The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Chapter 11


BPOV – Rethinking it


Rosalie King ended up being the support person who got Deborah Barron set up and away from her abusive husband. Rumours spread quickly through small towns and it was no different in this instance when it became known that Deborah was in the hospital. Rosalie had swept into Deborah’s small hospital room, told Edward and I that she needed a little time with Deborah, ushered us out and closed the door with a finality that neither of us were willing to dispute.


“I’m not so sure this is a good idea,” Edward muttered as he watched the door with worry etched on his face. “Deborah has only just agreed to even be looked at properly and Rosalie might say something to set her back from making the next step in reporting.”


I thought back onto the varied interactions I had had with Rosalie over the past few weeks and nothing told me that she would do anything to jeopardise the healing of a battered woman. She might be the one to help, if anything.


“At least Rosalie has known Deborah for longer than we have. That might help. I think we need to trust in her,” I leant against the hospital wall and kneaded the knots that had formed in my shoulders and neck. Today had been a long day full of admissions, contradictory behaviours and impulsive decisions on my part. I was tired and the person who was partly responsible for my befuddlement was standing next to me, showing way too much concern for my comfort. It had been like that for weeks now.


“How are you doing?” Edward’s hand reached up towards my arm but he must have thought better of it and dropped it quickly. I released a small sigh and I wasn’t sure if it was in relief that he didn’t touch me or from wishing he would have followed through on that movement. I seemed to crave any kind of attention from Edward these days, even though I fought it tooth and nail. It was exhausting.


“Fine. I only hope that Deborah will let us call the police now and get her on the path to proper healing. I’m glad Alice came and took Zach back to our place. He should not be exposed to all of this.”


Edward agreed with me with a slight nod of his head. “I might go and see if her xrays have come back yet and what else I can do to make her more comfortable. Are you right here on your own?”


Once he had confirmation that I would be fine he set down the hall and I watched him disappear. I sat down on the chair wearily and waited as patiently as I could for Rosalie to come out and explain her sudden appearance. Unfortunately it gave me time to acknowledge the small pin prick of doubts that were wearing away at my consciousness.


Edward was not behaving as the monster I believed him to be and it was driving me crazy.


He had said that children were precious.


He was genuinely livid that Deborah and her son were hurting.


 Nothing in his actions indicated he was capable of doing what Jessica had told me; what I had way too readily believed.


GAH. This was all too confusing!


Ten minutes later Edward returned and frowned at the closed door. “Is she still in there?”


“Yep” I stated the obvious.


“I need to go in there and discuss the test results with Deborah. Rosalie is going to have to back off.”


I smirked at Edward because we both knew he didn’t want to be the one to tell Rosalie to leave the room. “You’re the doctor,”


“Hmmm. Yes I am which means in the case of my patient I have every right to tell…….”


His words came to a halt when Deborah’s room door opened and a very determined Rosalie came out. She grabbed Edward and my hands and led us a little away from the room so we could converse in private.


“Okay. It is all sorted. Deborah has agreed to speak to the police and I believe you should contact Jacob Black. He would be the best for this situation. I have promised Deborah that she can stay with me once she is released from the hospital on the condition that she gets every bit of medical help that is needed to aid her recovery. Of course that means that Zach is welcomed too and I am more than happy to set that up as soon as possible. My old house has plenty of spare rooms so I have made it quite clear to her that neither will be a burden. We need to make sure Paul gets the message that he can’t do this to her anymore. Hopefully Jake can get an AVO out for him as soon as possible. From what Deborah told me, I imagine Paul won’t be too coherent for a couple of days anyway.”


Edward’s incredulous expression probably matched mine. Rosalie in action was a sight to behold. “Um….wow. Ah…..are you sure she is……..well what I mean to ask is……how on earth did you get her to agree to all of this so quickly?”


“You two had her ninety nine percent convinced anyway; I simply gave her an example of how it can work out if you are willing to stand up for yourself, and in her case her child. There is nothing like hearing it from someone who has been there, done that.” Rosalie shrugged as if she hadn’t just revealed a vital part of her history that was not entirely pleasant. “I also offered the support she is going to need to get through this. I have the resources and background knowledge to really be of assistance. I’ve seen her around town every now and again and wondered if my suspicions of what was happening had any basis. Now I know the truth I am committed to this and will not let her down. She knows me well enough to know that, even if she wasn’t entirely aware of my own circumstances.”


