The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Chapter 12


BPOV – A new understanding????



Gelar pulled up outside our house and I quickly grabbed my bag, waving goodbye to Quil and Bree as I exited the house. Gelar’s wide grin greeted me as I pulled myself up into the cab of his van.

“Mornin’ Miss Bella. Beautiful day hey?”


“Sure is Gelar. Thanks for doing this.” I wriggled excitedly in my seat. I had been looking forward to this trip with Gelar. It was the mail route and he would be taking me with him to deliver all kinds of letters, packages, and stock out to the surrounding stations. When Gelar had heard that I would love to accompany him to get a better look at the Australian landscape and lifestyle he had immediately offered to take me on his next weekly trip. That had turned out to be today and I was eager to get out there and see what the Australian outback had to offer.


“More than fine Miss Bella. Love ta ‘ave the company.” Gelar put the van into gear and headed back towards town, all the while asking me questions about my life in America and how I was finding his little town. I enthusiastically told him stories about the things that had been happening since I got here and what the differences were between the schooling in USA and in Australia. He clearly enjoyed learning new things and was an attentive listener. When he pulled up outside the hospital I looked at him in question.


“Just ‘ave ta pick up Dr Cullen, Miss. Won’t be a moment.”


I panicked and grabbed his arm. “What do you mean? Why are we picking up Edward?”


“Oh yeah sorry. A bit of a change of plans. Dr Lem asked me that I take Dr Cullen out with me taday ta make some deliveries of medication that he needs ta explain to the people who get ‘em. I didn’t think ya’d mind since the two of ya are friends and all,” With a frown he saw that my reaction was not as positive as what he had assumed. “Um, did I do something wrong Miss Bella? Would ya like ta come a differen’ day?”


I seriously considered it but then thought of how much trouble Gelar had gone to in order to  arrange this trip at a time when I could actually come. The thought of being stuck next to Edward for the next few hours was daunting but there was no way I was going to seem ungrateful to Gelar at this point. With an attempt to neutralise the panic that was obviously showing on my face I instead smiled at Gelar and told him it was no problem at all.


I had to reassess that confirmation when Edward and Gelar exited the hospital doors a few moments later carrying boxes of what I assumed were medications and medical supplies. The slight strain of holding heavy things emphasised the distinct beauty of Edward’s arm muscles as he casually moved towards the van I was sitting in. I was in awe as I watched his long fingers curl around the base of the box and wished, not for the first time, that he was holding more than a mere box and that those fingers were caressing something not quite so inanimate; namely me. I shook my head in rejection of that idea before it could be firmly ingrained in my head and continued my perusal in embarrassment. By the time I had fully ogled the firm etchings of his body, that his clothes were in no way hiding, and had finally made it up to his smirking face I realised that I had been caught by Edward himself and I quickly ducked my head so he wouldn’t witness the rising blush of mortification.


I was in a ridiculous amount of trouble if this was what the day was going to be like; close proximity would not alleviate any of the attraction I felt that was bubbling just below the surface. I had been having trouble suppressing it for the past week ever since I had seen the way he dealt with the Deborah situation and then Rosalie’s heart to heart with me. Edward being aware of his appeal was the last thing I needed and I waited with held breath for some kind of teasing comment to greet me when he finally made it to the van and unloaded his cargo.


Nothing came and I chanced a peek from under the protection of my hair to see why he hadn’t delivered the verbal blow I was expecting. I was immediately drawn into the green eyes of a man who was clearly a little amused but who more than anything was exhibiting a flash of hope that left me reeling.


“Hi Bella,” He acknowledged quietly as the corners of his mouth threatened to lift in unrestrained happiness. “Seems we will be exploring the outback stations together today.”


I nodded mutely and then attempted my own polite greeting. “Would seem so. How are you Edward?”


He outright grinned at me now and I found my self answering it with my own grin when I thought of how formal I had been. The grin faltered however when he reached out and offered his hand to me. What was he doing now?


His answer disarmed me even further. His consideration was phenomenal.  “Would you like to sit near the window so you don’t miss anything? I am happy to take the middle.”


