The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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I totally love this story!  you are an amazing writer.  Bella needs to just woman up and tell edward what her misconception of him is because someone definately lied to her!  they just need to talk it out and she needs to just open up and be honest about everything with him!  Please write more again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Kelley - you are absolutely right about Bella just opening up to him and I am the one writing it and she is even frustrating me at the moment lol. Thanks for reading and commenting



Awesome chapter....

Thanks Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!!!!! Thank you for the update!!!!! I've missed you Michelle!!!!!! Ive missed your wonderful chapters/stories!!!!! Awwwww Emmett nice choice of words!!!!! Not surprising that Rosalie is a mechanic!!!!! I love how she added that her husband was now her ex because of his ideas of where a woman should work. I can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!! Please write soon!!!!!!! :)

Hi AliceCullen**{ElitePack}

I've missed you too!!!!  Glad you liked the introduction of a hardworking Rosalie and the effect she had on Emmett. Having lots of trouble getting this updated but I promise that I won' give up all together and will keep trying to get chapters out for you all.

Cheers and Thanks


Michelle!!! I've missed you terribly. I would like to know why you weren't able to continue with the story for such a long time. I really hope that you are doing well and everything is fine at your end now.

I was very surprised to find an update from you in my inbox. You definitely have surprised us all. But I'm so glad you're back. I am always interested in what you write no matter how long it takes for you to get the next update. I sure want fast updates but then I can be really patient. I would never give up on your story.

Rosalie's arrival was interesting. It's going to be fun to see her and Emmett around. I liked how you put her into the story and portrayed her as a mechanic. I just hope that the version of truth that Bella knows about Edward is revealed soon. Looking forward to more of your amazing writing.

Missed you.

Hey Cherub - thanks for your concern. All is okay at my end but I have had a lot on my plate including some operations, sickness, computer problems and generally not being able to get on here to update and post. I feel so guilty about it but I am trying to plod along and update when I can :( I won't give up on the story though because that would be really unfair to everyone who is reading it.

Rosalie will be fun and will have a few of them on their toes including Bella and Edward.

Thnaks for reading and most of for CARING.



It's so good to hear back from you. And you should know that we all appreciate you taking the effort of continuing with this story and not giving up on it even though it really is hard for you to keep up with it. How could I not care? You are a wonderful person and amazing writer. I really hope you don't have to go through any more operations or sick days in the coming future. I wish you all the good luck for your health and also hope that your computer problems are dealt with. 

Thanks Paula - I am so glad you still feel that way!



Chapter 7


BPOV – A new home


So this trip to Australia was both brilliant and anxiety filling. Our arrival into the town of Windarooh did not go off without a hitch; mainly being that I’d had to endure two uncomfortable conversations with Edward that really had me confused. The first one on the plane had me fuming because although he started off with an insult he had been really, really close to me as he whispered that he would never regret helping me out and I was beside myself with agitation that my body responded immediately to his voice, his proximity and the feel of his breath against my ear. Someone definitely needed to let my body know that it was not working in sync with my head or my heart. Scratch that; my heart needed to stay right out of that whole equation. I was frightened that it would be my undoing if I started to accept that I had feelings for Edward that could never be followed through on. My heart and body ganging up on my mind was not an outcome I wanted to explore too closely at all.


Secondly we had broken down in the middle of nowhere and had to wait for a mechanic to turn up to help us out. I felt so incredibly sorry for the two guys who had been given the job of picking us up from the airport and then had the bad luck of dealing with a faulty something or rather in the bus. Pat and Gelar had done everything possible to make the wait bearable and most of those in our group had waited patiently and with very little complaint. When the mechanic turned up however, the second interaction I had with Edward was based on the overwhelming jealousy that was sparked when I saw him taking in the beautiful model like woman who got out of the van. Stupidly I couldn’t keep it inside and made a snide remark about the kind of woman Edward liked and he gave me his own counter explanation in the form of a barely disguised insult. Touché  – I guessed I deserved that, even though his answer didn’t put me at ease about the probability that he was mesmerised by the woman we were soon introduced to as Rosalie. Why did I care? I should. Not. Care.


