The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Michelle how are you doing?? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ i'm begging you :( start posting again plzzzz why did u stop ??? i just love your stories and if u stopped OMG that would be awful plz dear post again 



Hey :) I just started reading your story, and I love it :) please post more!!

Please update soon! I miss reading this story! It has been super long since you have updated.

Hey Michelle!  I just found your story and enjoyed reading it.  I hope you will continue writing and let me know if there are any new updates.  I have an idea about what made Bella think badly about Edward (the False Impressions referred to in the title), and I would really like to know if I am right.


hey michelle!

i just read your story and i love it!

please keep me updated on new post!

much love,


hey dear, can't wait for the next chapter.. please post more soon! i really want to know how everything is going on, this is just amazing!!

Chapter Six



Distraction is what I needed at this point so that I couldn’t delve too deeply into the discussion being held behind me in soft whispers between Bella, Alice and Angela. I looked out the window in anticipation of what was yet to come. The bright sky seemed like an endless mass of blue with no clouds to break  the solidness of colour until my gaze went straight down and I was hit with the stark contrast of red land that reinforced we were in a different world. The beauty though was not enough to tear me away from my awareness of the girl behind and my alert ears were not so easily swayed to the distraction I had been aiming at; the girl’s conversation  was what really had my interest and even though I was pretending for Emmett and Jasper’s benefit that I was completely focused on the view below us rather than the gossip, Jaspers sly sidelong glances told me that at least one of them was not fooled.


“How is the ankle holding up?” Alice questioned, concern lacing her voice. “Has the flight affected it at all? Are you comfortable enough? Do you need me to get anything?”


Bella sighed for what seemed the billionth time. “Alice I am fine. It was only a mild sprain and the doctor said I was fine to travel with it. I should be asking you if you are fine considering you are the one that Jasper had to drive back to Sydney to get medical attention for.”


“Hmmm. Yes. Who would have known that eucalyptus pollen would exasperate my asthma so badly?  You make it sound so melodramatic Bella; we only returned to Sydney AFTER getting medical attention and the doctor told me about the allergy. Jasper felt it better to get me out of the environment where eucalyptus was so prevalent so that I could breath properly again. Nothing a few tablets couldn’t sort out in short time. I am completely fine now. Seems we both have knights in shining armour to look after our every need, don’t we Bella?” Alice was less than subtle with her reference to me and I had to bite hard on the inside of my cheek to stop myself from grinning.


“Alice,” Bella hissed and softened her voice even more as if she was frightened someone would overhear.


“Oh come on Bella. I want to hear all about the big rescue and how my cousin came to aid his damsel in distress. You’ve been avoiding  talking about it ever since you returned and now you can’t get away from me.”


Alice’s manipulations of the seat arrangements on this last leg of our flight had been amusing and somewhat frustrating considering that Emmett, Jasper and I had had to share the confined small area whilst the girls smaller frames meant they could sit in relative ease. I couldn’t bring myself to be annoyed by her machinations when I realised it was so she could talk more easily with Bella and ensure that she was truly okay. It was something I wanted to know too considering that since we had returned to camp the night before last Bella had been very particular about keeping as far away as possible from me.


“Did you ever think that maybe that was because I am so thoroughly embarrassed?” Movement told me that Bella was squirming in her seat. “I got myself lost and hurt in the bush Alice. How stupid is that,”


“Oh sweetie, it was just an unfortunate accident. There’s no need to be embarrassed. Besides if anyone should be embarrassed it would be James and Victoria who left you out there.” That was Angela speaking now and I agreed with the hostility in her voice. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who thought they had been way out of line.


“It wasn’t their fault,” Bella disagreed and it put my teeth on edge. “They did what they thought was the right thing.”


Yeah right. They left her out there alone. That would never be alright in my book.


“ and I got help in the end,”


“Yes you did….from the people who really care for you Bella. I can’t get out of my head what could have happened if Edward, Emmett and Ben didn’t find you and help you back to civilisation. You are one very lucky girl.”


