The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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I love your support of Edward, Kelley. Next chapter will tell you if your trust is placed correctly. Thnaks for reading still. I agree about them needing to talk.





Michelle thank you for the upate.....what will we do with Bella?...for someone who is so smart she is dumb, how could she believe Victoria?, come on her and James are in this together, Bella open your eyes my dear, you were with Edward today, why would he do that with her.Bella is right she only has herself to blame...Did she even listen to G.  I guess not..thanks the story.....can't wait to see how Jacob and Bella date goes, I hope it doesn't

Hi Robyn,


Bella is one very mixed up girl isn't she? It will all come out eventually and she will feel so bad for not talking it out with Edward.

Her date will be hinted at in the next chapter. Wonder how that will go and what Edward's reaction will be to it.


Thanks for reading



Love it!!!! Its been forever since I've been on here. Thank for updating me about your story! I can't wait for more!!!!! Please write more soon!!!!! :)


Chapter 13 –  Miscommunication




The past week had been……….frustrating.


I thought Bella and I had made a kind of breakthrough in our friendship. I was sure that she had been reconsidering whatever it was she had against me. Her small attempts to be pleasant, the fact that she had approached me to help her out with the awful predicament that Deborah Barron had found herself in and then the whole debacle at Thompsons Crossing where we had connected in the aftermath; all told me that things were moving towards changing between us.


Apparently I was wrong because Bella was doing everything in her power to avoid being anywhere near me.


We were back to square one.


My attempts to get her alone were fruitless. She very carefully manipulated every situation so that she was either with a whole group of people or she wasn’t around altogether. The one and only time I had actually pushed the point and requested for us to talk she had very politely told me that we had nothing to say to one another. It had been the scathing look in her eyes as she glared daggers at me that made me falter and pull back.


Bella’s walls were most definitely back up and had been fortified even further than before.


Why? I had no idea.


Saturday had come around again and work had been extremely busy with back to back shifts and yet another one on the horizon, after I spent a few hours at home tonight. The constant stream of patients seemed to have doubled over the past few days with a horrendous tractor accident thrown in that left me in the exhausted state I currently found myself in. I walked through the front door of our place and was instantly assaulted with the mouth-watering smell of baking. I followed it to the kitchen where I found Angela and Bella scurrying around the room in a mild panic of movement. Along the benches there were rows and rows of delectable looking cookies, cupcakes and slices. I reached out to sneakily take one but was greeted with a firm slap to my hand by the very woman who had been avoiding me all week.


“Hands off Cullen, if you know what’s good for you,” Bella’s stance told me she wasn’t even remotely joking but I felt the need to tease anyway.


“What if I don’t know what’s good for me Swan? What if I took the cookie anyway?” I smirked at her trying to convey the joviality of my suggestion but she didn’t seem amused at all.


“Just give me an excuse Cullen. I would love to wipe that smug expression off your face and punish you. Have no doubt about that,” She was waving a wooden spoon at me now and I realised that it was probably in my best interests to back away from the goodies so I did so with my hands raised in mock defeat.


“Good choice,” She growled at me and made her way back to a clearly amused Angela who shook her head at both of us.


“Is this all for the fair tomorrow? You girls have cooked up a storm here.” I tried to make small talk but it turned out that the only one willing to answer me was Angela. Bella had her back turned to me and refused to acknowledge my question. With a small look of sympathy Angela let me know that Alice, Bella and herself had been baking for hours in readiness for the fair that would take place to fundraise for the school. Alice had to leave earlier as she was also helping out with the second hand clothing stall and needed to help sort out some last minute donations.


“Are you coming to the fair Edward?” Angela’s quiet question had me bring my attention back from ogling the bent over form of Bella as she got a batch of something out of the oven. For a moment I didn’t register her question and again Angela was clearly amused at having caught me out in a Bella moment.


“Um….all depends on how I feel tomorrow. You see I am being the good guy tonight and taking on an extra shift so my friends can go out on some special date. Apparently I find it difficult to say no to your boyfriend when he asks me to cover him so he can take his girl somewhere special for their anniversary.”  I ignored Bella’s very distinct scoff and concentrated on the way Angela’s face lit up with my words. How nice would it be to have the kind of feelings that Angela and Benjamin had without having to hide it all the time.


“Oh Edward. Thanks so much for doing that for us. You know that we can change our plans since you’ve worked a double shift. That hadn’t been on the cards when Ben asked you for the favour.”


