The Twilight Saga

FANFICTION IT'S CALLED: All Alone. PLEASE READ!!!! It's about Bella, Edward, Renesme, and Jacob.

It's basically a continuation of Breaking Dawn. All the characters are the same. This is my first fan fic so im only posting the first chapter to see if it's good enough.

All Alone

Me and Edward were never alone. The only time we were alone was when we were right here in our cottage. And even then we were never truly alone. I would find time. We would find time. But for now it would just be me, Edward, and Nessie. Bella, Edward, and Renesme. Me and my family.

Chapter 1
It was twelve o' clock in the morning. The sunshine poured in through the window and hit the couch where me and Edward sat. Edward's arm was tense around my stiff shoulders and we were both watching TV (well staring might be a better word for what we were doing. Both of us were too anxious for Renesme to wake up.) Just as I was starting to relax I heard a faint cry coming from Renesme's room.
“It's Nessie,” Edward murmured “I'll go check on her.” Edward started to get up but I put one restraining hand on his shoulder. His expression was startled as he looked at me.
“It's okay Edward. I'll go check on her this time.” Edward was constantly checking on our baby so I might as well just give him a break. I got up from the couch and walked into Renesme's room. Before I even got there I could see her little bronze curls sticking up from her crib. As I got closer I saw that there were no new bite marks on it. She must have stopped teething. I have to admit it I would miss her gnawing on me, Edward, and even Jacob. Heck, I would miss her bitting on anything her teeth came close to.
“Come here little Nessie,” I crooned. Ever since Jacob nicknamed her I've adopted the name. I picked Nessie up and twirled her around in the air. She giggled quietly and Edward must have heard her because he came rushing into the room.
“Is she awake,” he asked me
“Yeah,” I answered. I moved Nessie to my hip and then caught a fleeting glimpse of Edward's face.
“Do you want to go to Daddy?” I asked Nessie.
She was bouncing up and down saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”
I passed her off to Edward and then we both played with her for what seemed like minutes to me. We went from playing tag to having tickle fights. And when I couldn't stand to laugh any longer (Edward and Nessie always tag teamed on me during the tickle fights) I sat down in the corner to watch them continue with the games. Edward was tossing Nessie up and down in the air and that's when I realized what time it was.
“Oh,” I said through a rush of air as I jumped up from the corner I was sitting in. Edward and Renesme had stopped what they were doing and looked at me. “We've go to get Nessie to Carlisle.”

It get's better don't worry!

okay found isn't all the great but i wanted to finish so i could start my next story!

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hey im the first the comment lol
that was ok but you need to fill it ful of suspence and have lots of cliffys.
hey don't listen to me im joking
keep going
*thank you so much!*

lol, this is an honor...
write more
chapter 2 please!!!!
chapter 2 please!!
I've already finished the whole story. I'll post the pdf later today.
Awesome banner...
please write more
Thanks for reading! Could you send me the link for The Fashion Show Alice Cullen Style
come on please post more soon
write more please(:
loved it
it was so good!


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