His fingers encasing mine as he helped me out of the van sent slight tremors of warmth and titillation up my arm and I stared in fascination at the place where our hands met. He squeezed my hand slightly and then feathered his fingers along the palm of my hand as he reluctantly let go and quickly swapped our places so that he was now in the van and I was standing outside in a kind of stupor. Before I could second guess myself I hopped back into the van and made the futile attempt to make myself as small as possible so that there was no chance of Edward and my bodies coming into contact.


That was a ridiculous hope.


Gelar soon had us zooming down some pretty rough patches of road as we started our trip and there was no way that Edward and I could remain apart as we were jostled and jerked from side to side. For a while Gelar and Edward conversed as I remained silently listening and taking in the surrounding countryside, trying to ignore the butterflies somersaulting in my stomach with each and every accidental touch between us. It wasn’t until Gelar asked me a direct question that I was forced back into an interaction with the boys and therefore recognised that I was being rude in not contributing to the discussion sooner. I made a more concerted effort after that to participate more fully and actually found myself enjoying the ride because both Edward and Gelar were amusing and thoughtful companions.


Our first stop was at Durham Downs and I was quick to scurry out of the cab of the van to open the gate for Gelar to drive through. It was my small way of helping him with his job since he was doing me a favour by bringing me out. I closed the gate as soon as he was through, knowing that out here an open gate could cause all kinds of problems. Once I was back in the van I listened as Gelar explained to Edward that this was one of the packages that he would need to explain to the owners of the station. Their ten year old daughter  was diabetic and the family had recently had her drugs changed and administered in a different way to usual so Edward would be ensuring that they were doing it properly, away from the doctor’s initial training they had received back in town the week before.


Watching Edward interact with the family, and in particular the little girl, was heart-warming. Gelar and I had remained separate to offer them some privacy as they came to terms with the new pump that would be used. Even from a distance I could see the rapport Edward immediately established with the whole group and then how gentle he was as he coached first the mother and then the father on how to insert the pump and make sure it was working properly. There was no doubt in my mind Edward was perfect for his career choice and that he would be one of those doctors who had empathy as well as skill. The thought made me smile but also had me questioning myself even further about who Edward actually was and how I had been treating him.


“So that is one brave little girl right there,” Edward complimented after we had returned to our seats and Gelar was guiding the van down the extended dirt track that led from the house to the road. “Kids are so amazing when it comes to dealing with illness and the fact that she is willing to do this so far from a doctor truly amazes me.”



“What happens if there is a problem?” My curiosity on how a family could make this kind of a decision when it was evident that there would be times when medical attention would be needed had me ask the question. Durham Downs was three hours away from Windorah and was the furthest point we would be driving today.


It was Gelar who gave the initial answer. “The Flying Doctors would reach her quickly if needed.”


“Still……” I couldn’t get my head around the distances and the risks some of these people took to be so far away from help.



“The Browne family have been living with this for years Bella. They know that the best thing they can do for their daughter is to ensure she is monitored properly by them and that her diet reflects what her body needs. The new pump will actually make life a whole lot easier for them all and they have procedures put into place to cater for any emergency. It’s hard for us to fathom since medical attention is right around the corner for us back at home but out here life is different. I have a whole lot of respect for the people who live on the land since starting this job. They really are amazing and so incredibly resilient.” He smiled at me as if he knew he was calming my nerves about something that was truly concerning for me. What he said made sense and I nodded at him in agreement.


“They sure are.”


“The truth is Mrs Browne  moved inta town when Jane was first found ta be sick, for the same reason ya are concerned Bella. Mr Browne could not leave his property or they would ‘ave lost their livelihood but his wife did not feel comfortable being so far from help in the beginning and they made the sacrifice ta be apart for their daughter’s benefit. Lasted about a year before they returned ta their life on the station. None of ‘em were happy apart and Mrs Browne made sure she knew everything she needed to know to keep her child safe and healthy. They do alright. You have no need ta worry,” Gelar explained a little further the background to this first family we had come across today.


The next couple of hours followed the same kind of routine. Gelar would deliver packages to the stations, with Edward at times contributing his knowledge to the ones of medical importance, and then we would settle into driving to the next place as we discussed life on that particular part of the land. It was eye opening in the very least and was something I was extremely glad I had been able to see. By the time Gelar said we were going to stop at a road café for lunch I was more than ready for some sustenance.