“Nah. Don’t worry about it. You two have a great time. You deserve to celebrate five years of being together. Another few hours of work isn’t going to hurt me.”


“We’ll return the favour one day Edward I promise,”


My smile brightened with Angela’s words and the cupcake that she stealthily passed to me as Bella’s back was turned. I leant against the counter and happily munched on the tasty morsel of food I had been granted. When Bella turned back to us she rolled her eyes at the fact that I had managed to get a taste testing after all.


“Seriously, which part of ‘hands off’ did you not understand,” The venom in Bella’s voice took me back a bit and I began to wonder if she was talking about something completely different to the innocent cupcake I held in my hand.


I chose not to allow myself to be pulled into her negativity. “Ang gave it to me and I have to say it is delicious. You have all outdone yourselves. I’m sure the cake stall will make a heap of money for the school.”


Bella huffed and gave Angela the evil eye. Angela stood her ground and simply nodded that she had indeed given into my love of all things sweet. With a final shrug of her shoulders Bella began to move some of the baking trays over into the sink and filled it with hot water.


“Don’t you two have places to be,” Bella questioned with very little tact. She looked up at Angela, ignoring me completely, and tapped at the delicate gold watch that embraced her wrist. “What time did Ben say he wanted to leave?”


Angela gave a quick sound of disgust as she looked at her own watch and realised that the time was further along than she had expected. Bella told her to get going and not worry about the cleaning up, saying that she was happy to do the last little bit on her own. Angela skipped over to her and gave her a thankful hug. Bella actually relented in her bad mood and returned the hug with no animosity reflected on her face at all. Before Angela let go I caught remnants of a whispered sentence that made my blood run cold.


I was pretty sure that Angela had just told Bella to enjoy her date with James tonight.


The answering blush from Bella and the quick glance she sent me confirmed that she was embarrassed by the possibility of me hearing that.


What the hell was she even thinking to go out with that j******?


As soon as Angela had left the room altogether Bella was at the sink, washing dishes and pretending I was not even in her vicinity. I quickly grabbed a tea towel and went over to stand beside her; drying the dishes and trays that were already waiting on the sink.


“Leave it. I don’t need your help.” Bella stated quietly without looking at me at all. “I’m sure you have better things to do.”


“Nope. More than happy to help.” I answered shortly. I could tell she was about to say more but she took a deep breath and continued giving me the silent treatment instead.


“So you’re off on a date tonight then?” I tried so hard to keep my voice level as I asked the question but I was pretty sure I failed miserably at it. Bella paused for a brief moment before shakily placing a plate on the sink.


“What’s it to you?” She couldn’t even look at me.


“Just curious why you would do that,” I could feel the anger bubbling beneath my very controlled words. James was going to hurt her and she was giving him full access to her by going on this date. Bella took a deep breath and grabbed the sides of the sink with soapy hands. Sarcasm laced her words as she spoke to me as if I was a child.


“Well when two people like one another they usually go out on a date together and……”


“You don’t like him,” I interrupted before she could go any further. She instantly rotated away from the sink so that she was facing me in all her ire as she spluttered.


“I beg your pardon,”


“You heard me Bella. You don’t like him. He’s not who you want.” I threw the tea towel into a heap on the counter and clenched my fists into balls beside me. I took a step towards her and she immediately stepped backwards until her hips were resting on the counter behind her. I stopped moving so that I was not crowding her completely.


“How the hell would you know who or what I want,”


“I know you don’t like Ja……..him. I know he is not even remotely good enough for you. I know he will only end up hurting you.”


Bella clutched the counter on either side of her hips as if she needed to stop herself from lashing out at me physically. She had no problem doing it verbally though.


“And what if I actually really like him? Huh Edward. Maybe I am head over heels in love with the guy and this date is just a step towards us being together. Maybe I will go out with him tonight and then bring him home and ………………”


“You don’t love him and you most certainly won’t be doing what you are suggesting Bella,” I stated with deadly certainty. “I know you and I know you’d never do that regardless.”


“You don’t know anything!”


I leant in closer to her now not even caring that I had been trying to consider not crowding her only moments before. Her breath hitched and her eyes widened.


“I know you don’t react to him the way you do to me,” I fired back quietly. “I know that he doesn’t make goosebumps appear from the slightest touch.” I ran my fingers up her arm and she proved me correct when my feathery touch did exactly what I suggested.


