing one foot on the left side of the building, then pushing off and bouncing onto my other foot on the right side.


I bounded towards them gracefully like this for less than two seconds, and when I came close enough, I jumped off the walls completely and flipped my sword so the blade was facing downwards towards their nearing bodies. I got the upper hand of course, and shoved my sword right through the top of the shoulder of the smaller one. It was a female—and she screamed sharply as I forced her to the ground. My sword grounded against her collar bone and sliced most of the bordering skin right off. Blood shot out of her wound and spotted my leather jacket straggly. I yanked the sword out—leaving her withering on the ground—and turned just in time to block the male's punch with the handle of my sword. Then, as he swung again I shot my foot into his gut and sent him staggering backwards.


I looked backwards to see if the female was still on the ground—and sadly she wasn't. She had climbed to her feet and now wielded a short sword in her right hand while her left hand was grasping her wound. The look on her heart shaped face was frenzied and hungry behind her shallowly aqua eyes. It caught me off guard that they were colored because I had naturally figured that they were soulblazers defending their land. But they weren't. They were something else.


I didn't have time to ponder this because the wild female ran towards me and I could hear the male getting up behind me. I flourished swords with the female; both of us stepping skillfully and blocking out each shot. When she threw me a high shot, instead of blocking it I ducked down and pulled my handgun from me belt. I pulled the trigger and sent a bullet tearing into her stomach. I didn't wait to see her reaction, but instead moved to turn around and was cut off by the male—and his dooming fist which caught me in jawbone. I staggered, trying to recover but he moved too quickly for me to react as he smashed my sword out of my hand. It clambered against the concrete a few feet behind me right around where the female would be doubled over.


I swung my fist out and caught him the jugular, then threw a second punch at his gut. Instead of taking pain he seemed to absorb my punches and came back with twice the force I had when he tackled me. I had no chance to fight the tackle, and was forced to the ground with all two hundred and fifty pounds of him on top of me. I struggled to get free of his grasp, but it obvious that he was in power. He knocked the handgun out of hand and began to lay punches against my face.


The metallic taste of blood filled my mouth involuntarily, and I spat the crimson liquid up into his shaded face. He jolted backwards, and I took the opportunity to sit up and smash my head as hard as I could against his. As our skulls collided there was a massive crack, and though pain receded in my head; it was a successful headbutt. I shoved his limp body off of my and climbed to my feet with the purpose to get my fallen weapons, but my plans were foiled when a round object was shoved against the middle of my back.


There was the same destined click of a trigger, and an ovular bullet was send plodding into my body at extreme speeds. As it pushed mercilessly farther and farther into my body the pain it brought with it fought into my blood streams. I cried out, and fell to my knees at the mercy of the inanimate bullet. I expected them to finish me off at this moment of weakness, but instead they did the opposite. With blurry vision I saw the figures of my two enemies running out of the alley and into the street, disappearing into the foggy night without a trace. Neither showed a sign of injury to any of the wounds I caused them. I closed my eyes and tried to mentally shove the agony out of my body as I felt myself getting weaker and weaker with every breath.


“Kale?!” Destiny cried from the mouth of the alley. I heard her light footsteps running through the puddles of the alley towards me; her breathing paced and relief filled. I opened my eyes just in time to get the image of her face as she knelt down beside me and her eyes filled with warmth and serenity. Her gentle hands gripped around my shoulders and pulled my down to lean against her. “I told you not to leave the room! I've been going crazy trying to find you! What happened?” She questioned, her eyes falling on the dead body of the soulblazer.


I let myself breath in her calming scent of vanilla and lilac as I hooked my hands around her waist. “There was a soulblazer down here lurking around. I took care of him, but then two other things— and they weren't soulblazers—showed up. The female shot me.” I breathed.


“She shot you?” Her voice got two octaves higher as her hands began to run up my chest feeling for a bullet hole.


“In the back. But I'm okay. It's already healing.” I stated truthfully. She sighed angrily.


“And what do you mean, they weren't soulblazers? Where they humans?”


“No.” I said with certainty. “They weren't human, and they weren't soulblazers. Their was something different about them...” I trailed, trying to place their oddity.



“We can figure out what they were later, but you can't pull this stuff right now Kale. You have to realize that you are weak.” She noted. “And I can't believe you would just leave like that. I had no idea where you were! You could have been dead for all I knew!”


“I'm not weak.” I argued, disliking how she was making it sound like I was a baby. She pulled back and looked me deeply in the eyes.


“You still haven't healed, Kale. You're body is much weaker than usual, and it can't handle trauma like this.” Her hazel eyes filled with pity. “I know it's hard for you to be so limited, but I need you Kale. You can't just throw yourself into battle so carelessly with such high chances that you get killed.”


