The Twilight Saga

this takes place a little while after eclipse and bella has a heart disease. she has to be hooked up to a machine that breathes for her and carlisle does't know if it will be able to push the venim through her body. the sequel is posted! thank you Minn for the top banner and I LOVE EDWARD! for the second one:)





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preface- Then I couldn't argue because I knew I was wrong. Edward was the love of my life and if I died, he was the love of my death too. I hear death is peaceful, but if I had killed Edward how could I ever be at peace? So that leaves me with one option, live. BELLA'S pov- It was an ordinary day, Edward and I were in the car he was singing to a cd, he had the most beautiful voice in the world. This cd of his was not my favorite, it was my chemical romance, famous last words. He noticed me starring at him. He looked over and smiled his most wonderful crooked smile. “what are you thinking?” he asked. Of course it may have been 5 minutes since the last time he asked. “about you, of course” I smiled. I was always thinking of him. “What about me?” “how perfect of singer you are and how this song is depressing” “oh. You don’t like it?” “I do, but its sad.” “its just a song, love” he was right, but I was just in such a good mood I didn’t want to spoil it. “let’s listen to something happy.” I suggested. I didn’t want to listen to this all the way to port angeles (we were going out to dinner tonight with Alice) “you can pick whatever you like” he told me and kissed the hand he was holding on to. I dug in his cd case until I found some thing happier, I settled on a Muse cd. Not to much later I could tell we were getting closer because the trees slowly started to lessen and traffic became heavier. We pulled in to the parking lot of the restaurant and I could see Alice’s porche a few cars down. Edward opened my door and we walked inside to table where Alice was sitting. As soon as I saw her I knew something was wrong, her face looked like she just saw the most horrifying thing in her life. “Alice?!” I asked as I ran to her. My heart was beating so fast. She didn’t answer so I looked to Edward and his face was even worse. All of the sudden I felt cold hands dragging me very quickly toward the car. I imagined the volturi… or was it other vampires… or was it something else completely? I was feeling dizzy. “Edward! Alice! Tell me what’s-“and then blood was pouring out of my mouth and I blacked out. Edward- “We have to get her to Carlisle! Now!” Alice was screaming at me in my head. I couldn’t think, I didn’t know what to do. My Bella had coughed blood and now she was unconscious, hardly breathing. All I could think was “not my Bella, not her” humans had problems, they got sick, but we- she- couldn’t. Please! I prayed. Please god! Edward! We have to go now! Alice yelled at me in my head. We were in her porche, it was fastest. We have to get Bella to Carlisle. I got in the car, I had forgotten to move, and we made the longest drive I had ever had. Bella- I could here an annoying beeping sound close and that was familiar, it meant I was alive. I could here other thing too, there was a loud machine? It sounded like some one was breathing very loudly, but even- in and out. I tried to open my eyes but they were so heavy they felt like bricks. I could feel cold hands in mine, and I knew Edward was here and most likely scared to death. That thought gave me the strength to get my eyes open. “Edward?” I whispered. “Bella! Oh my god, Bella...” he looked awful, like a human that hadn’t slept in weeks. What was wrong? What happened? I wanted to ask, but I could only look around. All of my family was there and I mean ALL of my family. Emmet, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Charlie, and Renee! Edward rested his head against my heart. He was crying so hard but no tears came. His face was turned to me so hopefully nobody would notice that there were no tears. I reached my hand up, it was so heavy I could barely do it, and rested it on Edward’s hair. “What-what’s wr-“was all I could get out before I started coughing. I remembered earlier… I coughed. “Wrong?” I finally finished. “Bella, you are very sick.” Carlisle finally broke the silence. What did he mean I was sick? I felt perfectly fine before I started coughing. Before I got here. Why did it matter that much if I was sick? He could change me right now. But if they were going to change me why did they let Renee come? I was so confused. Bella, you have a heart condition. Right now you are on life support to make your heart beat, but without it your heart won’t work the way it’s supposed to” Carlisle explained. What did that mean? Was I going to die? I couldn’t! I couldn’t die! “Can I talk to Edward, please?” Everyone left me and Edward alone, my mom kissed my fore head as she was leaving. “Edward I don’t understand. Why don’t you change me? Why are my mom and dad here? Why-“coughing interrupted me again. “shhh Bella. Every thing will work out. It has to. It just has to. Right?” he looked like he was reassuring himself more than