“I know that the delightful blush you have going on is only for me Bella, not for him.”


She distractedly muttered. “I blush all the time Edward. You can’t take that as something special.”


“Oh I know Bella. But you see you have two types of blushes. Your blush of embarrassment,” I guided my fingers across her cheeks and felt the warmth of her skin as I did so. She was holding her breath but not making any move to stop me. “That blush only reaches your face. It’s cute but not exactly the same as my blush; the blush that warms up your whole body and tells me that you’re aware of me. It seeps down your neck,” Fingers trailing, following the route of my words “Across your collarbones, pinkens up your chest beautifully,” I stopped moving and rested my hand against the softness of her skin just above the swell of her breasts, never taking my eyes off hers as I watched with interest her reaction to my un-gentlemanly  behaviour. Her eyelids had become heavy and she was clutching that counter even more tightly than before. “And teases me with where it disappears to…..”


She gasped  and a whoosh of air came out with her plea. “Please Edward.”


“Please what Bella?” I angled towards her further until my lips were almost to her ear. “Please explain why your heart is racing a million miles an hour when I am this close to you. I can feel it you know. I can feel it galloping and I know HE does not do that to you. What are you asking for Bella? Do you want me to prove to you just how little you really want him?” I dragged the tip of my nose lightly across the sensitive area where her cheek met her jawline, only to be rewarded with another sharp intake of her breath and a stiffening of her whole body. Being this close to her was intoxicating and I ignored my own inner musings that I was crossing a line here, especially when her small hands found their way up to my chest as if she wanted to push me away but simply rested them there instead. Our laboured breaths were almost intermingling we were so close. “It would only take the smallest of movements of our mouths Bella to truly show you what a farce this date tonight would be. Is that what you want?”


I chanced a quick glance into her eyes, after concentrating so heavily on the reactions of her body and it was then that I realised I needed to back off. I saw my own desire and need reflected back at me but I also saw the small touch of fear that I could never accept making her feel and that is what made me slowly move my body away from her. As soon as my proximity was removed Bella seemed to come out of her frozen state and her arms crossed her chest to hug herself. She gave me a death stare through the lingering evidence of her want and I waited for her scathing words, already knowing they were coming.


“Your arrogance knows no bounds. You had no right…….absolutely no right to do what you just did.”


I lowered my head in my own display of atonement. She was right of course. I should have never pushed myself into such close contact with her without her consent.


“Probably not so I apologise…..” I backed away never taking my eyes off her so she could clearly get the message I was about to give her. “ But just so you know Bella  it’s not about arrogance. Everything I said……everything I showed you……I know the truth of all of that because it is exactly how I feel when you’re around. That heat, that awareness, that racing heart, that confusion………that’s how it is for me too.”


I didn’t wait for any kind of response; verbal or otherwise before I made my escape from that kitchen. I had opened myself up way more than I would have liked but she did that to me. She made me feel every kind of emotion there was and I was tired of holding it all in. She could ignore me and make out I was next to nothing but the reality of it was she responded to me without wanting to; her body gave me reactions that I very well knew because they were a replica of my own.


So this date…… was exactly what I said before…….it was a farce.


And yet I had the sinking feeling that I had merely pushed her further into it by my arrogant actions that were way out of line.


When it came to Bella I had no control.






Sleep was evading me yet again. Every time I closed my eyes I replayed in my mind the closeness I had forced between myself and Bella and her unacceptable words ‘Maybe I am head over heels in love with the guy and this date is just a step towards us being together. Maybe I will go out with him tonight and then bring him home and ………………’


It brought about visions of Bella in James arms; him enjoying a night out with her, them laughing over whatever meal the jerk thought would be good enough for my Bella, the smug look in his eyes when she agreed to kiss him……, no, no that could not happen. Bella did not belong in that creep’s arms for even a few seconds. Her warmth and light and fire – that was not for him to experience.


I tore at my hair at a loss about what to do.


I needed to go stop her.


I couldn’t go stop her.


I needed to sleep so I didn’t put patients in danger tonight when I returned to the hospital late tonight.


But I couldn’t sleep knowing she had agreed to date a guy who wanted to use her and then throw her away.


Ughhhh this was ridiculous. What more could I do? I made it quite clear earlier how I felt about her. If she chose to ignore that and still go out with him I had to give her that freedom. She was a grown woman who could make her own choices but…..



