The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Loss to Love was written on the basis of AnayhR's ideas.


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Agreed Ashley. He needs to be put in his place. Hmmm I wonder who will do that?

Thnaks for reading



Nice to have you back!!!!!! Thank you for the update!!!!!! Awww poor Bella and Edward, they're trying to deny something that is staring into their faces! I wish they would work out their issues! Haha I can't wait for more!!!!!!!! You're a wonderful writer!!!!! Please write soon!!!!!!! :)

P.s. I understand the situation with the computers, I use my phone to get on here, I have a computer but I can't post anything on it, so I can only post with my phone.

Thanks for staying with me  and all the lovely compliments. Hope you continue to enjoy and thanks for understanding. A new chapter is up now so enjoy.



OH Michelle I read this on my phone when you first posted but my comment didn't upload so here I go again. I absolutely love this story, as I do all your stories and I have missed you so much. I hope you are doing well that life is treating you kind. Now on to the story I absolutely love Rose in this story. I hope Bella listens to her and finally just goes to Edward, and talks to him about whatever it is that she thinks he's done. I fear that Jessica has not been completely honest with her about something that happened, and that she is torturing herself & Edward for no good reason. Michelle I Know have told you this before. but I have to say it again, you are an amazing writer!! I love how pull me in and that through your vivid, colorful description I am able to see what you see!! 

I will wait patiently until you post again!!



Hi Sarah Beth. You ALWAYS know how to make me smile with your comments even though it has been ages since Ive been on here. I am back from an oversaeas trip and feeling rejuvenated so hopefully that will mean proper updates. I used to be so good at updating every week - sigh. Oh well I can only do my best.

I love Rose here too - she will be helpful to Bella in her own way. Jessica is definitely involved and it will come out soon. Thanks for your kind words and hope you enjoy the next chappy that I just posted.



Chapter 8


EPOV –  Appearances


There were two things that I was entirely sure of. One; I was not going to be able to refrain from putting my fist into James Hunter’s constantly leering face at some point during this trip if he didn’t stop his overt attempts at making Bella uncomfortable and two; my attempts at avoiding Bella Swan, after inadvertently going passive aggressive on the whole room selection situation, was not going to last. The amount of time spent at the hospital and out at surrounding farms had helped me keep my distance from her physical presence but that didn’t mean she wasn’t constantly on my mind. Finding myself up against her with our hands joined on her hips had been a revelation of sorts. It had been a natural enough movement that my brain had not registered until too late and my embarrassment that she might have felt the way I automatically responded to her was stepped up a notch. Thank goodness for a busy schedule.


Today’s busy schedule had included a visit out to the farms and homesteads. Since the distances were so vast in the outback some of the places were a long way apart and it took all afternoon and into the evening before we were back again. Angela and I had been amazed by the hard work and dedication that Dr Lem had shown through his introduction to us of country life in Australia. We had met some interesting people and as much as I wanted to remain professional it was difficult to not feel for the people who were experiencing health issues so far from a city hospital because they wanted to remain on their land. It was rewarding but at the same time exhausting so by the time we got back into town I readily accepted Angela’s suggestion that we should have a quick cleansing drink at the pub before heading home for a good night’s rest.


It wasn’t until we had received our drinks from the bar and my eyes flicked over the patrons of the pub that I saw her. The instant gratification that raced through me was quickly followed by confusion and disillusionment. Going over there and sitting with Bella and pretending that everything was okay after the draining day we’d had made me feel nothing but anxiety and fatigue. I couldn’t do it and without thinking passed my drink to Angela.


“I need to go. Give this to Tyler. I can’t do this tonight. I can’t face her.”


Angela’s startled expression was the last thing I saw before spinning around to exit quickly. Unfortunately James was right behind me with his normal smirk plastered on his face and it pained me to know that he had probably heard what I had just said to Angela. For a brief second in time I considered staying just so I could ensure that his sleaziness was not left unmarked for the night but then my brain told me that I was not in right frame of mind to act rationally if he even remotely gave me an excuse to pummel him and that was so against me as a person that I wasn’t willing to open that can of worms. I pushed past him instead and headed home knowing that Bella was quite capable of looking after herself if it was needed.