“How ‘bout ya head on in and see what ya want for lunch Miss Bella. I need ta fill up with petrol and give old Murray his mail. Ya too Dr Cullen……I mean Edward.” Gelar corrected himself after getting a well intentioned glare from Edward who had pointed out earlier that he would prefer Gelar to use his given name rather than the more formal Dr Cullen.


“Okay but would there be a ladies I could use first,” I asked already sensing the redness seeping into my cheeks.


“Sure; just around the side there,” Gelar pointed and I thanked him quietly as Edward said he would wait with Gelar and then we could all go in to get some lunch together.


As I rounded the corner I saw a group of young men mucking around towards the back of the petrol station. A couple of them whistled as I walked into the lavatory and I felt a little ill about the unwanted attention. I hurried to finish my business so that I could get back to the safety of  Edward and Gelar. I told myself in the mirror that I was over reacting as I washed my hands but something felt wrong about the whole scenario and I wanted to be away from it as quickly as possible.


As soon as I got back outside I realised that my intuition hadn’t been too far off the mark. The group of boys had moved into a space which prevented me from getting back to the front of the building without having to walk directly through their midst which I was loathe to do. The boys were passing a bottle between them that I could only imagine had alcohol in it and they were sneering at me in a kind of menacing way.


“Ay look gamaradas. A new gubbah to play with.” The tallest boy out of all of them laughed. “A pretty gubbah. Bet she smells good. Bet she tastes even better. Come on sweetheart. Come to mugung. We treat ya right.”


My body locked in panic as he took a step towards me and the boys around him howled in amusement. The brief thought that a loud scream would surely alert Edward and Gelar to there being something wrong was interrupted by a deep authoritative voice making the boys turn around briefly to identify the person interrupting their upcoming fun.


“Wungurra. Shamejob!” Gelar stood tall and imposing in a way I had never seen from him before as he motioned to the boys and then to me. He spoke rapidly in a language I did not understand but it appeared he was giving the group of boys a tongue lashing. Four out of the five boys seemed reasonably chastened but the leader of the group who had been the one originally talking to me was not stepping down at all and was answering back to a furious Gelar. The intensity of their argument was frightening to watch; their arms and hands were flying this way and that and it was because I was so enthralled with what was happening in front of me that I missed what was happening behind. When a small touch to my back sent the familiar flickers of heat up my spine I realised that Edward  had come around the other side of the station and was now standing behind me in support. I instantly felt safe but couldn’t relax knowing that we were still embroiled in a huge argument to get me back out the front with no further problems.


“It’s only me Bella. It will be fine,” Edward’s breath tickled my ear as he leant in to give me assurances that I was no longer alone. I took a moment to look back and up at his face but he was completely focused on the interaction between the young man and Gelar; his face completely frozen in a hard stare of fury. “He will not get one step closer to you I promise.”


The young man was still sneering at Gelar. “Maybe ya should mind ya own business gaiyanaiyung. Maybe the gubbah wants me ta show her good things only I know.”


Edward’s tension tripled as soon as the words left the boys mouth. He moved his hand that had been lightly resting on my back onto my hip and pulled me into his side. His hand tightened on my hip possessively but for once I thought little of it; I needed his touch to assure me that this would be okay.


“Maloo. She is with her maluka. Do not bring shame ta ya family. Leave her be. She not one of your floozies. She teach. She a good dyin. You disrespecting her.” Gelar spoke and the boy he had called Maloo narrowed his eyes at both Edward and myself. He looked around at his mates and they were shaking their heads to indicate he should drop it. They were already moving away and Maloo moved aside as well indicating with a flourish  of his arm that we could pass him. Edward moved me to his other side so that I was not within reaching distance of the boy as we passed. A staring down contest occurred between both Edward and Maloo as we did so and I let out a breath when we were finally at Gelar’s side who was looking at me with guilt in his eyes.


“I am sorry Miss Bella. I did not know Maloo and his boys were out ‘ere or I neva would ‘ave let ya come out ‘ere alone.”


I squeezed his hand in reassurance and smiled to let him know all was well. When Maloo spoke behind me I looked back to note that even though his words were for me his attention was very much on Edward’s reaction to them. He was wanting a fight.


“Hey gubbah. Ya get tired of  ya high and toity white man ya come ask for Maloo. Me and me boys we fix ya right up. We show ya what ta do with those pretty pink lips and that lily white body.”


