The Twilight Saga

This story is NOT Twilight based. It has its own characters and adds other mythical creatures in it. It is a brand new idea. The vampires are a little like Twilight, but they are still different. It may be a little slow and boring in some places, but please bear with me, there are many good parts in the story. It is a bit long because my friends keep on adding themselves in the story so I had to fit them in somewhere. It uses Twilight as a reference. It also says some negative comments about Twilight, I don’t agree with them it’s just to build the character! The truth is I love Twilight. This is all fiction, the only real things are my friends’ names, some are different, but they know who they are! I will put who the characters are after the chapter they are introduced in. Please comment! I want a real opinion please! Compliments, suggestions and constructive criticism only! NO INSULTS PLEASE!!! Enjoy.


Summary: Clarissa is just an average girl. She was nothing special, not beautiful. But will her world turn upside down when she meets a mysterious guy who saved her life? Who is he? Would he like her? What will happen? All these questions will be answered if you read this amazing story by Priscilla Fernandez and edited by Megan Ray.






“Can this really be happening?” I asked myself as I stared up into the eyes of the guy literally from my dreams.

-2 years earlier-

Background: Twilight was everywhere. Everyone I talked to was crazy about it. Frankly, I was sick of Twilight. I called it the Twilight virus. I thought this craziness was just ridiculous until, I got infected by the Twilight disease.

Now, I wasn’t crazed like my obsessed friends, but I still loved the thought of being Bella in the book. My friends and I would role-play about the series. I would even daydream about Edward and Jacob.

At first, most of my friends were on Team Edward, but, because they are fickle, they changed to Team Jacob. I could never choose between Edward and Jacob. If either of them liked me, which is impossible, I would do anything for them. I’m on Team Switzerland because I’m neutral.

My interest in mythical creatures, namely vampires, didn’t start with Twilight. As a child, I was never scared of vampire movies, I found vampires quite charming and irresistible. My love for them didn’t really grow until Twilight.

One night, I remember having this dream, about a boy. He was gorgeous! I remember that I have had him in various dreams before. Then, I would wake up. This always saddened me because then I can’t remember his face. I always believed that this is because it’s a face from the future.

-Regular Time-

That was 2 years ago, when I was just about 14. Now I’m 16. Nothing special could happen to me, I’m just an ordinary girl. I have brown hair that’s very unruly and curly, and well, just poofy! I have glasses, brown eyes and really bad skin. On the plus side I have great teeth, unlike the rest of my family. I’m tall, but not even thin, I’m fat! Well, I guess I’m exaggerating, I’m just a bit chubby. I’m a bookworm with good grades, but ironically athletic. I just choose not to do sports. I have super bad luck. It’s like a super power against me. Fairy tales just don’t happen to people like me. You never hear anything about us, yet, there he was standing above me.


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I really like it!
And the banners -acts innocent-
Haha, but i think it could end up REALLY amazing! I remember my mom down right forcing me to finish the first Harry Potter cause it was so boring but look at it now!
Well keep me posted!!
Did i use enough !!!!!!!'s? XP
Thanks guys! And yes! You did use enough !!!!!s. ;D
I never thought that I would meet a vampire even if they were real. I lived in Lilysville, CA. (not a real place) It was always sunny. That’s why I loved my trips to San Francisco. My cousins and I could stay outside until the latest time. I would always daydream that my cousins and I would be walking and I would meet him. That’s not exactly how it happened.
When I was younger I almost got hit by a car. That sort of made me scared of cars, crossing in front of them, crossing the street and parking lots. I’m usually overcautious with crossing the street, but who knew I would get killed by a car, my bad luck just got worse everyday.

-Chapter 1-
-The Beginning of the End-
-2 days before present time-

I was crossing the street, when I looked at the face I have seen before. So beautiful, I just stared watching him. Then, I suddenly heard a beeping, and yelling. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Less than a second later, I was hit by something cold and rock hard. I hit the ground hard, then I blacked out.
I woke up in a hospital near San Fran, I’m guessing the night after. I opened my eyes and gasped when I saw the angel standing above me.

“Did I die?” I asked.

The angel just smiled and tried to conceal his laugh. “No, you’re not dead.”

I blushed a deep scarlet. “ Then what happened?” I asked him my voice nearly inaudible.

“Well,” he said,” you were standing in the street, when a car went speeding down the road. You seemed distracted by something.” He tried to hide his smile.

He has the cutest accent, I think he sounds a bit like Edward. *sigh*. . . . Too much Twilight on my brain. I just blushed and looked up into his perfect blue eyes.

“Who are you?” I asked

“I’m Kyle Dylan Campbell, and you are?”

“I’m Clarissa Rose Applegate, but you can call me Claire.”

(sorry for stealing your middle name Alaura. I picked it, and then Megan reminded me about it.)

