The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Hi Peace*Love*Twilight,


I know everyone is desperate to know but I am waiting a little while to reveal - the two of them will be exploring their relationship a little before that little hiccup is addressed :)

Thanks for reading and enjoying




Thnaks Honeste,


I will keep you posted.





Chapter Three

BPOV - What once was.

The reality of being in Australia was way beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. We had arrived earlier this morning after spending 17 and a half gruelling hours on planes and a 3 hour layover in San Francisco. The early flight in to Sydney meant that we had only been able to dump our bags at the hotel we were staying at for the next week, as our rooms had not been ready, and we were now exploring the sights of the city while we waited for our keys to be handed over. Everyone had split into smaller groups and had headed in different directions. Of course I found myself with the regular crew with the addition of Bree and Sam, who had chosen to come along with us.

“This is pretty awesome, isn’t it?” Alice questioned as she sat comfortably between the legs of Jasper and swivelled her head from side to side to take in everything around her. We were sitting in a small park on the edge of the harbour in a spot where we could see the Opera House opposite us and the Harbour Bridge a little to our left above us. It was a clear, beautiful, sunny, winters day. Ferries were moving in and out of the quay, carrying their passengers to places yet unknown to us; buskers entertained the masses as people walked past or stopped in curiosity; workers went about their usual lunchtime procedures whilst tourists such as ourselves allowed the atmosphere to envelope us in its newness.

We all agreed with her in one way or another; nodding or speaking our thoughts out loud. It was amazing that yesterday we had been living our normal lives in Seattle and now we were sitting by the harbour in a country on the other side of the world ready to embark on a whole new challenge.

“I’m glad we got to see this before we headed up to Queensland,” Ben made a sweeping motion to include everything we could see around us. “I’ve always wanted to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge up close and personal.”

“I didn’t realise the harbour was going to be so lovely,” Angela sighed with contentment.

“We definitely need to get out onto the water,” I agreed whole heartedly with Angela’s appraisal of what was in front of us. “I bet it would be lovely at night.”

“So romantic,” Alice swooned with a quick glance at her boyfriend who gave her a wink back.

“Looks like there are some expectations there Jasper; a romantic evening out on the water for you two love birds at some point. Probably for you and Ang too hey Ben. If only the rest of us were so lucky.” Edward teased light-heartedly and everyone but me laughed. I felt the familiar tug of resentment that resulted in me speaking before thinking.

“Is that all you think about Edward; getting lucky? There’s more to romance than that you know?” I spoke through clenched teeth and he was immediately on the defensive.

“At what point in that conversation did I say anything about sex Bella. Gees will you give me a break. I know what romance is and I appreciate that Jasper and Alice, along with Angela and Ben have some in their lives.” Exasperation rolled off Edward in waves. “Why do you have to turn everything I say into some hidden slur?”
“Um, might want to........”

I heard Emmett speaking but all my attention was now on Edward. Lack of sleep and the exhaustion of travel made me less capable of control and Edward was one who knew how to push all my buttons even if he wasn’t aware of it.

“Psht. You wouldn’t know romance if it knocked you over the head, Edward.”

Edward leaned in towards me with ill concealed anger written all over his face. “I guess you wouldn’t know what my romantic capabilities are Bella because you were the one who stood ME up and chose NOT to find out one way or another.”

My own body leant towards his so that I could snarl into his face and make it quite clear what I thought of his statement. “I chose to NOT become one of your conquests Edward; I didn’t want to be that person who you threw away when you had got what you wanted from them and didn’t need them around anymore.”

His eyes widened at my accusation and for a brief moment in time it was just the two of us facing one another off; breathing accelerated and red faces displaying our anger. When a nervous ahem broke through our confrontation I quickly jumped to my feet and avoided looking at the rest of my friends. They had just witnessed way too much for my liking. “You know what? This is a useless discussion and I’m not having it. I will be back in a minute.” I blindly turned away from the group and marched towards the spot where the ferries were mooring. I needed a little time away from his presence so that I could calm myself down again. Unfortunately Edward had not got that memo and I hadn’t taken too many steps before he was next to me and grabbing at my arm. I nervously looked back at Alice and the others who were attempting to pretend they weren’t interested in what we were doing. Edward moved us further away from them so he could have his say.