Alice’s words made me think back to returning Bella to camp through our combined efforts. She had been unable to walk and had been forced to accept our assistance even though each of us could tell she was beyond mortified at what had happened and that she was reduced to having to be carried like a child. Emmett had joked all the way back to camp with Ben often joining in but I found myself unable to let go of what had happened between Bella and I during our time in the ravine, so had remained tactfully quiet. My brain had been going over and over again her words and I had been trying to limit my anger to mere frustration that she had obviously believed some lie about me without considering the person I really was. Bella kept casting me furtive glances over Emmett or Ben’s shoulders as we walked but as soon as I met her eyes she would look away. When we finally arrived back to the excited and relieved  occupants of our camp setup Bella was swamped with questions and people wanting to ensure she was okay. It was with a lot of relief that I noted that Angela took Bella under her wing and ushered the others away so that Bella could get some breathing space and be out of the limelight. Angela was a good friend and a brilliant doctor in training so it was good to see that Bella would be tended to properly now that she would not want me near her again. They had disappeared into the tent together to get some much earned rest but not before Bella had given Emmett, Ben and myself her heartfelt thanks for being there for her.


Back in the present I missed Bella’s response to Alice because of my reflections and realised that the conversation had taken a turn I wanted to hear.


“........was furious with James when he realised what had happened. On the way back I think it took all of Emmett and Ben’s attention to keep him from going at James; particularly when James kept rubbing it in his face that you had forgiven his mistake.”


hmmmmm. They were talking about me and Angela had it right. Bella might have accepted James’ lame apology for what had happened but I had been fuming with him from the moment I left camp to find Bella, to the moment we had finally got back to Katoomba and Bella had been seen to by a doctor. Hell I was still seething but trying to stay away from an out and out altercation with him because I didn’t want to give Bella another excuse to think badly of me.


“Would the pair of you please shush. We are NOT alone on this flight you know,” Bella moaned in panic. “Let’s discuss this later.” The last word was a hiss of impatience.


“What? We are just saying that Edward seemed to be quite concerned for a person who he doesn’t even get along with generally.” Alice said with false innocence. “He saved you Bella. How else is he meant to show you that he is the good guy?”


“Alice. Drop it. Edward probably is ruing the day that he came to help me out and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“Rubbish. He would never regret helping you Bella. Let’s ask the man himself,”


What on earth was Alice up to now? I tensed up with what I knew was coming next; Alice’s attention over the top of my seat. A tap to my shoulder made me cringe inwardly but I put a calm expression on my face and turned to the girls. Emmett and Jasper followed suit, both grinning that the flight had just become more interesting.


“You don’t regret going out and finding Bella do you Edward,” Alice was all sugary smiles and dancing eyes as she asked the most stupid of questions. Next to her Bella was trying to make herself as small as possible, as if that would help me not notice her blazing cheeks and horrified panicked look of humiliation.


If she would only open up to me I would show her just how much I could never regret finding her.


“What kind of question is that Alice?”


“Bella seems to think that......”


“Yeah well Bella thinks a lot of things and I’ve come to learn that it’s not necessarily the truth,” Was it possible for Bella’s face to be any redder as she opened her mouth in a silent ‘o’  “Anyone with half an ounce of decency would have gone looking for a missing person. I am not inhumane; despite what SOME would like to believe.”


I heard both Alice and Bella gasp as I turned back to face the opposite way again. I don t know how she managed it but even though I had promised myself to give her  the space she obviously needed from me, she still managed to irk me at the same time as making me want to just give her everything and when I finally got to have some interaction with her it was a negative one. I couldn’t help the coolness or sarcasm from frosting over my voice and give the impression that I was less than happy even though that was not the entire truth of it. I had alluded to the fact that I would help anyone and that was probably true but when it came to Bella I would do anything to keep her safe and that would never be anything to regret.


“I am taking that as a no then. You don’t regret helping Bella. Although, there might have been a nicer way of saying it, Edward.” Alice’s annoyance with me was not well hidden and Jasper quickly shook his head at me to indicate I should not retaliate with any more negative words. Emmett only rolled his eyes before turning in his seat to address the girls and take some of the heat off me.