-End Chapter 1-
You spelled my name wrong!!!! Don't call me Prissy!!! And, by the way you don't know exactly where i live, or do you? CRAZY STALKER LADY!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah, thanks!
Thanks for your comments.
And I agree with you. If I was hit by a car i would want to see an angel when i wake up. ;D
If you liked it so far you're going to love this one!
Recap Chapter 1:

“Who are you?” I asked

“I’m Kyle Dylan Campbell, and you are?”

“I’m Clarissa Rose Applegate, but you can call me Claire.”

-Chapter 2-

" Nice to meet you." he smiled his dazzling crooked smile.

"Pleasure is all mine." I replied with yet another blush and smile. That only made him smile even more, he seemed amused by my reactions. Soon I was able to go home, weird, no paperwork? Strange, I thought that being hit by a car would give me more injuries.

" Please allow me to walk you home." he asked politely.

"Of course." I replied kindly. Soon, we started walking.

"So,” he said hesitantly,” why were you walking home alone that night?”

“Well,” I replied slowly,” I was just taking a short walk. OMG!!!!!! My parents are going to KILL me!!!!” I panicked.

“Don’t worry, just say you were walking, and a car hit you, and you’ve been in the hospital.”

“No, no! you don’t understand! I wasn’t supposed to be outside. They are so strict with anger issues! I’m dead meat!” I screamed. Then, to my surprise, he grabbed my shoulders firmly. As soon as he did this I stopped talking because I felt a strange electricity start in my shoulders and spread throughout my body.

He stared into my eyes and said, “ Calm down, your parents love you, they will just be worried about you.” Passionately, he pressed his lips to mine. I felt all the weight fall off my shoulders as soon as his old, hard lips touched mine. I had no care in the world, until, he pulled away. Then, I fell back into the dark pit of despair, with all the weight of the world back on me. As if for that moment, I was an angel, and then my wings were cut, and I fell straight down, back to Earth. But Kyle didn’t let go, he held on tight, so I felt the electricity still coursing through me.

I felt something else I’ve never felt before, I think, maybe, it’s love. It’s the feeling I’ve always longed for, dreamt of, wondered about, and now IO know how it feels. To feel absolute devotion and sureness. I never knew m life was empt or half of me was missing, until him. I finally feel complete!
Thanks! Next chapter later or tomorrow. Kyle's POV. You'll love it!
-Chapter 3-
-The Hunt-
-Kyle POV-
(before he met Claire)
I am 17 years old, I have been for more than 300 years. I’m originally from the Europe area, but sailed to the New World on the Mayflower, I was one of the pilgrims. I have seen many things happen, and many years pass, but I have never heard a story as crazy as this!

I can’t believe how far off that Stephanie Meyers is! A vampire, fall in love with a human! IMPOSSIBLE!!!! It’s just not possible for us, clearly too advanced, intelligent, and sophisticated to love a human! They are nothing but a food source for us! Humans and their ridiculous imaginations! The only reason I have for seducing them is just to get them out of a crowd, so that I can have a meal. I only did that the first few years of my existence. It made me feel bad, so I decided on killing the “evil” people. It’s ironic because I’m the one taking their lives, like a murderer. I still feel a little bad though. Maybe I could try that “vegetarian” diet. Nah!!!

Very few of us have powers, luckily I am one of them. I can do things with minds. I can read minds, speak into minds, and I can create images in their minds, if I wanted to. During that vision, they can feel any feeling I want them to. When I hunt for the evil people, I like to scare them before I actually drink their blood. I make them live through what their victims lived through, except a lot worse. They deserve what they feel.
So, anyways, life has become seriously boring. Nothing new happens. Some years I go to school, others, I travel. I usually like to stay in cloudy places though. Uhh!!!! It’s so boring here! So I decided to go hunting. “ I’m going hunting.” I told my coven. My coven is unusually large. It started with Angel, then me, Shelby and Sean, then Haden. Angel fell in love with Haden. Since Shelby and Sean were somewhat “busy”, I only heard Angel’s response. They were about to go to a movie or something.

I swiftly walked into the dark night. I ran to San Francisco and walked, listening to the minds of the humans here. I heard a man’s mind. He was following a young woman down the street. He thought of vile things, too horrible for me to even repeat. I ran after him just as he scared the woman into the dark alley.

I pounced on him from behind. He was surprised and I easily overpowered him. He fell to the ground just as my teeth sunk into his warm flesh. My teeth sliced his skin as if it was butter. His warm blood flooded my mouth. The warm, soothing liquid ran down my throat, the fire didn’t burn anymore. His body went limp, I felt his spirit leave his body. I looked up and the woman was frozen with fear. I then walked out of the alleyway and disappeared into the night.

-End chapter 3-
yeah he is old, but wise! And always a teenager!
i realy like this story keep me posted.
i think it pretty good keep writing


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