The Twilight Saga

Okay, so im thinking about making a story about how Bella, Reennesme, Alice, Rosalie, and Esme are all kidnapped by a mysterious villain and the boys have to find them and fight off enemies. But can they fight off the own loves?! Read if you want! 

Chapter 1: Kidnapped
Bella's POV

I was so happy. I was with Edward forever and our daughter Rennesme had matured to her full growth. Nothing could ever go wrong. Suddenly, Emmett walks in. " Hey, i'm going hunting, who wants to go with me?" 
" ill go." Jasper, Carlisle, Edward and Jacob all say. 
" What, is this a guys only hunting trip?" I tease.
" Yes." Emmett says. " Us men need time away from controlling woman like you and alice." He says with a smile. jasper glares at hima nd so does edward. 
" Okay, Okay, just go." I say. 
" yea, ill probably take the girls shopping while your gone.' Alice says. I groan. She was going to use me as her barbie doll again! The guys laugh and take emmett's huge jeep. I hear the truck drive until it leaves the fork's border. 
" Okay! Shopping Tim-" Alice stops as her face goes blank.
" What is it alice?" Esme asks. She suddenly gasps.
" WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" She screams. 
" What, why?" I ask. Suddenly, a group of men wearing mask come in and start to grab us. 
" MOM!" Rennesme screams. One of the men knock her out. I growl. They grab us by our arms. 
" Let us go!" I say. 
" No." A deep, dark voice say. " Wait, the rings." " Guys, take the rings." they pull off my wedding ring and Alice's, Esme's , and Roslaie's 
"NOOOO!" We all scream. The last thing i see is our house trahed and them putting our rings into a small bag. Then i saw the inside of a truck and nothing. 

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Hey, ill post more when i get 15 comments or more! buh bye
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I need to read this! ;-)
It's great!
I can't wait for more!
Those mean men are going to be in big trouble when the guys get home from hunting!
I hope they get what they deserve!
Please post more soon!
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And can't wait for more! ;-)
nxt monday i gotta post cause im going to ny without a computer! sorry, but heres a sneak peek ;)

" What, the hell happened?!" Emmet said.
" Where's alice?!" Jasper.
" Girl's, where are you!" Carlisle screams. I see a bag and open it.
Write more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey folks, here's chapter 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2: The house
Edwards POV

We kept laughing at Emmett, jacob laughing the most. Emmett had got distarcted from his prey and it smacked him across the head.

" Hey you guys, watch this!" Emmett screamed. we turned around and saw Emmett jumping around and leaping on his prey. He was about to bite when jasper said
" Hey em! Rose says shes destryoing you eye patch collection!" We snickered.
" NOOO! NOT MY EYE PATCHES!" Em lost focus so bad that the lion hit him on the head and ripped his shirt. He killed it, but we busted up laughing.
* End of flashback*

" Yea, Yea, keep laughing. Alice is going to kill me more than roslaie." We made it back to the house and i stiffened. I couldn't hear nayone's thoughts.
" You guy's, somethings wrong." They all froze and jumped out of the car.we raced to the door and busrt open. We all looked in suprise at our house. it was totally destroyed and the girls weren't around.
" What the hell!?" Emmett said.
" Where's alice?!" Jasper said. Of course he would worry about alice.
" Where's Bella and Reneesme!" I souted.
" Girl's, where are you!" Carlisle screams. Jacob is just shaking, too angry to speak. They guys look around, but i see a small bag and a note on the table.
" Hey, guys, over here." They all race towards me and i read the note..
Hello, cullen boys. if you reading this right now that mean's i've kidnapped your loved ones. We all growled. If you want to see them again come to this adress 917 elm streer( From a movie) in Ireland. P.S. Heres a little piece if them to keep with you. I opened the bag and saw all off our wedding rings. We all race out of the house.

Sorry so short, will post more soon
This is amazing!
I can't wait for more!
Please post more SOON!
make more now. very simple u c. :)
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Okay, here's chapter 3!

The enemy
Nessie's POV

I was wandering in a hall of darkness, wondering where i was going and when i was leaving. I started to hear voices coming into the hall.
"Alice, how much longer?!" i heard my mother scream.
"Only 5 minutes, Bella calm down," I heard my auntie Alice say soothing. I heard some sobs coming from a corner and a hard banging on what sounded like a metal door. I started to open my eyes.
"Ow," My head was throbbing.
"Oh, renesme," my mother hugged me while i looked around bewildered.
"Where are we?" I saw Esme sobbing in the corner and Rosalie pounding on the door. Alice and mom were the only ones around me.
"I don't know, but probably somewhere in Ireland,"
"Ireland?" I was scared and confused. All i remember was strange men coming into my house then nothing. I still felt my head throbbing.
"Where's dad and Jake and everyone?!" I asked Esme sobbed harder and Roslie pounded harder. Mom looks scared and Alice looks worried.
"What?" I ask.
"We don't know, sweetie, they didn't come in time to help," I fely the shock on my face and started to cry. So, what, we're all alone, i thought. I'll never see Jake again. I cried harder. Just then, a voice came on over the ceiling. Rosalie stopped pounding.
"Hello, Cullen girls. Now, i know this is not what you expected on a Saturday morning, but you are my prisoners until i can get revenge on your dear mates for destroying mine,"
"Who the hell are you?!" Rosalie screamed.
"Ah, i wish i could tell dear Rosalie." Our eyes widen when he speaks our name."Yes, i know your names and i know your every weakness, you will not escape until my revenge is complete. Good day, ladies," then the voice left.
We all were shocked, but i was secretly glad. That meant that Jacob and dad would come get us. They would stop this guy. I hope in time, though.

Chapter 4 comes next week! And in jasper's POV


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