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-The Code of the Jivan Pack has always remained the same... until now...




  Just like I did every year when they left, I watched them. Jealously struck me with a pain as I watched how their tails waved in excitement, their heads lifted in pride, their ears slightly down in a small fear they didn’t want others to show to others. I wanted it, all of it. Even the bad parts, everything they had, everything they got to do, I wanted it more than anything else in all of the forest, even worse than the mysterious forests the experienced wolves spoke of.  

  As a she-wolf, it was my duty to stay behind as the triumphant males marched away into unknown lands ready for a new adventure. I had the responsibility of staying with the rest of the weak she-wolves and bear cubs, but I didn’t want that.

  I was sick of staying behind every year. Tired of watching all of them walk away with their bold, conceded selves and return with stories, scars, and great memories while I just watched, hardly even noticed, if at all.

  For several years, I hadn’t the ability to go because I was just a cub, but now, I was a she-wolf; bigger, more mature, and old enough for cubs of my own. The only problem was, I didn’t want cubs. I wanted to go.

  There had never been a situation where a she-wolf had even considered going along with the male wolves, or if they had, they would never dare mention it. I despised how poorly we were treated, how little our opinion counted for. It wasn’t fair, but I wasn’t going to let it effect me.

  I wanted to travel with them, and so I would.



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Scratched = Dead         * = She-wolf         # = New Mother




*Aarora – Main character

Zander – Alpha

Talon – Aggressive pack member

Meeko – Talon’s best friend, protective

Rye – Meeko’s little brother, likes Lupa

Havian – Alpha’s second in command, tough

Zeke – Best hunter, trains Aarora

Romulus – Very quiet, stays behind


Wolves At Home:

*Lupa – Aarora’s sister

*Lylith – Aarora and Lupa’s mother

*#Nakita – Very protective, rude

Sina – Nakita’s new pup

*#Starr – Very kind, young, caring

Koda – Starr’s pup, Sina’s best friend



Pups – Newborn wolves

Dark Skies – Nighttime

Cold Season – winter

Warm Season – summer

Stars – ancestors

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Sounds like an adventure in the making!

Thanks Seugnet! I'm not too sure about this one, I don't like writing non-twilight stories, but I'll give it a try.

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