Edward praised Rosalie’s efforts and then excused himself to go in and speak to  Deborah about her medical prognosis. Rosalie and I discussed moving Zach from our place to hers which helped Alice and I in relation to keeping a professional distance, since Zach was actually in my class. We would not abandon him but Rosalie’s assistance was going to make things easier all round.


“You’re a good person Rosalie King,” My sincere comment seemed to take Rosalie back a little before she refixed her no nonsense demeanour. She pulled her phone out and pushed the keys to make a call without acknowledging my compliment out loud, although she smiled shyly at me for the briefest of moments.


“Hi Jared. It’s Rosalie King…… Yes……. Yes everything’s fine at the shop…….. Thanks for asking…….sure sure, just drop it down on Monday morning and I will take a look………actually I was wondering if Constable Black was working tonight……..sure.”


Rosalie nodded at me as she waited for Constable Black to come to the phone. I had not yet met Jacob Black, one of the resident constables in Windarooh, as he had been away at a training seminar in Brisbane for the past couple of months and had only got back in the past week or so. For whatever reason Rosalie felt he was the correct person to deal with the Deborah situation so I was glad that he was available for us at this time.


Rosalie’s conversation with Jacob was quick and to the point. She gave him enough information to know that he was needed at the hospital for a statement but left the details out to be filled in by Deborah, as was her right. She was finishing up her phone call when Edward reappeared from inside the room.


“Deborahs’ whole demeanour has changed. It’s amazing to witness. She no longer appears like a victim but a determined young woman who is going to endure the pain and move on from it by stopping the abuse.” Edward spoke softly to the two of us and motioned back to the room. “I am going to go and organise some stronger pain killers with the nurse on duty so that she can get a good night’s rest.”


Rosalie shook the phone in her hand to bring Edward’s attention to it. “That was Jacob Black on the phone; the cop I told you about. He is on his way down here to talk to Deborah. Do you think she can wait a little longer for the meds so she is clear headed for him?”


Edward questioned whether it would be better for Jacob to wait until the morning but finally agreed with Rosalie’s response that they were better to do it now while Deborah felt strong enough to report him. If they waited it was possible that the adrenaline would leave Deborah and she would decide against reporting the abuse at all, returning to her old habits of sweeping it all under the carpet. None of us wanted that for her so Edward agreed to wait a little longer for the strong meds to be administered, knowing that in the long run it would be better for his patient.


Only a few minutes passed before a rather largely built man came strolling down the hallway towards us, talking amicably to the nurse escorting him to find us. When he noticed the three of us standing together his face lit up in a welcoming smile and he reached out his hand to shake it with Rosalie’s similarly placed hand.


“Hi Rosalie. I got here as quick as I could. How is Deborah doing?”


“As best as can be expected. Dr Cullen here has been taking good care of her,” Rosalie answered and Jacob quickly turned to accept her introductions of both Edward and I.


“Glad to meet you both. I had heard that we had our new group of uni whiz kids here,” Jacob smiled a million watt smile at us both and although it was dazzling I was more in tune with the sudden spark of tension radiating off Edward as he took in the slight slur to our jobs here. It only intensified when Jacob shook my hand for longer than necessary and then proceeded to tell me my name was extremely apt considering how beautiful I was.


“Knock it off Romeo. Bella and Edward don’t know you enough yet to understand that you are harmless and didn’t mean to insult their professionalism the very minute you meet.” Rosalie’s sharp retort led to Jacob apologising and insisting that he had not intended to offend us at all. Edward accepted his apology with a slight narrowing of his eyes but a professional mask in place. He proceeded to explain to Constable Black that Deborah was in need of pain medication and he would appreciate if he kept the interview short. Jacob’s response was to fall into business mode himself and I found it incredibly interesting how the carefree demeanour he had shown only moments before was completely absent as he questioned Rosalie and Edward about the best way to approach Deborah in her fragile state.