“No way Bella. You make all these accusations and then you never follow through with them. You hate my guts but you’ve never had the decency to explain why. We were getting on so well; extremely well if you had have asked me. You said yes when I asked you out and then when it came to the crunch, YOU stood ME up and from then on you’ve treated me as some kind of pariah. What changed? What one earth did I do? Because the way I see it I should be angry with you, not the other way around; after all I was the one who was rejected and treated like dirt.”

His words put me on edge and made me think back to the time he was talking about. I looked into his eyes and wondered how they could look so clear of guilt when he had to have worked out that I somehow knew his secrets........that I knew what he had done and that was why I had not gone through with our date. Surely he was intelligent enough to put two and two together and come to the correct conclusion. It confused me that he was able to maintain this constant pretence that he had done nothing wrong. He obviously believed he had got away with his appalling behaviour since no one had called him out on it.

“Please Bella. Think back to the time we met and then explain to me how it went wrong. I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to fix it but I really need to know the ‘what’ in order to work out the ‘how’. Our friends over there,” he pointed towards our group of curious bystanders “deserve better than walking on eggshells for a whole year because you and I can’t get on. I’m not asking you to marry me; I merely want us to be civil to one another.”

With his entreaty came the memories and for a brief moment in time I was taken back to a place where Edward was new to me…………and had been immediately appealing.


“I am so excited,” Alice was literally bouncing up and down on the chair as she craned her neck to try and see over the crowd of people in front of us. A near impossible feat for someone who was as small as Alice. Angela and I smirked at one another at the way our friend was fidgeting.

“Really? I wouldn’t have known.” I said with amused sarcasm. My look around the room was much more casual because, unlike my best friend, I wasn’t waiting for a special someone to walk through the door. The place was pumping already with loud music and laughter ringing throughout the club. Angela, Ben, Alice and I had been here for about half an hour and were waiting for Jasper and Emmett to arrive with their special guest who they had picked up from the airport earlier this evening. I hadn’t been entirely sure that he would want to be whisked from an airport straight to a nightclub for socialising after making a reasonably long flight but Alice had assured me that he would be more than happy to join us and none of us were intending on making it a big night anyway.

“So your cousin is just that cool is he?” Angela laughed. “How long has it been since you’ve seen him Ali?”

“Oh, not that long really. Mum, dad and I went to New York a few months ago to visit the family but this is exciting because he is coming back for good. Dad has been trying for the past couple of years to convince him to come back here to study and he has finally succumbed to good reason.”

I’d heard the story before, along with all of Alice’s concerns about her cousin and her fear that he wouldn’t achieve his dreams because it went against what his father wanted for him, but Angela hadn’t so Alice explained everything to her and Ben as I sipped my drink quietly. Alice and Edward had been close growing up; both being the only child to their respective parents. When Edward Snr had been offered some big corporate job in New York he had packed up his family to move, much to the consternation of the cousins. This had happened in junior year of high school and the two of them had to be happy with constant emailing, phone calls and the occasional visit. I had missed meeting Edward by mere weeks as I had moved to Seattle to be with my father a month after his family had left, but I had made fast friends with Alice and in turn Emmett because they were never apart during school and as it turned out even in college, and the two of them had taken me under their wings. Once school was finished Edward had enrolled at university to become a doctor, much to his father’s disappointment. Edward Snr wanted Edward to be a high flying corporate manager, who would be willing to take over the business when his father was ready to retire. To Edward snr, Edward was making a bad choice in being a doctor and it hadn’t helped that his own brother, Carlisle was encouraging his son to go with his heart instead of his head. Obviously it had been a difficult time for Edward in New York with the constant harassment from his father to make a different choice and he had decided that he was going to cross the country and get back to his original roots in order to finish his doctor training in a more calm and encouraging environment. As a well known and respected doctor and professor at Seattle university, Edward had looked up to his uncle Carlisle and felt he would be a more positive role model than his own father. Thus we were about to be graced by the cousin that I had heard so much about, from both Alice and his best friend Emmett, as he completed his doctor training at our university.

“It’s my turn for the bar. Orders anyone?” I questioned once the story of Edward had been completed and Ben and Angela were asking their own questions. Once I was armed with their orders I made my way through the crowd and waited for my turn.