The door opened slowly and the huge bulk of Emmett’s body squeezed through as if he was trying not to disturb me. Funnily enough the one time Emmett actually showed consideration and tried to not disturb me I was not able to sleep anyway.


“Yo. You’re awake then? I was trying to get in and out without disturbing your beauty sleep. God only knows you need it.” He guffawed at his own joke and made his way over to his drawers. He grabbed some random clothes and plonked onto the side of my bed.



“Mind telling me what you did to Bella?”



“Huh?” My intelligent reply sounded mighty shaky and when Emmett gave me a considering look I was aware that I was in trouble.



“I could hear her curses from the loungeroom so I went in to check on her but stopped myself when I heard the first thump against the door. She was throwing stuff man and what was coming out of mouth was not in any way well mannered. I aint getting this perfect face marred by a flying shoe or anything so I hightailed it out of there but not before I heard her say and quote. “Edward Anthony Cullen needs to take his pretty head and shove it where the sun don’t shine and leave me the hell alone. Who does he think he is to tell me how I feel? For all I care he can take his little plaything and disappear off the face of the earth because my date is none of his business and he should be worrying about his own life and not trying to dazzle me with his sweet words and ……………..” I kind of left then because I wasn’t sure I wanted to know about your sweet words and the such, Romeo.” Emmett laughed. “You’ve done something to get quite the reaction from our Belles. She’s extraordinarily vocal when she’s peed apparently. Care to share?”



“My little plaything?”



“Her words not mine. You got something going on the side that you haven’t told the rest of us about?” Emmett tugged off his shirt and began replacing it with a new one.



“Of course not. You know where my interest lies. I haven’t even so much as looked at anyone else.”



“Hmmmm. What can I tell you then man? Bella has her knickers in a knot about something and you’re right in the centre of it.”



Emmett stared at me as he waited for some kind of response. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to share with him what had happened to cause Bella’s wrath to such a degree but it was quite evident he wasn’t going to budge until I gave him something.



“She’s going on a date tonight and I might have told her it wasn’t a good idea,” My words were said so quickly that I was sure he wouldn’t have heard but his look of sympathy told me he had.


“As in you finally told her how you feel and that’s why she shouldn’t go on the date,”



“No, as in I kind of tried to show her that she didn’t respond to James in the same way she does me and……….”



“Woa, woa, woa. What do you mean James? What does James have to do with this?” Emmett looked incredulous. “You can’t seriously be telling me that Bella has agreed to a date with James.”



With a nod of my head I let Emmett know that was exactly what I was saying.



“And you’re in here now ignoring this fact because?”



“There’s nothing more I can do except maybe tie her down and that’s a bit too much brutish force if you ask me,” I was not about to tell Emmett that I had already crossed some lines when I had invaded Bella’s space earlier to prove my point. I knew I hadn’t hurt her and I never would but still…….



“Besides I have a shift within a couple of hours and I really should be sleeping rather than working out what to do about a girl who has made it quite clear she doesn’t want my attention and is actively seeking it elsewhere.”



Emmett had a few choice words to say to me about being a coward and not going after what I really wanted. My excuse that I needed to sleep for work only agitated him further and then finally he got up and headed towards the door casting looks of irritation my way.



“This is James we’re talking about Edward……..James. If you don’t have the guts to stop this I guess it’s all on me.” He slammed the door in anger as he left demonstrating exactly how disgusted he was with me. I resigned myself to the fact I was not going to get any sleep and made my own way to the door to see if Emmett had any more luck with stopping Bella than I did. The answer was pretty clear only moments later when Emmett came striding back towards me in the hallway, swearing about being too late.



“She’s gone. Are you happy now? She’s going out with the biggest cad in the entire universe and you didn’t do enough to stop her.” Emmett pushed past me into our room and then came back out with his wallet in hand.



“Seriously what was I meant to do? She’s a grown woman who can make her own decisions. As it was, I tried to sway her and that didn’t work out so all I can do is hope his true colours come through and she dumps his ass.”



“And in the meantime he gets to have his dirty paws on her and kiss up to her as if he is something special. Can you truly let that go Edward because I certainly can’t?” A few strides was all it took for me to realise that Emmett was going to follow Bella and try and put a stop to her date. “Can you stand aside and let such a douche lay even one hand on your girl? I don’t have the same feelings for her as you do Edward and I can’t even stand the thought so I’m going to do something about it, with or without you.”