An hour later Constable Black had finished his initial interview of Deborah, she had been given pain medication that helped her sleep and Rosalie was on her way to our house to pick up Zach and explain to him what as going on. Edward and I were silent as we made our way home until he abruptly turned to me with a comment I wasn’t expecting.


“So Jacob Black was…………….interesting.”


When I went to see his face Edward was already looking back out onto the road and I couldn’t decipher the expression on his face through the shadows and flickering lights within the car. His hands were clenched tightly around the steering wheel though and I wondered why thinking about Jacob made him so tense. We hardly knew the guy.


“I guess.” I shrugged and moved my body so it was facing towards Edward and I could get a good view of him even if he couldn’t look directly at me for prolonged periods. “I hadn’t really thought about it.”


Edward spoke softly but didn’t hide the displeasure in his tone. “He was thinking about you though. He was more than a little interested.”


I laughed, uncomfortable with the turn of conversation. “I very much doubt that Edward. I am not even sure why we are talking about this.”


Edward ignored my subtle admonition. “He said you were beautiful.”


“And he probably says that to every girl he meets,” I immediately retorted in exasperation. This discussion was ridiculous and there were times when I just did not understand where Edward was going with his questioning.


“Well this time he has it right,” Edward muttered and I felt sure I had heard him wrong.


We were pulling into our driveway now and as he turned off the engine I decided to test my theory.  “Pardon?”


His eyes widened as if he suddenly became aware that he had spoken aloud. “Um. Nothing. It was nothing. Let’s go in. It has been a long day and my bed is calling me.”


He disappeared pretty quickly after that, allowing me to be the one to explain to Alice what had happened and how Rosalie would be taking Zach home with her. When I finally got to climb into bed I fell into a deep slumber that was not punctuated with endless images of good Edward and bad Edward vying for my attention……something that had been happening more and more lately in my dreams. In the following few days we pretty much stayed out of one another’s way only coming together when we were surrounded by friends or when I was visiting Deborah. I liked it like that…….or so I kept telling myself.




“So tell me about Edward Cullen,” My head sprung up and my fork remained suspended half way to my mouth as I took in the sudden change of topic from hopeful to uncomfortable. Rosalie’s face contorted into amusement as she noted my stunned expression. She tilted her head and continued eating, never taking her eyes off me as she waited patiently for some kind of verbal response.


Really did we have to go from a conversation about how well Deborah and Zach were doing, a week after Deborah was discharged from the hospital, to asking me to give an outline of the character of Edward Cullen, whose very existence was providing me with all sorts of bizarre dreams and conflicted thoughts. My hand forced the fork to keep moving towards its original destination and I chewed to prolong the inevitability of having to respond to Rosalie’s entreaty. The smug smile she gave me told me she would only give me so much time before she expected some words to come out of my mouth. I swallowed and tried to act nonchalant when I spoke.


“What do you want to know?”


“Everything. This past week has really shown him to be this amazing guy who sincerely cares for his patients. He has gone above and beyond in ensuring the safety of two strangers; he is wonderful with kids, he is seriously beautiful to look at and…..”


“Rose, are you asking me to give you information on Edward because you want to date him?”  I forced the question out because I instantly felt nauseous with the mere thought of it.


Rosalie burst into laughter and it took her a number of seconds to calm down again. “No Bella I am not interested in Edward like that at all and even if I was, he is not available so I would have no chance.”


I frowned. “What do you mean he isn’t available? Has he started seeing someone? I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t be able to keep that a secret from all of us ……..what am I saying? Of course he could if he truly wanted to; he’s already shown he is good at keeping his misdemeanours to himself and not getting caught out…….not that him seeing someone should be considered a wrongdoing because if that’s what he wants then that’s………”


“Woa, woa woa Bella. I was talking about you silly girl. He’s not available because of you.”


“What? He and I aren’t even remotely part of a situation that would make him unavailable. I can promise you that.”


“That boy might not be with you officially but I can guarantee that he sees nothing but you, which makes him unavailable to anyone else interested in getting close to that fine body of his.” Rosalie picked up a chip and deftly placed it in her mouth while I watched her stupefied. My mind could not register that she saw something from Edward that I just did not. “I’ve even heard woman asking him out at the pub and he’s very politely told them that he is unavailable for dates.”