me. If anything happened to me it would kill him. I would kill Edward. No! Was all I could think. I couldn’t do that! I would NOT do that to Edward. I could not kill my Edward. “Yes, every thing will be okay.” I said in a mono tone. I tried to say it truthfully, but I couldn’t. “Why are my parents here if you are going to change me?” I asked. “You have been un-conscious for about a month.” He didn’t sound like Edward; he sounded dead- really dead. It took me a while to understand what he said. A month? It couldn’t have been! “The wedding! Did I miss it?” I asked. “The wedding was supposed to be today.” He said in the same dead voice. “Edward, do you remember that song? The one you were singing in the car?” He nodded his head. His expression got a little curious, but mostly it still looked exhausted. He started singing and he was looking at me like I lost it. “So many Bright lights, they cast a shadow But can I speak? Well is it hard understanding I'm incomplete A life that's so demanding I get so weak A love that's so demanding I can't speak I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone Honey if you stay, I'll be forgiven Nothing you can say can stop me going home” he seemed to understand after that he just looked at me with so much pain in his eyes. “Edward, if anything happens to me I don’t want you to kill yourself.” “What?! Bella!” “I know it will be hard, but you have to be strong” I was using all of my strength to keep the tears out of my eyes. “I can’t! Bella, please don’t do this!” “do what?” “talk about yourself dying this way! Like-like it wouldn’t be the end of the world for you to die!” “No Edward! It would be the end of the world for you to die!” “Bella, I can’t think of this any more. I have to know you will be okay or I can’t think.” “and I have to know you will be okay, Edward!” “okay Bella. I won’t do it.” “Promise me.” He didn’t say anything. “Promise me!” I yelled as loud as I could and then I was sobbing, I couldn’t do it to him. We couldn’t be with out each other. He was right. I thought I could do it if I knew he was okay and with his family but I can’t. I would have to think everything will be okay. We both lied there for a long time staring into each other’s eyes. There was no way to describe what I was thinking, it was just a mix of so many different emotions; love, fear, hope, all mixed to together. I had to have hope. “Edward” I finally spoke. “Can you bring me Alice? I need to talk to her.” He nodded and disappeared. A few minutes later she walked in. she looked sad and confused and angry all at the same time. She ran over to me and held my hand. “Alice, I have to get married today.” I told her. “Bella! There is no way Carlisle would let you out of the hospital right now, you have to be hooked up to that machine or you’ll…” she couldn’t finish the sentence. She was obviously trying not to cry. “Okay, why don’t we have the wedding here? I know you can make me and this ugly room beautiful.” “Is that what you really want?” she asked. “Yes Alice. I want to marry Edward, Right now.” “You’re right Bella. That’s a great idea, really. I am going to go get everything I need.” She smiled but it was a sad smile. She obviously was scared to death. “Thank you Alice. I love you, like you’re my sister.” I said as I hugged her. “I love you too, Bella! Don’t worry” she said between sobs. “Everything will be okay.” As soon as she walked out Edward came back. He took back his seat and my hand. “I love you, Edward,” I reminded him. “I love you.” He said. My mom and dad walked in a little while later and my dad went over to stand by the wall while my mom came to take a seat on the opposite side of the bed that Edward was at, tears in her eyes. I couldn’t think of any thing to say to her and it looked like she was having the same problem for the first time ever. “Where’s Phil?” I asked after a while. “Back at your dad’s house. He probably fell asleep. It’s late.” “Oh” I said and then she was crying which of course made me cry. “I’m sorry Bella, I promised my self I wouldn’t cry in front of you.” “Don’t be sorry mom. And don’t worry, things will work out.” I didn’t know if that was true, but I had to tell her something.My poor mother, she needed me. We might not be as close as we used to be, but she would always be mom and I love her and I know she still love me more than anything else in the world. I had to stay alive for her, for Charlie, for Alice and jasper, Emmet and Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme, and Edward. I had to stay alive for them. God couldn’t do this to my whole family! They are so good, they don’t deserve this. Please, god. I prayed. Let me live for all of them. I looked away from my mother and saw Emmet and Jasper standing in the door way carrying hundreds of flowers. “Alice thought you might feel better if she drowned us in flowers.” Emmet said, he always knew how to make me laugh. “She was right! I feel better already.” “They aren’t all from Alice though. These are from Angela” he said holding up some beautiful daisies. “Is she here?” I asked. That was so nice of her to send flowers. “She