“Bella. We all care about you and none of us regret going out there to make sure you came back to us safely. We know that if it had have been one of us in the same predicament you would have been one of the first to help us too.”


My eyes were drawn to Bella to see her response of a quick nod of her head and an embarrassed uplift of her mouth.  She looked as if she wanted to say more, particularly when she noted my attention in her direction but she must have thought better of it and pursed her lips instead.  She leant forward to grab the flight magazine out of the pocket  and shakily starting flicking through it before deciding she was ready to speak again.


“Well I do appreciate it regardless of what regret was involved. I hope you both know that.” Her quiet words would have been missed if we hadn’t been so completely taking note of her reaction to Emmett. “And what I would really like to do now is forget it even happened. I don’t need to be reminded of how stupid I was or am.”


“You are far from stupid Bella but …….done. No more talk about the hike, etc, etc” Angela quickly intervened and with her words came the end of the whole discussion. The girl’s conversation turned to more mundane things that I was not interested in eavesdropping on so I allowed myself to drift off again until the stewards voice let us know that we would be landing in short time. Soon the wheels of our plane were touching down on the tarmac and we were readying ourselves for disembarkation. Emmett got up to hand the girls down their cabin luggage and before I knew it we were standing in the aisle, about to get off the plane. I found myself directly behind Bella and her close proximity lead to all kinds of sensations attacking  my consciousness against my better judgement. Her scent, the warmth radiating off her body, the soft curls at the ends of her hair that accidently grazed my arms as she squirmed impatiently for us to move, the sound of the small sigh she elicited; all combined into one intoxicating overload of feeling that made me speak before I thought. I bent down so I could be closer to her ear and fought against the sudden urge just to bury my face in the softness of her hair and exhale deeply; that would have been beyond creepy and another reason for Bella’s dislike of me to grow..


“You know as much as you annoy the crap out of me right now Bella,” Her sharp intake of breath alerted me to her attention even though she didn’t turn to look at me. My breath whispered against the top of her ear and goosebumps appeared across her skin. Her reaction almost made me lose the words I was about to utter for her ears only

“I want to make two things quite clear. You are not stupid……….”  She was still frozen apart from the slight rise and fall of her shoulders.  “……..and I would never regret doing anything that resulted in you being safe and sound. Not ………ever.”


She exhaled heavily and I wondered briefly what expression would be on her face if I could see it right now. My mouth was still way too close to her skin and it would have been oh so satisfying just to trail my lips from that sensitive spot behind her ear down her neck to taste what could only be the perfection of her. Luckily for me the fanciful thought was abruptly halted when the line in front of us started moving and Bella jerked forward as if she was having trouble controlling her body. I stood stock still allowing the distance to grow between us, wondering what on earth I had been thinking to allow myself that close to temptation on a crowded plane of all places. With a quick lurch I raised my head to find the eyes of a stranger noting my discomfit. I immediately waved her out from her seat so that I could put more than just distance between Bella and I in case I was tempted to get too close again to the magnetism that was Bella.


Because one thing was very clear; Bella was not as immune to me as she wanted to believe.


And that would make it all kinds of hard to stay away from her.




The spluttering of the engine reinforced what we already knew; something was majorly wrong and the look of anxiety on  Gelar’s  face only confirmed our fears. Within seconds the small bus had ground to a halt and no matter how much swearing the driver did, along with the pounding of his fist against the dashboard, nothing was getting the beast to budge. Gelar looked at us all in apology.


“Problem with the motor. Sit fast and I’ll check.” He was already halfway out the bus as he gave us his directions and the bus driver was not far behind him.