Edward growled and I was almost too late to grab hold of his arm to prevent him from going at the smug man and causing further fights out in the middle of nowhere. Gelar added his own hand on Edward’s shoulder to reinforce that he needed to leave it alone.


“Please Edward don’t. He is deliberately baiting you into a fight.”


“No use telling him nuthin Dr Cullen. He be a young boy who thinks he better than he is. He showin’ off right now cause he embarrassed he got caught. He picks a fight ta save face. Don’t give him no reason to insult Miss Bella here no more.”


The ferocity on Edward’s face could not be any greater as he stared the smirking Maloo down but he made no attempt to step any closer to the young man and I felt only relief inside. No doubt Edward would be able to take down one smart alec boy but if the others decided to join in for their mate we could all be in trouble and I did not want him or Gelar hurt in any way on my account. I took a chance and slid my hand into Edward’s to gently tug him away from the other man. When Edward looked down at our interlocked hands he relaxed a little and allowed me to guide him back towards the front of the petrol station. Neither of us let go of the other until Gelar had herded us into the café and had us seated. He went to speak to the man behind the counter who left the building quickly, returning a few minutes later to nod at Gelar.


“That be old Murray’s son Chris. He went out ta let Maloo know he not welcome here right now and no trouble to come near his home. Told ‘im that the elders will know about his disrespect if he not be careful. Maloo has left. I am sorry again Miss Bella for any fear he gave ya.”


“It’s fine seriously Gelar. I am just really glad you and Edward were there and I didn’t have to take on five boys all on my own.” I tried to lighten the mood a little but it didn’t work with Gelar still looking guilty and Edward’s hands clenched into white tipped fists.


“If they had so much as touched you I would have……..” He shook his head and slammed the table with his fist. “I can’t believe I just walked away from them and let that little twerp get away with his vile words and suggestions. He deserved…..”


“Edward. It’s okay,” When he didn’t respond to me at all, remaining stony faced and angry I grabbed his face between my two hands and gently pulled it so he had no choice but to look at me. “We are all fine. I am here and nothing happened. No one was hurt. You did the right thing. His words meant nothing.”


We stared into one another’s eyes and I was taken aback by the plethora of information we were silently handing one another. There was fear, confusion, anger, attraction and something else akin to love all swirling around there mixed with a whole heap of indecision. I saw the moment he made the choice to speak out loud but Gelar beat him to it and the moment was lost when our attention was drawn from one another.


“The elders will find out ‘bout this and Maloo he will be punished by our laws. You did good not ta force him more in his anger. He now can not say it was self defense. He be in some trouble for sure.” Gelar spoke with conviction as he handed us a paper menu. “Not respecting a woman is bad in our customs. I hope you know that not all of us behave in such a way. Bad blood sometimes taints even the best people. It makes me angry and sad that so many young boys not know the proper way to treat others. They get wild and think they can do anything they want. Scaring good women like yaself is bad, bad news.”


I needed to make Gelar understand that I did not think this was his fault at all. “There is bad in many people everywhere Gelar. I don’t think it’s limited to here. We are all fine and that’s all that counts. How about we forget about this and have something to eat. I know we still have quite a few drop offs to do and I am sure you want to get home to your family.”


Our lunch turned out to be a very quick and slightly awkward affair. So many times Edward seemed to be on the cusp of saying something to me but then he would look at Gelar and he ended up restraining whatever urge he was feeling. I spent the entire time trying to convince both of the men that I was completely over the altercation outside, explaining that Maloo hadn’t even been given the chance to touch me so we were all really over reacting.


Probably shouldn’t have said that considering the glares I got from both Edward and Gelar.


I was relieved when we were finally back in the van and hurtling off to our next destination. We all needed the distraction and truthfully I was looking forward to getting back to town so I could have a stiff drink with the people I knew really cared about me and then try to work out what was going on between Edward and I with the whole intense stare down we had participated in today.


A few  hours later Gelar pulled the van into the hospital grounds so that Edward could report back on his deliveries for the day. Gelar offered to drop me home but I requested for him to drop me off at the pub as I knew the majority of our group would be there. I watched Edward’s tense demeanour as he dejectedly walked into the hospital and it reminded me of something that Gelar said earlier that I was confused about.


“Gelar what is a maluka?” Gelar startled as he shifted into gears and his face went a little pink. Now I was truly curious and I hoped he would answer me. “You said to that boy Maloo I was with my maluka.”


