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All i need is your link, ill read your story, and make you banner :)


I now make them for RP's !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Form- (RP's)



Main idea-


Form- (ff)





Example Banners





































































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Okay XD i love the quote btw, this on will be easy to make. =D
thankyou! i love the banner
your link is broken and i can't find your story :( but your banner is up top ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Title: Fantasy Issues
Author: The Minight Howls Pack
Quote: And the battle began.. It will either end everything, or restart it all...
They stood still, silent. Sorcerers, vampires, demi-gods, wizards, and wolves all in one place, fighting against their enemies that have banned together. She looked at him and him at her.

"I love you," he whispered and kissed her softly, she smiled at him.

"I love you too," she whispered back.

Then the battle began.. It will either end everything, or restart it all..
will do XD
Sweet :)
should be done in a few =)
Title: Secrets of Sisterhood
Quote: Everyone's got a secret.
And pic suggestion: i don't really care, just one thing I would like is the international shh! sign (i know that sounds weird) but if you don't know what I mean, just ask. and i don't care about any other pics.
i don't know what you mean about 'the international shh' lol but sure, im making banners now

here's a picture of the international shh sign. you can use this one if you want, i don't care.
kk done :)


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