He wanted to hope it wasn’t needed.


The darkness of the house was welcomed when I pulled up the long driveway. I didn’t have it in me to make polite conversation with anyone and knowing that everyone was out was a blessing for the turmoil in my head.  I pulled the work car  into the carport and quickly grabbed my things to trudge inside and hopefully to a night of blissful sleep where dreams of Bella and I confronting one another, or worse getting way too close for my comfort, did not invade my very needed rest.


Fat chance of that.


I grabbed myself a quick drink and moved towards the room I shared with Emmett. It worked for us to share considering our knowledge of each other as best friends and it wasn’t really that hard to do since he was away a lot of the time working out of town. It was almost like I had the room to  myself. I threw my bag onto the bed and started to strip my clothes off in readiness for the hot shower I was in need of to both cleanse the grittiness of the harsh Australian outback off my skin and to calm my body in aid of getting some much needed rest. By the time I was cleaned and into my sleep clothes I was feeling so much better and more than a bit embarrassed about my display back at the pub. I should have just manned up and gone in there and pretended everything was okay, and that Bella Swan did not have any kind of grip on me at all. It was annoying that I was so worked up about whatever she felt she knew about me that made her do such a one eighty with regards to the way she treated me. Frustration was not a pleasant experience at the best of times but when it came to the one person you could have seen yourself with in a meaningful way it was even harder to deal with. I was going to cut myself some slack in this case, get some sleep and start off anew in the morning.


The crunch of gravel outside from the arrival of a car stopped me from falling into the final stages of sleep. My body immediately tensed thinking that everyone was coming home from the pub but I soon established through the sound of their voices that it was only Emmett and Sam. The tension loosened significantly as I continued to listen to them make their way into the house and soon Emmett’s plodding  footsteps were right outside our room’s door. I chuckled to myself as Emmett attempted to rap quietly on the door to determine if I was asleep or not. Nothing he did was quiet.


“Yeah Emmett. I’m awake…………just.”


Apparently those words indicated to Emmett that he could make as much noise as possible as he barrelled into the room with his usual over the top enthusiasm. The light hurt my eyes with the suddenness of it being turned on and before I knew it Emmett was sitting on the side of my bed with a huge grin on his face.


“In bed already? Wow must have been a hard day.” Emmett shoved me a little and I groaned. So much for the rest I had hoped for. “Where is everyone?”


“Pub.” Maybe my one word answers would be proof enough that I didn’t want company right now.


“And you’re not there because……?”


“I’m tired and in desperate need of some sleep.”


“Oh sure sorry. Wasn’t thinking. I’ll make myself as quiet as a mouse and you go back to sleep. You won’t hear a peep from me, I promise.”


Emmett then proceeded to open every drawer possible, cursing at not being able to find things, sighing as he sat down on his own bed, only to get back up again quickly to find something else that he apparently needed right there and then. After ten minutes of this I had finally had enough and an idea came to my head.


“Hey Emmett,”


“Yeah man.”


“Did I happen to mention that everyone was at the pub?”


“Sure did but I think I’ll make it an early night myself,” An exaggerated yawn came out of his mouth and he continued making a range of noises as he trudged around the room.


“Did I also happen to mention that Rosalie King was with them?”


“Um… and really that should have been the first thing out of your mouth Eddie. How could you have kept that from me?” A shoe flew at my head and I moved quickly so I didn’t score the impact straight on. Emmett was suddenly animated and cursing at me as he explained that he needed to get down to that pub pronto.


I couldn’t have agreed more even if it was for completely different reasons.


“Next time don’t leave it so long to tell me the important information Ed,” Emmett was almost out the door and my pillow was seriously beckoning me when I heard his last dig.


“I can’t imagine what I was thinking,” I deadpanned back and only received a surly look back before I allowed my head to bury itself into softness so that I could be pulled into that heavenly place of sleep.