“Um yeh. Maluka mean husband or boyfriend. I lied sorry ta keep Maloo from chasin ya. In our culture one must neva touch anothers woman or else the punishment be extreme. Maloo thinking that ya belonged ta Edward was the easiest way of getting ‘im ta leave ya alone. He not want the bad spirits ta take away his manhood.”


“Oh…um…..ok. I guess that makes sense and it seemed to work thankfully.” I stuttered as I briefly wished that what Gelar said was not actually a lie. Edward known as my maluka did not seem so hideous to me as it would have been over the past few months. Things were definitely changing.


“ hope you don’t mind me saying so but it worked cause that’s what ya two look like. He not eva let nothing happen to ya cause he know ya is special. From where I see it …..Edward….he wish he were your maluka. He would treat ya right for sure. He good man like you good woman.”


By this stage we had arrived at the pub and Gelar was grinning widely at me as he said his piece.


“I guess sometimes appearances can be deceiving Gelar. We don’t belong to one another at all.” Was that disappointment that I could hear in my own voice?


Gelar looked straight at me and winked. “Well I say that could change no problem. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan – they be a match that should be.” He laughed at my embarrassment and proceeded to walk me into the bar so he could ensure I found my friends and I was safe. He told me he was taking no chances this time. Once he had delivered me to Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Rosalie he took himself back out to drive himself home but not before whispering one last piece of advice to me.

“Ya haf ta open ya heart Miss Bella if ya eva want sometin good ta happen ta ya. Dr Cullen; he be that good thing”


Seriously? Gelar too.


I plonked myself down on a stool and tried to involve myself in what was happening around me even though my thoughts were still very much on Gelar’s words and the interactions that had taken place today between Edward and I.  Jasper asked me how the trip had gone and I gave him an abridged version of what had gone down making Alice gasp in consternation and Rosalie shake her head at the stupidity of some people. Thankfully they did not dwell on it after I told them that I had not even been touched and that Edward and Gelar had done a good job in protecting me so I was able to lose myself again in the monotony of my own thoughts. Jacob’s arrival was what brought me back out of them again. He sat down heavily next to me and grinned the white toothed smile I had become accustomed to over the past week if ever our paths crossed in town.


“So I heard you had a bit of an altercation at Thompsons Crossing today.” Jacob brought his drink up to his lips as he waited for my confirmation.


“How on earth did you know about that? I only got back half an hour ago.”


“I’m a cop Bella. It is my job to know what’s going on around here,” He took a huge gulp of his drink and then relaxed against the table as he took in my amazed expression. “Okay, okay. Gelar came over to the station before he went home to let us know what happened in case there are any repercussions down the track. Maloo’s not actually an upstanding citizen right about now. I wouldn’t worry though. His family will be sorting him out about this one for sure and Maloo is going through a bad patch right now so he thinks the whole world is against him. That will change.”


I nodded distractedly because Edward had chosen that moment to enter the pub and make his way to the bar. I wondered if he would actually stay this time when he realised I was still here. I could hear Jacob speaking but all my attention was on Edward and how he leant towards the bartender to give his order over the noisiness of tonight’s pack. I started wondering about the moment we had had back at Thompsons Crossing when he had been so over protective; the same question kept being tossed around and around in my head…….. was he seriously such a good actor that he could fake concern for me so well?


“So what do you say?” Jacob’s arm flung around my shoulder brought me abruptly from my thoughts and I looked at him in wariness.


“Oh, uh I am sorry……..about what?” I subtly moved myself so that his arm dropped from my shoulder but the smile on his face never faltered.


“I asked if you would like to go out for dinner one night….you know….with me?”


My gaze flicked from his earnest expression over to Edward who was still waiting for his drink. I was in two minds about this. Jacob seemed like a really nice guy but could I be fair to him when it was pretty obvious that I couldn’t get Edward out of my head no matter how hard I tried?


“Ah Jacob. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. I’m kind of not doing the dating thing right now and well you seem like a nice person but………”


Jacob stuck his hands out in a sign of supplication and then moved one hand up to cover his chest as if he was heartbroken. The smile on his face conveyed that his words would be in jest.  “Okay point taken. I will just have to try harder to convince you to give me a go Bella. I think we would have a great time together when you are ready for it. I will drop it for now but eventually you will have to fall for my charms and then we can enjoy a night out together.”


