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Hello to all and welcome to February and March Fan Fic Awards. This will run to the end of March. I plan on running this for each month that is if enough people vote for their favorites.

It's simple, you vote by adding the link to the story you have voted for specifically for those who have not read the story and are interested, they have the link to find it. Add the author's name and add the stories short synopsis if the author has provided one. Vote on this discussion thread only please. No in-boxing with your vote. Also, my stories are not eligible, that causes problems. No voting for your own.

Here are the categories:

Best completed Fan Fic:

1. Sunset Forest by Marisa Wilson Link to story -->

Best Bella and Edward Alternate Universe:

Best Bella and Edward in character Fan Fic:

Best Jacob Fan Fic:

This one is a bit different, but also allowed, Best Vampire Diary Fan Fic:

1. In your eyes By: Klaus Mikealson - link to story here -->

Best Sad Fan Fic:

Best Comedy Fan Fic:

If there are any more that I haven't mentioned for categories, please let me know.

Have fun voting! Delilah

Voting numbers for each story. --->

In your eyes: 2 votes

Sunset Forest: 1 vote

We need more votes everyone, so please vote as soon as you can. Thanks!

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Any takers???

Hi there,


I'm not sure the site is busy enough anymore to support this - I hope that I am wrong.

And you know I would vote for you if I could!


Best wishes


Hi Chris,

The votes are slowly coming in. I have decided because of the slow progress to let the votes come in until the end of March. Give everyone time to notice. I hope that helps. I hope you're wrong to, lol.

As for voting for me, well after last time, I think it's best not to include mine. Wouldn't you agree? It's not fair to tell any author that there stories aren't eligible, but it seems to stir up trouble when the one holding the awards are in the awards. So I thought it would be best this way. What would be your opinion on that? 

Just read in your eyes. Its a vampire diaries fan fic. I am excited to read the rest. I vote for it for vampire diaries.

Thank you very much for the first vote! I was beginning to wonder if anyone would. I have added the story above. It's highlighted in light blue. If you have anymore stories that you would like to vote for in the future, please add the link so it is easier for me to locate the stories. Thank you!

Delilah - Author of Dreams & Familiar Strangers

Hi there,


I would like to nominate Sunset Forest by Marisa Wilson


Best completed fanfiction.


Hi Chris,

I have added the story. If you have anymore that you would like to vote for, please do. Not many voting.


Thanks for the vote for In your eyes! If you know anyone that reads any stories on here, please ask them to vote. Having trouble getting votes for well deserved stories. :(

Thanks Delilah


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