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Seth and Sapphire who is Bella and Jacob's daughter have been friends for ever, she has feelings for him but is broken when she finds out he does not feel the same for her, she soon finds her self in Jared's arms who Imprinted on her, or did he? On their weeding day she has doubts about it but goes through with it, only to find her self breaking down with Jared, as they hit rock bottom. Will Seth realise he Imprinted on her before its too late and she stays with Jared forever?


Chapter 1~Truth

Chapter 2~Hurt

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I love the summary, especially because Jacob & Bella are together and Seth and Embry have to fight for a girl (probably). And I like Victoria Justice (from vicTORIous). I hope that Jacob and Bella will have a say in this (just a little of course) and that Sapphire makes the right choice :D But what is the right choice if you don't know how the characters are in this story? HOPE TO READ THE FIRST CHAPTER SOON!

lol wow that's for the big comment and Its Jared and Seth lol, Embry is her uncle in this that'd be bit wierd if she married him lol, and you'll find out soon how the story turns out

Ow!! Oops! I just thought that... never mind! I always confuse Embry and Jared. WEIRD?! :D But I love the idea and hope that it will be here soon enough. :)

lol its fine, yeah everyone seems to confuse those two, I was gonna pick Embry but then no one writes about Jared much so I picked him as the other guy Sapphire loves. thank you, the idea just popped into my head lol

Umm you haven;t mention Embry up there? :/

Embry is her Uncle so he's not in the love trianle

love it keep writing.!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad you do, working on chapter 1

It sounds interesting you should keep it going :)

Thank you, I will keep you posted if you want

Sounds great! :) Keep me updated!

will do :)


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