The Twilight Saga

Fallen Angel…

By: Mikki M. Hatfield


Sarah Anne, was dead. She died a tortured soul. She met the Cullen’s right after Alice and Jasper joined them. She told them her story and they helped her win her fight with the Council. Now that the Volturi are after Reneesme, they need her help….Jacob never imprinted on Reneesme. What happens when he sees a certain angel???


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Character Info

Fallen Angel



Sarah Anne Banks

Biographical Information:

Born: October Seventeenth, 1910 in Wales, England

Alias’: Sarah, Murphy, Hell on Wheels

Physical Description:

Species: Fallen Angel/Human

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Skin: Pale/Olive (in end)

Height: 5’’9, 5’’4 and a half (in end)

Build: Slender, Thin (in end)


Chapter One

The Call

Sarah’s Pov

I was walking to get my mail when I felt her presence. Alice. We had kept in touch over the years. I owed her and the Cullen’s my life. I turned around and cocked my head to the side. She smiled at me faintly. She seemed worried.


“Hi, Sarah.”

She wrapped her short arms around me and I said,

“What are you doing here?”

“I need your help, Sarah.”

“What with?”

Whatever it was, I would say yes in a heartbeat. Like I said, I owed them.

“We should talk inside.”

After we got inside, we stood staring at each other. At last she explained it all. She told me of Edward’s wife, their child, the Volturi, and how she needed my help defeating them. She told me of the wolves and the many vampires in their sitting room. Obviously I asked,

“If you have so much help, why do you need me?”

“You have such a tremendous gift, Sarah. I need you. They need you. Please?”

I smiled at her and said,

“Count me in. But…you didn’t have to come all the way to Wales, you could’ve called.”

“Drastic times call for drastic measures.”

I smiled and laughed aloud as she handed me a ticket to Seattle.

“I already knew you’d say yes. Well…not until I got on the plane.”


“I can’t see anything with the wolves around. If I try with Nessie there, I get a headache.”

“Vampires get headaches? Now I’ve heard everything…”

After we were in Port Angeles, I saw Jasper waiting by a yellow Porsche.

“Yours?” I asked, already knowing my answer.

“Yup! Ain’t she a beaut?”

I sat in the back and took in the familiar lush scenery until we hit the Cullen’s house. Jasper was gone in a snap, but Alice walked with me. I saw a flood of red-eyed vampires and blinked a few times.

“I told you,” she said.


She smiled and I asked,

“What are the werewolves like?”


“Just curious. Always have been. You know that.”

“Yeah…They’re being really nice about helping. They stink to high heaven, but…I guess we don’t exactly smell the greatest…”

She kept babbling, so I interrupted by saying,

“I’m gonna take a peek upstairs.”

I got my wings out and flew up to Edward’s balcony. I tucked them away and saw Edward, his daughter, and who I assumed to be his wife. He stood up and said,

“Sarah! So, Alice talked you into helping.”

“Like I would say no. Who’s this?”

‘Bella’ glanced at me and Edward said,

“Oh! Sarah, this is my wife Bella and my daughter Ness-Reneesme. Bella, this is an old friend, Sarah.”

I noticed she was panicky, who wouldn’t be, and I calmed her down a bit.

“It’s all right, I’m here to help.” Bella smiled faintly and I waved at Nessie. I looked at Edward and said,

“I’m going to say hi to Esme, be back soon.”

I ran down the stairs and bumped into a tall stranger. And I do mean bumped. I fell clear across the floor and hit my head on a banister. I heard a deeper voice say,

“I’m sorry.”

I wasn’t looking at him, and he wasn’t looking at me.

I glanced at him and he looked down at me. His eyes widened, his lip quivered and he blinked rapidly a few times. I looked into his black eyes and felt a chill go down my spine. I felt something…a zing? Yes…I felt a zing the instant I looked into his eyes. I bit my lip as I took another look. He swallowed hard and I managed to get out,

“Oh no, it’s all right. I’m a klutz.”

He laughed and said,

“Well, no harm, no foul, no bruise.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to change licenses or proof of insurance?” I joked.


“It…was a joke. Not a very good one at that…” I started mumbling.

He smiled a lopsided grin and a part of me died inside. I faintly heard Bella’s footsteps and realized we were both still on the ground. I wanted to look up, but…I couldn’t. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“What happened?” I heard Bella’s voice say.

“Just took a little spill, Bells. She’s clumsier than you are.”

I smiled faintly and forced myself to look up at Bella.

“Everything’s all right, Bella.”

She gave me a look that I didn’t know what it meant. I shook it off and watched her flit up the stairs. I turned back to the tall stranger who was already standing up and offering his hand. I grabbed it and smiled at how warm it was. He was defintiley a werewolf. I let go of it, with much hesitation and he said,

“I’m Jacob, by the way. Jacob Black.”

I nodded and he said,

“And you are…”

“Oh! Right…I’m Sarah Banks. It’s…really nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

“I need to…….go for a second.”

“Right. I’ll see you around?”


Jake! I need your help up here!” I heard Bella call.

I ran off and thought of my encounter with this amazing person…


I actually like this. 

A lot. I want to read more! 

Post soon! :)

Aw, thanks... Working on the next chapter. Probably will b posted in one-two days so by the 27th

It's the 4th... No installment. :'(


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