Rosalie proved to be a force to be reckoned with, considering the way she had Emmett eating out of her hand and him promising that he was going to make her his. The concept of Emmett being confined to one woman was almost laughable given his previous history but one look at is face told me he was dead serious. His declaration to me, that “Life’s too short not to go for what you really want. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but if we don’t try we could miss out on something really good.” was a kind of dig, I knew, but he didn’t understand and I was not willing to take the risk considering I knew the truth..........


The truth? Huh. Now Edward even had me doubting what I believed to be truth. He just seemed so open and honest when we skirted around the issue on the disastrous rescue night of a couple days previous. How could he possibly look me in the eye and tell me had no idea what he had done wrong when I had let him know that I knew of his transgressions and had even seen the proof of it? It kind of loaned itself to the idea that I was the one in the wrong but that couldn’t be; could it? I desperately needed to talk to Jessica about this and that was a near impossibility. I would make the attempt though but until then Edward was a no go zone.


Easier said than done when you were living with the guy.


Yes that’s right as soon as we arrived into town we were taken to our accommodation, which was admittedly absolutely gorgeous, but came with the distinct disadvantage that every single one of us would be living together in a homestead like property on the outskirts of Windorah.  Two large houses had been built together with only a small cola like corridor between the two. Gelar explained that it had been left in trust to Carlisle Cullen’s project for however long it continued bringing groups to teach in outback Windorah. It had originally been built for a large family and the second house had been added when the family’s grandparents were in need of constant care but still wanted some independence. It had morphed into a kind of bed and breakfast before it had been handed over to Carlisle’s project. It was perfect really for our needs, having two kitchens and open communal areas but it didn’t help with my decision to keep Edward at arm’s length. I was just going to have to deal with it the best way I could which would probably involve putting my head into the sand and pretending that I was not attracted to Edward in the least. I had had plenty of practice with that but being this close to him on a daily basis was making ignoring him an impossibility.


Allocation of rooms had been an interesting endeavour. One house had four bedrooms and it was quite apparent that this had been utilised by couples before us with three of the rooms having double beds. It was decided that Ben and Angela, along with Alice and Jasper would share two of those rooms but that left one room over with a double bed and one with twins.


“What do we do with the other double?”  Alice questioned casting me a sympathetic look. I knew what she was thinking; she was hoping I didn’t get stuck with sharing with Victoria.


“Well maybe Bella and I could set up house and try the whole couples thing?” James responded with a sly look in Edward’s direction. I could only look at him slack jawed as he stepped towards me with a giant grin on his face. “How about it beautiful, care to experience coupledom with me? We could make a good pair; keep each other warm on any cold nights we might encounter.”


I cringed at his suggestive offer and retreated backwards so that he couldn’t touch me. Unfortunately Edward had made a move also, stepping forward to get to James and I found my back pressed against his chest and his clenched hands were at my hips to steady me. With a surprised  gasp I glanced up into his face that only showed a thunderous cloud of absolute anger and watched with fascination as his narrowed eyes rested on James. Almost too late I realised that he was trying to move me aside so that he could get past me and the tension that I could feel through his body told me that that would not be a good idea. I reached down and gripped his hands with mine keeping them in place on my hips so that he was stuck and was left only with words to retaliate with.


“You disgusting p......”


I squeezed Edward’s hands hard when I noted James eyes glinting with glee at getting to him so easily and Edward took a deep breath without finishing his insult. My ire was the only thing keeping me from thinking too heavily on the fact that Edward was holding me and I actually liked the feeling of safety it gave me. How dare James think he had the right to proposition and embarrass me in front of everyone like that. I was about to speak to put James in his place when he beat me to it.


“What’s the matter Edward? Were you hoping to share that room with someone yourself? Which lovely lady were you thinking of? Victoria? Bree or maybe our Bella here?”


Emmett  moved to place himself next to Edward in a display of support and it didn’t escape my notice that he was very subtly refraining Edward from taking any further action by placing a hand on his shoulder. Another deep exhale of breath tickled my ear and goosebumps spread across my whole body.


“Unlike you I have more respect for the girls than to offer a near stranger to share my bed.” Edward retorted with hostility.


