The Twilight Saga

After four years away from Bella and Forks,Washington Edward decideds to come back and finds out that Bella is engaged!So now he has to fight for her to love him againEven if that means to help with the wedding.Will Bella run away from the whole wedding plans or will she just deal with it and love someone who will stay with her for life?




Fighting for someone you love is serious.But making her choose me or him just makes it harder on the decision.I knew I was a monster and selfish.But I would do anything for the one I love.Laying down next to her nude just made my non-beating heart make the first beat in forever.I loved her and knew I never wanted to hurt her ever.


Chapter One-Coming Back


Sitting in a airplane first class by yourself reading Bella's favortie book,this is the most stupidest thing in my whole exsitents.I was reading Romeo & Juliet.I bet Alice that Bella would be laughing her beautiful bell like laugh.


"Edward seriously needs to get over that human girl"Rosalie thoughtI rolled my eyes and saw her looking at herself in the mirrorShe was always full of herself.It just made me want to kill her even more.I bookmarked the torn-page that I was reading.After three years of being away from Forks and Bella just made being a vampire even more suckier.I turned to my right and saw Alice jumping and being excited.She has been acting like this the whole flight.She was happy about seeing Bella again.But she knew the outcome of that.Bella might not let her in.I tried to listen to her thoughts.But all I heard was: H=Hydrogen as He=Helium what was she hiding from me?


When we landed Alice was jumping around like a five year old waiting for their birthday party to start.Flinch.I really miss Bella.I got in the car and we drove to Forks.I never thought I would miss this boring town.When we got to the old main house I deicded to just drove around.I got in my old Volvo that I missed so much.I drove around and I stopped at Charlie's I saw Charlie's crusier parked and a Ford Fusion.I didn't see Bella's old beat-up red faded truck.That was werid.I smelled Bella scent so that either meant that Bella gave it up or it broke-down.I parked and just went to her old bedroom.I saw it was the same as always.But she changed her bed comforter and the matress was different.I went in the window that she left open.It shocked me she still kept it opened.I walked around but stopped infront of a picture.It made me want to kill myself.It was a guy.He had dirty blonde hair with a pair of green eyes.Then there was Bella next to him.She was the same but her hair was a little shorter.


I heard someoe walk up the creaky stairs.I ran to Bella's closet and smelled her scent but then a different one.It was a strange scent.It had a hint of colonge that I remeber Alice got me for,just because.


"You don't understand how importnant this is to me Ryan.Thanks a lot for dealing with Charlie's studborness"I heard Bella's voice.She sounded happy It was like what I did three years ago had no effect on her.I sighed.


"Well,you are important to me.I can not wait to get married to you next month"What?!Bella getting married.She wasn't that type of person was she?I heard her gigglesoftly.It seemed more and more of this whole coming back ruined the whole thing.


"Me either.I can't wait to be called Mrs.Ryan Moore"I heard her say.I heard a chuckle.


"I got to go.I have that bussiness thing in Seattle.But dinner tonight at my apartment how does that sound"This can't be possible.Bella marriage.That just makes me reading Romeo & Juilet seem sartasic.But Bella.Now that had to be a joke.


"Ok.I just have to do somethings in town and I will see you at 9"I heard the door close.I took a peak and saw Bella alone.She was smiling.She seemed giddy.Her hair was the same as the picture and she actually wore make-up.And she was wearing a red wool dress.Alice would be impressed.She had black heels on too.I opened the door and Bella gasped.


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You have to update soon!!!!
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love it!!!!!!
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Love Elizabeth
Post more! Love it!


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