was a few days ago, but she lives in Seattle now and had to go back. I called her when you woke up. Emmet came closer to me after he put some flowers on the window sill and whispered in my ear” Bella, I don’t understand. Why do humans give each other flowers when they’re sick? Wouldn’t it make more since if they gave each other medicine or something?” I just rolled my eyes, Emmet could be so clueless. “Everybody loves flowers, Emmet.” I whispered back. Chapter 2- Alice walked in right as the rest of my family was leaving to go “eat”. “Bella we need to get to work. Carlisle said you can’t stand, so that means you can’t wear your dress but I can still put makeup on you and do your hair.” She was shaking her head while opening boxes of makeup and hair products, she let out a long sigh. She was probably frustrated with the room. “Do whatever you need to, Alice.” That was something I had never told her she always needed to be reigned in, she got carried away with things. She nodded her head and pulled out some foundation. “let the fun begin.” I thought sarcastically. I fell asleep a lot, so I didn’t really know what she was doing to me. For once I was thankful to be drugged. A nice nurse named Megan would come in every hour, fix my medicine and then tell me I looked more beautiful every time she came. “Did you call the pastor?” I asked. I had to make sure she thought of something besides how everything looks. “Esme is calling right now.” “Do you think he will be able to come?” “Yes, we hadn’t told him you were here, we never cancelled. We hoped that something would change.” “And it did” I finished for her. “Do you want my help?” Rosalie asked as she entered the room and came to my bed. She was looking right at me. That was odd, Rosalie never talked to me. “uhh, s-sure” I stuttered still shocked she had spoke to me. “You can paint her toe nails” Alice said as she handed her some red nail polish. Rosalie had only done a toe or two when Esme came in. “Mr. Weber will be here at 5:00.” She announced. “Perfect!” Alice said nodding her head. “Alice” I whispered “Do you know what’s going to happen to me?” I asked. “Bella, you know my visions aren’t 100%, I’ve been trying my best but… I’m just not sure.” Her eyes went blank for a few minutes and when she looked back to me she looked terribly sad. “It’s alright Alice, I shouldn’t have asked.” I was almost asleep again when I heard a quiet knock at the door. I opened my eyes and Carlisle came in. “I’m sorry to wake you Bella, but we need to talk.” “Do you know where Edward went?” I hadn’t seen him all day and I missed him. “I made him go hunt with Emmet and Jasper; he hasn’t been since you got here.” “Oh, it’s good he went.” Even if I missed him, I added in my head. “Carlisle, why has no one changed me?” “Bella, the machine that is attached your heart is the only thing keeping you alive and we don’t know how it will work if there is venom in your system.” “Alice, what do you see happening if Edward bites me?” “That’s the thing; you disappear. I can’t see you after anyone makes the decision to bite you. I can’t see your funeral, so it’s like you’re a vampire, but I don’t see that either.” “We don’t know what to do Bella.” Carlisle added. His face looked similar to Charlie’s, desperate and frustrated. “What are my other options?” I asked. “Waiting for a transplant, but that could be months and we don’t think you can make it that long. I have had every cardiologist in the country look at you, and there is nothing anybody can do.” He sat down and put his head in his hands. “I think Edward should change me after the wedding. I have a good feeling and I think that’s the best way.” That’s the only way I could put it, it was just a felling. I didn’t know how things were going to turn out. “If that is what you want.” He said as he got up to leave. “I’m going to go get ready for the wedding” we smiled at each other briefly and then he left. “Me too” Rosalie spoke for the first time since she got here and got up to leave. “Thanks, Rosalie” I said as she left. “Any time Bella.” she smiled at me and walked out the door. Wow. Rosalie actually smiled at me. “Why has everyone been gone all day?” “Well, your parents really needed some sleep; they hardly left since you’ve been here, and the boys are hunting, Rosalie and Carlisle are getting ready, and Esme is getting decorations. “Oh. Don’t you need to get ready?” “Yes, I will go as soon as your mom or somebody gets back.” “How do I look?” I asked her. I couldn’t look very good in my hospital gown. “Do you want to see?” I nodded my head and then she dug through one of her five thousand bags, pulled out a medium length mirror and put it in front of my face. The girl looking back at me was unquestionably beautiful. Her dark hair spread in curls around her cream and rose colored skin. Her eyes were huge and curious, not to mention a beautiful color of dark brown. It took me a minute to realize she was me. “Wow” was all I could say. “I know! Did you see your hospital gown?” I looked down at myself and realized my old white with grey polka dots gown was replaced with white silk and was