“How sad Edward. How do you know unless you ask?” Amusement was very much evident in James response and it hit me just how much he liked to taunt Edward about everything and anything. It actually made me really angry but I wasn’t about to reveal that to an audience.


“Okay Romeo. I can pretty much guarantee that Bella will not be sharing with you,” Sam looked at me for confirmation as if he even needed it but I shook my head anyway to reinforce that I had no intention of agreeing to James suggestion. “so let’s move past your inappropriate invitation and figure out where we go from here,” The quiet command within Sam’s voice showed that he was not messing about at all.


“I’m happy to share with Bree,” I stated and happily watched as Bree’s face morphed into a relieved expression. No doubt she didn’t want to be stuck with Victoria either.


“What? In a double bed. You’d prefer to share a bed with a girl than a guy?” Victoria said with disdain.


“Um actually no I was more thinking we could have the twin room.” Was this girl kidding?


“Good idea...... and I think that all of the rest of us guys can share the rooms within the other house. Makes sense. Victoria it looks like you have the double to yourself.” Sam chose to ignore Victoria’s comment that she would be happy to share as she stared at Edward with widened eyes and fluttering eyelashes but I had to admit that it got to me that she was still searching for a way into Edward’s graces. I wanted to punch her in the face for her innuendo and wished that I had the guts to look up at him to see how her proposition affected him. Maybe I didn’t want to know.


People began moving around us but I seemed to be in the middle of a standoff between Edward and James who were still eyeing one another off as if they weren’t willing to be the first one to back down and leave.


Alice deliberately stepped between the two boys cutting off their stare down and encouraging James to leave. She then quirked her eyebrow as she faced us. “So maybe you two would like to let go of one another now?” 


“Huh. What?”  As Edward confusedly looked at his cousin and then down at out joined hands on my hips I let out an embarrassed exclamation and ripped myself away from him. We hadn’t even realised that we were still standing with our bodies against one another and his hands possessively on my hips with my own covering his to keep him there.


“Oh, ah right. Of course. Um..... sorry Bella,” Edward’s face had gone a lovely shade of red that I was pretty sure matched my own. “I wasn’t thinking.......he.......I..........” He shrugged his shoulders and quickly moved in the direction of the other house in an effort to escape me. Alice stood tapping her foot and watching me with annoyance.


“At some point you two are going to have to stop denying what we can all see and just get on with it.” Alice said with exasperation. I didn’t bother answering her. I was still feeling the imprint of Edward’s fingers on my hips and the warmth on my own palms where my skin had lingered over his. “Oh come on Bella, stop fooling yourself and give the guy a chance. It’s what you both want; it’s what you both need.”

I shook my head uselessly because I knew deep down that she was right. She retaliated with her own shake of the head and then murmured “and for god’s sake please don’t let that pig of a man near you. He’s bad news Bella. James needs to be watched very carefully. He’s got it in for Edward and he’s going to use you to hurt him, I can see it already.”


Now that was a request I was more than willing to help her out with. I didn’t want James anywhere near me and I was adamant that he wouldn’t get to hurt Edward either.



The first week was full on. We were all trying to fit into this new way of life and the differences between our own careers at home and how it was here. The Australian school year was broken into four terms of ten weeks, with a break between three of the terms of only two weeks and then a larger break over the Christmas holidays of 6 weeks. We had come into their final term of the year since it was September which meant we were continuing on with the previous teachers programs rather than completely delivering our own. Still it was a lot of hard work to adjust to the differences in curriculum and the need to establish a relationship with the students in the class. The same could be said for the doctors and nurses in our group who had taken on their roles within the small hospital / medical centre in town. Edward, Ben, Jasper, James and Ang were working in shifts to cover the load along with their mentors at the hospital and there were times when we passed one another like ships in the night. Emmett and Sam had been sent straight away into remote areas that had been affected by floods recently and there were times when they were away for days at a time.  We had fallen into a routine of sorts and there were no great issues within our living arrangements as yet. I spent most of my time lesson planning or hanging out with Alice because the doctors within our group were busier than us, learning the ropes, and she was missing Jasper’s company.


