The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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The Heart is a Bloom:  Is fame worth it? A different take on the characters of Twilight and how they met. Edward is a famous musician who has a past demon that is about to catch up with him. Unfortunately it is just as he has met the woman of his dreams.


No Choice: Edward returns to Forks to fight for a hurt and angry Bella. Not such an easy thing to do in this story. This is set after the Cullens have been away for quite a few months but before Bella makes the decision to cliff dive.


Loss to LoveSometimes love just can't be denied - no matter how untimely it hits us. Sparks fly between Edward and Bella the very first time they meet; problem is that Bella is already committed to another. See how the two of them deal with their unspoken attraction and how a tragedy could bring them closer together or push them further apart.

Loss to Love was written on the basis of AnayhR's ideas.


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Thanks. I am so happy you are loving it ;)

That's good that Bella is healing well and there were no lasting effects. Poor Em, beating himself up then Edward giving him the cold shoulder. Those two are too tough on themselves when it concerns Bella, their kyrptonite, aha. Glad Bella told Edward to be nice to Em, he didn't mean to hurt her. As for her calling Edward, she does know why she did it, she just doesn't want to tell herself. She trusts Edward and she cares for him, now if only she wouldn't shurg it off or ignore it. >.< Edward is a good person and I'm glad that he got Deborah and her son to the hospital and away from that so called 'man'. No man should hit a woman, women are not rabid animals that deserve that sort of treatment. I hope he gets his and doesn't find Deborah and her son, they deserve to start a new life without him. As to Bella's reaction, I wonder what that was. It was weird and I hope you reveil why she reacted that way later on in the story. I'm glad you updated and I can't wait for more. Also it was another good chapter. (:

Oh, and to your response to my comment.Thanks for telling me about cricket, still don't really get it but I think I'd like it. Baseball is a very fun sport to watch. On tv it's okay but live, it's amazing! I went to a couple of games with my dad when I was younger, we went to see the Seattle Mariners, those were awesome games. (: Okay, well bye now! (:




Your comments never come up for me to see you have made them and it is not until I go to post a new chapter that I get yours. I am so sorry. I love hearing all the things you write about your thoughts and feelings about the characters. It makes my day that you take the time to wite them down for me so a big thank you!!!! When I come to USA I will definitely take in a baseball game. I actually find cricket very boring to watch :(


Next chapter up and it might answer some questions for everyone.




Twililghtsaga doesn't like. ( ._.) Hahaha, well I'm glad you do see them at least... even though it's a bit late. (: Thank you for loveing my comments, I always feel like I should write more than, "Good, can't wait for more." I'm more than glad to write down my thoughts, as I do have a lot of them, what I just said reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, been reading a lot of that lately, haha.
Yay, glad the next chapter is up. I am no off to read it! (:


I loved it! I am loving that she called Edward!I am beyond happy that Deborah finally got strong enough! I can't wait till the next chapter for answers to be revealed! So sorry I took so long to see this. Dealing with adopt right now. I definitely needed a break. It was fantastic! Great work as always!

Thnaks DaneiMarie :) Hope everything is okay at your end. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.




Lately things here have just gotten from bad to worse . I am releaved that I get breaks of good from you and this story. I am fine just dealing with alot and most recently my nana passed away but I know she is in a better place so its not too bad. Ill be fine dont you worry about me! I am strong and will get through this! Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it!


Keep Me Posted!


Thanks KitKat !!!!!!!


Next chapter about to go up.




I'm on and ready Michelle. Bring it on my friend, LOL.

fantastic update!  you are an amazing writer.  i love this story!  please update again soon!


Shucks - thanks Kelley. You are great at always replying so a big thank you!!!!!





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