I mulled over his challenge. Of course I didn’t want James anywhere near Bella but making a scene while she was on her date did not seem to be the most sensible thing to do at this stage. I had basically told her how much she affected me and she had chosen to ignore that and still attend dinner. I had no right to be making things even more uncomfortable for her than I already have.



But still………it was James we were talking about and clearly she had no idea what he was capable of when it came to woman so………



“Okay, okay. I’m with you. I don’t know how but let’s see if there is a way of stopping that date.”





Our little town was limited in places one could take a girl out on a date so we made our first port of call at the pub, hoping that Bella and James were favouring that as a first stop. If we were wrong in our choice the only other restaurant in town was not far away and beyond that we were in trouble.


I was hoping that James had not been very creative in his date and we would find them easily.


The pub was pumping due to it being a Saturday night and the mood of the place was not in tune with my own. Emmett dragged me in after listening to me declare my hesitation in following through on stopping Bella’s date. He was on a mission and my cold feet and belief that Bella should be making her own choices was not going to stop him at all.



A quick scan of the room resulted in a negative outcome and I was ready to let Emmett know we would have to go down to the restaurant when my eyes drifted across to James who was playing darts down the back of the pub. He wasn’t alone; a couple of men laughing along with whatever was going on in their conversation. What really threw me was there was no Bella in sight.


Why on earth would James be playing darts when he was meant to be with Bella on a date?


A quick nudge to Emmett’s side had him following my stare down and he stopped in confusion too.


“The scumbag doesn’t even know how to take a lady on a proper date,” Emmett yelled into my ear over the general noise of the pub. “Where’s Bella? This could be easier than we thought.” A slow grin crossed his face.


I shrugged, being as much in the dark as he was. All I knew was that if Bella had agreed to a date with me I would have made sure it was more than a quick drink and meal at the pub and I certainly wouldn’t be playing darts with my friends while she was missing in action.



We walked to the bar and ordered a drink, agreeing that we would stay a moment and figure out where Bella was and what James was actually trying to achieve with such a lame date. As I was ordering I felt the very distinct feeling of nails scratching down a chalkboard. It didn’t surprise me when Victoria’s voice grated against my ear.



“Ah Eddie. Nice to see you out and about. All work and no play makes you a very boring boy,”



I cringed and stepped back a little so that she was nowhere in my space. As I did so a movement to the side of me drew my attention away from the red head in front of me and straight to the gorgeous brown eyed beauty that was looking at me in stunned disapproval.



My whispered ‘Bella’ and Emmett’s more exuberant ‘Bella’ came out at the same time and Victoria’s presence was all but forgotten by me. My gaze travelled over the picture of natural beauty before me and I had to laugh inwardly when Bella’s noticeable blush followed the route I had outlined to her earlier today.



“What are you doing here?” Bella spat at me and Victoria teetered beside me. She was enjoying the tension between myself and Bella no doubt and I had to move away from her again when she reached out to put her hand on my arm.



Before I could answer Emmett said in his usual gruff manner. “Look let’s just cut to the chase here shall we. Your choice of dates has kind of got us worried and…….”



A seething Bella interrupted Emmett’s less than thought out response and her eyes never left mine.

“Oh and your choice of tramps is a whole lot better,” A flick of her eyes told me she was talking about Victoria and although I had to agree with her I was not sure why she thought I was choosing anyone at all, let alone her.



Emmett choked a little, saying that he didn’t have a choice in tramps and Bella gave him a disbelieving look of reproach.



“I don’t think she was talking about you Emmett,” I suggested quietly and recognition lit up his face as he gave his own ‘oh’


“You have no right to come in here and make assumptions about my date when you clearly have way less taste than I do and find it okay to sleep around with ----- who have no self-respect.”



Emmett’s “I’m not sure this is getting us anywhere.” And Victoria’s “Who are you calling a ……..?” coincided with my own irate “Beg your pardon.”



Bella’s attention never left me. “Yes that’s right. You didn’t see me telling you what to do when you decided to hop into bed with Victoria. Unlike you, I knew what was my business and what wasn’t.” If her words weren’t bad enough the tears welling in her eyes almost broke me. She didn’t allow any to fall though as she defiantly faced me.



“What makes you think I’ve slept with Victoria, Bella? And more to the point why do you even care?”