“How about a night out tonight?” Alice had been skipping past the doorway to the lounge area where Tyler and I were currently going over our individual programs before she paused to throw her question into the room.  Tyler smirked at her enthusiastic question and looked at me for confirmation. I nodded with a smile back at him. It would be good to get out and see what the town had to offer in the form of entertainment.


“Sounds good to me. I think Bree is home from her shift; shall I go and ask her if she wants to join us?  Quil is working tonight though. Are any of the others available?” Tyler was already up and ready to get moving. I guess he was sick of working and needed a break.


“Um I know Jasper and Ben are working tonight so they are a no go. Jasper said Edward and Ang had gone out with Dr Lem to a house call and I have no idea about James and Victoria and I have no inclination to go and find out to be completely honest,” Alice explained with a look of disgust marring her pretty features. “That leaves the four of us for the moment. Emmett and Sam aren’t back in town yet.”


I stood and stretched out the kinks in my neck. “The pub?”


“Yep, dinner and a few drinks would be great. Meet back here in fifteen minutes.” Alice directed as I let Tyler know that I would talk to my room mate about joining us.


Half an hour later, Bree, Alice, Tyler and myself were seated at a table at the pub ready to order a quick meal. The locals were extremely welcoming as we constantly acknowledged and spoke to people we had met over the past week and those who had only heard of us through the grapevine. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the attention honestly but the situation was made easier by Alice’s and Tyler’s friendly personalities shining through and they did the majority of the talking while Bree and I shyly added something in every now and again.


Discussion became targeted on how our week had turned out. Tyler, Alice and I had been working alongside one another so it was more interesting to hear how Bree was experiencing the medical centre as a nurse in a rural town. She was loving the experience just like the rest of us and was clearly settling in really well. She regaled us with stories of some of the characters she had met and we spent alot of our time laughing happily about our good fortune at getting this opportunity to learn in such a different environment. Once our food was completely finished Tyler went to order some drinks for us and we sat back completely sated, watching those around us interact.


“Is this a private party or can anyone join?” Rosalie questioned and I was a little surprised to see uncertainty on her face.


“Not just anyone, but certainly you can,” Alice quipped back which resulted in a broad grin from Rosalie. “We do have standards of course.”


“Why thank you,” I moved my chair across so that Rosalie could bring a seat in to join us. “I thought I would come over and see how the great Australian outback town is treating you all. I remember when I first got out here how frightening  it all was. Of course I didn’t have a group of friends with me at the time so I guess it’s a little different for you but spill; is Windorah treating you okay?” Rosalie took a sip of the drink she held in her hand and made herself comfortable in her seat before giving us a sincere and encouraging smile. Right at this moment she didn’t appear as daunting as she had on our previous meeting and I relaxed with the full intention of getting to know her as a person and not just the overwhelmingly beautiful girl that she was, who frankly intimidated me. When we answered that we were happy and enjoying the whole experience she seemed really pleased and when Tyler returned with our drinks Rosalie was giving us lots of pointers and gossip about the locals and their ways. She didn’t give up much about her own life and what had brought her here from America but since she had mentioned an ex husband to Emmett earlier I could only imagine that she had some things she wanted to keep private and not share with a group of people she had only just met. Regardless of that she seemed relaxed with us and soon had us calling her Rose as if she had known us for a long time already.


An hour later we were sitting and enjoying the laid back feel of the bar when Rosalie spoke up and my heart plummeted into my stomach when I realised what she was talking about.


“I have to say that that man is kind of beautiful,” Rosalie nodded towards the door where Angela and Edward had walked in laughing happily together even though they looked extremely tired.  They hadn’t seen us yet and walked straight over to the bar. “The rumour mill has been going off something fierce this week with people talking about the new male doctors in town. Looking at him I can imagine why the fantasies are abundant.”


“Ewww Rose. I don’t want to hear about the fantasies woman are having about my cousin,” Alice exclaimed mockingly. I had to adamantly agree with her silently. Edward and other girl’s fantasies didn’t do much for me either.


