The Twilight Saga

Renesmee finds herself in another disaster...Surrounded by pain, heartache, and betrayal...And It starts with.....Death of a loved one


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Chapter 1

Renesmee's POV


We all were waiting for Aunt Alice to come back to earth.

She was frozen, her eyes glazed over. I wonder what she was seeing now.

Maybe Jake's going to take me somewhere . . . Maybe he's planning a surprise.

I looked at Daddy and his jaw was clenched, his hands balled into fists.

"What do you see Alice?" Uncle Jazz whispered to her.

Aunt Alice shuddered and her eyes became aware again, they were full of horror, and sorrow.

I felt a chill go down my spine as I saw her and Daddy look at each other meaningfully.

"What is it?!" Mom and Uncle Jazz asked exasperatedly.

"They're coming." Aunt Alice and Dad whisipered.

I felt my stomach tie up into a knot. I looked at Jake and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Who is?" He asked. "And for what?" I whispered hesitantly.

"The Volturi!" Dad sighed as he rubbed his temples. "For you." Aunt Alice said at the exact same time, she covered her face.

"Me?! Why me?!" I yelled shrilly, I felt my heart quicken as the fear settled in.

"It doesn't matter! We need to get her out of here!" Aunt Alice said.

"Jacob, take her to La Push. Hide her! They're coming now." Dad said as he pushed us to the door.

"You'll be fine! We'll come and get you in a moment." Mom whispered as she hugged me tightly.

I nodded and followed Jake out to his motorcycle. Jake tossed me his helmet and I quickly put it on and hopped on.

We started speeding down the long narrow drive.

"Jake? Do you think they'll be okay?" I whispered.

"Don't worry. They'll be fine . . . I just need to protect you." That's all he said as he sped even faster.

I rested my chin on his shoulder and let my mind wander . . . Trying to forget about these past few minutes. I remembered the way Jake purposed to me 3 months ago . . . Valentine's Day, he woke me up after I spent the night at his house . . . He took me to the beach, while I was blindfolded, and swam me out to the middle of the water, and when I looked back at the shore the words: "Will you marry me?" were written in the sand. When I turned around he was holding a ring up to me. I smiled at the memory, that was the happiest day of my life.

"Okay, come on. We have to go hide . . . I don't know if they're coming here or not." Jake said as he dragged me to his house.

"Wait! You say that like they can get past the family!" I said as I froze on the porch.

"Well yeah! They could . . . Nessie, the Volturi is very powerful!" He nodded.

I yanked my arm out of his hand and sprinted toward his bike. I jumped on, not even bothering to wear the helmet, and sped out of La Push. I heard Jake's voice, pleading me to come back. I ignored him, my family was in danger . . . In danger because of me . . . If the Volturi wanted me, then that's who they'll get.



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Aww! Thanks for reading! And i sure will..and I'll make sure to keep you updated!

Renesmee's POV

I fell asleep that night without any dreams.

Daniel went to his room, he bought us two rooms that were joined by one door, he stayed with me until I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I woke up and looked at the time.


I brought my attention to my cell phone.

It was blinking, either a text or missed call.

I didn't really want to look, but when I saw it was Aunt Alice who called, I pressed the button that would let me hear her message. I put it on speaker because I was too exhausted to lift my arm to my ear.

"Nessie, please come home. We're worried sick. You're father was being stupid! And, I personally need you. You're probably the last thing I have of Bella." She sobbed.

Tears started to well in my eyes.

I heard the door open, Daniel was in here, listening.

From the phone, I heard a scuffling, like the phone was being moved very fast.

"Do not listen to a thing your aunt says. None of us want to see you here ever again. Do not come back." Dad hissed.

The tears started to spill over.

"Stop it, Edward!" I heard Grandma scold.

"Don't listen to him, Nessie!" Aunt Alice shouted before he hung up.

I turned off my phone.

I wiped the tears away quickly.