The bar was busy so quite a bit of time had passed before I had the drinks in my hands. I gingerly turned in the hopes of not being my usual clumsy self and tripping over and as I did so I gave a cursory glance towards the door which resulted in a slight warble of my legs and a quick intake of breath.

My god that man is beautiful!

Amazingly I kept myself together and managed to keep upright as my eyes roved over the man who had just walked in, looking like a god incarnate. Everything about him screamed out perfection; from his long jean clad legs to the well muscled arms that peaked out from the rolled up sleeves to the broad shoulders and then .......don’t even get me started on his face. The chiselled angular features of his face were tempered by the softness of his plump lips and the eyes; oh my the eyes were the heavenliest shade of emerald green I had ever seen which seemed to twinkle as he looked my way…….

Oh no, my way, which meant……..

…….I had just been caught ogling.

The heat rose to my cheeks but I couldn’t look away. There was something familiar about him that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. He gave me a half smile from across the room, that made me inwardly groan and it reminded me that I should be moving, not standing there staring as if I had never seen an attractive guy before. I forced my legs to move and after a couple of steps reality began to set in and I took in our surroundings more clearly. The godlike creature who had walked through the door and knocked me for a six, on looks only, was not alone. Bringing up the rear were two men I knew well, Emmett and Jasper and that told me everything I needed to know. If I hadn’t been certain of his identity now I most definitely was after a high pitched squeal of excitement echoed through the bar and within seconds Alice had thrown herself at the slightly bemused guy as she hugged him enthusiastically. Luckily he had some strength behind that lithe body of his otherwise he would have been catapulted back out the door with their collision.


Jasper and Emmett both clapped Edward on the shoulder to give their condolences for Alice’s over dramatic welcome in such a public area. Words were exchanged although I was too far away to hear them but Alice was clearly happy from the huge smile that graced her face. Jasper reached out for Alice and she was immediately in his arms so that he could give her a brief hello kiss. She began to motion the three of them over to the table we had been saving where Angela and Ben were watching the interaction with amusement and all of them started heading in that direction. I took in a deep breath, realising that I was going to have to bite the bullet and return there too for my introduction to the mighty Edward. I was suddenly nervous. If this guy could have such a profound impact from across a crowded room how was I going to react when I was close and his presence wasn’t diluted? My question was answered within seconds when he turned from his course to the table, mumbling something to Alice who looked at me and beamed, and then made his way back to where I was standing in uncertainty.

“Bella, right?” His voice was so smooth and rich in tone that I almost forgot that he was talking to me.

“Um, yeah, I…….how did you know?” My incoherent response only made him smile encouragingly at me. He gently took the tray of drinks off me and balanced them so that he could reach out a free hand to engulf my small hand in his.

“Hi. I’m Edward. Alice’s cousin,” I nodded and he continued. “You’re Alice’s best friend and she has shown me pictures.” He shrugged a little as if that explained everything. The familiarity from earlier made sense now because of course I had seen pictures of him too; apparently I was just way too dazzled to take in that information properly. “You know Alice and her enthusiasm for the people she loves. I have heard a whole heap about you Bella Swan and it’s lovely to have met you finally.” A crooked smile lit up his face and if I had been dazzled before I was nearly catatonic now with how expressive his eyes were and how delectably kissable those lips would be if given a chance. I winced internally realising that I was again checking this guy out and probably embarrassing myself by drooling. I gave myself an inner shake and forced myself to speak.

“Of course, I should have known,” I smiled at him and motioned to the drinks he held balanced on his oh so toned arm. “Um….thanks for your help and ah…’s nice to meet you too,”

A lazy chuckle escaped his lips but his eyes held mine with an intensity that was doing funny things to my stomach. “Shall we?” He asked lightly and turned to signal with his free arm that I should go ahead of him. The whole way back to the table I could feel his proximity even though there was no touch involved at all. I was sure my face was a bright red colour by the time we got back to the table but no one mentioned anything and I quickly found myself a seat next to Emmett whilst Edward handed out the drinks I had got for the four original members of the table. I wasn’t really listening as Alice made her introductions between Edward and Ben and Angela because I was way too engrossed in my own thoughts of how I was so completely enthralled with a man I had just met and that was completely out of character for me. I had never ever had the litany of feelings before that were now invading my consciousness and seemingly awakening dormant emotions that I truly never expected to have. Edward’s impact in a matter of minutes had been consuming and frightening. I had to get a control of myself before I embarrassed myself completely.

