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All i need is your link, ill read your story, and make you banner :)


I now make them for RP's !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Form- (RP's)



Main idea-


Form- (ff)





Example Banners





































































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Title: The unloved...Collin's Story! PG-13

Author:Izzy23 </3

Text: I won't whole till she comes back...

Why don't you accept me? Will you ever?


sure :)
Mkay :)
sure sure
:) sure
Can I probably have one more banner please?

Title: A Wish Come True
Author: Xandra Marie Clearwater
Link: I dont have one for the story yet, so you can put it on my page
Quote: Could it be love, or could he just be playing her? OR What if everything you ever wished for, came true? [ I LIKE THE SECOND ONE, WHICH EVER IS EASIER YOU CAN DO ]
A Wish Come True is a Funny Romantic story. It has it’s sad parts. But will they get better? Charlene Tomas is a 15 year old girl. Also is the youngest child. She moves in with her niece Chelsea Tomas and her older brother Mark Tomas and Sister-in-law Tina Tomas after overhearing that her parents don’t give a care for her. She dose not want to live there anymore, so she calls Mark and asks if she can move in. After hearing all of what their parents have done Mark insists that she is to move in. After a week in a new city Charlene meets a guy she is totally falling for. Will she go for him or shy away? Find out here in A Wish Come True.



Jeff [you'll find out if you read it] :

Dana [you'll find out if you read it]:

Samantha [you'll find out if you read it]:

Ok. Charlene and Jeff are the two main people. Samantha and Dana are Charlene's friends. I need a Chelsea, Mark and Tina but cant find them. You can put pictures of them in there if you want.

Love your banners.
Xandra Marie Clearwater
thanks :)
Thank you so much. You make great banners. I am sorry for the ammount though.
lol thank you and i love when ppl come back, it a good thing, :) i love making banners
A new Beginning

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”
Life is seemingly perfect for best friends Peter Caborn and Nicole Brown but when friendship turns to into so much more for these two teens, they are faced with indescribable obstacles that try to tear them down. Between lies, betrayals, two deaths, one mysterious murder, and so much more, these two will never be the same, but when push comes to shove and their entire world comes crashing down on them, can their love survive, or will these hurtles rip them apart, taking away the only people they could truly trust, forever?



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