The Twilight Saga

A/N A single mom of two moves to La Push, Washington in search of a life with her kids.

Chapter 1 Prudence (Jacob's POV)


"Trick or Treat!" Some kids screamed as I went to the door, it was a mom antwo kids, they were pretty adorable. (A/N Their Outfits-


"Your costumes are great. You guys just moved here right?" I questioned curious.


" Yeah, we did, and thanks. We're actually your new neighbors." She smiled at me, as I smiled brightly back.


"Well if you need absolutely anything, just come over." I offered, as she and the kids left after I gave them their candy. I watched them walk off into the darkness, more kids screaming 'Trick or Treat' brought me out of my trance. It almost feels like I'm connected to her in some weird way, like I need to be with this girl for the rest of my life.


Chapter 2 Remedy (Ashley's POV)


I passed out the flyers for our beach party today, so I had my friend Breauna watching Nova and Bentley as I go mess around and meet my neighboors. I set Nova down on the blanket with Breauna and Bentley, as I walked around, I saw my next door neighboor from last night. He waved me over with a smile on his face.


"Hi Ashley, I'm Jacob." He said smiling.


"Hello there... How do you know my name?" I questioned laughing nervously.


"You and your kids are the talk of the town. We don't get many new people in La Push. You look gorgeous by the way." He smiled as I blushed brightly. (A/N Their Outfits-


"Why thank you." I smiled blushing, as he motioned for us to sit down. We sat there talking for who knows how long till the song Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads started playing on my phone, it was a text from Breauna saying that Bentley wanted to go in the water. "Well Jacob, my son wants to go in the water, so I'll talk to you later." I smiled, but he grabbed my hand as I got up, and then pulled me to kiss him.


"I don't want you to go..." He whispered against my lips, as I started blushing.


"Come meet my kids then silly." I smiled, as I led him to the blanket, he waved to Breauna as I picked up Nova, and grabbed Bentley's hand leading them to the water. "Jake, this is my daughter Nova Jade, and this is my son Bentley Ryan. Guys this is Jacob." Jacob smiled as Bentley asked for a piggy back ride. Soon enough him and Jacob were singing along to the song that was playing over the loud speakers, it was the song Remedy by Hot Water Music. I think I'm beginning to like Jacob....



A/N i hope you like it, more up soon( :

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Chapter 3 Clear The Air (Jacob's POV)

After we were all done playing in the water Ashley had her daughter, Nova on her chest playing with her. In that instant, I realized I couldn't live without Ashley, I had to be with her, to spend every single day for the rest of our lives with her and her kids. I took Bentley back to Ashley as she got up, and looked around.


"Well Jake, it's getting late, and I need to put Nova to bed, it was nice spending the day with you." She smiled. as she got up carefully with Nova in her arms. Nova couldn't be more then 4 months old, she was so small... "Do you see Breauna?"


"No... Do you need help?" She nodded as she smiled.


"Yes, please... I think Breauna left with Embry." She laughed, as we packed up everything, I grabbed Bentleys hand, and started walking. It was a quick walk from the beach to our house.


"So Ashley, I was wondering, will you come to the bonfire tomorrow? They're telling the legends of our tribe to everybody, and I would love for you guys to come." I smiled, as she looked up at me.


"I would love that, but I'll see what I can do with Nova. She can't be out super late..."


"Oh! My dad already offered to be a baby sitter, he misses baby sitting." i offered as she smiled.


"Then it's a date." I blushed as we walked up to her house, she unlocked the door and led me inside. This house was like twice the size of mine, and it was decorated in a beautiful white, black, and blue color scheme. I saw a huge picture of a guy in his Army uniform, with Ashley and the kids.


"Ashley, who's that?" I questioned curiously.


"Um... That's Nova and Bentley's dad, and my ex-husband... He died six months ago in war..." She sighed tears escaping her eyes, as she walked away from me. I followed her, and as soon as she put Nova to bed, I encircled her in my arms and let her cry. Bentley ran in and hugged Ashley and my legs.


"Hey Bent, show me your room." I smiled, as I grabbed Ashley's hand and brought her with us. His room was super cool, it was completely pirate themed, he even had a pirate ship bed!



(Ashley's POV)


I leaned against the door frame as I watched Jacob play with Bentley, I admired Jacob for actually wanting to date me even though I do have two kids.


The Next Day....


I took Nova over to the Black's house, Bentley and I were going to the beach for a little while.


"Thank you so much Mr. Black." I smiled, as I gave him Nova and her bag.


"No problem Ashley, and please call me Billy."


"Okay Billy." I smiled, as Bentley and I got into our car and sped off to the beach. We were there in no time as we got our sports stuff out of the car. We started with soccer, Bentley kicked the soccer ball so hard that it flew past me, and hit somebody in the face. I turned around and saw that it was Jacob... "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Jake...." I said in between giggles, and he tackled me in the sand....


A/N So that's it for now, I hope you like it(:


Chapter 4 To Have and To Have Not (Jacob's POV)

After I got done messing with Ashley in the sand, I took Ashley and Bentley up to where the bonfire is, everybody was already sitting down by the fire. I saw how gorgeous Ashley looked in the firelight, her face was glowing beautifully.


"Hey guys, this is the girl I was telling you about, Ashley, and this is her son Bentley." Everybody smiled, and said hi, as I introduced Ashley to everybody. "Ash, that's Sam, Emily, Jared, my sister Rachael, Kim, Paul, Embry, Quil, Claire, Seth, Leah, Collin, and Brady." They all waved again as we sat down on a log, I put my arm around Ashley as she snuggled herself into my chest. Soon enough Bentley crawled into Ashley's lap, as we listened to Sam telling the stories. I looked down at Ashley ever so often, and I found her eyes transfixed on the fire, watching it like something was going to happen to it. After a while, Ashley would catch me staring at her, and then I'd look away again embarassed.


"Sorry to interupt, but I need to get going... Bentley's almost asleep. Thank you for letting me come and listen, I had a really great time." Ashley smiled, and tried to wake up Bentley.


"Here Ashley, let me carry him." I offered, as she nodded and said thank you, as we walked to her car.


"Jake, can you do me a favor? Can you drive home to? I'm sorry, but I'm too tired..."


"Of course silly." We all got in her car then, and I drove to Ashley's house, she opened her garage door, and I saw the abdunce of cars. Old and new; but the one we were in right now was my favorite, it was a 1969 Camaro, and it was AMAZING! I practically carried Bentley and Ashley inside, Ashley crashed on the couch, as I put Bentley in his room.


"Jake.... Nova...." Ashley whispered half asleep.


"I will go get her, sleep my love." I whispered in her ear, and kissed her cheek, as I ran over to my house. Billy was in the living room asleep on the couch, with Nova on his chest; I got out my phone and took a picture of him. Ha, Black mail. I gathered Nova's bag, and picked her up carefully, trying not to wake her up, as I ran back home and sat her carefully in her crib. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ashley half asleep walking to her bed room; I picked her up when I saw her stumble, but as I laid her down and got ready to leave she started whispering.


"Stay with me, Jacob, please...." I couldn't deny her, so I laid down with her, she scooted herself so that she was right up against me. I automatically wrapped my arms around her as I heard her breathing slow, and I fell asleep imagining what life would be like with Ashley and her children...



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