Edward’s trip back to the bar to get something for himself, Jasper and Emmett, gave me a moment of reprieve to sort through what I was doing here. When Alice made a comment about me meeting her cousin I simply nodded and smiled hoping that she would not read anything into my sudden silence. The people around me were teasing one another and talking about the usual subjects; Edward’s arrival, university, parties that had been enjoyed and the list went on. The whole time I concentrated all my attention on not turning my head, the way I actually wanted to, to watch one Edward Cullen make his way to and from a bar. Even though I didn’t allow myself to look at him I knew the exact moment when he approached our table before he had actually even spoken; the thrumming in the air told me exactly where he was at. This whole awareness was putting me on tenterhooks; it was so outside my experience of interactions with men that I was extremely confused.

Emmett shuffled over on the seat we shared and indicated that I should do the same so that Edward could sit next to me. With a mild sense of panic I felt Edward’s movements as he took his seat and when the side of his thigh accidentally pressed against mine it was all I could do not to gasp at the touch. Edward’s eyes darted to my face with a look of surprise and then averted them again with a mumbled sorry. He subtly rearranged himself so that he wasn’t pressing against me anymore but I could still feel the heat of his body and I was mesmerised by the fact that he seemed to be swallowing hard before he joined in on the conversation. Maybe he had felt that surge of sensation as well? Surely that was not normal?

As the evening progressed I found myself relaxing more and joining in with the general chitchat. Edward seemed to be fitting in really well with the whole group and on many occasions his interactions with Emmett and Alice had me in stitches. On the few occasions where our bodies came into some kind of contact I noticed that he sent me furtive glances and I wondered again if he was feeling the electrical undercurrents that occurred with each and every one of them. Nothing was said and he shared his attentiveness between every single person at our table so I couldn’t say that he was interested in me or not. I wasn’t even sure what I would do with that interest if it were to occur.

The night ended all too soon and our group parted in good spirits. Edward was going to be staying with Alice and Jasper who had recently moved in together, for a short while until he found his own accommodation. Emmett, Ben, Angela and I all had separate dorm rooms on campus that we returned to together. I went to bed that night wondering at the sudden and all encompassing images that I had of Edward Cullen and when I finally slept it was with his eyes firmly engrained in my head and no doubt in my dreams.

Over the next few weeks our friendship bloomed but always under it was the ever present attraction that seemed to taunt me with its voracity. As a group we spent many times together, sometimes at a club, sometimes helping Edward find a new home and eventually helping his move in once it was found. Throughout it all Edward was the epitomy of a gentleman, lots of fun and consideration. We fell into a routine of classes, friendly interactions, study and a whole lot of fun when we were all together. I began to realise that I wanted more from Edward; I yearned for him to ask me out and maybe explore the deep seeded need I had to be with him alone but it never happened. He was always perfectly polite and enjoyable to be around and there were often times when he looked at me as if he wanted to say something but never followed through. He wouldn’t cross that line from casual friendship to something more and I was beginning to wonder if the buzz between us was completely one sided; that it was only me that felt the anticipation of seeing him so strongly or if the touches that happened on occasion weren’t as electric to him as they were for me. We got on really well; there was no disputing that but it was always within the group and never, ever alone.

Two months after Edward’s arrival life became more hectic and we did not see Edward, Angela or Ben as often as usual due to their courses heating up and the high level of study they needed to undertake. I heard from Alice and Emmett that Edward was settling into the course really well and that he seemed to be achieving high marks and a whole lot of respect from his professors. His determination to do well at something that he loved was appealing to me and regardless of the amount of time his course took away from us as a group I was happy to know that his goal of becoming a doctor was getting closer every day. I couldn’t help but wonder if anything would change between us when we finally got back to being able to see each other on a more consistent basis again. I had even talked myself into maybe asking him out, rather than the other way around because I was now sure that I wanted more from him and it didn’t seem that he was going to take the first step. Absence apparently did make the heart grow fonder and I was to learn that that was the case for him as well; well at least I thought that was the truth of it at the time.

I was readying myself for a night in, watching movies, with my room mate Jess, when my phone rang and a spark of excitement rushed through me when I saw the Id register. I held my hand up to Jessica and motioned that I would be a few minutes as I took the call into my room, leaving her to make the final decision about which movie we would watch first. Jessica had seemed a bit down lately and I had forgone a night out with Alice so that I could offer any support she might need from me. I had a feeling she had guy troubles but she had been pretty tight lipped about even actually seeing anyone so I was a little unsure about how I could help her except to distract her with a girly night in.

