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I really want to write a fanfiction about a human who is essentially taken in by the Volturi against her will. She would fall for someone in the Volturi, cause drama, stuff like that :3

I'm just deciding if I want her to be an extremely powerful human whom the Volturi want to turn, or else a human who is somewhat like a bloodbank? Opinions would be very helpful!

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hmmmm I kind of like the blood bank idea,it's like a breath of fresh air, not to many stories are like that :) but that's just me.

That's what I was kind of leaning towards

I think it's more unique and could add some interesting plot twists :3

She would have to be immune to the vampire's venom in order for her to be a bloodbank

Which I feel would be really interesting when he falls in love with her/they fall in love. Because he would be a vampire and there wouldn't be a way to turn her.

Last question and then I might start writing tonight even: Should the guy be an OC as well or a pre-written character? If it's going to be a pre-written one I'd like some ideas :3 Preferably someone who isn't talked about much in the series so that I can develop him and not worry about is I'm meeting his personality/reactions from the book 

It's no problem, just something that I was thinking of that could add some twists later on :3

Felix could definitely be interesting :3

eek im a mess about names. I want something kind of long and pretty sounding. The girl I use for rping is named Emilynn... okay, once I decide on that and stuff I'll start writing!


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