"Nessie?" Daniel asked curiously.

I could tell he was trying to distract me.

"My full name is Renesmee. My family gave me the nickname "Nessie" because my mother gave me a name that was a mouthful." I laughed, remembering when Mom charged after Jake after she heard his nickname for me.

She looked absolutely stunning, gliding in the air.

"If you don't like me to call you "Ren" . . ." Daniel started.

"No, I like that! I, umm, really don't want to be reminded about my family. And that name is sure to remind me alot."

From that point on, I fell in love with Daniel.

After a few days, he told me to call him Danny.

It's been a year and a half since I left home.

I hardly ever think of the Cullens.

And they stopped calling me after a month of no response.

Danny and I have been dating for one year, tomorrow.

I never thought I would fall for anyone but Jacob.

But, when I'm with Danny . . . He makes the pain go away.

He makes me happy, truly happy.

"Hey Ren!" He called as I was on the porch.

"What do you wanna do today?" He asked.

"Let's stay home." I told him.

"Well....Andrea wants us to go over. She says that she has some important news to tell us."
Andrea, Andrea, Andrea. Danny's sister.

"Maybe Mark broke up with her, again." I suggested.

"Who knows! Maybe she bought a new outfit. Let's just go see what she wants, and then we can have the whole day to ourselves." He smiled as he made his way towards me.

"Well, let's go. I'm already dressed." I smiled as I stood.

He took my hand and we walked out of our apartment.

Andy met us at the Starbuck's down the street from our apartment.

"Ren! Guess what?!" She practically screamed as she saw me.

"Hello to you, too." Danny and I said in unison.

"Mark purposed!" She exclaimed as she shoved her left hand in my face.

I jumped up and hugged her.

"That's great Andy!" I laughed.

"I guess I need to have another talk with Mark, huh?" Danny laughed.

"Oh shut up!" Andy and I told him.

The next day we were just walking down the streets.

"Happy anniversary!" Danny whispered in my ear.

I laughed. "Happy anniversary to you!" I said as I pecked him on the lips.

He stopped walking all of a sudden.

I froze with him.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He didn't answer, he just got down on one knee.

I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands.

"Renesmee Cullen, will you please be my wife? Will you marry me?" He asked.

I was beyond words.

I nodded and the tears started to spill.

He slid the engagement ring on my finger.

I looked at it, it was at least five carats!

"I know you hate the fact that I spend so much on you, but you're gonna have to deal with it! You deserve it." He smiled.

"And it's perfect!" I said as I jumped on him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him passionately.



I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in FOREVER! I feel SOOO bad! But come on guys, I need the comments if I'm gonna update....So tell your friends, and send out a little thing if you want....I just want more comments, if you read, leave feedback! Thank you!

~Rose Volturi

Edward really need to come to his senses. LIKE NOW!!! Btw love it.. Update soon!!!
lol, yeah I know...and I will try!
Yes, I know it is alot to take in....Yes, the Cullens DID stop looking for her, and Bella did, too....Bella IS alive, it will all be explained in the next chapter of how she is exactly alive...And the reason they stopped looking for her is because Esme and Bella believe that she'll come home in her own time...Bella doesn't know that Edward and Jacob yelled at Renesmee, though....And thank you so much for actually reading! I will try to post soon!

Chapter 5

Edward's POV

Where is she? Where is my daughter?

Those questions kept filling my mind almost every second of the day.

I was standing in the middle of a forest in California, pacing.

We were all hunting, the family was near, drinking mountain lions and bears.

I wasn't in the mood, I just came because I didn't want to stay home alone.

"Edward, stop worrying." Bella's voice made me stop.

I turned and she was standing at the fringes of the forest's edge, with her arms crossed.

"She'll come home when she wants to." She whispered.

I was still grateful to God that he let me have Bella, again.

But, I needed my daughter, too.

