The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

Bella’s P.O.V.

“Bella where were you last night? I gave you a ten o’clock curfew and you came in at two-thirty!” Charlie yelled. He was infuriated.

“I just lost track of time; calm down. I’m here now aren’t I?” I said calmly. I hadn’t known he’d be this upset.

“Calm down? Calm down!” He shouted. “You had me worried sick, Bella! Give me a reason to calm down! What were you doing out so late?”

“Ahhhh!” I felt myself getting angry so I turned around. I had my back to him now. I felt myself changing; I ran as fast as I could out the door and and got in my truck before the screen door even slammed shut.

“Bella you can’t run away from this! You are grounded!” He hollered at me while I was putting my keys in the ignition.

“Yeah, bye.” I said while turning my head the other way. When I drove away, I parked on the side of the road and looked at myself in the mirror. I was right. My face had changed. I had red eyes and fangs.

Oh by the way, did I forget to mention I’m a vampire? I’m 17 but originally I’m 147 years old. I’ve been around for decades; for centuries. My sister and I are the only vampires we know. We were changed by some guy who we met at the cinemas. We thought he was joking until it actually happened. I mean it sounded so stupid! All we had to do was let him take our blood, then we had to take his. By ‘take’ I mean eat, suck whatever you want to call it, and then we would have to die. We would then take another human’s blood. That’s what we did! He sucked our blood which stung and was so uncomfortable. Then we drank some of his. He cut his wrist open with his teeth since we obviously didn’t have fangs, and then we did! Then he killed us and when we woke up, we fed on some poor human’s blood. We decided not to kill them; we took their blood then wiped their memory. I was pretty freaked out at the whole memory thing, but it’s one of the great things of being a vampire. Just taking the memory away! Kind of fun! My sister was older than me. She was 147, too, but she got turned when she was 20. She doesn’t live with us and by us I mean Charlie and I. In case you’re wondering, Charlie doesn’t know about the whole vampire thing. I’ve learned that I can control my thirst for blood. I still go out at night and take blood from humans who I’ve never met before, but I erase their memory. So who am I hurting? I mean without blood, I’d be weak.

My sister occasionally visits when she feels like it. Her and I are so different! She thinks it’s wrong to prey on innocent people! Yep! Those were her exact words, so she takes blood from animals. I on the other hand, I couldn’t care less! I’m stronger than her since she takes from animals!

Nobody knows about me being a vampire except my sister Lexi and the guy who changed us, who I haven’t seen in 146 years. Anyway, enough about me. Back to reality!


So here I am on the side of a road. I’d finally turned back to human form. It takes about a minute to go from a vampire to a human. Of course if I wanted to stay in vampire form, I could do that as well. I looked at the time on my watch and realized I was 10 minutes late for school! So I pulled up in the parking lot and rushed to English. I sat in my seat and there was a guy sitting at the side of me. He had bronze hair and was very pale for a human. He was reading a book. I leaned over so I could see the cover. It was Romeo & Juliet.

“Romeo and Juliet; good, classic, but kind of dull,” I said to him.

“I agree in some ways,” he said, still not looking up from his book.

“So, are you new? I haven’t seen you before.”

“Yeah. My family and I just moved here from Alaska. I’m Edward Cullen. What is your name?” He looked up from his book; his eyes met mine. They were such a beautiful golden-topaz color.

“Isabella Swan.”

I then realized Edward was a human. Because of his pale skin, I has assumed he was a vampire but I could smell his blood now; and I liked it! I became very excited because I realized I wanted to get to know him! Find out what he liked and disliked… But I also wanted something else: his blood.


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i like it!!! very good! pleas post more!
Cool! It's a good idea, keep writing!
wow....haha LOVE IT!!! haha cant wait for MORE!!! keep me updated!! hurry PLEASEEEEE!!! haha :D
I love the idea I just have one question if she's been around 147 years...and Charlie doesnt know...Then what is Charlie to her...Kind of a Foster dad or something? Just curious...other wise...this is amazing and Icant wait to read more =D
sounds awesome. plz keep me updated
hey guys by the way charlie is bella's foster dad her real parents gave her up when she was born just thought id tell you and thanks for all the info i will try and not rush into it and describe more
I like this! Please keep me updated~!
wow i like it!
omg that was so good
hey guys sorry i havnt update ive been busy anyways here it is and please comment and tell me what you think of it and if you want me to keep me you updated then please write 'keep me updated' or i wont know also did you see the ECLIPSE 10 SECOND TRAILER IT ROCKED!!!

