The Twilight Saga

All i need is your link, ill read your story, and make you banner :)


I now make them for RP's !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Form- (RP's)



Main idea-


Form- (ff)





Example Banners





































































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i needeth your helps

I need you to make a banner for that one story I wrote a longish time ago

Wild Horses


I made one but its kinda crappy

sissy, i made you a banner forever ago!

i noes and im rewriting the whole story.I sowwy sissy

i also put new pics up for the charries.

so you want a new banner, or the old one?
i need a new one with a pic of blake livly instead of kaylie kucko
well you just made an amazing banner with my help =) lol
yesh i no and i is tanking yous lols
done :)
sisssssssyyyyy can i pleeeeaaaassseee help you make banners??????

title: Moonlight

author: Shelby

summary: Luna Beauregard is new to Beacon Hills. She has an eerie feeling like she's been there before even though she knows she never has. She instantly makes friends and life finally seems good. Normal. But life for Luna will never be normal. Her world starts to spin out of control as she learns things about her family and she learns to juggle life as a teenage girl and a werewolf




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