“That could mean anything. He obviously doesn’t like the particular girls asking him or he is too busy at the moment with trying to work in a new environment. The list is endless.”


“Rosalie shrugged. “It could but it doesn’t. Edward is besotted with one girl only and that is you. I’ve seen all the signs. He won’t go out with anyone else because he is interested in you so I am going to ask you one more time….tell me about Edward Cullen.”


“There’s nothing to tell. Edward is Alice’s cousin. He is studying to be a doctor. He is good at it. We don’t get along. Simple.”


“Hmmmm. I think there is more to it than that and I think you are keeping things from me.”


Exasperated I hit back. “What do you want to know Rosalie? What his favourite colour is? It’s blue. Favourite music? He loves all sorts as long as it doesn’t involve teenage boy or girl bands who sing about things they have no knowledge of. Favourite food? Pizza with heaps of chilli and a good splashing of anchovies. How many woman has he slept with? Who knows…could be hundreds. What does he want to do with his life? Be the best doctor he can possibly be. What does he like to do in his spare time? Write music, play music and read. I know this too; he has a father who doesn’t like what he does; he could be running a multi million dollar company if he so chose; he is loved by the ladies; his lecturers think he is some kind of prodigy and he generally comes across as a good guy but when it comes down to it he is a liar and a coward. Is that enough for you?”


“Geez Bella. Passionate much? Seems to be that for a person you are not interested in you sure know a lot about him.” Rosalie’s piercing blue eyes met mine and I could see the moment when she took pity on me. “He really did some kind of number on you didn’t he?”


I nodded reluctantly and then shook my head with a bit more conviction.


“No. Not really. Not on me anyway.”


Hurrying back to my room from the library was done in a kind of daze. It had been a long day of study and classes but I was happy because there was only one more sleep before the day of my date with Edward would be here. We had spoken very little the previous few days, since he asked me out, due to our workloads and me dealing with a very upset Jessica but I was determined that tonight I was going to get a really good rest so that I would be at my very best tomorrow night when we were finally alone. I was so excited about the prospect of seeing Edward away from our friends and was secretly hoping that something special might come out of us getting to know one another better.


My excitement fled as soon as I walked into my unit and could hear strange noises coming from Jessica’s room. I flung my bag onto the lounge and walked quietly over to the door listening carefully to determine if Jessica was okay. When I heard her sobs I tapped lightly on the door. “Jess it’s me. Are you alright?”


The only answer I got was a fresh round of sobs. I slowly turned the handle and peered into the room to find Jessica sitting on her bed with her hands covering her face and her shoulders heaving in uncontrollable spasms. All around her were clothes strewn haphazardly and an opened suitcase overflowing with even more. I darted over to her side and put my hands around her in comfort.


“Jess, Jess. What’s going on? What can I do?”


Jessica turned into my shoulder and clung to my shirt in desperation. I was frightened that she had been hurt in some way that I couldn’t see but all I could really do was sit there and rub her back until she had calmed enough for me to get her to look at me.


“Jess? What’s happened? Why are your clothes everywhere?”


Her tear stained face looked up at me stricken. “I’m packing them. I have to leave.”


“What? Why?” Her words were unsettling because I had no idea what had caused this sudden departure.


“They are forcing me and if I don’t go my dad will lose his job and he can’t afford that because otherwise he can’t pay for my little sister’s medical bills. It’s all a mess and I don’t know what to do.”


“Hang on. Who is forcing you to leave and what does your dad have to do with this?”


Jessica hung her head and a small groan of embarrassment and guilt escaped from her mouth. “I’m pregnant Bella. I’m so stupid. I thought he loved me and that when I told him he would help me but……..” more sobs broke through and I grabbed a hold of her hand to let her know I was still there and supporting her through what she needed to say. “He  got really mad at me and told me that he never loved me; that he had someone else and I was just a way for him to bide his time until he got what he really wanted. He told me to abort the baby but Bella……I can’t…..I just can’t….no matter what. This baby didn’t ask for this. I can’t simply give up on it….no matter what.”