Please, please let tonight be dream free.




“What the hell is wrong with you?” The hissed sentence in my ear was not the way I wanted to wake up. I grabbed my pillow and attempted to cover my head with it to drown out the annoying noise of being reprimanded.


“Go away Alice.”


“Not going to happen Edward. You’re behaviour last night was appalling and you need to fix it.” Alice stood with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. I realised quite quickly that I would not be joining the land of nod again any time soon with her apparently on a mission of guilt tripping. I rolled over and wiped at my eyes to attempt full wakefulness.


“I was tired.” Hopefully the simple approach would be best.


“I imagine so but that does not warrant the sudden disappearance when you saw Bella. Do you know how humiliating that was for her. We all know the two of you don’t get on but what you did last night was plain nasty.”  Alice moved to one of my drawers and starting rifling through my belongings. I quickly sat up in bed.


“What are you doing?”


“Getting you some clothes to put on. You do realise that James had a field day with taunting Bella about the lack of love between the two of you after your display of cowardice,” Alice stepped towards the cupboard as I watched on in confusion, feeling the guilt rage through me that my actions had caused grief for Bella.


“James is a disgusting piece of.......” I shook my head to rid myself of his presence in my mind. “Why am I suddenly unable to dress myself Alice?” She ignored my query.


“Well I know that but it doesn’t stop him from trying to get into Bella’s pants any opportunity he can. Apparently he has worked out that your in his way of that happening. We’re in a hurry....get up and get dressed.”


“That makes no sense,” I began.


“What ? Getting dressed?” Alice asked tongue in cheek.


I sighed in exasperation. I could see what kind of day it was going to be. “No. James thinking I’m in his way. She despises me and doesn’t hide it at all.”


Alice hurrumphed and continued pulling things out of my cupboard.


“For gods sake Alice. I am capable of choosing my own clothes and funnily enough dressing in them too.” Sarcasm was a form of protection right now.


“Oh yeah she hates your guts. That’s why she constantly watches every move you make. That’s why she goes that beautiful rose colour whenever you happen to walk past. That’s why she  looked  like she was ready to cry last night when you decided that you didn’t want to be near her. It’s all because you mean nothing to her.” A roll of the eyes completed Alice’s tirade.


My breath stuck in my throat with the observations that Alice had just thrown at me. Alice saw completely different things to me when it came to Bella but maybe.......


“Alice?”  She sighed and sat on the bed beside my own sitting up form and looked at me with sympathy, all the fight gone out of her.  The two of us had always been so careful not to get to in depth about what was happening between Bella and I so that we wouldn’t cause any problems in our own relationship. “Do I seriously have any chance?”


“Not if you keep treating her the way you did last night. Get it together. Make her see that whatever screwed up thing she thinks you did, wasn’t really you. She is fighting against it Edward. She doesn’t want to care about you or anything you do but the fact is........she does. She is drawn to you and it’s up to you to make her see that that is alright.”


I scrubbed at my face and pulled at my chin as I spoke. “I have no idea how to do that.”


Alice leaned over and patted my sheet covered knee. “You’re a smart boy. You’ll think of something. Now get up. Everyone is waiting for you.”


“Waiting for me?”


“Yes. For the first time since we got here we all have a free day and we are going to make the most of it by exploring and picnicing. You can take the opportunity to show Bella you are not the jerk you were last night.”


“She thinks I’m a jerk all the time.”


Alice giggled and I smirked back with some relief. “Yeah you’re right, she does. Got you’re work set out for you to prove her wrong.” With a wink she left my room and then added over her shoulder. “Half an hour is all I’m giving you to be ready and at the cars. Make the best of it Edward. Appearances do count.”


Apparently Alice was right because twenty minutes later I was standing across from a blushing beauty who had been taken by surprise when I left the steaming bathroom, towel wrapped securely around my waist but nothing else on ready to make the dash back to my room. If her reaction of looking at me slack jawed and eyes wide as she inadverdently ran her glance over my body told me anything I would say that Bella Swan had definitely stroked my ego in a way no one else ever could.


