The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Loss to Love was written on the basis of AnayhR's ideas.


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Huge Spark :) Thanks for noticing it. I love my happy endings so they will eventually get there I promise. You are very good to still be reading and commenting my friend. Thanks so much

Also: Emmet was really funny, and Alice gave Edward a much needed wake-up call! Good for her!

Emmett and Alice are fun to write :)

Just in case you don't see my comment, I did comment! (:


i absolutely love this story, can't wait to read your next update!  you are a great writer :-)

Thnaks so much Kelley - I hope you continue to read and enjoy what's in store for them all :)




Chapter 9

BPOV – Caring


“...........anything you want.”


Hmmm......Edward in a towel. .........hanging from his hips........ his very defined and utterly gorgeous hips and then  there was his chest........all glistening wet with just the right smattering of hair covering his I would like to......


Someone pinched me ........hard.


“Jeez. What did I do to deserve that?” I rubbed at the spot that was already reddening on my upper arm and glared at Alice.


“Um I’ve only been talking to you for the past few minutes and you are giving me nothing....zilch. It was the only way I was going to get you out of that trance you were in,”  Alice had her legs tucked under herself and was indicating the food that was spread out around us. With a blush I apologised and looked furtively towards the man I had just been day dreaming about. Thankfully he was engrossed in a discussion with Sam and Ben about where they could best set up the  game of cricket that Emmett had found at the house and had not noticed my lack of focus. “I asked if there was anything you wanted; as in the picnic that I painstakingly put together at the last moment for my friends to enjoy.”


Of course I apologised and quickly chose one of the wraps Alice had made and then made a huge effort to remain in the here and now rather than the very pleasant moments before we had all left for our trip to the waterhole outside town. It took every ounce of will I had to do so because the accidental meeting between Edward and I outside the bathroom was playing over and over in my head. He seriously was the epitome of all things beautiful and when he had smiled at me I had almost lost it and said what the hell with my morals and simply taken his face into my hands and kissed him silly. For a few moments in time I wanted to let go and actually feel what I was feeling rather than what I expected of myself. Luckily for me embarrassment won and I quickly removed myself from his presence.


The next time I saw him he was fully dressed and still looking as delectable as ever. What on earth was wrong with me? His casual attire hugged all the right places and for the first time since we got here he didn’t look completely sullen and actually spoke to me with no sign of his usual hesitance or ire. He seemed relaxed and happy and I could almost think that last night’s disappearance had nothing to do with me. Almost.


My body was humming to get closer to him. A happy Edward was lethal. How was I meant to..........


“Seriously Bella. What has got into you today? You have instantly gone into LaLa Land again” Alice leaned conspiratorially closer to me and spoke quietly. “Is this about Edward?”


I jolted with guilt as I faced my best friend. “Edward? Wh.......what do you mean? Of course it’s not Edward. I was just thinking, that’s all.”


“Well the look on your face showed conflict and that usually means Edward when it comes to you,” Alice teased and then became serious again in the next breath. “I thought maybe you were thinking about what he did last night; you know leaving and all that. I’m sure there was a good reason for it and.......”


“Alice. I haven’t given him a second thought,” I lied.  Thank goodness she didn’t realise that last night had not been the last time I had seen her cousin. “What he does or why he leaves is none of my business. My thinking does not need to revolve around him at all.”


Without consideration my eyes were drawn to Edward once more but this time he had his attention solely on us as if he knew we were speaking of him. The tell tale blush came unbidden and only became worse when he smirked his lopsided grin at us along with a wink, before bending to take hold of the cricket ball off the ground. The connection was broken with that move. My stricken gaze found Alice’s. What was he playing at?


Alice laughed lightly. “Hmmm. Seems that whatever was wrong with him last night has well and truly been taken care of.  I think I like this version of Edward a whole lot better. Smiling and winking at you.......”