With growing unease and fury I listened as Jessica related her story for me. She had met this perfect guy who was training to be a doctor and she had instantly been smitten. He had romanced her with flowers and gifts until they had finally succumbed to their attraction and slept together on numerous occasions. The end result had been for Jessica to find out she was pregnant, going to him to ask for help and him explaining that they had no future together and that she should have the abortion. When Jessica had refused he had brought his father into the equation who had blackmailed Jessica by telling her that she had to either abort or leave the country so that his sons name would not be muddied. If she didn’t he would ensure that her father’s job would be in jeopardy and he would never work in this town again, along with making her life hell with her unwanted child.


“He is some bigwig in the corporate world Bella and if I go against him dad will never have any chance of continuing with Milly’s medical expenses. I can’t be responsible for her not getting the attention she needs. She could die and it will be all my fault. But I can’t hurt my baby either. I have to go. They’ve provided me with a way out as long as I sign a contract to state that I will never reveal that he is the father of my baby and I will not expect anything else from him.”


I was beyond horrified. “What kind of man have you been seeing Jess? No one deserves this kind of treatment.”


Jessica’s eyes welled up again and I felt bad for voicing my opinion of the dirtbag who had done this to her.


“He is a monster. I see that now Bella but before this happened he was so attentive and charming. He said all the right words and made me feel that I was the only one for him. There was nothing in his behaviour to make me believe that he would turn so nasty on me. I’m a fool but I honestly thought I was in love and that he felt the same way about me.”


“Shhh, shhh. It’s okay. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re not stupid and it’s this so called man who is in the wrong. We can figure a way out of this and make sure that you don’t have to leave.” I didn’t say out loud that this man was very evidently a scumbag from the beginning because someone who is in love with you wouldn’t be sneaking around to see you as they must have been. Although I knew Jessica was having boy problems I had never once seen her with a guy to put a face to her mystery man and now I understood why. He had been stringing her along the whole time, hiding their relationship so that he could keep his normal life intact.


When I asked Jessica if she had spoken to her dad about this she immediately panicked and made me promise that this was not something that could be shared with anyone. If the father of her baby found out that she had breathed a word to anyone he would make sure that everything came crashing around her whole family’s head. She loved them too much to do that. She had decided that her best chance was to follow their instructions and get out so she could raise her child away from their appalling influence.


“But Jess……”


“Please Bella. I have no choice. I need to keep my baby safe and I need to keep my family safe. I should never have told you and if you say anything it’s not only me who will suffer. Please Bella you need to promise me.”


I made that very hard promise reluctantly. There had to be another way out of this mess but I couldn’t see one right now. I decided to distract us both by encouraging Jessica to come over to the college restaurant to get something to eat with me; telling her that if she was having a baby she needed to look after it and I was sure she hadn’t eaten due to the shock of what had been happening around her. She agreed once I promised that I would help her with her packing when we returned and our minds were clearer. It was a somber meal with neither of us really knowing what to say to the other about this awful predicament.


It was as we were leaving that my own world came caving in around my ears. We had left the restaurant and were heading across the quadrangle when one of the large tutorial room doors opened and a number of students came spilling out down the stairs. I didn’t think much of it until Jessica’s sharp intake of breath and her moving into a position where she would be hidden by my person.


“That’s him. Get me out of here. If he sees me he will get mad that I’m not gone yet.”


I peered across the quadrangle. “Which one?”


“The one towards the back. Please Bella. That’s …………..”


“Edward,” My dismayed gasp echoed around us and Jessica blanched as she looked from my stricken face back towards the group of students who were dispersing in all directions. “Edward is the father of your baby?”


“God Bella. Not so loud. Are you trying to get me killed? No one needs to know I’m pregnant.” Jessica’s harsh whispers returned me from my stupor and I started moving towards the place where Edward was standing talking heatedly with another man. “What the hell do you think you are doing Bella?”


“Going to speak to that piece of scumbag about what he is doing to you.” I said through clenched teeth and it was only when Jessica’s fingers dug into my arm that I stopped and turned to her.


“Bella I told you because I trusted you and I needed someone that I could talk to but if you go over there,” she waved her arm towards the two men who were still arguing “you might as well sign my death warrant because that family is lethal and they will make my life hell. Don’t make things worse than they already are. I’ve made my decision and I am sticking to it no matter how hard. That man over there does not deserve to be a father and I am not giving him the satisfaction of knowing that I was too weak to uphold my side of the bargain.”


