The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Loss to Love was written on the basis of AnayhR's ideas.


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thank you Michelle for taking your time and sharing this chapter with us.


I hope this leads to a more friendly and comprehensive state between Bella and Edward and things move forward with them!!!!


get better soon ok!

Hi AnayhR. Thanks for the lovely get well wishes via Edward - my favourite :)


We can all hope that things will improve between Bella and Edward and I will keep throwing them into situations where they will have to interact. Fingers crossed




i hate victoria and james they make me want to just punch them. love bella and edward. i want them to work it all out soon! thanks again...

always, <3 morgan

Hi Morgan,


We all dislike Victoria and James and they are certainly making things difficult for Bella and Edward at the moment and probably for a while longer as well. Glad you love Bella and Edward and want the to get it together. We all want that I am sure and you know that I eventually get to the Happily ever after even if it's not always in the way people expect.

Thnaks for reading



I hate Victoria and James with a passion.... lol awesome chapter can't wait for the next one!!!!!!



                                                           Yes, yes, yes, but what if...?



Oh I hope Bella doesn't overthink this entire situation. For the love of...well love, Bella just let the chips fall where they may and just go with it. Even if she doesn't right now, she cannot deny how it feels to be in his arms.


Alright, now James and Victoria, hm, not sure whether or not this was purposely done or not on their part, but how I would love to blame them of course. I will wait and see curiously how this pans put.


My absolute favorite part had to be when Bella turned to him right before walking away completely and whispering her promise to him. I had to have a deep sigh at that point. Ugh, she has to know that he truly cares for her. Yepp, that was my favorite part. I'm a sucker for the little things, lol. My second favorite part was when Edward no longer kept to his gentleman ways and no longer cared what anyone thought when he went right at James.


I just love this story so much, lol. I'm all giggles. It's a great storyline Michelle and I especially love the fact that you took it out of the states. Although I may never see another country with my own eyes. I love seeing them through the stories I read. It's very refreshing. I cannot wait for another chapter of course. Hope to see another soon.



                                                   Great story and great writing...



Hi D :)


We both know that Bella will overthink this and given that Edward is nothing but lovely to her she must be having a hard time keeping hold of the negative things she thinks about him.


James and Victoria did not do this deliberately but let's just say they were not very considerate about helping when it came to the crunch.


I love writing a protective Edward so him going at James was fun to write. It is a nice thought that someone would care about you enough to do anything to keep you safe.


Glad you love the story!!! I love the beginning of your new one too and hope that some others on here will go over and read it. I think they will enjoy your style of writing.


Some of the things I have written about Australia I have done which makes it easier to write. I also did a similar scholarship thing to Thailand where we lived over there whilst teaching.


Funnily enough I had my own little encounter on a bush walk to the Ruined Castle in Blue Mountains when I accidently dropped my bag with everything in it  - food, keys to the car, everything over a cliff, never to be found again so that my friend and I had to hike all the way back to Katoomba - half the time in darkness. Because of the keys going missing the hike back was doubled because we couldn't go back up the staircase because that carpark is out in the middle of nowhere and we would never have got back to town. Ah  good times :)


Thanks for reading




Hi Ashley,


I don't think you are alone in that sentiment. Hope to get the next chapter out as soon as possible. Thanks for your comment and for reading.




Love it Michelle!!!!! I cant wait for more!!!! Thank you for the update!!! Im so happy he found her!!!!! Aww i was hoping they'd kiss!!!! James is gonna get beat!!! Haha i loved Bella's insult to Victoria!!!! Please write soon!!!!!

wow wow wow .. this is soooooooooo Great !!

ok first of all Victoria and James I thought that Edward should have killed James for leaving Bella alone !! I men he's the one who convinced her to go at the first place I mean I don't think it was on purpose by him but still he should have listened to Jada when she said that they should go back for her ...

I really loved when Bella mouthed "promise" to Edward that was so beautiful I mean it truly was a perfect moment ..

I absolutely adored the part when Bella and Edward held each other for the warmth and I also liked when Edward turned to "doctor mode" I really liked seeing that part of him .. my Heart skipped a beat when Edward kissed Bella on her forehead and I was soo thrilled to know that Bella was awake and felt him kiss her and she didn'r pull away or anything .. 

I loved this chapter so much u r truly Amazing Michelle keep up the great work ..


ur # 1 fan


Hiya Bella,


Smiles always happen when I read your enthusiastic reviews - thanks so much. I agree that Edward should have killed James but we don't want Edward in jail over that kind of thing so I will keep it a little less violent ;)


All the parts you enjoyed, I actually ahd fun writing so I am pleased that they came across the right way. As for Bella feeling Edward's kiss that will come up in the next chapter.

Thanks for reading and al;ways being so complimentary.




Thnaks Alice Cullen **{Elite Pack}


Glad you loved it and that you are looking forward to an update. No kisses in this chapter sorry but I can tell you that I have exactly how their first kiss will go in my head and it will hit them both for a six.

Thnaks for reading





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