“Oh I got a good eyeful AND earful last Saturday night from Victoria herself so that’s how I know and I don’t care AT ALL but you’re the one telling me what to do with my company so I was only bringing up the fact that maybe you should worry about your own business before mine.”



Victoria was slinking away and I would have gladly let her do so except that somehow she needed to alleviate Bella’s concerns about one thing I had never done.  I lightly grabbed her arm and then watched her face as she turned her own kind of scarlet. It was then I realised Victoria had somehow set me up.



“Victoria? What have you done?”



She fluttered her hands nervously in the air as she looked between me, Bella and Emmett. Animosity rolled off each one of us and words seemed to be stuck in her throat for a brief moment.


“Oh you know. I had a little bit of fun with Bella here and might have kind of told her that you and I had hooked up. No biggy.”



“What the hell? You lied to her. What could you possibly gain from doing that?” I was incredulous and when I chanced a look at Bella she had gone a very horrible shade of pale. I took a step towards her but she put up her hands as if to ward me off. Yet again she was rejecting me and a small voice in the back of my mind questioned how often I was willing to take this. Victoria was speaking and I reluctantly attended to what she was saying, ready to give her hell for her deception but she was sprouting her excuses as to why she needed to leave and at that moment a new player entered the game resulting in my concentration being fully drawn elsewhere. Victoria would have to wait.



“I’m sorry about that Bella. Jared needed to ask me a question about something down at the station. Are we all set to go? Our booking is for five minutes time.” Jacob Black’s hand found the small of Bella’s back which resulted in a stiffening of my own. His happy expression morphed into a confused one as he took in Bella’s colourless face, my furious frown and Emmett’s shell shocked demeanour. “Um is everything okay here?”


“Yes,” Bella’s response.


“No,” Mine.


“I thought you had a date with James,” Emmett threw into the mix and Bella’s head snapped towards him.



“Are you mad? Why would you think I had a date with James?”



“Edward said…………….”



“Clearly there have been some miscommunications happening around here,” I kept my voice hard and even. I hoped she got my message loud and strong and realised I wasn’t only talking about her date but so many other things. Jacob being her date had completely changed everything though. I might be willing to stop a date with a creep like James but Jacob was a different story.  I had to respect her choices when I could no longer have the excuse of her safety being at stake. “Just so we’re clear Bella, Victoria lied and everything we spoke about this afternoon still stands; James or no James. Enjoy your date Bella.” A nod to Jacob and I gathered my wits and left before I did something stupid like get down on my hands and knees to beg for Bella to cancel her date and just admit that she should be with me. I felt Emmett’s presence within seconds as we left the pub together.



“Well that sucked,” Emmett stated with little aplomb.  I shrugged, not wanting to get into it any further. I had a talk with Victoria coming up soon but right now I needed to go home and get a small amount of sleep before the shift. Bella needed to be right out my head now.



“What are you going to do about Jacob?” Emmett’s curiosity got the better of him. “He doesn’t seem like a bad guy; definitely a better option than James …….”


“I’m not going to do anything. If she wants to date Jacob Black then she can date Jacob Black.”



“Man, you’re not even going to fight for her?”



I spun around to glare at him. “What for?  She’s made her choice, regardless of what I’ve said or done, she still went out with him. She doesn’t want to be with me. She’s safe and Jacob will probably treat her the right way so…….let’s leave it at that. I’ve had enough. We shouldn’t have come at all.”



Bella wanted to put walls up between us. Well I had just reinforced them for her.


The Way He Was Making Her React!! Damn..wish that was me!!


Update Soon!!


If he only knew why the walls were there...

Ummm Crazy!!! This story is sooo good, but i just want them to get better already!!! MORE PLEASE :)

Hey i'm not sure why but I commented on this but I don't see it. Ok so anyways I loved it of course!!! I hate that things are back to bad between them and I hope they talk about everything and get through this. Ok please post more and email me back pretty please. :) miss you! <3

Oh man! This was sooooo good! When are we getting the next chapter! It's Feb already! :3

wonderful update!  so glad the truth came out about Edward and Victoria...she needs to get her head straight and just be with edward already


thank you for the update............will Bella ever learn?......the pub was interesting, poor Edward got blindsided with Jake................I wonder how the dates going to go, will Bella be thinking about Edward and the fact that Victoria lied.............can't wait for the next update


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