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Isabella is 18 year old  girl from Arizona that goes on a vacation with her step dad to Alaska while there she meets the beautiful Denali sisters and despite the unpleasantness that leads her into joining their family,she eagerly excepts the offer and love they give her......But how long will it last?.........What happens when the Cullens come for a visit...and get this Rose isn't the one that hates Bella lol :)

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sound great!
The blizzard that pounded Denali the day before our arrival left everything covered in a thick blanket of cold snow. For as far as I could see, everything was pure white. It was as if the world had become a blank void. I was comforted by the sight. It correlated with the way I had been feeling for the past two months. Blank and void.

I stepped closer to the window of the small log cabin Phil had rented for us and pressed my fingers against the cold glass. I relished the slightly stinging sensation on my skin and smiled when I realized that nothing here would remind me of my mother. Alaska was almost the polar opposite of Phoenix and that was the reason I'd chosen this place for a vacation. Phil had not been so pleased with my choice but went along with it regardless.

"Phil thank you for doing this." i said
"Its ok Bells i know the past couple of months have been hard on you. And he was right.He was the only person i had left a couple of months ago we lived with my mom in Arizona but you probably guessed that much...Before she met Phil we used to never stay in one place for more than 5 months you see Renee got board easily. She changed jobs faster than she changed underwear. Any way i though when Phil came into our life that was over she seemed so happy but i was wrong. One morning Phil and I woke up to a big breakfast and a letter telling us she was gone. I think its because she was board with me Phil tells me that this is not the case but deep down inside i know that its true
"Your right but we can start over now i may not have Renee but i have you and thats enough for me?" i said
love it. its amazing. hope u post more soon. keep me updated pleaz ^-^
thats cool for her to say that to phil
love it
post more soon
ok i will
awwwww this sounds cute plz more soon
i know who hates her!!! Edward does... just a guess... keep on writing :)))
nope not edward but your close lol bwaaahaahaahaa all will be explained in later chappys
I'm curious now.......


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