“Great, just great...” Victoria’s whine was not surprising to us so we basically ignored her but it didn’t stop her tirade. “Jesus, does he even realise how hot it is in here and now we’re stuck in some forsaken place with no way of getting out and he wants us to ‘sit fast’. I am going to die ”


I scanned the group and noted that every single one of us was perspiring from the intense heat; our faces ruddy with discomfit and way too much warmth. I pushed the fact aside that this was not even an Australian Summer yet so the heat would only get worse and concentrated on what we might be able to do to help the situation. Obviously the bus was in mechanical straits and I only knew the basics about engines.


“Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?” I queried.


“I say we get out and take a look,” Ben suggested and quite a number of us filed out of the bus and into the humid heat of the Australian landscape to see what aid we could give to our welcoming party of Gelar and Pat. Emmett and Sam made their way over to the two aboriginal men while several others of our group moved towards the shade of a tree that skirted the road in the hopes of getting some reprieve from the harsh sun.


“Looks bad,” Gelar muttered as he tinkered with the motor. “Starter motor gone. Gunna ave ta call for help.”


“Um. I don’t seem to have any kind of service on my phone from here.” Emmett brandished his phone at the frustrated guide whose face instantly crinkled into an amused smile.


“No service out here mate. Have to call it in on the radio ‘m ‘fraid.”


With one last look of disgust at the buses motor, Gelar rubbed his dirty hands on his jeans and leapt back up to the driver’s seat to fiddle with a radio device on the dash. Soon he was communicating with an unseen person and we were waiting with bated breaths for the outcome. Apparently a guy named King was heading out to us with a new starter motor but the journey would take him at least an hour.


“So it seems a bit o’ water and shade is needed right about now.” Gelar confirmed as he opened up the back of the bus and started handing out bottles of water to every one of us. “Sit in any shade you can find and move as little as possible. It’s a mighty hot day I’m thinkin. No point makin thins harda for yerself than they need ta be.”


The call of shade was not to be ignored and soon the entire group of us were lazing beneath any trees that were available while Gelar regaled us with tales of the town we were heading to and informing us that he would be at our beck and call, so to speak, during our stay. He was a friendly man who had a great love for the land and I found myself instantly liking him, as it seemed many of the others did. Besides having to listen to Victoria whine about the heat and how long it would take before the mechanic got to us, it was quite a pleasant afternoon of learning about our immediate future and who would be in it. Although there was relief when the mechanics van pulled up beside us an hour and a half later, it wasn’t as urgent as I would have expected initially and I was in a good mood.


“Holy mother of......” Emmett trailed off as his mouth opened in complete shock and my eyes were drawn in the same direction as his, making me cut short the discussion I was having with Pat about his life and mine. Apparently my expectations were all wrong today because gracefully exiting the van was a pair of long tanned legs that definitey did not belong to the image of a man that I had in my head of the mechanic who would come out to help us. Uh uh....the person who got out of that van was all woman and a gorgeous one at that with long blonde hair and a body that many men would describe as perfect. Gelar was on his feet in an instant and striding towards the woman to greet her.


“Kingy,” He grabbed her hand and shook it with ease and her face creased into an amused smile. “Ta for doing this, hey. Know it’s ya day off and all. Haf ta get the migaloos back ta town, ya know.”


“Hmmmm, well if Pat had listened to me last time I worked on this hell machine, he would have had the motor replaced earlier rather than waiting for it to conk out all together.” I was surprised to hear and American accent, rather than the Australian one. Expectation number three down the drain. She walked around to the back of the van and opened up the doors to reveal a whole lot of car equipment and tools that made Emmett nearly swoon with glee next to me. I gave him a lopsided grin to acknowledge that I understood his excitement and he shrugged his shoulders as he said under his breath”babe with tools – I have died and gone to heaven.” It was extremely difficult to contain my mirth and a small guffaw came out of my mouth before I could stop it which made the blonde bombshell turn her eyes to us in enquiry. Luckily for me I was not into tall blonde, too perfect women because she gave me barely a glance before her attention was on Emmett. Their eyes met and I swear I could feel something click between them before she shook her head and continued finding what she needed for the bus.