“He wasn’t winking at me,” I stated in panic. I did not want to see his playful side and I certainly didn’t want to respond to that either.


“Oh sure. Right. I suppose you’re going to tell me that wink was all for me. Okay Bella. Let’s play it your way.” Alice stood up and called out at the top of her voice. “Lunch is ready everyone. Playtime later.” The movement from different areas around our setup was instantly apparent as our group converged towards us. Before any of them were within earshot Alice gave me one last grin and spoke with amusement. “...and I have to say that the blushing red that you displayed when Edward winked at ME; it is always keep it up.”


There wasn’t time to bite back so I reluctantly forced myself to relax and watch as the gang grabbed food and sat back to enjoy. All too soon the exuberance and all round happiness of my group of friends had me pushing Edward to the back of my mind and purely concentrating on the good feelings of being outdoors on a fine day having fun with people I cared about. The addition of Sam, Tyler  and Bree to our close knit group was welcomed and it was great that they could join us on the first day where all of us had time off together. Thankfully Victoria and James had to work at the hospital so couldn’t join us but I felt a bit sad that Quil wasn’t here due to his commitments too.


Another very happy addition was one Rosalie King.  Last night, when Alice had come up with the idea for us to go out today, Emmett had very skilfully ensured that Rosalie knew she was invited too and had even got up early to go and pick her up to make sure she followed through on her promise to come with us. It was cute to watch Emmett so taken with a woman, particularly when it was so apparent that it was as more than a simple conquest. Emmett the ladies man was being taken down a peg or two by the lovely Rose and it couldn’t make me happier. Her coy looks and fleeting glances when he wasn’t looking showed that there was some attraction for her there too but I knew she would make him work for it. Rosalie was not a pushover and wouldn’t give in to Emmett without being sure. I gathered from the very little she had said about her past that she had lived through something painful and that her ex husband had not treated her the way he should have. I hoped Emmett could show her that all men were not like that.   He was doing a good job of that right now; making sure she had everything she needed before he sat down next to her to consume his own lunch. She smiled prettily at him and took a bite of her own wrap, moaning at the good taste of the food as it hit her tongue. Emmett’s eyes almost bugged out of his head as he watched her with rapt attention but then I am proud to say he quickly took a hold of himself and stopped the ogling to embarrassedly go back to his own lunch.


“This is really good Alice. Thanks for letting me share this with you all,” Rosalie gave her compliments to Alice who was proudly sitting between Jasper’s legs as she viewed everyone’s reactions to her hastily put together, but outstanding, lunch. Jasper gave her a light kiss on her cheek and she hugged him to herself even more, happily acknowledging the following thankyous from the rest of us. We kept munching and chatting until the subject of cricket was brought up.


“So does anyone here have any idea how to play this game properly?” Sam questioned as he took another swig from his soft drink.


“I’ve taught it to some kids so it shouldn’t be too hard to teach you bozos.” Tyler joked. “It used to be popular in America you know.”


“A bit like baseball, isn’t it?” Bree asked.


The conversation moved into how cricket was similar and different to baseball and rules were set out for the upcoming game we were going to attempt. I listened as Tyler explained that we had to run between the wickets when we hit the ball but suddenly warmth spread through me that had nothing to do with cricket but everything to do with a bronze haired man I was trying to ignore and I looked up to find he was squatted beside me.


“You ever played Bella?” The dulcet tones of his voice caressed my senses and I dumbly looked at him. “You the kids you’ve taught?” He stuttered a little as he watched my face.  I willed myself not to blush but it really was of no use.


“ Never.”  Full sentences were so overrated.


“Well it seems that everyone is on an even playing field then with the exception of Tyler. Should make for an interesting game.” He rubbed his hands up and down his cargo clad thighs and then motioned towards the esky that sat behind me. “Do you mind if I grab a drink?”


