The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Loss to Love was written on the basis of AnayhR's ideas.


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Hi Paula,


Thanks for commenting and letting me know what you liked about this chapter. I agree that James and Edward coming to blows would be very interesting indeed. Hope to have more for you soon




I absolutely love your story! it is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!  i can't wait for your next update.  Please, please, please update soon!

Michelle thank you for the update.............Finally Edward gets some quality time with Bella.......yey!..................I can't believe James left her and didn't even try to find her......what a butt!!!.........Emment , Sam & Edward didn't waste any time going to look for her...........I'm soooooooo happy Edward was the one to find Bella.............I can't wait to see if she feels differently towards Edward when they are found.................The story is progessing nicely.............until you post again.  


ps   I hope your feeling better...sending get well

Thanks Kelley Brady. It makes me happy to know you are enjoying the story. Will update soon




Wow Michelle, This was a wonderful chapter. We got to see more of James and Victoria's true nature, no surprise there, but got to see a warmth from Edward both physically and emotionally. I hope that Bella sees it too. I am dying to know what this "secret" is.
As usual, I got part of my guess right and part wrong, but no hints as to which was correct?! Grrrr.....
I so love your stories Michelle. I love your headstrong Bella and true to life anything and take anything if it keeps Bella happy!

I feel sorry that Jade got caught in the middle of James and Victoria's self preservation and not care about Bella...and I do not agree with Edward when he thought "staying together was the right thing to do". Not because the concept isn't right, but because James wouldn't consider doing the right thing in the first place! Selfish wanker!

I know that this will not make everything all hunky dory between Bella and Edward, but I do hope that it will break down a little more of the wall and allow Bella to rethink the obvious lie she has been him a little leeway...maybe?!

I truly hope that you are feeling better friend. I did see the surgeon and he is recommending a laminectomy at L5/S1 and hopefully relieving the pressure on my spinal cord and root nerve in that area causing the constant pain and nerve damage in my left foot. We are hopeful that I will regain the reflex and feeling in my left foot with therapy after the surgery. I am still far from the end of this journey, but pain relief would be much appreciated! They did change my meds and give me a better muscle relaxer which has helped tremendously and I am oh so grateful! I actually slept like 5 hours in a row for the first time in months! Woo Hoo!

Cannot wait for the next chapter and see how Edward and Bella "treat" each other after this ordeal. I do not have my hopes up too high yet, I have followed you far too long to know we won't get off that easy!!

Hugs and Love! Your #1 Stalker Fan!!

Earl and Ernie! He came with my new Alien Green Kia Soul! Too cute!

Wendy D
~#1 Stalker Fan {#1 Beta-True!}~
Oh my gosh!!!  I was thinking Bella going with Victoria and James was a bad idea.  I am just glad Edward found her and is helping her.  I hope that they are okay and Emmett and Sam find them soon.  Bella has been out in the cold for a while now...  Anyway, another GREAT chapter as always.  Can't wait for more.  I saw you weren't feeling good earlier.  If you are still feeling bad, I hope you feel better soon and it isn't anything serious.  :)

Not a new update but whilst you wait you might like to go over and check out a friend of mine's new story called familiar strangers. She writes so well and it would be great if we gave her some support to show that we appreciate it :)


Sorry for not answering your comments yet but the computer I use at work is not allowing me to reply and at the moment I don't have time to go through everyone of them. I will get to it I promise very very soon.


Love ya all for the love you give me




Hi Michelle!


I have just caught up on reading this wonderful story! I haven't been online for a while, what with work and uni getting the best of me and I love it! I am addicted already. I just love your style of writing and the way that you develop the characters.


Can't wait for more!

wow,wow, have done it again,marvelous chapters!!

it so cool that she is warming up to him....hope they start to be more friendly now.

seriously..James and Victoria needs some one to put them in there place.

                   lots of love TEAM ESME.!!

Okay so I haven't been on here in forever , so I had to catch up... I still love your story it is amazing to mee pleaseee post more soon = )


Chapter Five


BPOV - Riddles


The steady beat of his heart and the warmth he had cocooned me in led to that serene place in between wakefulness and sleep where you were vaguely aware of what was happening around you but it wasn’t overly important.  My head was screaming at me not to allow this closeness; that it would only serve to make my determination to stay away from Edward that much harder but every other part of me just deferred to the notion that this felt good; that Edward was able to give me what I needed to survive and nothing else mattered.


Through my hazy awareness of how we were pressed together to retain warmth, and that I could feel the strength and hardness of his well exercised body against mine, I felt his soft sighs and the mesmerising touch of his hand as it stroked back and forth along my arm. I was lulled into a deep sense of tranquillity which was ridiculous given that we were lost and cold in an unfamiliar place. From far away I thought I felt the pressing of his lips against my forehead but then I convinced myself that I had been wrong; that I was feeling things that weren’t even there. I didn’t dream up his words when he spoke though, even though they were said in such a hushed tone.


