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Fighting Fate


***Note: Bella is a very famous singer/actress, and she lives in Beverly Hills. Jacob is her boyfriend, and he is a famous actor. Oh, and everyone is a human in this story.***


Chapter 1


Bella’s POV


"Pam, I think I can handle it." I said to my stylist. She had been telling me <b>how</b> to put my dress on.


We were going to the Oscars, and thankfully it was nearby, so we didn’t have to fly to some other state. Jacob was picking me up in an hour, and I was excited, at the least.


I took the dress from Pamela, and went into the bathroom to change.

(Bella’s outfit: )


I walked back out, and Pamela examined my dress. She straightened it, and then sat me in her chair. This was so normal to me now, unlike when I first began, only years ago. It seemed like this lifestyle was all I could remember now. Sure, I still slightly remember before, but not enough to really remember friends or anything.


I closed my eyes as she put on my eyeliner, and eyeshadow. I opened them again, as she moved on to lipstick and mascara.


She did my hair after that, softly curling it, and she put half of it up.


(I imagine this is what her hair looked like.)




When she was finally done, she smiled at her master piece. She had always insisted on doing my make-up and not getting a professional. Well, I guess she was a professional, but still. I think she just wanted more money.




She told me I could go downstairs. I loved my house. It was so big, and it had some awesome themes.




My mom hugged my lightly. "You look wonderful." She said, and I smiled at her.


My dad hugged me after that. "You are beautiful." He said.


"Jake should be here any minute. Wait, there he is." My mom said. She was looking at the window.


"Okay, bye mom, bye dad." I said, walking out the door.


"We’ll be there in a little while, sweetie!" My mom called.


"Okay!" I said as I shut the door.


I walked to the limo, and Jacob was holding open my door. How sweet.


I got in, and he went around, and got in the limo.


"Hey, babe." He said. I smiled at him.


"I like your tux." I said, and smiled wider. Oh, how I loved him.


"Well, I like your dress. You’ve probably been told this already, but you look beautiful." He said.


I giggled. Jacob was very tan, and he was also very muscular. We have been dating for almost a year now. My best friend, Victoria, had gotten us together.


Victoria had been a really famous singer about a year ago, and then somehow, her fame just faded. She still sells CDs, and is in the paper every once in a while, though.


She was coming to the Oscars with her boyfriend James. He looked kind of creepy sometimes, but most of the time, he was really funny.


I leaned again Jake while we drove. He put his arms around me.


We pulled up to the Oscar’s and of course, there was a red carpet. We could see some of the other celebs on the carpet.


The driver got out, and came around the car. He opened my door, and I stepped out. I was blinded by flashing camera lights, but I kept my eyes open. This was something you learned to get used to.


I smiled at them, and walked onto the red carpet.


Jacob came with me, and we posed for pictures, side by side.


I heard some of the paparazzi shouting my name, so I turned that way. "Bella! Bella!" They shouted.


I smiled, and their cameras snapped.

We walked further down the carpet, and someone asked to interview me.

"Sure." I said. They had a camera pointed towards us.


I answered their questions, and finally we got to go inside. I knew Pamela was somewhere, because she told me that I was going to change dresses before I sang.


We sat down in the seats reserved for us. We were very close to the front.


I saw the people sitting around us. There was Orlando Bloom, and Jessica Simpson, and some other people. They weren’t my best friends, but I could see some of them, a little further away. We greeted the ones around us, and took our seats.


Finally after sitting for about half an hour, they started the show. The host came up, and said some stuff, and then introduced the first people who were introducing the nominations. Sounds confusing when you put it into words.


They were showing the nominees for best actress. I knew that I was in there. When they said my name, everyone cheered for me. I just sat in my seat, and blushed.


"Okay, and the winner is..... Isabella Swan!" Wow. I hadn’t thought it would have been me.

Why they had to use my whole first name, who knows?


I smiled, and walked up to the stage. I got up there, and they handed me my award. They also handed me the microphone.


"Wow. I was not expecting this." I said into the mic. "Well, first of all, I want to thank my mom and my dad for supporting me, and also, my manager, Kate." I said some more stuff, and then they cut to commercial. I sighed, and went to sit back down.


Jake held my hand. "You did great." He whispered.


"Thanks." I said sarcastically. My voice had probably been shaking, and everything. I had been nervous.


The night continued on like this, and over all, it was very long.


When we left, there was more paparazzi than before. We were still being photographed, and I didn’t really mind much. I smiled at the cameras.


"Bella! Over here!" One of them called. I turned towards the video camera. I smiled.


When I looked into the lens, a picture flashed into my mind.


It was a boy, and he looked to be about my age, or a little older, but not much. He was smiling, and he had beautiful green eyes. He had bronze hair, and he was absolutely stunning. I was stunned for a moment, and completely dazzled.


As soon as I saw the picture, it went away. I wanted the picture back. I wanted to stare into those green eyes again, even if I knew they were staring back. There was something in his face that just seemed... right. Like home.


<I>No, Bella!</I> I told myself. I had a loving boyfriend. I shouldn’t be thinking about someone I don’t even know.


I snapped out of it. I was still smiling at the camera.


I waved, and the Jacob helped me into the limo. I sighed as we drove away....





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