“Destiny,” I sat up and placed my hand on the side of her face tenderly. “I'm not going anywhere. I promise. I'm here for you.” She leaned forward and pressed her tepid lips against mine for a kiss. I kissed her back feverishly and let our lips mold together in a act of passion. The surprising heat ran into my veins, taking over the pain and replacing it with warm pleasure. But Destiny pulled away too early for me to really get a taste of her, which was unusual.


“Lets get you back inside before you pass out. We'll talk later.” She whispered, standing up, pulling me with her. I wanted to argue, but she was right. It didn't hurt anymore—my messed up blood stopped pain from lasting long—but I did feel like my lids had gotten extremely heavy. She encircled her arm around my waist and lead me down the alley back towards the apartment building where we were staying.


My feet were like bricks; dragging below me with a raucous sound as I uselessly stumbled forwards. A thick haze was beginning to curtain over my eyes and blanket my senses. Destiny was right when she had said I was weaker. A month ago those people would be dead, and I would still have all my energy left to do anything I wanted. But ever since the battle against Faust a few weeks ago I hadn't been the same.


For the first two weeks after the battle I was sure I was hell rotting away in hell because I was in more pain and agony than I though humanly possible. I figured that the stab to my heart had killed me. But in reality I had just been suffering in a secluded apartment where Destiny had dragged me after she had woken up dazed and disorientated. We still hadn't talked over what had happened, or how my blood had miraculously saved her, and I was thankful for that because I had no idea what so ever how it had happened. But somehow I survived, and I was just forced to suffer unbearable pain for a while. In fact, I was still supposed to be in bed because the wound to my chest was still controlling my limitations. But I just couldn't restrain myself today.


“Don't fall asleep on me yet...” Destiny grunted as she forced open the back door of the apartment and dragged my forward. I was already to deep in slumber to reply to her. She pulled me into the elevator, and leaned me against the wall as she hit the button for floor 3. The jolt of the elevator as it began to move up made me wake up—a little.


The ride was brief; only about thirty seconds. Then there was a joyful ding and the doors slid open to reveal a battered hallway. Destiny re-wrapped her arm around me and we began the walk towards the second room on the left. She pushed the door open, and if it hadn't been for my intoxication I would have snapped at her for leaving the door unlocked. But since I was too tired to talk I just put it on my mental to-do list.


A few feet from the door she dropped me into my haven—into my bed. The mattress squeaked as I plopped my body down on it and closed my eyes instinctively willing myself into slumber.


“Rest now Kale, and don't you ever do that to me again.” Destiny whispered from above me. “I can't loose you.” She briskly pressed her lips against my forehead for a kiss, and then her footsteps left my side. The dream world took over then—and memories from the last two days took over my mind as I drifted to sleep.



Damp sweat beaded my forehead and brow as I grunted helplessly on the cheap twin mattress of the bed. Agony. Pure, excruciating, full on agony flooded every part of my body. From my head to my toes I was just a vessel of the deepest kind of pain. The kind that even a god sent angel would fall mercy to. It was a constant, pending weight crushing on my chest every time I dared to breath. For every slight movement I made, another boulder was dropped onto me from above. I didn't even fight against the hot tears when they began to pour out of my eyes anymore.


My blood felt it was flowing the wrong way—working against my body instead of with it. Everything inside of me was backwards right now. I should have been dead—I almost wanted to be dead. But something had forbid it, and here I was battling the greatest foe of my existence. I would have given up ages ago if it hadn't been for her. For my sweet Destiny who egged me on through it all. She held my clammy hand in hers and whispered words of encouragement in my ears when the darkness began to fade it.


I cried. I screamed. I begged for mercy on my body. But nothing came other than more waves of heat and terror one after another. Excessive amounts of time had passed; this I knew, but as for how much—I didn't know. I didn't even know where I was or what had happened. All I knew that was me and Destiny were together and that was really all that mattered.


 “Keep fighting Kale.” Destiny whispered from somewhere beyond the crashing waves of hurt. I wanted to answer her and tell her that I would always fight for her no matter what, but if I tried to move my mouth a fountain of blood would spurt from between my lips and fall across my face. There was nothing I could now except for fight. All I could do was stay alive for the sake of love. For the sake of humanity. For the sake of her.




“Is it over?” I whispered in a hoarse and crackly voice. Destiny ran her fingers across my cheekbones up to my forehead, and brushed my dripping wet hair out of my face. The coldness of her touch was the best thing I had felt in what seemed forever. The extreme heat that had held my body hostage for the last few days was finally breaking with her frosty touch.


“Yes Kale, it's over.” She sobbed, and I heard the thickness of tears in her voice. She leaned down, and I finally saw her face. The feeling that rendered over my body was like the feeling that I had been blind up to now. Like her face was a beaker of light in the never ending darkness. She pressed her soft lips against mine and kissed me.