“Oh,” Her hand was at her throat as we both came to a standstill. “I’m sorry....I didn’t realise. I...”  Her skittishness was adorable but I needed to help her with her embarrassment.


“Hi Bella,” I smiled, hoping it would relax her and lighten the sudden tense mood circulating the two of us. She drew her eyes to my face and  focused on my mouth. A fleeting trace of longing crossed her features before she dropped her head and started scuttling away from me with a soft “Hi Edward.”


My grin widened. Bella had most definitely appreciated my appearance and I was going to use that to help me get what I really wanted in this life...........her heart.

Oh I haven't been on in a while and what do I find? A posting from you! Going to read now. Nice to see you back.


Haha, sexy Edward is coming out to play now. This should be fun to say the least. Alice is always so insightful. Oh I wish there was more to read Sweetie. It's been too long since your last update. This was such a tease and you know it, lol.

What comes after the, "Hi Edward." I have to know.

As usual Michelle, a superb job. Now it's going to be agonizing to wait for more. I've been having a rough go of it myself though, so I know where you're coming from. With the slow updates. My characters decided to take a very long vacation from me and I can't seem to locate them. It worries me. Add that and everyday life getting in the way and it seems impossible that they will return. I hope everything is getting better for you. How's your back?

I hope you're back because I really want to finish reading this story. Hope all is going well. Inbox me if you would like to chat a bit.


thank you Michele for the update!!!.Welcome back I have miss you terribly..........It seems Bella & Edward might just have a nice time today with the rest of the gang.  Emmet to funny about Edward not telling him first about Rosalie.  I hope James stay's at bay today, and leaves Bella & Edward alone.

Hi my dear D, Glad to see you too :)


Im a tease? Hmmm I think I like that ;) Edward is going to start fighting in a completely different way now so it should be a bit of fun for us all. I have already started with the what comes next after her "Hi Bella" so will have it up next week. I am truly hoping to get back to my once a week postings to be fair to those of you still reading. Will see how I can do.


I am sorry to hear about your rought trot and even sadder to see that you are going to hand over some of your stories. It really is hard to maintain everything at once isn't it?


My back is killing me right noiw I am afraid. On my days off I tend to try and stay as flat as possible and constantly ice so that I can get to work on my days on. More annoying than anything not to be able to move normally and be careful of every little turn or bend you make. Shouldn't complain though because so many people are worse off than me.


I am sincerely trying to be back properly. Thanks for sticking by me and continuing to read




Hi Michelle,

So glad that you're back and I hope that you're feeling well and things for you are good. Oh and did I mention that i missed you?? Okay so on with the review....

I absolutely love Alice and you capture her personality and her demeanor so well. I'm so glad she is their to push Edward and keep him in line.  She can see that Bella and Edward belong together and we know that Alice usually gets her way.  I do wonder why Bella hasn't confided her distrust of Edward with Alice. 

I think Bella is really getting to Edward and he may be getting a little bit touchy with everyone around, which is doing nothing to keep his feelings toward Bella hidden or from showing everyone, other than Bella, how she effects him.  I was laughing as I read the end, Edward in nothing but a towel, I would loved to have seen that! I can't wait to see how he uses this new realization of his effect on her to his advantage.

As always great writing and wonderful story. I will be waiting patiently for the next update.

Lots of hugs


Hello lovely Sarah Beth,


Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I had a very strong image of Alice coming in and losing it with our Edward even whilst she was trying to organise him - how funny. Bella has made a promise to someone else and she has not broken it with anyone - not even her nest friend Al;ice. They also don't talk too much about it because they don't want to ruin their own friendship.


Edward is definitely upping the game now in making Bella see him in a different light to win her - should be a bit of fun to write?????


Edward in a towel - yummmmmmmm I would be beside myself too I think.


Thanks for reading and reviewing - you know I love you for it.





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