His long fingered hands drew my attention away from his question so I answered absentmindedly in the affirmative without thinking of the consequences.  When he leant over me to reach the box of drinks I immediately realised my mistake. He was much too close as in his chest pressing into my side and his hand grazing my shoulder and arm. I held my breath and became rigid as I attempted to ignore the tingles that ran through me from his accidental touch. He quickly grabbed his drink and sat back on his haunches again, searching my face quizzically.


“Um......sorry.” I frowned at his apology and kept myself as still as possible so that he would move away and I could breath again. “I......ah.......did you..... did you feel that Bella?”


I shuddered with the ramifications of us both feeling the same thing when we touched. It should not be like that between two people who could not stand one another. Electrical currents, warmth and tingly feelings had no place in our relationship. I panicked and then I did what I knew was wrong but needed to do for self preservation........I lied.


“What? Didn’t feel a thing,” I gave Edward a false smile and watched his eyes turn a darker shade of green as he monitored my face for the truth. He sighed and straightened up.


“Fair enough,” He stated softly as he moved away from my vicinity. Thankfully everyone started getting up out of their seats to get ready for our game and I followed suit as a form of distraction. Emmett had us in teams quickly; Sam, Jasper, Rosalie, Ben and I were on one team playing against Emmett, Edward, Alice, Angela and Bree on the other. Tyler was given the job of umpiring since he was the only one who really knew the rules in any depth. Tyler tossed a coin and Sam decided that our team would bat first. I gratefully sat down in the shade of a tree with Ben and Jasper as I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t being exposed to any more of Edward’s magnetism up close. It didn’t stop me from admiring him from afar as his team took their positions around the stumps that had been set up earlier. I listened with half an ear as Jasper and Ben called out encouragement to Sam and Rosalie as I wondered why I was suddenly so enamoured with Edward when I had been doing so well at ignoring him.


“Rosalie knows what to do with a bat and ball it would seem,” Jasper nudged me to get me out of my stupor and laughed when I simply looked at him in confusion. He pointed at Rosalie who was yelling at Sam to run one more time after she had apparently hit the ball over the heads of everyone and Alice was left to scamper after it as Tyler called out six. “She is hitting the ball like there is no tomorrow and it’s her that is making all the runs. Poor old Sam is just running when she tells him to.”


Jasper and I grinned at each other and I knew that we were both thinking exactly the same thing; Emmett. He would be torn between being turned on by the fact that the woman he was showing interest in was so capable in sport and being upset that a woman might just be better at him in something he perceived as a man’s sport. He was going to come out swinging, that was for sure, to try and prove his worth.


“Are you two thinking what I am?” Ben asked as he noticed the huge smiles on our face. We all nodded. Yep Emmett had met his match and it was going to be pure entertainment to watch it all unfold.


Sam was soon out, caught outfield by a very happy Bree who couldn’t help jumping up and down in her glee at contributing to the team. All of us were in stitches watching her happiness as Sam good naturedly gave her a thumbs up and came to sit by us at the tree. Ben quickly took his place and held the bat awkwardly as he waited for Emmet to bowl at him. It was quite clear that Ben had always played baseball because he swiped at the ball as if it had been pitched at him which resulted in an immediate bowl out when he completely missed and the ball knocked the wickets down. Emmett thumped his fists into the air as Tyler made the out call.


My turn came and went. I wasn’t great at it but I didn’t make a fool out of myself either, making seven runs before I was sent back to the sideline. Jasper and Rosalie as a team ensured that our number of runs was not too dismal when it was finally time to change our team into the fielders.


The afternoon passed in amongst hoots of laughter, happy dances when someone got out and generally a continuation of the good feelings I had been having before lunch. We threw everything at Edward that we could when it was his turn to bat because he was just not stopping with the culmination of runs and soon it was down to him and Emmett batting to try and beat our final score. A healthy state of good humoured competition was now in play and when Rosalie stepped up to bowl at Emmett I knew he was going to take a really hard swing at the ball in order to make some winning runs.