Chapter 2

Edward’s P.O.V.


Hello, my name is Edward Cullen. I’m 17 and I’m human. I live with my mum and dad, they are called Carlisle and Esme. I have a sister named Alice. She is so lucky because she is 21. She didn’t have to move with us. My mum and dad decided they would like to move, and with me just being 17, I got dragged along with them, which is really frustrating. I mean moving from one place to another, it’s crazy! Since my dad got a job at the hospital as a doctor, he has been for 5 years now, my mum Esme stays at home and cooks and cleans. Enough about me, back to reality.

So here I am, sitting in my silver Volvo, driving to my new school. I literally hate school! I mean I can add, I can read and write, so why sit there in biology messing around with Bunsen burners and plants? I just find it completely useless! As I drive past all the trees, I notice something on the side of the road. I wound my window down. It was a shoe, a black trainer. The white laces where no longer white, they had dried mud all over them. As I was about to get out of the car, my phone went off. I took it out of my jacket pocket and answered it.

“Edward, are you at school yet?” Esme asked.

“Err, yeah, I’m on my way,” I said.

“Don’t be late. it’s your first day!”

“Ok. Bye, mum.”

I hung up the phone. My mum always had this behavior, which was really caring. There wasn’t a bad bone in her body. My dad was like that in some ways; he was caring, but he also had a temper. Not a bad one, it was kind of mild. My sister, Alice was nice and sweet and was never bad. She was the angel out of us. Me, I’m kind of a loner. I would spend hours in my room reading when I was younger, still do now, so nothing changed. Except Alice, of course, who didn’t move with us. She stayed in Alaska; she said she would visit, though.

As I pulled up into the parking lot and got out off my car, I saw two people looking at me. One guy, and one girl. The girl had brown hair and was wearing a pink top with jeans. The guy had blonde hair: he was wearing jeans and a black top. I overheard their conversation.

“Who is he, Jessica?”

As I walked by, I heard more of what she was saying.

“I wish I knew. Wow.” That made me smile. The school was very loud to say it was 7:05 in the morning. I went up to a big brown desk that said ‘Information’. There was a girl behind it; she had black hair and was wearing glasses and had a camera.

"Hey, could you please direct me to room G14?” I asked in the most polite voice I could manage.

“Oh, hey,; she said. It looked like her cheeks had gone really pink like she was blushing. I didn’t really like the effect I had on girls. It’s kind of annoying. As she stared at me she, finally answered. “Down the hall. Turn to your left and the number is on the door.”

“Thanks.” I turned around and headed down the corridor. There were people passing by me. I felt like I was just going to pass out! There was so many people! I mean, how big was this school? Finally, I made it to English. When I stepped inside the door, the teacher came up to me.

“Are you Edward?”

“Yeah, Edward Cullen.”

“Hello, I’m Mrs. Robinson. I’m your English teacher. Your seat is right at the back. Welcome to Forks High School.”

“Thanks.” There weren’t many people in the room; just me and three other kids. Two were twins they had blonde haired girls. They were wearing matching red jackets and black leggings. They were staring at me and giggling which made me feel so small. So annoying!

The third person in the room was a guy. He had black hair and was wearing glasses. He had his head in a book. As I sat down, more students came in. They were small, big, thin, fat, blonde, brunettes, redheads, so many different varieties of people!

Then when Mrs. Robinson was about to start talking, a girl came rushing in. She was wearing a black top and jeans. She had brown hair, and she was kind of pale. She looked angry. I thought she would notice me staring at her, so I got out my book, Romeo & Juliet. As I looked up, she was making her way down to my desk. She then she sat at the side of me.

“Romeo & Juliet; good, classic, but kind of dull,” she said to me.

“I agree in some ways,” I said.

“So, are you new? I haven’t seen you before.”

“Yeah. My family and I just moved here from Alaska. I’m Edward Cullen. What is your name?” i looked up from his book; his eyes met mine. They were such a beautiful golden-topaz color.

“Isabella Swan.”

Then I realized she didn’t blush, which mad me feel great! She was staring at me like she wanted something and I wasn’t sure what.


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