Despite the awkwardness of the situation I couldn’t help but laugh at his teasing words and the fact that he was willing to make light of my rejection. He leant back on his stool and placed his hands behind his head in a relaxed stance.


“See I told you. You’re already falling for me and I haven’t even given you my best.”


Amused I chose not to answer him and instead looked over to see how Edward was doing with his drink only to find him much closer than I envisioned; in fact he was almost right up to us and was giving Jacob and I questioning glances. When I returned my attention to Jacob he was giving me a knowing look and whispered “Oh now I see how it is.”


Before I could even think of a retort Edward had taken his place next to Alice and he was responding to everyone’s greetings. It didn’t take long before talk got back to our day with Gelar and I observed that the more it was discussed the more agitated he became until he finally stood up and excused himself stating that it had been a long day and he needed to get home for some rest. He gave me one last look as he said goodbye and I could have sworn there was a yearning in that hot gaze before he turned and I could no longer see his expression. Watching him walk across the bar I felt the urge to follow but I desisted and talked myself into finishing my coke instead of embarrassing myself.


An hour later I let myself into our house, having left Alice and Jasper behind with Rosalie and Emmett who were having dinner together. I had made the decision that Edward and I needed to talk and find some way of communicating what was happening between us. I recognised I was the one to blame for the majority of our negative interactions but I had realised today that I wanted things from Edward that I should never want from a person who I was meant to hate. That told me so much about what I had been burying for so long.


I no longer saw him as the enemy. I now had to deal with the ramifications of that information.


I strode towards his room knowing that he would be alone because Emmett was still back at the pub. Unfortunately I was met with a sight that I could have very much gone without; Victoria in nothing but a loose bathrobe was tiptoeing through the hallway and I almost collided with her. She gave me a nervous giggle and I stepped back out of her way.


“Oh hi Bella. I didn’t realise anyone else was home yet sorry.”


Seriously did I really need this crap right now?


“No problems I was just coming through here to see if I could catch Edward.”


Her eyes widened in pretend innocence and something somersaulted in my stomach without me having any understanding of why.


“Um I think he might be a little…..indisposed…….right now Bella. He wasn’t in the best of moods when he got home and well let’s just say….I helped him out with that little problem. I think I might have worn the poor soul out.” Victoria’s tone dripped honey but her flashing eyes told me that she was throwing out the gauntlet and she loved that she had won. Edward had apparently finally succumbed to her persistence according to her current appearance of looking like a girl who had been experiencing things I did not want to think about. “He told me he was sick of pretending and only wanted to feel. I of course helped him to no end. He is absolutely divine, that boy, and I can’t believe anyone would ever be stupid enough to say no to him.”


Apparently I was one of the stupid ones.


My eyes narrowed on the girl in front of me and I felt like I wanted to dry wretch as my body caught up with my mind in reacting to her emotional blows. Surely he wouldn’t have slept with this woman who had so little respect for herself and others around her. Surely I had not finally allowed myself to see him as different to what I had been considering all these months only to find that he would be with someone else so easily.


Had his actions today all been fake?


Had I only imagined the hot look of appeal he had given me at both the café and then again at the pub?


Why was I so easily manipulated into his web of deceit?


What was I going to do now?


“Look Bella I would love to stay here and chat about how wonderful he is and all that but I was getting a drink and then I wanted to be back in time for round two…….if you know what I mean? He will be waiting and I hate to keep a guy waiting…….”




Victoria pushed past me and I took one last look at his closed door at the end of the hallway before turning on my own heel and fast tracking it over to my end of the house.


I was livid.


I was embarrassed.


I was incredibly hurt.


…..and I only had myself to blame.


Shoot. This was not how I had envisioned tonight going at all.


I chucked my bag onto the bed and then followed it with my own body. I curled up and let the emotions of the day engulf me. I cried for a while and then my hurt hardened into my usual wall of resistance.


He would not get to me. I would not allow it a second time. If he wanted Victoria that was his choice and I should be glad that I found out his desire for her before I had opened my own mouth to discuss my feelings. Edward had to be back to nothing again to me.


With that in mind I foraged through my handbag and found my phone so that I could make a call I had not contemplated following through with until now.


