The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1|

Seth's POV

           I groaned as I rolled out of bed, still tired from patrolling last night. Leah, called me from the kitchen. I quickly threw on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. As I walked into the kitchen, Leah handed me a peice of paper that read "Sugar".

"Mom wants you to get some sugar." Leah said.

Well, no *edited by mod*. I thougt to myself.

"Does she want me to do it, or did she ask you, and you're too lazy to get it?" I asked angrily.

She rolled her eyes. "Stop whining and go get it."

I threw on a pair of shoes and walked out the door, Crumpling up the paper and throwing it into the grass. I decided just to walk to the store, it wasn't that far away, anyway.

           After about half an hour, I got to the store. I walked around, I had enough money to buy something for me too. After looking for a few minutes, I could hear the sound of music through headphones, coming from the aisle next to me. I felt as if I was being pulled in the direction of the music. I stopped a few feet away from the girl it was coming from. She had both headphones in, blasting some song with a lot of guitar. I just stared at her.. She had long black hair. Her face.. she had bright green eyes.. Well, one was green. The other was blue, and as she was looking at the food on the shelves, her blue eye didn't move as much as the other. She must be blind in that one. Her face was pale. She had light pink, soft, lips. She was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that said "I <3 NY" torn, baggy jeans. She was very skinny.. very, very skinny. I cringed lightly, as she turned around, giving me a look for staring at her. I put my hands up defensively and said, "Sorry." She took out a headphone and, in a beautiful, quiet yet kind of high pitched voice said, "What?" I repeated myself. "I'm sorry. I'm Seth." I smiled at her. She returned my smile nervously. "Allison.. Nice to meet you, Seth." She said quietly. She seemed.. scared?


          She reached up on the top shelf and got a box of cookies. She turned to walk away, but I said. "Wait!!." I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from off one of the shelves and wrote down my cell phone number. "Call me sometime?" She smiled slightly and gently took the note from my hand. "Sure." She said. I watched her walk in the opposite direction.. She walked so gracefully. I quickly got the sugar my mom wanted and left.


          As I walked in the door of  the house, I sat the sugar on the table. I quickle walked to my room and grabbed my cell off my bedside table. "1 new voicemail" it said. I listened to it, and it was Allison. "Hey.." she said in a quiet voice. "Uh.. This is, Um.. Allison.. Call me back?" then she hung up. I quickly called her back, hoping she would answer. Her beautiful voice picked up after 3 rings. "Um.. Hello?" She said. "It's Seth." I said, a smile growing on my face. "Oh.. Hi. So.. Um.. Would you want to hang out at La Push beach sometime?" she asked. "Sure!! I mean.. I guess." She giggled quietly. I was about to say something, but I heard the sound of a door slamming and a man yelling "Allison!" She quickly said "I.. I gotta go, Seth.. See you around 6 at the beach?" She sounded scared again. "Sur-" She hung up. I looked at the clock, it was 5:30. I decided to just go and wait at the beach.


          As I got there, I saw Jacob and Nessie leaving. "Hey!!" I yelled after them. Nessie turned around and ran to hug me. She looked about 16 now. She hugged me as tight as she could and smiled at me. "Hey Seth!! I haven't seen you in forever!" I laughed and hugged her back. "I know!!" Jake came over and grabbed her hand. "We gotta go, Ness.. Your parents.." She nodded and let go of me. "See ya around, Sethy!!" I chuckled at the pet name she gave me. Just a few seconds after they left, I saw Allison. She wore the same jeans, and a different lond-sleeved shirt that said "Love" written with LO at the top, and VE at the bottom. She walked over to me, her long curly hair blowing in the wind. "Hi, Seth.." she said quietly. I grinned wide at her. "Hey, Allie." I said. She laughed softly, her laugh was beautiful.. That's when I finally got it. I imprinted on this girl. I just stared into her eyes, as she stared back into mine. "So.. Uh.. I heard some guy on the phone.." I said. "My dad.." She mumbled, as she instinctively rubbed her arm. I wondered if her dad.. was abusing her. I grabbed her hand gently. She was freezing.. She looked at me and asked softly. "Do you want to see.. my arm?" I nodded and carefully rolled up her sleeve. There was a very light purple hand mark on her arm. I held her hand tighter. "He.. He did this to you?!" I asked, appalled.


           She nodded, tears welling in her eyes. "I.. need to tell you something.." She sat on the sand carefully, as I sat in front of her. "I'm.. I'm half vamipre." She stared into my eyes. I just stared back.. Half vampire?? She continued. "My.. My dad is full vampire. My mother.." She just shook her head. "I.. I killed her when she gave birth to me." I saw a tear run down her cheek as I wiped it away. I hugged her tight and she hugged back. "I have something to admit, too. I'm a shapeshifter." I said quietly to her. She stared at me. "Can I stay with you?" She asked quietly. "I can't go back.." I hugged her closer. "Of course." I said.


Should I write more? :|D

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Okayy :)
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Y did u stop ppllzz keepp writing dis is really ggguuddd


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