I answered my phone with familiar butterflies somersaulting around my stomach. As soon as I heard his voice I found myself calming as his velvet tones enveloped me.

“Hi Edward. Long time, no hear or see,” I teased to try and cover my ridiculous reaction to him calling.

“Hey Bella.” He stated and I could hear the amusement in his voice. “I totally agree. It has been a long time and I guess that is why I am ringing.” He paused as his tone suddenly turned from amused to kind of nervous sounding.

“Oh,” His hesitation was making me feel a little self conscious. “Um I know you’ve been pretty busy with study and all so don’t let it worry you.”

“Well I was kind of expecting to see you tonight along with Alice and the others.” Was that disappointment I could now hear? I remained silent as he continued. “Um, yeah I gave myself a last minute night off tonight and well I was hoping to see you…….. because I…….ah… that is…. Well you’re not here and I kind of wish……….”

His stumbling was kind of cute and I smiled against my phone, knowing he couldn’t see it and be embarrassed even more. “Edward?”

I could almost feel the audible exhale of his breath before the next words escaped in a rush. “I miss you Bella. I hate that I haven’t seen you for all these weeks except to give you a quick hello when we pass one another. I keep thinking I should call you and then I stop myself because I’m meant to be studying and making sure I fit in with all the new requirements of me changing universities half way through the semester and I know that as soon as I talk to you that I won’t want to stop and that would be a distraction that I can’t afford; a good distraction of course but still a distraction and tonight I gave in to what I actually want only to find that you weren’t coming out with the rest of the group and basically.........I wish you were here.”

I stifled the giggle I could feel welling up in my throat. Edward had just made it very clear that he was thinking of me and that he wanted me around. The thought was more than pleasant.

“I just called you a distraction didn’t I?” Edward groaned softly and this time I couldn’t keep the chuckle down.

“I believe you did,” I answered with a huge smile on my face that he couldn’t see.

“Probably not the best thing to say to someone you are trying to impress,” Edward ascertained wryly.

“Well lucky for you I am going to take it as a compliment and simply let you know that I miss you too, although I fully understand how busy you are right now and I would never want to be a distraction to you getting what you want from your career.”

A sigh of relief echoed through the telephone and I wished I was where he was so I could match his expression to the sounds he was making. “I don’t suppose you could change your plans and meet up with us? Alice said you are spending time with another friend; maybe she would like to meet up with us too?”

I was conflicted. Edward was finally reaching out to me and there was a possibility that he was doing so in more than friendship. I desperately wanted to race out and see him face to face but I had promised Jess a night in and I already knew she would not want to go out since I had tried to encourage her to do so earlier this afternoon before I had confirmed with Alice that I wouldn’t be going out tonight, and she had been adamant about staying put. With a heavy heart I said the words that went against my actual wishes.

“I’m sorry Edward, truly but I can’t do that tonight. My roommate needs a bit of TLC and I made a promise to stay with her and try and brighten her night. I’ve already asked her to come out tonight and she refused. She’s having a hard time of it. I wish I could though, I really do.” Hopefully he would get the message that in any other circumstances I would want to be out with him. I didn’t want to ruin my chances with him before I had even been given a go.

A touch of despondency coloured Edward’s response and it almost made me change my mind entirely. “That’s okay Bella. I knew it was a long shot given your prior arrangements and I wouldn’t expect anything less than you being there for your friend when she needs you; that’s what makes you you.” My face heated up with his compliment and I almost lost track of what he was saying. “I hope she feels better soon”

“I hope so too,” I said into the phone and then decided to take the bull by the horns and make it clear how disappointed I was with the outcome. “But Edward I am really, really sorry that I can’t meet up with you. It would have been nice to spend some time with you. I hope we get to do so soon.”

Silence followed my declaration and for a moment I thought I had done the wrong thing in saying those things to him. I brought the palm of my hand up to my forehead in an attempt to rub some of my anxiety away but then Edward spoke and things were right again.