The surprise would have knocked me off my feet if I had been standing. The pleasure, and static of her kiss overtook the pain in my body and flushed it away. No longer did I want to cry out in agony, but instead I wanted to rejoice in happiness. Only heartfelt warmth was left running in my body. I kissed her back as well as I could—which was weakly with my sudden lack of strength—and continued to kiss her until I was out of breath. She pulled away and nuzzled her head into the crevice of my neck. My pulse beat against her face quickly reminding her that I was still alive.


“I love you.” I murmured, trying to wean myself to wrap my arms around her, but I had not energy left at all.


“I love you too.” She replied. And that was all I needed to fall into a deep and dreamless slumber that my mind had called for, for so long.





“I think it's time for my sponge bath!” I called out innocently. Destiny rolled her coffee brown eyes at me from across the room and her lips twisted into a smile.


“I remember back when you were just sleeping and not annoying me every five seconds.” She muttered, turning back to the table full of pill bottles, cremes, and bandages. Basically everything I had been living off of for the last few days. She grabbed a handful of colorful pills in her hand and a glass of water. She slowly waded towards me, stopping at the side of the bed.


“You know, it gets awfully boring in here all day. I've got to crack a few jokes to keep my mental state good.” I defended. She knelt on the bed beside me, being very careful not the jostle the bed at all.


“Your mental state was out the door weeks ago.” She retorted.


“Oh, so your a little sarcastic gal now? Huh?” I challenged, painfully pulling myself into a slight sitting position. She smiled wistfully and passed me the fistful of pills. They were all different sizes, shapes, and colors yet, all of them equally distasteful looking. I dropped them in my mouth—ignoring the bitter the taste, took the water from her, and drained it all into my mouth. The pulls went down, leaving a scuttling feeling in my throat.


“Uh...” I droned, closing my eyes and falling back into the dented part of the pillow where I put my head every day.


“Let's see how the wound is today.”She sighed. She unbuttoned my shirt slowly, and peeled it from my chest. Then her tender fingers un-knotted the bloodstained bandage from around my wound. Just like every time she undressed it;she gasped. I used to look down at my self inflicted cut and have the same reaction. It would make me dizzy and lightheaded and sometimes even make me pass out. But for the last few times I had just kept my eyes closed while she worked on it. I didn't want to see the single thing that made me so pitifully weak.


She began to rub her fingers around the cut, soothing the irritated skin down. I smiled in my daze and let the shooting feeling of pleasure take over my veins. Her touch made me want to melt into her fingers and cease to be torn away from her.


“What are trying to initiate here?” I hinted jokingly. Destiny scoffed.


“I will never understand how you can be so cocky even when your on the brink of death.”


“Yes, well I won't let something like death keep me from third base...” I trailed. Her nails dug into my skin grudgingly, and I laughed weakly at her.


“How about you focus more on recovery? We can't hid out in this apartment forever.” She said seriously, and I knew she was right. The sooner I got well—the better. Everyday without me hunting was a day where more soulblazers were being created. Humanity couldn't live long without me. No one could live long without me. Cocky? Maybe. But it was true all the same. I felt somewhere in the pit of my stomach that this cover of darkness was almost over. There was a new beginning coming. And it was coming soon.




 “Kale? Kale, wake up!” Destiny's voice was strained and urgent as she shook my body. I groaned, and slapped her arm away. I muttered something incoherent and squeezed my eyes shut tighter. The haze of sleep wasn't ready to release me yet, and I wasn't ready to leave. But Destiny was persistent. “Kale, get up right now. I'm serious. We have a visitor.” She hissed.


I jolted into a sitting position, sending a wave of vertigo over my body. My eyes peeled open and I was blinded for a single second as my eyes focused. “What?” Destiny sat on the bed next to me, her face creased with worry. Behind her, a strange girl I had never seen before in my life was standing confidently in the middle of the room, staring expectantly at me.


She looked about 5'9, with a fragile and extremely thin body that reminded me vaguely of Sonea. She had inky black hair that was down to her shoulders, but it wasn't completely black—there were platinum white streaks in the frontal part framing her face. Her eyes were an ashen gray, and hidden behind massive amounts of black makeup. She wore all black clothing that covered every inch of her despite her neck and face. She had a rough looking, army green backpack slung over her shoulder that seemed to be bursting full. She raised a black eyebrow up at me as if to signal that she knew I was judging her. Yes, she definitely reminded me of Sonea.


“Who is this?” I whispered, though I knew the strange girl could hear me.


“This is—“ Destiny began but the girl cut her off with the wave of her hand. She stepped towards me and grinned.


“My name is Jezabel, and I'm here to save you from your father, your mistakes, and mostly death.” She shrugged. “No big deal.”



*All charactors and plot are mine

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