It took every ounce of my will to stop myself from going over there and giving Edward a piece of my mind. I followed Jessica and regaled her the whole way home about how I could fix this; how Edward’s uncle would not allow this to happen, how I could get Alice involved and they would make sure her family was safe from whatever Edward’s father thought he could do to them. With every word I breathed Jessica became more and more agitated, continuously asking me to stop; that I had promised I would not reveal her secret; that by bringing other people into the situation we would only make things worse. She was legitimately disconcerted that I even knew Edward and hadn’t seemed to have made the connection between Edward and my best friend Alice. When we eventually made it through our front door she turned to me in all seriousness and took hold of my shoulders.


“I need this from you Bella. I need to know that your promise means something and you won’t break it…..ever.”


With a heavy heart I agreed and swore that even though I didn’t like it I would keep her promise and not breath a word to a soul. I got her to agree that we would discuss it in the morning and see if there was a different approach to dealing with this whole horrible affair. I was sure that Carlisle was the key to helping her and her baby but I had to convince her of this. There was no way he would condone what Edward and his father were doing to Jessica and her unborn baby. The morning would have to do because right now we were both mentally exhausted and in need of some separation.


I went to bed that night completely devastated that the man I had only hours before wanted something more with had become such a monster in my head. I cried myself to sleep knowing that everything had changed and regardless of what happened Edward would no longer be part of my life in the role I had been fantasising about for so long. In that moment I detested him for ruining not only Jessica’s life but breaking my heart also.


When morning came I awoke to an empty unit and a Jessica who had stolen away in the night so that she did not have to deal with my attempts at fixing the unfixable. A simple note was left behind.


I love you. Thanks for caring. Remember your promise. He can’t be allowed to ruin me.


Needless to say I made a phonecall that day and left a message for Edward Cullen.


‘Something has come up and I can’t go out with you tonight. I’ve changed my mind and think it is best if we just leave it at that. Sorry.


The endless attempts by Edward to contact me in the following days were ignored. Alice’s confused questions were never answered and every day I died a little more inside because my trust in Edward had been trampled on and left for dust.


My thoughts scattered to the wind as I came back to my current position in time and found Rosalie’s concerned eyes looking at me. I recoiled a little because even though the sensible part of me knew she had no idea what I had been thinking about, her knowing eyes told me that she was onto me in ways I did not need.


“As I’ve said before it’s none of my business but something tells me that there has been a misunderstanding here and that Edward is getting the raw end of the deal. I’ve gotten to know you Bella and I know you are one of the good ones so I don’t think this is some small thing that has got you all worked up into knots. All I am saying is that sometimes we can be wrong and people deserve a second chance. Your forced dislike of Edward is really taking its toll on you and I can see it’s not what you want. What can you do about that?”


My fingers drew absent circles into the table as my mind turned over Rosalie’s words. If I admitted my concerns to her then I would make it hard to deny that I was beginning to change my opinion of Edward and that could have detrimental repercussions if it turned out that he wasn’t as innocent as I wanted to believe.


“I think you are right and I might have made some sort of mistake about Edward. I am actually starting to believe that he is not capable of doing what I’ve been believing all these months. The problem is this. I am not sure if I am allowing my heart to rule my head in thinking like this. If it turns out that he is an extravagant liar and magnificent actor I could ruin the lives of other people who don’t deserve it and it will break my own heart all over again. I’m not sure I could handle it.”


“That’s heavy.” Rosalie agreed with a grimace. “But what if he is completely innocent and you miss something pretty amazing because of a misunderstanding?”


“That’s what I am beginning to think,” The idea that I had put Edward through all of this and that Jessica had not been forthright with me was plaguing my thoughts and making me feel sick to my stomach. It was still not something I was willing to risk though without first speaking to Jessica.


“So talk to him. Find out his side.”


“It’s not that simple. I made a promise and if I am wrong and that promise is broken all hell will break loose and I would never, ever forgive myself. I need to find the person involved and speak to them directly. How I do that is way beyond me.”


Rosalie pulled at a long tendril of hair as she studied my face and went off into her own thoughts. A sudden decision made her take out her wallet, flick through and come out with a card that she then passed to me.