Rosalie smirked. “Cousin huh. Well get used to it babe because as much as he is not my type I can admire a thing of beauty and he is one of them. That jaw and those precise features are swoon worthy. Not to mention the eyes; I’ve never seen such strikingly green orbs before. The girls will be lining up to have a go at him; married or single it won’t matter to them. I can imagine there will be lots of little health issues creeping up on some of the women in this town. And just for the record Edward is not the only doctor that had the girls all in a flutter; your boyfriend has quite a few admirers as well and if I was you I would be making it quite clear that he is off limits.”


“Oh I don’t need to worry about that,” Alice said with confidence. “Jasper is all mine and he’ll make sure to let anyone know who cares to question it.”


“Well good on you. I like a girl who is that sure of her relationship. Sounds like you have the right kind of guy. Wish we were all that lucky.” Something in the melancholy that appeared in her eyes told me that Rosalie had not had it easy when it came to men and I wondered what her husband had been like.


“On that note I think I will go and let Edward and Angela know we’re over here.” Tyler swept out of his seat and chuckled. “We need some more testosterone over here or all this girl’s talk is going to send me mad.”


I forced myself to laugh alongside Bree, Alice and Rosalie but really all I was concentrating on was the fact that Edward would be joining us and I would have to perfect the mask I was so keen to keep on. All the talk of women wanting him had my insides churning and the avoidance tactics we had managed this week were about to be put aside when he sat at our table. I wasn’t ready for it.


Before Tyler could take more than a step towards them, Angela and Edward turned away from the bar and a few things happened at once. Angela waved gleefully at us and I vaguely sensed Alice and Tyler motioning her over to our table. The door behind Edward and Angela opened and James Hunter walked in swaggering and immediately zoned in on Edward’s tall frame with a menacing glare and finally my eyes met Edwards and his response shattered my well maintained facade as I took in the instant welcoming joy in his face which was followed closely by confused tension. The smile fell away from his face and he appeared to take in a deep breath. I watched with avid interest as he spoke softly to Angela, handing over his drink and then turning away from her surprised face and striding past James and immediately out the door.


Oh my god what just happened?


I sagged in my seat and caught Rosalie giving me an appraising look of question before she was sidetracked by Angela’s arrival. The uncomfortable uneasiness that had come over our group with Edward’s sudden withdrawal had quietened  everyone down and it was left to Alice to ignore the huge elephant in the room and greet Angela as if nothing strange had just happened.


“Hey Ang. Work finally over for the day? How did it all go?”


“Um yeah good. Dr Lem took us out to explain some of the house calls we had to make out to farms and ah, Tyler.....this for you?” Angela was clearly agitated about handing over the drink that Edward had pushed into her hand minutes ago. His quiet thanks and quick glance towards me was embarrassing.


“Would someone like to explain to me what’s going on? Why did Edward just up and leave like that? I know I’m not part of your little group but surely seeing me here wasn’t that bad that he had to run.” Rosalie’s voice was thick with frustration.


“Oh gosh. No Rosalie, that’s not it at all. I think he was tired and realised too late that he needed to get home. Um he ....that is we ......had some pretty emotionally draining patients today and I guess....” Angela shrugged her shoulders discontentedly and moved to take the seat Tyler offered her.


I peered at Angela’s saddened expression and spoke quietly. “It was because of me, wasn’t it?”


She was about to deny it; I could see the words warring within her tight expression but she didn’t have to because James chose that moment to butt into a private discussion with his own take on the situation when Rosalie questioned why it would have been because of me.


“Because Edward and Bella hate one another, isn’t that right sweet B? What were his words Ang....”


“Shut up James,” Angela spoke through gritted teeth.


“Oh that’s right he said that he couldn’t do this tonight. He couldn’t deal with ‘her’.” James did the fingers emphasising the word ‘her’ and gave me a pointed look letting me know in no uncertain terms that Edward had been talking about me. I cringed with the thought that I had actually disgusted him enough for him to walk out the way he did.


“Is that true Ang?” Was that timid voice mine?


“Oh Bella. I don’t think he meant it that way. He’s just...........”


“Of course he did Bella. We all know there’s no love lost between the two of you. Obviously tonight wasn’t Edward’s night for dealing with the hostility and he is sick of pretending.” James was almost dancing with glee at the outcome of our evening.