Unfortunately what I didn’t see was that the ball would come straight at my face after he gave it a good whack and so I didn’t duck in time to avoid being hit. I went down ungracefully as I held my hands to my face to try and alleviate some of the pain and watched Emmet throw his bat to the side in panic as I looked on in stunned disbelief. Trust me to get hit and ruining the fun we were all having.


“Oh my god Bella I am so sorry,” Emmett bellowed as he made his way over to me. Rosalie was to me first and she gently guided my hands away from my face to see where I had actually been hit. Edward pushed Emmett to the side as he came at me too and I flinched as he spared a quick fury filled look for Emmett.  Thankfully Emmett didn’t notice because he was too busy trying to see if I was okay. “Did I get your eye? Is her nose broken? Oh god that would have had to have hurt.”


“Of course it bloody hurt you moron. What on earth were you thinking to hit the ball so hard straight at her,” Edward seethed shouldering Rosalie away from me to take a look at my face. Rosalie moved aside quickly and joined the rest of our little group who were now standing around me in concerned silence.


“I didn’t mean to....” Emmett protested and Alice placed her hand on his shoulder in support.


“It was an accident Em.” She assured him.


“Of course it was. Don’t worry Em. I know you didn’t mean it. I’m fine.” I cringed a little as I spoke, a bit of pain shooting through my cheekbone with the movement of talking.


Edward muttered through clenched teeth. “If he hadn’t been trying to show off this wouldn’t have happened.” I grabbed Edward’s wrist and pinched hard before hissing back at him.


“Stop. This could have happened to anyone and it wasn’t deliberate. Give him a break.”


“It didn’t happen to anyone. It happened to you.” The worry and concern in his voice caused me to take a good look at him and see that he was truly upset about my pain. More confusion whirled through me. How could he be so worried about a small thing like me getting a small knock to my head when there were bigger issues he was not willing to take responsibility for. “Here let me look at the damage.”


His gentle fingers probed lightly over the spot where I could already feel a huge amount of swelling take place. He reported to everyone around us that my cheekbone had copped the brunt of the impact but it didn’t seem fractured. The ball had missed my eye and my nose so I would not have the embarrassment of a black eye or broken nose. I would definitely be bruised though. Whenever I flinched as he touched me, Edward seemed to get a little paler, muttering his sorrys but persisting in checking everything properly. Angela brought over some ice from the esky and after one last inspection Edward placed it over my cheek, holding it there tenderly while Alice demanded that everyone else help her pack up to give me a moment alone without feeling under everyone’s scrutiny. Our fun afternoon had officially ended and I was mortified that I had been the cause of that.


Edward lifted the icepack off my face and carefully checked the spot again. “Maybe we should go to the hospital and get an xray just in case? I would hate to think that there is a tiny fragment of bone that’s come off and I’ve missed it.” Jasper had come over to assess the situation and nodded his agreement.


“It’s probably a good idea Bella,” Jasper slung his arm around my shoulder and I gratefully leant into him. Edward playing the whole over protective friend role was sending me into a spin and Jasper’s comforting stance was more than welcomed. Edward scowled at Jasper and then placed the pack back on my cheek. I lifted my own hand to hold it there so that Edward would not have to do it any longer. Our fingers touched and once more the zing of awareness crawled through my skin. I expected Edward to flinch from the feeling but instead his fingers grazed down the side of my face and he looked at me intently.


“Do you feel okay?” He questioned softly and I found myself mesmerised by the honesty and concern in his eyes.


Besides the electricity that attacks me every time you touch me and the way your eyes make me want to plead for something more, I am just dandy.


I kept my sarcastic thoughts to myself and smiled tremulously in answer “I’m fine. Embarrassed by all the fuss and feeling a little bruised but okay.”


Edward tucked a piece of hair behind my ear causing me to tremble in reaction. He was about to say something else but Alice chose that moment to come over to check on me and let us know that we were all packed and ready to get back to town. Edward took a step back and Angela materialised by his side.