“What’s this?” I asked as I felt the smooth card touch my fingertips.


“A way for you to get the truth. I have him on my payroll to keep tabs on my disgusting pig of an ex husband; no way do I want any sudden unwanted surprises.” The venom that tinged her words was so very different to the usually calm manner in which she spoke of her past. “Tell Jason that I sent you and he will help you with whatever you need. My treat.”


I turned the card over so that I could read it and spluttered a little as I took in what Rosalie had just handed me.


Jason Jenks

Private Investigator

(02) 97184567


“Are you serious?”


Rosalie arched her eyebrow at me and gave one last pull on her hair.


“Very. I think you owe both yourself and Edward the truth. It might not get you what you want in the end but at least you would have done all you can to make this right.” A quick sip of her soft drink and she batted her eyelids at me to make a joke of her next words. “Besides if you don’t do something soon to claim that gorgeous man I am going to have to step in and save him from all the try hards in this town and I am pretty sure that might upset a certain dimpled engineer that I may or may not have my eye on.”


The sudden joviality after the seriousness of our discussion was a  welcome relief and the two of us melted into giggles. I put the card into my bag and chose to think about it another time. For now I wanted to concentrate on my friend’s admission about one of my other favourite people in the world. The drama with Edward could wait…….but hopefully for not too long.


Oh Michelle,

Where do I start? Let's see...I think this was a case of mistaken identity on Bella's part, right? I want to believe that, but she did say, 'Edward' to Jess when she was hiding behind her. So, I'm still left with wondering if it was a identity mistake or if Jess lied in some way. There is no way that Edward is the father. That can't be right, right??? Tell me it's not. PLEASE..................

I mean, why Jess would put the blame on the wrong person is beyond me, but maybe she thought it best to lie about who it was to make sure that no one knew who it really was. Could that be it?

I really like Rosalie in this story.

Oh, I'm going to go nuts here wondering how this all ends. I could just feel the guilt that Bella would feel when she believed it to be him all this time. The turmoil she would have would be horrifying in so many ways. I could feel it already.

Michelle, I wait and wait for your updates and now I think I should have waited to read this when you would post another because right now; I'm going crazy already waiting, lol.

Until next time my dear,


Hi Delilah,


Thanks for such a long comment - it was a quick on too.......only a little bit after I posted.


Mistaken Identity - hmmmmmm. Can you actually believe that Edward would do all that???? Jessica might have been trying to protect herself????  Maybe she was frightened she had said too much to Bella????


Glad you like Rosalie in this story. She is a no nonsense type of girl but I have made her a little more likeable than in the Twilight series.


Glad you could see how badly Bella has been feeling this whole time. Deep down we know she must be wrong but the way she sees it she has every right to be angry and not give him the time of day - miscommunication at its worst. You can bet Edward will not be a happy camper when he finds out the story. What will he do?


Thnaks for reviewing - I love hearing your thoughts and getting feedback on whether I am heading in the right direction or not :)


Cheers and always a big thank you!!!!


Finally! I think I know who the culprit is behind all this and I can imagine what lies he fed to Jessica to plot something so disgusting against poor Edward. Or so I'd like to believe. Maybe Jess lied in some way, but she was so distraught with the situation that I can't see her doing that. Guess, we'll just have to wait to find the actual story.

I don't know how long it will take for things to get sorted out between them but things are getting interesting now. Also, Jake is here! Woot! Are we going to get more of Jacob and Bella? I really hope so. I'd like to see Edward working even harder to get Bella. Teehee! I feel cruel but a little spicy drama never hurts!

Let's see how this Jason guy helps Bella find the truth about the situation. I'm really glad to hear that Deborah made up her mind and is doing great with Rosalie. Rosalie's story and romance with Emmett is also something I'm very much looking forward to. 

Another great chapter Michelle and without a long wait! Woohoo!