My heart screamed out against me, for what I was about to do, as I quickly punched the buttons before I lost my nerve. He answered on the third ring.


“Jacob. It’s Bella. About that dinner…………”




Some Aboriginal words used....


dyin - woman

muluka – husband, boyfriend, someone in authority

gaiyanaiyung – old man

 Wungarra - boy

 Gamarada – friend or comrade

 Gubbah - white person

 Mugung - lover

shamejob - shame on you. You bring shame to.....


Just so you all know the Aboriginal language is a very complex one and what one Aboriginal group might use could be completely different in meaning to anothers. I am not an expert in this at all and have used these words purely for entertainment value so I hope I do not offend anyone :)

Okay, boys who are immature need to learn that that is not how you get a woman and it most definetly is not how you should treat them either. I really wish boys didn't act like this but oh well, there are good ones, like Edward! Gosh (excuse the language) damnit!! Why does Victoria have to ruin everything and why does Bella have to be so (again) damn gullible! I mean, really, come one! It's called go talk to Edward, she knows Victoria isn't the best of people. And geez, Jacob, really? You don't make rash decisions when you're hurt, come on Bella! Gosh, I just wanna punch her in the face, haha!! Oh and I wonder what Edward was gonna say...

On the topic of you and your life. I am so sorry that you lost people, I can say this with the utmost truth, I know how you feel. I hope you start to feel better soon, it does get better, sort of. Also how are you fareing with your illness? Any better? If not get well soon and I hope life turns around for the better! (:

Hi Kendra,


I fully agree with you about boys behaving badly. Luckily most don't do that - do they?

Victoria is manipulative and Bella is gullible for sure - she is see sawing backwards and forwards about how to go with Edward and so she is way too ready to believe the worst - probably because she lacks self confidence herself.

You will find out what Edward has to say next chapter and lets just say it will be entertaining ;)


With reagrds to my life I am back on track thanks heaps. It is just hard when everything happens at the one time and you're trying to deal with a million emotions at once. The illness was not me although I was still having problems with my back. My friend had a stroke and we have been helping out there with her kids etc and my own little boy was sick too. All good now so just moving on to happier things.

Thanks for reviewing - you know I love hearing your opinions :)



Great chapter!  Just a pity they did not get to sort things out!  She was just starting to change her mind about Edward after everything that happened that day and now Victoria had to spoil everything!  I wonder what will happen with Jacob?  Can't wait for the next update!

Thanks Seugnet du Toit for enjoying the chapter. It is frustrating that they don't simply talk and sort things out rather than let miscommunication come between them, isn't it? Victoria is very conniving and has a hidden agenda. Hmmmm Jacob.......we will find out soon how that all pans out.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Muchly appreciated :)



FREAKING LOVED IT!!!!!! Aaaah! Oh my!!! I am so loving that they got stuck together and that you put a lil twilight into this. I am so freaking excited about them getting closer but I am also dying because of Victoria! Vile piece of trash she is!!! I am so confused right now with Edward and I am praying Victoria was a liar!!! Ok well I am sorry things have been hard on you I know how all that goes so if you need to talk Im here!!! I hope things get better! Loved it all and missed you dearly! I cant wait for more!!!

Hi Daneimarie,

I am gald you noticed the little twilighty pieces in there :) We really needed to have some positive interactions happening between them so voila - this chapter gave them some .

Victoria is conniving - that is all I am saying and we have to trust in Edward, unlike poor Bella did, wouldn't you agree? Next chapter is Edward so I am sure more will be found out then.

Thanks for your concern and also for your emails to check if I was alright while I hadn't posted. I truly appreciate it. Back on track now and happier so hopefully it will remain that way :) I am writing the next chapter right now because I am on a bit of a roll. Cross fingers



This is sooo good!!! You have to get more on here soon please!!!!!

Thanks :) I am almsot finished with the next chapter and there is a bit more of the Bella Edward interaction happening I promise.



I'm so happy that Bella had someone there to protect her..*Cough*..Edward.

Why on Earth would she believe Victoria!!!

Keep Me Posted!!




Why indeed? Silly girl. Edward migth have to set her mind at ease there ;)

Hope to have the next chapter out soon. Thnaks for reading!!



this chapter was definately worth the way did Edward give in to Victoria....Bella and Edward need to talk BAD...can't wait to read your next update!



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