“I’m pretty sure that no one asked your opinion little man so why don’t you go and annoy someone else with your snide and juvenile comments?” Rosalie stood up and James tried hard not to allow her overbearing presence affect him although it clearly did even as he laughed at her outburst. He sidled off to the bar with a ‘whatever’ thrown over his shoulder when Alice reiterated Rosalie’s words and I slunk further into my seat.


“Don’t let that idiot get you down Bella. He thrives on discord.” Tyler spoke with sympathy. “He would have twisted Edward’s words around to make them sound worse than they were.”


I wanted to escape but there really wasn’t anywhere to go. If I left now I would be following Edward home and having to deal with his disgust without the buffer of my friends around me. I was better off staying right where I was and pretending that I didn’t care about Edward’s disappearance.


“Let’s just forget about it and continue on with our good evening. What Edward thinks of me really doesn’t matter.”


Everyone agreed and soon Bree and Tyler were over at the jukebox choosing some songs to listen to and Alice dragged Angela into the ladies bathroom to no doubt find out what Edward had said exactly. Rosalie and I were left to contemplate our drinks.


“So you and Edward hey?”


“What? No!”


“Rubbish!” Rosalie flicked her hand in warning. “Did you see the look on his face before he very carefully sculpted it into a controlled look of blank? That boy has it for you bad; I could feel the intensity of it from across the room and it seems to me that maybe it is not as unreciprocated as you would like everyone to believe.”


“Rose. You saw what happened. He couldn’t even bear to be in the same room as me. There’s certainly no good feeling there and there is no Edward and I”


“Rightio. I guess something’s happened between the two of you that is none of my business Bella so I won’t push but let me tell you one thing; that man right there might have left the room but I would almost stake my life on it that he has some very serious feelings for you. It’s up to you what you do with that.”


She leant back in her chair and winked at me knowingly.  I shook my head and thought about what I could say to make her realise that it wasn’t like that for Edward and me.


“You don’t understand. He.....he’s not the person I thought he was.”


“They never are honey. We put them up on pedestals and believe them to be perfect but really they are just like the rest of us – normal human beings – some better than others.” She ran her pointer finger around the top of the glass in contemplation.  “I’ve known bad people Bella; really bad people and I’ve learnt to read people well to keep myself safe. I don’t get a bad vibe from Edward in the few times we’ve crossed each others paths in the past week.”


“Why are you sticking up for him when you don’t even know him?”


“You’re right. I don’t know him. I do like you though and I can see what him walking out did to you a few minutes ago. Whatever changed your mind about him is not enough to cover up the fact that you still want him. Unless he actually physically hurt you or deliberately set out to screw with you emotionally, most mistakes can be forgiven don’t you think?”


I rubbed my face in agitation. “I’m not sure Rosalie. What he did turned everything I thought I knew about him inside out. I don’t want to be involved with a person like that.”


I thought Rosalie was going to argue the point further but instead she merely nodded her head. “It’s your choice Bella. Only you know what you can or can not live with. I’m not going to be the person who pushes you one way or the other.”


Tyler and Bree’s arrival back to the table put a stop to our in depth conversation and my relief was palpable. Rosalie’s comment about knowing what I could or could not live with had hit too close to home and I needed a moment to pull my thoughts back into order with regards to Edward.


I was fluctuating between relief that he was leaving me alone and anger that he could so readily disregard my company. I wanted to believe in his goodness but had to accept that I knew things about his atrocious behaviour that he had so blatantly hidden from everyone else around us. I had to accept that my mind and my heart were not working in harmony and that this trip was making things even more complicated.


As Rosalie had asked, could I live with this? I was almost certain that the answer was no; not with the way things were right now.


Damn it to hell.


Welcome Back Michelle...Thank you for the update....Bella, Bella, please listen to Rosalie...and someone please hurt James....bad so he has to go back to the states............Where was Emmett?.......Rosalie gave Bella something to think about, I know she can't speak with Jessica now, but she sure could have a heart to heart with Edward..he already told her he didn't know what she was talking about...thanks again for the update, I hope your feeling well, WE HAVE MISS YOU!!!....until you post again


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