"If I were her, I would stay away for forever. It must be hard to lose your mother, and even harder if the place you live in has reminders of her."
I sighed, I hated lying to Bella.

She didn't know that Jake and I yelled at Renesmee.

I knew she would hate me as much as Nessie did if I told her.

She walked to me and wrapped her arms around me.

I returned the favor, I stared into her golden eyes.

"It's been a year." I stated.

"She'll come home when she's ready." She whispered before pecking me on the lips.

"And she'll be in for a big surprise! Seeing me alive!" She laughed.

I smiled at the sound, then sighed.


It's been a year and I still didn't ask this, and I was terrified to know.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"What exactly happened when we thought you . . . died?" I flinched when I said the last word.

She sighed. "The Volturi added a couple new members. A guy and a girl. The girl can freeze time . . . When they were about to attack me, she froze the world. She replaced me with a clone of myself that the guy created . . . That's why you saw Jane use her powers on me, but that wasn't me. That new member, she was very strong, she dragged me to Volterra. They explained everything that happened. I hated the fact that you thought I was dead, again." She laughed once without humor.

"That night, I escaped. I was so lucky to get away. I ran and ran . . . When I got into Washington, I heard all of you calling for me. And that's when I found you. And I doubt the Volturi will come back looking for me, I don't think they want us to kill any more of their members."
"They didn't hurt you, did they?" I asked hesitantly.

"No, not physically. Just emotionally." She smiled weakly as she stroked my face.

I closed my eyes in content and leaned my face into her hand.

I opened my eyes when I heard Alice's gasp in the distance.

I focused in on her thoughts, her vision.

In her vision was . . . Jacob, he was fighting with someone, yelling at that person back and forth.

Then I saw Nessie being held by a guy, he was gripping her arm tight.

Nessie told him something and the guy raised his hand as if to slap her across the face.

Then the vision disappeared.

Alice was standing where Bella was earlier.

"We have to go, now!" She said as Bella stared in confusion.

Alice got her phone from her pocket and dialed.

She was dialing Jacob's number.

We all started to run, the rest of the family met up with us.

We all were staring at Alice.

Jacob picked up, finally.

"Keep Nessie away from him. We'll be there in five minutes." She told him and hung up.

"Where are they?" Bella asked.

"Ten miles away." Alice answered.

We ran and saw the city.

We found the hotel Alice said they were in, in less than a minute.

We ran at a human speed and Alice opened the door.

"Actually, he has kissed me before when I was engaged . . . to him." Nessie told that guy.

Daniel was his name.

He raised his hand to slap her, when Emmett was at Nessie's side.

"Hey! Danny! Stop!" A girl yelled at him.

"Are you going to hit her?" He asked.

Nessie stared at him, teary-eyed, and smiled.

"Stay here, Bella" Alice whispered.

Bella didn't object.

Alice, Rose, and Esme went to get Ness.

Ness was just smiling, staring at them.

Carlisle, Jasper, and I went to get Emmett's flanks.

The boy looked terrified.

"Leave. Now." I growled.

He practically ran out of the room.

And Nessie ran into my arms.

"Daddy!" She cried.

I hugged her.

"You're okay?" I asked as I pulled her back and looked at her face.

I was afraid that he hit her before we got here.

"Yeah. I can't believe you're here." She was crying.

The whole room stared at us.

"My turn!" Alice announced as she grabbed Ness.

Emmett lifted her up and hugged her tight.

Everyone took turns.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Bella smiling while hidden in the corner.

Like I said on the other story, I love you guys enough to actually give you another update!
This is also to make up for my weeks long absence!

This is awesome.. update soon!!!
I will, and I'll keep you updated and all...and yes...In my head, I have Daniel as this crazy, controlling kind of person...After all, it kind of IS too good to be true
Yes, I actually understand...but Bella's "death" isn't really the main problem...its just the small problem that leads Renesmee into an even BIGGER problem...Make of that what you will. :)
I will, thanks for reading


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