“So would that mean that if I was to ask you out on say.....a date.....just the two of us.....that you might consider it?” Edward’s nerves were in full force again. He was using playfulness to hide them but I could still hear it in his voice. Was he seriously worried that I would say no to him? I couldn’t imagine a single woman anywhere having the gall to say no to him.

“I would probably consider it, yes.” I said in a soft acceptance of his question.

“Really? You would?”

“Yes Edward. I would love to go out with you,” I laughed at his disbelief. How could anyone who was so amazingly good looking, intelligent and confident be worried about getting an affirmative answer from a plain jane such as myself. It didn’t seem possible that he had even asked but I was going to go with it anyway. As long as it resulted with us spending some quality time together I was not going to think about the machinations of it

The rest of our conversation was spent making arrangements on the where and when of this date. When I finally admitted to Edward that I needed to go so that I wasn’t neglecting Jessica he apologised profusely but still sounded extremely happy as we hung up the phone. I had to admit I was pretty ecstatic myself and had a hard time hiding it when I returned to the small lounger area of our dorm to see Jessica staring listlessly at the blank TV screen. She startled a little but then gave me an attempt at a smile.

“Everything okay?” She questioned in an overly bright voice.

“Sure. Just a friend who wanted to touch base,” I didn’t want to go any further into it considering she appeared so depressed and unsure of herself at the moment. I was going to have to keep my elation to myself for now. “So what are we watching?”

I brought myself back to the present and away from that fleeting time of ecstatic happiness I had known before Edward had gone and ruined it. I was instantly hit with Edward’s confused and pleading eyes. If I was completely honest with myself I wanted to lose myself completely in those eyes and experience the good feelings I had had for him all those months ago again. I didn’t want to gripe at him constantly or think negative thoughts about someone that I had previously had high regard for..........

......but things had changed and new information had come to light

.....and I was not allowing Edward to hurt me in that way again.

“Please Bella give me something here.” Edward gave me one last appeal and hardening my heart against what it truly wanted I gave him the only answer I knew how.

“For our friends I will try to be more civil but other than that Edward, you will get nothing from me. Ever!”

Thank you for the update Michelle.....................Bella, Bella why not just tell Edward how you feel...................what actually happen, obviously he has no idea what he did....uuurrrrrrrrrr......I just want to know what happen......I bet it has something to do with Jessica, I'm sure that's her problem, she probably liked Edward and he turned her down and she lied to Bella because her feeling were hurt.......I can't wait for you to reveal what actually happen..until you post again
I am with you Robyn, I am thinking Jessica was involved somehow too.  That was what I was thinking while I was reading how Jessica wouldn't go out and she was "tight lipped" about what was going on.

Michelle:  I am so eager to read more.  Awesome work like always.  :)

Hi Peace*LOve*Twilight,


Jess is involved but not just as a person who 'likes' Edward. I don't want to give it away but more clues will come out over the course of the next few chapters ;) Thanks for saying it was awesome work




Of course I would say it was awesome, because it was.  LOL.  I have always enjoyed your stories and am eager to read more when you post more.  :)

Thanks Robyn. It is rather frustrating when she won't just tell him what he did and get it over and done with - the problem is she can't as she made a promise and she feels she has to keep it regardless. You could be correct about Jessica being involved but in a different way than you would expect. Thanks for being interested in what is happening.






                                                    Again, so stubborn!


I don't think that I have ever read a story in which my anger has been a result of Bella herself. If she doesn't give answers soon, I may for the first time ever have to dislike her. There is no way that I cannot finish this story. You have hooked me good with this one Michelle. On to the next, lol.



I know I know D - Bella is being beyond frustarting at the moment and she is going to ahve to change her tune soon or we are all going to mass mob her and make her pay for being so mean to our boy lol. Glad that you are hooked and that you continue to enjoy the story even through the frustrations. I do tend to do that I am afraid :)




amazing as always,,,,,Edward seems so clueless as to what he did,,,,,, Bella just tell the poor boy so he can explains himself!!!,,,,,,,,,,cant wait to see what happens next,,,,,,,,,,

                                  lots of xoxo TEAM ESME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Team Esme,


Thanks for the kudos :)  Edward is completely clueless and will remain so for quite a while although I will be giving you clues etc as we go along. It would really have been better for Bella just to tell Edward what the problem was as it would have been sorted by now but of course Bella doesn't believe that she can for reasons that will be revealed later.


Thanks for reading




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