actually very pretty. “Alice!” I gasped “You are a miracle worker!” We heard another knock but this time Esme came through holding tons of boxes and more flowers. “Bella! You look so beautiful!” she said as she handed all of the things to Alice. “I’m going to put these decorations up and then go get ready. Do you mind staying here while I get dressed?” then I noticed Esme was wearing a pretty dress that was yellow with a high neck and a drooped down her back. She looked stunning. “Of course I don’t mind Alice.” Alice flitted around the room so quickly I had no idea what she was doing. “You can sleep, Bella. You look tired.” Said Esme, and I decided to take her advice so I closed my eyes to easily escape to my dreams.Chapter 3- I was in our meadow with Edward; he was in a tree looking down at me. “You should have come” he whispered so quietly I was confused as to why I could here it. “Where?” I asked. He didn’t answer me so I asked again “Where, Edward!?” than he disappeared. I looked around but I didn’t see him any where. I turned again to the tree he was in before but it had disappeared too. In its place there was a larger meadow with a large pile on it. I walked toward the pile, and I saw the bodies of my family “No!” I shouted. I heard crying behind me and when I turned I saw a small boy, maybe three years old. It hurt me so badly to see the boy cry, like it would kill me to see him in pain. I ran to him but he kept getting further and further away “Stop!” I yelled to him. He turned and then suddenly stopped and backed away in horror. I tried to run further but I tripped every time and I tried to yell but my voice got taken away with the blowing wind. Then I saw why he was scared and why he stopped. There capes almost covered there blood red eyes. The Volturi were coming for him. For everyone. I screamed and tried to run but they kept getting further away. “Bella! Bella, wake up!” I gasped as I opened my eyes. It was just a dream. It was just a dream, I kept repeating to myself. Esme was standing next to me. “Sorry, it was just a nightmare.” I apologized for scaring her. “It’s fine Bella. Do you want to talk about it?” “That’s okay, thank you. I can hardly even remember it now.” I lied. I looked around the room and gasped. Was I in a different room? It looked completely different. There were twinkling lights everywhere along with beautiful roses of all different colors around my bead. There were so many you couldn’t even see my bead, but maybe that was the point. Above my head there were all different colors of flowers attached together in a string, starting from the ceiling in one part of the room to the ceiling of the other side of the room. It smelled wonderful! It was like we weren’t even in a hospital! “What time is it?” I asked. “It’s about 4:00. Everyone should be getting here soon.” She told me with a gentle smile. “How do I look?” “Absolutely perfect, there has never been a more beautiful bride.” “Thank you. You know in a few more minutes you will officially be my mother-in-law.” “I know, but it doesn’t change anything. I have always loved you like a daughter.” “I love you too, Esme.” I said and she gave me a very gentle hug and kissed my cheek. “Bella, the wedding is about to start and I figured since you can’t walk down the isle, everybody else will!” Alice said as she walked in. “That’s a great idea Alice! Everything looks so beautiful. Really.” “I’m glad you like it” she turned a cd on and then left the room. It was a familiar song that played at every wedding. My parents walked in first, Renee was holding a small blue box. “These were your grandmothers” she explained as she opened the box to reveal two heavy, blue hair comes. “That’s something old and something blue” Charlie mused, smiling at me. Renee slid them into my hair and walked to a chair in the side of the room. Charlie stood next to me, holding the hand that he would soon place in Edward’s. Next Esme and Carlisle walked in with there pale arms linked together. They were both smiling at me so of course I blushed. I didn’t know if sitting here while everybody watched me was better or worse than walking down the isle my self. Next were Emmet and Rosalie. Rosalie smiled gently while Emmet had the hugest grin I have ever seen. They were followed by Alice and Jasper. Alice gave Jasper a little nudge and then I was no longer blushing deep red, my cheeks felt like they were probably a light pink color. Jasper and Alice sat down and he winked at me. I know he could feel how grateful I was. I looked to the door and remembered why we were all here; my wedding. The most perfect person that has ever lived stood in the doorway smiling at me and of course I smiled back, because I have never been happier in my entire life. It didn’t matter that I might die; I wasn’t scared now. And it didn’t matter that I was in a hospital; it looked amazing. And it didn’t matter that I was nothing but a plain, boring human; Edward loved me more than everything else in the world put together; and I loved him. The closer he got the faster my heart beat. Why couldn’t he use his vampire speed now? I felt like