Gelar spoke to her quietly and soon she was putting down the things and moving towards all of us who were still sitting under the tree. When I did a quick perusal I could see that Emmett was not the only guy gaping at her and even some of the girls were. Gelar made introductions and she very professionally shook hands with each and every one of us, giving us a no nonsense greeting before asking us to call her Rosalie, rather than Kingy.


“It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve asked Gelar to call me Rosalie, he persists in saying Kingy and he knows that I hate it.” Rosalie sighed as she gave Gelar an exasperated glare.


“Just trying to be ‘spectful Miss,” Gelar laughed and a look passed between them of friendship that made us all relax. This Rosalie appeared to be all icy professionalism so the small display of comradarie between the two of them was good to see. I had also noticed that Rosalie had held Emmett’s hand a fraction longer that any others of us and that he was completely taken with her. This should be interesting. My contemplation of the two of them getting on well together was interrupted when a small movement in my peripheral made me turn to note that Bella was looking at me with a strange glower on her face.


“So you’re into blondes then?” The snark in her voice was very evident and if it wasn’t that her question made me instantly defensive, I would have laughed at the misconception. Little did she know that the only type of girl I was into was her and Rosalie’s obvious beauty did nothing to change that view. I glanced around to make sure that the others had not heard her words before leaning into her once more.


“No........ I am into woman who aren’t spiteful every time they open their mouths around me.” I smiled innocently at her and tried not to find the way her lips drew into a tight line of annoyance somewhat cute. I am sure she would have had more to say but Emmett was now talking and we both widened our eyes wide when we realised that he had a serious case of foot in mouth disease.


“So a girl mechanic; that’s interesting.”


Rosalie’s eyes narrowed dangerously as she asked. “Why?”


Sensing that he had said something wrong Emmett scratched at his head for an answer that he hoped would not offend her anymore. “Um.....I guess......well you know.”


“No I don’t actually. Where in the rule book does it say that woman can’t be mechanics?”


“Well it doesn’t of course,” Emmett stuttered “I’m sure you’re brilliant at it and all. It’s just that........”


“Don’t tell me you are one of those macho guys who doesn’t believe women can do a ‘man’s’ job Emmett because that would be very, very disappointing to know,” Rosalie stepped forward so that she was extremely close to Emmett and the rest of us watched with a high level of amusement as he gulped in confusion and probably a whole lot of tension. “I suppose you think I belong in a dress, cooking in a kitchen somewhere or doing my womanly duty of having a gaggle of babies, huh?”


Emmett was sweating now and not just from the heat. This girl had him and I was hoping against hope that we would be seeing much more of her where we were going. I had never seen Emmett so uncomfortable before and the  ass in me enjoyed seeing my friend so worked up when he was usually making me feel that way. “No I don’t, that would be a ....”


“Because that is what my husband believed,”  A tool of some sort was shoved into Emmett’s chest as his face paled into a look of nausea at the mention of her being married. She smiled an evil grin at him and moved over to the bus, tossing over her shoulder words of interest for him to cling onto before she started fixing the buses motor. “.....and he is now my ex.”


“Shoot,” Emmett exclaimed as he watched the movement of Rosalie’s body parts as she deftly moved around the engine of the bus with confidence.


“You’re going down,” Jasper teased with a clap to the shoulder, bringing Emmett back to our reality.


“My thoughts exactly,” I laughed at the mesmerised expression on Emmett’s face.


“Seems that the infallible Emmett is not so infallible,” Alice put her two cents worth in and Angela, Bella and Ben chuckled at Emmett’s expense.


“Are you kidding me? How can I be when she is such a ....such a.......”Emmett stumbled over his words.


“Such a what?” Amusement coloured Alice’s question.


“A goddess,” Emmett whispered in awe.


“Apparently you’re not the only one who thought so,” Ben informed Emmett who almost growled back at him which only made Ben laugh more.


“Including my boyfriend here,” Alice said with slight affront.


“Noone is more beautiful than you Ali. There is no competition.” Jasper said somewhant sheepishly.


