The Twilight Saga

Isabella is 18 year old  girl from Arizona that goes on a vacation with her step dad to Alaska while there she meets the beautiful Denali sisters and despite the unpleasantness that leads her into joining their family,she eagerly excepts the offer and love they give her......But how long will it last?.........What happens when the Cullens come for a visit...and get this Rose isn't the one that hates Bella lol :)

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When are you gonna update? I've been waiting ever so patient haha =)
really good i love it plz keep going
Love this please keep me updated.....And please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter10 Hatred
(Bella p.o.v)
Everyone introduced themselves and I tried my best to stay clear of Edward because right now every breath he takes was pissing me off. I got along with the rest of the Cullens just fine well the pixie looking one just kept starring me down but she was harmless.
"So Bella how is vampire life treating you?" Jasper asked
"I love it! I mean I miss being able to eat chocolate but now I have three sisters im strong, I have a rockin body and I can party 24/7." I screeched earning laughs from everyone.
"Your weird." He said
"Am not." I said tackling him to the ground." You take that back or I will give you a wet willy dont think I wont."
" Never!" He yelled and kicked me off and tackled me down and started tickling me.
"Oh*Laugh* stop*Laugh* please." I begged
"Say uncle." He ordered
"Uncle Uncle Uncle!" I screamed.
He finally got off me and slapped him on the back of the head.
"I hate you." I pouted
"Aww no you don't." He said
"Whatever." I said.
When I turned around everyone was starring at us with shocked expressions.
"What?" I asked
"Nothing." They said
"Bella can I talk to you?" Edward asked I glared at him and he flinched back two feet.
"No." I said
"Bella." Irina said
"Irina." I said
"Bella if I have to come over there." She warned
"Fine." I said " But you do one thing to make me mad and you'll leave with one less leg than you started with." I told him
Love it!!! Thanks for updating!
love it

I love!!!

I love it. Please keep me updated.
update me

yay update ! rite now jasper and bella story plz!

Ok I know I said I wasn't gonna update anymore but I cant help myself lol :)

Chapter11 Whats her problem?


What the heck I havent even met this chick before what did I do?

"Bella what did I do?" I asked when we were outside.

"You want to know what you did Edward." she spat

"Yes I do." I said

"You are a dumb a** pig with know feelings thats what ok you are a sick person and I want nothing to do with you." she screamed

"I dont know what your talking about." He said

"God if you dont even know what your doing your worse than I thought." she said

"Bella`" i started

"Don't ok just stay away from me and everything will be fine." she said and started walking away but not before stopping to look at me." And let me think for one second you hurt the person I care about most and I'll kill you...again"

what on earth just happened?


"Edward what was she talking about?" Alice asked I didn't even know everyone was out here

"I have know idea." I said

"I dont like her." she said

"Why?" I asked

" I see her spending a lot of time with Jasper and I don't like it." she thought

" Its probably just a misunderstanding Alice." I said

"Mmmhmm it better be." she said before walking back into the house and taking jasper with her.

" Whats wrong with Alice?" Esme thought I gave her the look that said i'd tell her later


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