The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Loss to Love was written on the basis of AnayhR's ideas.


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Thnaks Alice Cullen **{Elite Pack}


Glad you loved it and that you are looking forward to an update. No kisses in this chapter sorry but I can tell you that I have exactly how their first kiss will go in my head and it will hit them both for a six.

Thnaks for reading




Hi Paula,


Thanks for commenting and letting me know what you liked about this chapter. I agree that James and Edward coming to blows would be very interesting indeed. Hope to have more for you soon




I absolutely love your story! it is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!  i can't wait for your next update.  Please, please, please update soon!

Michelle thank you for the update.............Finally Edward gets some quality time with Bella.......yey!..................I can't believe James left her and didn't even try to find her......what a butt!!!.........Emment , Sam & Edward didn't waste any time going to look for her...........I'm soooooooo happy Edward was the one to find Bella.............I can't wait to see if she feels differently towards Edward when they are found.................The story is progessing nicely.............until you post again.  


ps   I hope your feeling better...sending get well

Thanks Kelley Brady. It makes me happy to know you are enjoying the story. Will update soon




Wow Michelle, This was a wonderful chapter. We got to see more of James and Victoria's true nature, no surprise there, but got to see a warmth from Edward both physically and emotionally. I hope that Bella sees it too. I am dying to know what this "secret" is.
As usual, I got part of my guess right and part wrong, but no hints as to which was correct?! Grrrr.....
I so love your stories Michelle. I love your headstrong Bella and true to life anything and take anything if it keeps Bella happy!

I feel sorry that Jade got caught in the middle of James and Victoria's self preservation and not care about Bella...and I do not agree with Edward when he thought "staying together was the right thing to do". Not because the concept isn't right, but because James wouldn't consider doing the right thing in the first place! Selfish wanker!

I know that this will not make everything all hunky dory between Bella and Edward, but I do hope that it will break down a little more of the wall and allow Bella to rethink the obvious lie she has been him a little leeway...maybe?!

I truly hope that you are feeling better friend. I did see the surgeon and he is recommending a laminectomy at L5/S1 and hopefully relieving the pressure on my spinal cord and root nerve in that area causing the constant pain and nerve damage in my left foot. We are hopeful that I will regain the reflex and feeling in my left foot with therapy after the surgery. I am still far from the end of this journey, but pain relief would be much appreciated! They did change my meds and give me a better muscle relaxer which has helped tremendously and I am oh so grateful! I actually slept like 5 hours in a row for the first time in months! Woo Hoo!

Cannot wait for the next chapter and see how Edward and Bella "treat" each other after this ordeal. I do not have my hopes up too high yet, I have followed you far too long to know we won't get off that easy!!

Hugs and Love! Your #1 Stalker Fan!!

Earl and Ernie! He came with my new Alien Green Kia Soul! Too cute!

Wendy D
~#1 Stalker Fan {#1 Beta-True!}~
Oh my gosh!!!  I was thinking Bella going with Victoria and James was a bad idea.  I am just glad Edward found her and is helping her.  I hope that they are okay and Emmett and Sam find them soon.  Bella has been out in the cold for a while now...  Anyway, another GREAT chapter as always.  Can't wait for more.  I saw you weren't feeling good earlier.  If you are still feeling bad, I hope you feel better soon and it isn't anything serious.  :)

Not a new update but whilst you wait you might like to go over and check out a friend of mine's new story called familiar strangers. She writes so well and it would be great if we gave her some support to show that we appreciate it :)


Sorry for not answering your comments yet but the computer I use at work is not allowing me to reply and at the moment I don't have time to go through everyone of them. I will get to it I promise very very soon.


Love ya all for the love you give me




Hi Michelle!


I have just caught up on reading this wonderful story! I haven't been online for a while, what with work and uni getting the best of me and I love it! I am addicted already. I just love your style of writing and the way that you develop the characters.


Can't wait for more!

wow,wow, have done it again,marvelous chapters!!

it so cool that she is warming up to him....hope they start to be more friendly now.

seriously..James and Victoria needs some one to put them in there place.

                   lots of love TEAM ESME.!!

Okay so I haven't been on here in forever , so I had to catch up... I still love your story it is amazing to mee pleaseee post more soon = )


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