“I should hope not,” She pouted back and then stunned us all. “I have to admit she is a gorgeous girl though. If I was a guy I would want to be all over that. Maybe you will have to fight Edward for a chance with her though Em.” A cheeky gleam in Alice’s eyes told me that she was up to her usual tricks and trying to stir the pot.


“Not my type,” I answered quickly and Bella’s reddened cheeks stirred something inside me that almost had me reaching for her and telling her that she was the only one who was but I refrained from the urge. “I think you will have a hard time though Emmett. Something tells me that she won’t  fall for your usual charms.”


“Let’s just wait and see about that,” Emmett responded with a return of his old confidence. “If that girl is available, I am going to do my best to make her mine.”


“Wow,” Bella exclaimed. “Just like that, you’ve decided she’s it for you?”


“Yep. Just like that Bella Bee. Life’s too short not to go for what you really want. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but if we don’t try we could miss out on something really good. I think Rosalie could be something really good.”


The expressions on Bella’s face were interesting to watch as they flitted from one to the next. A small glance at me and she paled significantly before the usual blush reddened her cheeks again. Luckily someone else spoke to break the tension and I was left wondering what was going through Bella’s mind after Emmett’s words of wisdom.


If it was anything like mine, Bella and I would be having words soon because he was right; if I didn’t do something soon, both Bella and I could miss out on something really, really good.

Oh Michelle I have missed you & this story so much!! I hope you are well and that life is treating you good!! This story is so amazing and I absolutely love it!! I love how aware of Edward Bella was and he is so into her even though she's still keeping her distance! And I absolutely love how you brought Rose into the story & something tells. me that Em has his work. cut out for him! Usual Em open mouth insert foot LOL!! I hope you will reveal whatever it is that makes Bella loath and mistrust Edward it's killing me trying to figure it out but I honestly can't think of one thing that would make despise him so much love him yes never despise!! Ok until you post again take care and always waiting for more!!
Big Edward hugs

Michelle thank you  for the update!!!............Welcome back!!!...I hope your fine.........Bella & Edward still the same.....sad face..........Emmett however is in for a treat with Rosalie............Victoria still Victoria but where was James?  Did I miss something?......until you post again

Oh you posted!!! I didn't get an update from you :( Going to read now. I hope everything is alright on your end of the world. Back feeling any better? I hope you are able to come back around more. Okay, really going to read now.





Even after the long wait my friend, I am still glued to your story as if it were yesterday. I cannot wait to read more as you could easily guess, lol. I can really see Rose being a mechanic.


I think our Bella might just come around soon. Small baby steps of course like a lingering amnesia and you begin to slowly recall small things in your life. LOL, if that made any sense, lol. Anyhoo. I really feel for Edward. This isn't fair with what Bella is doing. I wouldn't have thought she could be so judgemental without getting the full facts first, but in every story on here we all like to change things up and that's what I love most in stories here, something different.


Bella can only fight the urge to stay away from him for so long before she buckles. There is a chemistry there that she cannot change so she might as well give it a go or at least give the man a reason behind her hatred for him, right?


Until next chapter, no matter how long it takes, I will be here waiting.


Your friend,


Wow Michelle

first I have missed u so so much and I've missed ur amazing story and even all that Time have passed I never gave up and I knew that you were coming back !! and u did ..

well this chapter is great I loved it like always it is so amazing !!

I loved when Edward whispered in Bella's ear when they were getting off the plane that was my favorite part of the whole chapter .. and specially this line :

Because one thing was very clear; Bella was not as immune to me as she wanted to believe

And that would make it all kinds of hard to stay away from her !! 

ooooh that is so exciting !! another part I really loved is when Rosalie came .. it's sooo funny to read how Emmet responded to her lol !! she's one bad ass woman and I really like that !! 

Oh I really hope that things would work out between Bella and Edward .. and that it wouldn't take sooo long to happen ..

again Michelle such an amazing chapter .. welcome back !! I really missed u .. I hope you will be able to update sooner , but u be sure that I'll be waiting .. Me and all of loyal readers !

ur # 1 fan




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