“Keep the ice pack on to help with the swelling,” She spoke to me and nodded towards Edward. “I heard what Edward said about xrays at the hospital and I think he and Jasper are right.”


“I don’t think it’s necessary. It isn’t that big a deal truly and besides I can’t get any better attention than having you four doctors here, right?” I pleaded with them but Ben spoke up and dashed my hopes of escaping home and hiding in my room.


“Well these four doctors all concur that an xray will not hurt you and will ensure that there is no fracture or even splinter that we’ve missed.”


My shoulders fell in submission. I knew that with all four of them ganging up on me I would soon be at the hospital getting thoroughly checked out. Edward smirked at my reaction in a smug way that made me want to take to his own face with a cricket ball but I simply poked my tongue out at him and then couldn’t help but laugh when he broke into his chuckles at my immature way of dealing with not getting my own way.


At least the laughter was better than his mysterious anger and concern.


With way too much attention for my liking I was bundled into the car  Emmett was driving, with the icepack still firmly attached to my cheekbone. A quick discussion around me, organising getting people to their respective required places resulted in Alice riding shotgun and Edward cramming himself into the seat next to me and tentatively checking my bump once more. When he began to do my seatbelt up for me I lost it and smacked his hands away.


“I got a small bump to the face Edward. I’m not an invalid so stop with the babying.”


He lifted his hands up in placation and dropped his head but not before I saw the slight uplift to his lips in a half smile. I was glad I was so amusing to him.


“Just trying to help.” Edward stated and then remained quiet for the rest of the trip to the hospital which I was grateful for. I would have preferred that one of my other doctor friends had been the one to come with me but Edward had been so determined that he should be the one and I couldn’t fault his reasoning that Ben and Angela would be starting their shift in a matter of hours and needed a rest before doing so. Jasper and Sam had arrangements to meet up with Gelar in town about organising some more transport for all of us to share and when he told me he was willing to postpone it so he could come to the hospital with me, Edward made it quite clear that he didn’t need to do that as he himself would make sure everything possible was done to get me better and home safely. I didn’t want to appear ungrateful for his help but I didn’t completely understand what was going on right now. Last night he turned on his heel and left the pub when he saw me and today he was acting like I was his best friend and he needed to be the one to be my knight in shining armour.  It was so confusing and to add to it all I had to deal with not only his silent concern but the warm electricity of having him by my side, the heartfelt apologies of a contrite Emmett and the normal  exuberance of Alice’s questioning if I was alright as we neared the hospital.


I closed my eyes against the onslaught of pain, confusion and tiredness. I vaguely heard Edward ask me if I was okay again but I ignored him and allowed myself to drift off into a world where for a few minutes  I wasn’t questioning Edward’s concern and just revelling in it because he actually cared.


Shoot. My eyes flew open in  shock. Edward Cullen was showing he cared and the scary part was this…….


………I really, really wanted him to. So much for hating him.

thank you for the update......Finally Bella gets it!!!!!.........I love it.

Thanks Robyn - she is finally seeing the light but now she needs to work out what to do about it :)




Michelle! You posted so early this time!! Woooohoooo!! We need to celebrate with chocolates and something..<33

This was a really fun chapter to read. There was a lot of playing around and fun. I liked Bella's attraction towards Edward as well. The whole game reminded me of the movie's baseball game which ended up with Bella's luck of getting hurt. It was amusing and a fun read. Thanks for the chapter Michelle!

Hi Navdha,


Im glad you found it fun - it was actually nice to write something not quite so angsty. I am trying to get back onto a regular posting schedule - still a little bit late but nowhere near the fails I have been giving you all. Thnaks for sticking with me




Great chapter and a lot of fun!  That spark between them is definitely turning into something more!  I wonder how she will handle this situation?  Can't wait to see how all of this turns out!


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