The Twilight Saga

I am so high; I can hear Heaven. But Heaven. No, Heaven don't hear me.


And they say that a hero could save us. I'm not gonna stand here and wait. I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles. Watch as they all fly away.





The Great War. It still haunts me to this day. The images of those I watched be killed and those I myself killed never leave my mind.


It has been a month since I landed on this rechid place. The very reason the War took place. It was like being sent down to Hell. But I knew the only true Hell livd inside each and every one of us who had gathered to support Morningstar.


How could we defy our Creator? I asked myself that question every day. But there was an even more important question that needed to be answered.


Why did He turn his back on us?


I still didn't understand. The great Lord had created this place called Earth. Then he wanted us to be slaves to the pathetic humans! That was why the war started. Morningstar, His most faithful servant, felt betrayed. He took a stand, gathering followers like myself.


The Great War went on for a long time. Hours? Days? Months? Years? I don't know. All I know is that I killed many of my own bretheren. And now we have been banished to this place called Earth.


Many of the Fallen have settled down and even mated with some of the humans. I did the same at one point. But as soon as the baby girl was born, I fled. I had seen what she would become. And I wanted to leave her in the capable hands of her father.


I had bigger problems to worry about than a baby. The Powers, the angels God had sent down to punish us for our crimes against Him, were tracking me. But I was elusive. They had yet to catch me.



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This story was inspired by The Fallen by Thomas Sneigoski.


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I like it. I need your help okay. I need a banner for my story and I don't know how to make one can you help me.
lol maybe its coz u hav INFINITE SUPPLIES of banners and they're AWESOME! btw i like this story 1 more day of school then i can read MJ and the Fallen
is Minn and Co a website or a group
this is great, i already like it, post more soon
I love it!
i love it!
it's awesome!!!! write it soon!
awesome :)
love it Nina :) I think Camael is cool :D
cool :D
really good !!!
Its interesting :)


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