“You promised me Bella.”


My heart stuttered a little as I thought of the concern he had displayed at the beginning of this ill thought out walk. I had allowed Victoria to get to me and James to talk me into doing something I was not overly keen on because the alternative had been spending more time alone with Edward and I was beginning to realise that that was more than a bad idea. He was getting under my skin as evidenced by our moment up on the Harbour Bridge days ago. I had left him behind at the campsite, knowing that he was worried and at the last minute I had made sure that he knew I was willing to promise to keep safe. Huh. Good job I did with that too. It hurt me to know that I had put Edward into danger through my own stupidity and pride; he shouldn’t be out here in the cold trying to comfort the very person who always treated him so badly.


“And I honestly never meant to break that promise Edward. I am sorry for making you do this.”


“No need to be sorry,”


I pressed my forehead deeper into his chest so that he couldn’t witness my embarrassment or my confusion. “Why are you being so nice to me? Why would you risk yourself for someone who has been so .........cold?”


“Surely that’s pretty clear Bella,” He stated softly. I pulled away from him a little and his arm reflexively held tighter for a couple of seconds before he reluctantly let me go. I tried to ignore the meaning of that reluctance. We were getting into dangerous territory here.


“No actually it’s not Edward. You have this whole patient, kind, perfect persona going on and you seemed like you might have cared about me at one stage but then were willing to.......oh god how could you have.....”


Edward grabbed my face between his hands and although his touch was gentle it was full of restrained exasperation. “What Bella? What did I do to you? “


The innocent entreaty resulted in an answering surge of annoyance to rage through me which meant  that Edward got the full brunt of my ire. “How can you pretend you don’t know Edward? Is it such a normal occurrence for you to treat people as less than nothing that it doesn’t even register as something wrong; something that would make me want to stay away from you?”  My voice betrayed my distress with its shakiness. “Did you really think I was the type of girl to just accept that kind of behaviour and then move beyond friendship with you? I don’t think so Edward Cullen. I will never allow myself be in that situation because I will never let myself be that close to you. I won’t be that silly girl who let’s your perfection overrule her common sense and then has to pay the price by being kicked to the kerbside. That’s not me.”


Edward and I had moved apart a little during my mini tirade and his disbelieving eyes were now narrowed in barely concealed anger. His tightened jaw and clenched fists showed me that he was barely restraining from lashing back at me with his own poisoned words. Two thoughts flitted across my mind as I watched him; why was anger there instead of the guilt he surely should be displaying after my accusations and more importantly why did I still find him so appealing when it was quite evident that he was only just in control of his anger. There was definitely something wrong with me.


“I have to tell you Bella, that this is getting old. As far as I am concerned I have done nothing wrong; particularly to you because if I had, I would be apologising profusely in the hope of at least salvaging a friendship, not sitting here denying knowing why you’ve despised me all these months. If you seriously think that I am able to treat people like dirt; that I would ever even consider doing that to you.......then you know nothing about me at all.” His fists were clenching and unclenching now against his jean clad thighs as he took deep calming breaths and the short respite from his words had me starting to second guess myself. He seemed so genuine in what he was saying even through his  aggravation. “You do realise that if you could just be upfront with me that we could have this sorted within seconds and we wouldn’t have to be playing these stupid games Bella.......we could be friends again.”


I remained silent and he exhaled once more in frustration.


“Obviously I didn’t do anything directly to you because otherwise I would be aware of my big bad sin so I can only assume that you are basing your antagonism on something  that you were told by another person. That seems really unfair to me Bella. You’re going by hearsay and I have never been given the opportunity to defend myself. Are you willing to lose the possibility of ........I don’t know........whatever it could have been.......friendship.......more......whatever....because of hearsay or even downright lies without knowing for sure? You’re an intelligent woman Bella. Can’t you see that having my side of the story is only going to help us move past this?”


Stricken looks as the evidence was shown to me. The ashen pallor of a tear stained face as a confession unknowingly strengthened my pain. The sagging shoulders of a person walking away knowing that their life had changed irrevocably.


“I saw the evidence,” I stated with too much uncertainty.


“Good. Explain it to me.”


“I can’t. I made a promise.”


“Well speak to the person involved and force them to allow you to break that promise.”


“I wish I could. I am so confused and have so many questions but.........she’s gone.”


“Well that’s convenient, isn’t it?”  The sarcasm did not sit well with me.


