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The Sequel to We Belong. Can Sam find Bella before she has the baby or will Bella find a way back to her family? What will they all do to finally put a stop to Jacob Black? Can true love overcome the greatest of evils?


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I felt like I had been ran over by an eighteen wheeler and stuck in a rock tumbler. I looked around to find myself in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I could hear birds and other wild life around but nothing to give me a clue as to where I was at. I remember answering the door because I thought that it was the pizza guy but it was a man with something on a rag that made me sleepy. I heard a person walking into the room and was shocked to find my ex-bestfriend Jacob Black standing there with a sick look of love on his face. He smiled at me and said "My love, you've finally woke up. I was afraid that you were given to much of the sleep aid. Why didn't you tell me that you're having that monster's baby. Now all of our plans will have to wait until that thing is out of you." I started to growl at him but I held my tongue because it wasn't just about me anymore. I had to protect my little baby. I looked right at him and said "I will tell you this once Jacob Black. I'm married to Sam Uley. He and I are in love and are having this baby. Let us go and never come after us again or you will suffer the pack laws."


He stepped closer but stopped a few steps away from me before saying "Isabella,now is that any way to speak to your husband..." I stood up and looked right at him and said "Boy Jacob you really are a few fries short of a full basket are you? Now I demand to be let go." He laughed at me and turned to leave the room. Before he did he said "You can think of how you treated me for a few days then I'll come and see you again." With that he left me alone with no way to escape. I put my hands on my barely there baby bump and said "Well little bit, we will get out of this mess and get back to daddy soon. I promise that you will be safe the whole time. Mommy's just got to think of a way to get us out of here safely.




I was going crazy with the fear that Jacob has hurt Bella or the baby. We had all came back from chasing another false trail left by Jacob to find my front door open. I picked up on a human scent and knew in my gut that Bella was gone. I was screaming her name out when I saw something nailed to the post of the house. I looked at it and it was a picture of Bella asleep in Jacob's arms. He left a note saying:




Hope this letter finds you well...Actually I rather it find you in a panic thinking about what I might have done to Bella. I told you that she was mine and I always get what's mine. I will send the little monster to you after it's born so you can look to having that thing with you. Bella is very happy with me and doesn't want any of you to come looking for her or me. Well I better hit the road and try to debrain wash Bella from all of the lies that you told her about me.


                                           Much Love


                                                    Jacob Black


I will find Bella if it is the last think that I ever do. My Lil' Butterfly, I'm coming to bring you home

here is Bella barley five months along


I don't know how to express my comment!

Please post more!!!

Ugh. Gosh.



Awww love it!!!!! I cant believe Jacob is being that mean!!!!! I hope Sam finds her!!!! Please write soon & update me please!!!!! :)
remember that jacob is in a fantasy world where he and bella are together
Wow love it can't wait for more

love it

keep me posted

AWSOME!  Please update more soon : )

Jakes a buttmuch!!!... hahaha though i love this story so much!!! haahha Sam better find HIS wife!!

i will update tomorrow. i was going to update on tuesday but i went to a 100Monkeys concert. Jackson was so hot!!!!! they were great

keep me posted!!!!




I was enjoying spending some time with my close friend Garrett. Who knew that a man that old could be funny. When all of a sudden 'Yoda' my knower started to give me information. Telling me to be in Billings, Montana. That something important was going to happen and we had to be apart of it. So Garrett and I made our way there and waited for 'Yoda' to give me more information. As we waited my phone rang. It was my sire and brother Jasper Hale. I said "What's up Old Man?" He chuckled but it was fake. He said "Peter, I am sending you a packet of inforamtion about a woman named Bella Uley. She was kidnapped from her home in La Push, WA. two weeks ago. She is also five months pregnant. The person that we belive to have kidnapped her is her former best friend Jacob Black." He spent the next hour telling me everything that has happened in the last few months. Now everything fell into place. I was supposed to help this young woman get home but how and when?




It has been two weeks since I last saw my husband and I miss him badly. So does 'Peanut' that is what Jared has started to call the baby and Sam loves it. Jacob still thinks that I will stop loving Sam and start to love him. I found out that we are in Billings, Montana. We are on a farm that the nearest neighbor is thirty miles away. So I can't scream for help. I sit in my room just staring out the window just waiting, hoping, watching for any signs of my Sam coming to get me. I would tell the baby that Daddy is looking for us and will find us. I have to believe that it is true. I can hear Jacob coming so I get on the bed and get my glare face on. He comes in with my food and says "Bella, I will let you have a look around the grounds but know that I have put an electric fence around so you can't try to escape without hurting that monster." I eat then walk around the grounds.


I get to go on daily walks with Jacob watching from the porch. I noticed that he is talking to himself more and more. Which leads me to belive that he is slowly going insane. On one of my walks I hear something rustling in the woods and I notice that the hairs on my arms are standing on end. I look to see two pairs of red eyes staring at me. I was getting ready to scream when the vampire said "Don't scream. My name is Peter Whitlock and this is my brother Garrett Whitlock." The last name sounded familiar so I said "Jasper Whitlock?" Peter smiled and I knew that I could trust them. He told me the plan and what would happen but it was to early to do anything according to 'Yoda'. I could see him watching the 'Star Wars' movies. We made a plan to meet here everyday and slowly plan my escape. It had to be done so that Sam could get his justice for Jacob taking my away.




It has been hard going for these three weeks since Bella's kidnapping. All of the Cullen's have put out calls to everyone that they know of to help keep an eye out for her. One day everyone was going over plans on what they wanted to do when they got a hold of Black. When all of a sudden Jasper's phone rang. He got up and went outside to answer it. Everyone was looking at the area that he was in when he came bursting into the kitchen. He had a smile on his face and handed me the phone. I said "Hello?" I heard breathing and then "Sam, I love you. The baby and I are safe but it's not safe for us to come home just yet. I'm still with Jacob but Peter is Jasper's brother is here and is planning a way to get me home. So be tough for a bit longer and we will be together again." I told her that I love her and would see her again.


Everyone was in major planning mode trying to get everything ready for her return. Alice was getting some visions. She said "War. Many more newborns then what Victoria had with her. We need to be ready." I looked around at everyone and knew that we would need more help. So I called up to the Makah res and asked that when the time came that I could call on their pack to help us out. I noticed that Elezar got up to make a call to someone very important. Wonder who he was calling in? Elezar came back in and said "I've called in the Volturi and they understand that she figured out what we were and will not punish us for that. They will be sending Jane, Alec, Demetri, and maybe a hundred of the guard that is trained for battle."


The only problem was that we didn't know when this war was going to take place. All of a sudden everything hit me. When I was dreaming of a white wolf and this wolf telling me of a war it was Bella's wolf the whole time. She must play an important part in the war but what part? Only time will tell us what we need to know. She called again and said " That in two days time Peter and Garret would be getting her back here safely. I was counting down the hours.


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