shouting to him “Edward! Run as fast as you can!” but I kept my mouth shut and finally, he was there. My dad’s warm hand was replaced by a much more preferred cold one. I felt like I hadn’t been able to see anything, but when Edward touched me all of the sudden my sight came back only to see the light butterscotch eyes of the man who I could soon call my husband. We recited our simple vows and Edward placed my ring around my finger smiling even wider as he did. I placed his simple gold band around the correct finger as well and the minister announced”you may kiss the bride”. Edward very cautiously put his lips to mine and electricity shot through us both. In that moment my life fell into place. I got to be with Edward forever, however long that may be. He was mine, he was my husband and I was his wife. I liked the sound of that; being his. He broke the kiss and whispered across my face “I love you, Mrs. Cullen.” “As I love you” I replied. Everyone erupted in cheers and we smiled for the flashes of cameras. Everyone came to my bead to give me a big hug and then left the room for Edward and me to be alone. “Did Carlisle tell you what I wanted?” “Yes, he told me.” He said in that same sad voice that I hated to hear coming from him. “Edward, would you please stop acting like I’m already dead!” he winced when I said “dead” “I’m sorry Bella, but I’m just scared for you.” “Don’t be afraid.” I murmured “we belong together” I was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words and I knew in my heart it would work out somehow because of that statement. It was absolutely, without question, of the utmost truth; we belong together. He kissed every finger on my left hand then continued to kiss all the way up my left arm, and across my collar bone, making my eyes roll back in my head. He kissed the right side of my neck and whispered ”I’m sorry” into my ear. Then he continued kissing his way back down until he got to the center of my neck; right where I could feel the blood pulsing beneath his lips, and that’s when I felt his teeth sinking in. Chapter 4part 1 - Edward- I bit her knowing she could never wake up, but also knowing that she would. She was right, we were meant to be together. It was the truest thing; like two plus two is four, Bella and I are together. She screamed out in pain and I rubbed her hair, trying to soothe her. She looked into my eyes for the briefest second and then quickly closed them and closed her mouth mid-scream. But for that second when I looked into her eyes I saw the amount of pain in them and couldn’t help but whisper to her “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry” repeatedly. “sorry” didn’t cover it, there needed to be a better word. I would endure one thousand times what she felt for hundreds of years if I could stop her hurting now! I would do it happily! My Bella was in the most horrible pain she ever felt and I was the one who did it to her! I should be put away! I should be shunned for doing this to the person I love! But nobody would do that to me. In fact they would probably tell me how brave I was for doing it! I thought of that song again, the one Bella had me sing to her. I see you lying next to me With words I thought I'd never speak Awake and unafraid Asleep or dead Very familiar and un-wanted thoughts entered into my head. “I’m looking for Bella swan?” ‘Why is she so slow, hurry! How did Bella get here? What did that god awful blood-sucker do to her?!’ The thought belonged to Jacob black. “Room 3” the nurse told him. He started running to the room. “What did you do to her!?” he shouted in my head. “You broke the treaty! You killed her!” He fell to his knees at the foot of her bed. “Bella” he whispered. ‘This means war Cullen!’ he said in my head. “Jacob, let me explain.” ‘Explain what? That you’re a selfish monster!’ “She was dying, Jacob! Her heart failed and she was in a coma for a month! This was HER choice. Oh and you got her name wrong; she married me about an hour ago. “Dying? W-what are you talking about?” he stuttered out loud. ‘Bella couldn’t die. She couldn’t.’ he kept repeating in his head. “I know, that’s why I had to change her. We don’t even know if it will work, her heart is so weak she has to be on life support and we don’t know if it can spread the venom.” ‘It has to!’ what am I saying? He shouldn’t have done this! She would have been fine!’ I didn’t say anything ‘how has she been doing so far?’ “Her heart has slowed down a little bit.” “Is that normal?” “Usually the heart starts to beat faster.” ‘What does that mean? Is she going to be okay?’ “As long as her heart is beating, the venom will spread. I don’t know the answer to the rest of your questions, so please just leave.” “You think your going to get out of it that easily? You’re wrong! You broke the treaty and now I may never see her alive again!” he shouted. “Jacob, not here!” he was quivering all over his body and I could tell he was about to lose it. Bella’s breathing started to get heavier and her back arched off the bead. I saw a tear roll down her cheek and so did Jacob, we immediately stopped arguing. “Bella? Bella?” I asked. She squeezed my hand hard, harder than any human could. The machine attached to her heart started beeping out of control. Carlisle ran in at a vampire speed. “What happened?” he asked. “Nothing, she was the same and all the sudden it went crazy!” “Bella, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me?!” I told her. She squeezed my hand so hard that it actually hurt. “Carlisle, it’s happening so fast! She is already stronger than me!” ‘Its like the machine made everything happen faster’ he thought. Jacob was in shock from what was happening. He started to believe that she was sick before this and it wasn’t just our excuse. ‘Wait…she was really sick…’he was thinking. ‘Do what ever you need to. Ill try to talk to Sam. Keep her alive or I will kill you!’ Her back fell back down on the bed. More tears came from her eyes. “It should be over soon, Bella. Shh, it will be over soon.” The machine was still beeping out of control so I reached over and crushed the monitor. Her heart started beating faster and faster until it stopped all together and she opened her eyes. I almost gasped in shock when I saw her eyes, she had been changing this whole time but her eyes weren’t all red; they still had her normal brown color around the edge. She quickly sat up and looked around. “Bella?” I asked. Chapter4 part2 -Bella- The pain started immediately. There was no stopping the ear piercing scream that came out of my mouth. I met Edward’s eyes for a tiny second and then shut them seeing the amount of pain it caused him for me to be hurting. I would do my best to keep from him knowing how badly it hurt. I tried to think of something else, but the fire throughout my body made it impossible. I remembered Rosalie telling me screaming did nothing, but I felt like I had to. I concentrated on Edward’s voice to calm me down. I didn’t know what he was saying because I couldn’t concentrate that hard, I just listened to its perfection. I shouldn’t have asked for this! Why didn’t I just die when I had the chance? I couldn’t live through this pain, it would kill me. I didn’t no how much time had passed, it could have been years, but all of the sudden I could hear everything. There was an owl outside the window, what I assumed to be Edward breathing next me, my heart beat, and footsteps in the hall. I heard someone say my name, my old name, in a familiar husky voice. It was Jacob. What was Jacob doing here? He left. Nobody had known where he went, so how did he know I was in the hospital? I wondered now how I could think of all this, the fire burned just as bad but it was like there was more room in my head now. I thought of the pain just as much, but I could think of other things too. Jacob was in the room now, and I heard him fall at the end of my bed. “Bella” he whispered. There someone goes again acting like I’m already dead! “I’m very alive, right here!” I wanted to shout but I kept my mouth shut ad tried to keep from thrashing. Jacob sounded so sad; would he still want to be my friend after this? It sounded like they were arguing now. “Her heart has slowed down a little bit” Edward said. What does that mean? They were obviously talking about me, I was alive, and I was burning, so I had to be okay, right? “Is that normal?” Jacob asked. “Usually the heart starts to be faster” Edward explained, which meant this was wrong. Something was happening to me. Did that mean I was going to die after all? Was this pain really going to kill me? I heard Edward ask Jacob to leave, but it was hard to concentrate now, even with all the extra room in my head. The pain continued to get worse and it didn’t help that I knew Edward and Jacob were arguing and that it could turn into a fight. I was losing my control, my back arched off the bed and I wondered how the pain could continue to get worse. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I noticed Edward and Jacob had stopped fighting. My heart beat faster and faster in unison with the fire burning hotter and hotter. I squeezed the hand that was in mine as hard as I could. I heard someone running at the speed of light in the hall and then I felt a gust of wind when they got inside. “What happened?” I heard Carlisle ask. “Nothing, she was the same and all the sudden it went crazy!” Edward sounded panicked. “Bella, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me?!” he almost shouted. I couldn’t deny him what he wanted so I squeezed his hand with all my strength. “Carlisle, it’s happening so fast! She is already stronger than me!” I didn’t know what to make of that since I had no idea how much time had passed. My heart started beating so fast I felt like it would break my rib cage. The heart monitor in the room was beeping loudly until I heard someone crush it. I didn’t know how long it went like that, the pain was unbearable, until finally it stopped altogether, all at once. The only sound in the room was the beating of Jacob’s heart, no one was breathing. bella, alice, and rosalie's dresses are attached at the bottom! thanks for reading, don't forget to comment!!

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