Thank you for the update Michelle........another GREAT chapter.......Thank God that Deborah decided to get help and Rosalie is it.......Rosalie story seems interesting,....Deborah was able to accept help from Rosalie because Rosalie had gone through something simular......Rosalie is very perceptive she called Bella on it where Edward is concerned.........I'm sure it's not Edward but James , I bet that's who Edward was talking to when Jessica and Bella saw them............Jessica knew it wasn't Edward but let Bella believe the lie.  I can't wait to find out what Jenks finds out about Jessica and her baby and her baby Daddy.......WELL DONE my friend........until you update again

Hi Robyn,

Oooohhh you could be right on so many parts of your assumptions.There is most definitely some false information going around but the question is why and how can Bella get over what she has been believing all this time. Thanks for your comments and for enjoying the story. There will be some Edward and Bella interaction next up which is always a bit of fun when they are trying to deny what's really going on.




Hi Navdha,


I would love to know who you think the culprit is and how Edward has managed to be in the firing line ;)


Jacob will stir things up even more - there is a whole lot going on in the outback of Australia right about now in this story. Miscommunication will come into play more than once to stir up the action.


Don't worry there will be some action between Rosalie and Emmett I promise. As for Bella getting Jason to help her - things will happen before that can actually occur so you ahve some drama to look forward to.


Love that you're still reading my stories and giving me such lovely feedback - thanks!



I'm guessing James? I could be terribly wrong but he's the only villain-y guy in the story so I'd like to dump all the blame on him. *smiles sheepishly*

You have me even more excited about what's to happen! It's been some time since you posted a new chapter though. I hope you're doing well. 

I will always read your stories Michelle and someday would love to see you as a published author. You will have to send me a signed copy when you finally write one, okay? 

First off, hopefully you see my comment sooner rather than later, haha. and now to my commenting of the story. Rose is freaking amazing!! I love her to death, I absolutely love how you've portrayed her in your story and I was wondering if we'll get to see some Em/Rose pairing? I am so glad she talked Deborah all the way into what she should do and finding out about Rose's past was shocking. As for Edward, he's jealous of Jake, poor guy, if only he knew the thoughts that go through Bella's head...oh wait, he does, in a different story, hahaha. Hm, Bella, poor girl, I can't help but feel bad for her. This emotional turmoil is taking a physical toll on her and it is not good. I really hope the private investigator finds the truth and she can finally see Edward is the good guy and Jessica is a b****. Pardon my language there, got a bit angry, as you can tell I don't like her, haha. So glad you showed us the flashback of why Bella doesn't trust Edward and all I can say is Jessica is a conving mean person who doesn't deserve Bella's trust. Well I do hope Bella contacts the private investigator soon because I really want them to start a relationship!! Haha, well anyways, here's my usual ending, great chapter and I can't wait for more! (:


Hi Kendra,


I am looking out for them now since it doesn't register on my page like everyone elses does :)


Thnaks for loving Rosalie so much - I see her as a strong character but wanted to make her a little more likeable than usual. She can be no nonsense and still have a heart I believe.


Edward is definitely jealous of Jacob and it remains to be seen if he has anything truly to worry about there. Jacob will be making his feelings known once he gets to know Bella more - that's all I am saying.


The private investigator will not be used for a little while but I can tell you this - Jessica is not deliberately being a b..... she did not realise what impact she had on Bella by telling her who the baby's father was. Another miscommunication that has led to lots of heart ache for Bella and Edward.


Hope you continue to enjoy and thank you for always giving me such positive feedback and thoughts.



Yay! And that's weird, TTS doesn't like me, rude, haha. Darn, miscommunications suck, especially when they keep you from something you wanted,  I would know, ha. You are most welcome for my feedback and thoughts. So glad you like them. (:


Oh Michelle!!! You are so brilliant you always keep me on the edge of my seat and dying for more! I love that Deb is going through with it all. I am so happy  that she has Rose. I love that Rose and Jacob are joking and friendly towards each other. I am so happy that Rose is there to help out as much as she is! I also love that Jacob is being Jacob. lol He is going to stir things up and I love it! I hope that Bella calls Jason and gets ahold of Jess! I have a feeling she is closer then Bella would think. Very curious about that. I also hope that Bella Edward and Jess ahve a group discussion!  I want Jess to tell the truth and that the truth is that she was wrong and whoever Edward was fighting with when Jess said it was Edward is the real father and its a miscommunication. Oh please please please post more very soon!!! I cant wait for the next chapter!!! You did so freaking good with this chapter! More proof of why I love everything you write and how amazingly talented you are!!!


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