“Not really,” I countered with my own scorn. He ignored it though, lost in his own thoughts. A shiver ran through me and I knew it was more than the unforgiving coldness surrounding us that sent icy fingers of fear down my spine. We were getting to the stage where he might as well admit to his transgressions and without a doubt that was going to hurt me more than I was willing to deal with. It was disconcerting when he took a completely different tack than I was expecting.


“Wait, you said she’s gone. That means a girl is behind this. Did she say that we .........?” His eyebrows furrowed with wariness. “Bella I would never cheat on you.”


“We were never together so you couldn’t exactly cheat on me Edward,”


“I guess but still......if something like you know what, I am sick of going around and around in riddles.”


“Well we wouldn’t have to if you stopped pretending you don’t know what I am talking about and making out that you’ve been hard done by. If you would stop LYING Edward it would be out in the open and I wouldn’t have to break any promises and I could get on with my life without feeling all torn  because I have morals that I intend to uphold. You don’t make anything easy for me. Nothing!”


“Easy for you? Do you think this is easy for me? I’m not pretending anything Bella and maybe if you would stop hiding behind some ridiculous promise you made then life would be easier for BOTH OF US. You would have to be the most frustrating woman that I have ever..........”


The echoing sound of Emmett and Ben’s shouting  brought an abrupt halt to the fiery discussion we found ourselves in. Edward glared at me as if I had magically conjured up yet another way of avoiding the issue between us. He thrust his hands haphazardly through his hair and then yelled back in a loud but strained voice.


“We’re down here Emmett.....Ben.” He pointed the flashlight up into the air so that they could hopefully see the light from where they were.


The noise of scurrying footsteps could be heard above us and soon two beams of light were pointed directly at us so that we caught only momentary glimpses of Emmett and Ben’s relieved faces.


“Are you two alright down there?” Emmett questioned and I quelled the sudden desire I had to laugh hysterically. No we were not alright. I had allowed Edward, to once again, put a dent in my armour and rather than getting anything out of our enforced time together I now had more questions swirling around in my head. Questions I couldn’t afford if I was going to keep Edward at an arms distance as I had managed all these months.


“We’re fine generally but Bella has sprained her ankle and we can’t get out of here without assistance.” Edward’s response was wooden and I gave him a quick sidelong glance to see that his face was set into a cold mask.


“Bells. How bad is the pain?” Emmett yelled down towards me. His question surprised me as I had not been thinking of the pain in my leg at all. I sent back my own message that I could handle it and then tried to ignore the uncomfortable throbbing that was all of sudden more evident now that he had brought my attention back to it. A few minutes passed where the three men made decisions about the best way to get me out of the ravine and then back to camp. All too soon a rope was being thrown down to us and Edward was tugging heavily on it to ascertain just how stable it was after Emmett had tied it to a tree.


“Are you ready?” Edward asked in clipped tones as he tied the backpack to the rope and had Ben and Emmett easily haul it back to the top before dropping the rope back to us.


“I guess.” I responded quietly. “Look Edward I am sorry about how tense things got. You did me a huge favour by coming after me to help and I repaid you with arguments and accusations. That wasn’t fair.”


Edward shrugged noncommittally.  “Like I said before Bella, we would never leave you out here to fend for yourself. As for the rest of it, I’m done. When you’ve decided to see me as the person I am rather than this tyrant you’ve made up in your head based on other people’s whispers, then feel free to come speak to me. And I will tell you one more thing; you’re so busy safe guarding yourself from hurt that you don’t even realise that you’ve made some kind of mistake and that I would never be the one to intentionally hurt you. Now let’s get you out of here,”


His words blindsided me and he almost had me completely in his embrace before I realised what he was doing, so enthralled I was by his words.


“W...what are you doing?”


He tucked his body so it was under me and I was clumsily holding onto his back and shoulders.


“You’re going to have to get on my back so I can carry you up and still have both hands free to hold onto the rope and pull us up.”


Um. Really?”


“Yes really Bella. I recognise how being this close to a monster must put a strain on your morals and all that but if you want to get out of here you are going to have to wrap your legs around my waist, hold on tight and pretend you’re somewhere far, far away from my offensive self. It should only take a matter of minutes.”


It did only take a few minutes before we were back at the top and I was being hugged by both Ben and Emmett as they enthusiastically congratulated Edward on finding me and overtly observed the condition we were in. Edward had been wrong though. Being held against the hard lines of his body and feeling every nuance and subtle movement beneath every spot my body touched his, whilst he carefully manoeuvred to get us out of the ravine, was far from abhorrent to me. In fact my traitorous body let me know exactly how much it enjoyed it and my brain involuntarily wondered if I could ever get that close again in a much less stressful situation.


My heart told me I would never be able to handle it.


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