The Twilight Saga

The Sequel to We Belong. Can Sam find Bella before she has the baby or will Bella find a way back to her family? What will they all do to finally put a stop to Jacob Black? Can true love overcome the greatest of evils?


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here is Peter Whitlock

Garrett Whitlock

Whoa Peter and Garrett are HOTT!!!!! Update soon please! : )


Well, I'm most on Peter.

Love it
Love it!!!! Thank you for the update!!!! Hopefully they find her soon!!!! Cant wait for more!!!! Please write soon!!!! :)
May you keep me updated on this story, please. I really like it. It's different and thats AWESOME!




Some how Peter managed to knock Jacob out and get my almost seven month pregnant but out of that horrid place was beyond me. When we were a good hour away from there did Petere say "Well Little Bit' how is peanut doing?" I laughed for the first time in almost two months. I said "Well Peanut is happy to be away from Jacob and almost home to Daddy. Peter do you know something about why Jacob went bonkers on me?" He looked to be in deep thought and said "Bella, I honestly think that in his own twisted world that your were in love with him. And I was shocked at how he didn't try to hurt that little baby in there. Now I know that there is a war coming. I know that you and Sam will play a huge part in winning this war. Jacob will be involved also but I don't think that it will be on our side." Peter handed me a phone and told me to call Sam and let him know that I was on my way home.


After I had called Sam and talked for almost an hour, we got off. I asked Garrett to stop so that I could use the bathroom and got me something to eat. It was almost one in the morning when we pulled into La Push. I was nervous about seeing Sam again. Stupid I know but after everything I was scared...just scared and I couldn't tell you why. I was thinking about my brother and fathers. Wondering if they were okay and if they ate healthy while I was away. I guess that I will be a good mother if I was thinking those types of things. Peter took me straight to my house and I got out. I slowly and very quitely made my way up stairs towards my room. I found a tshirt of Sam's and put it on. I slowly climbed my way into bed. As if Sam knew that I was there he snuggled closer to me. He let out a sigh that was of happiness and I felt that was as well. I couldn't stop looking at him and noticed just how much I missed looking at his sleeping face. He looked younger and almost care free when he slept. I slowly felt myself fall alseep in the warm, loving arms of my husband.




I knew that Bella was on her way so everyone and I cleaned the house top to bottom. Jasper and Emmett were going to install a top of the line security system once Bella got back. I was so tired because I was hardly sleeping and when I did I was having nightmares about Bella and Peanut being hurt by Jacob. I was given a light sleeping pill by Carlisle to help me sleep. I thought that tonight I was going to have the same nightmares again but instead I dreamt that Bella had crawled into bed with me. So I snuggled in with her and stayed in this dream. I was enjoying this dream when I felt the sunlight hitting my face. I slowly started to wake up and that is when I noticed that I wasn't alone in the bed. It took me a couple of seconds to get my barrings. I looked down to see My Lil' Butterfly laying there sleeping. I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. I couldn't make myself look away from her . I was afraid that this was infact a dream and I would wake up and she would be gone.


So I layed there and took in her features. I noticed that her hair was a bit longer and she had a slight tan on her. I noticed that her belly was bigger so I figured that she was almost seven months by now. I knew that I would have to take her to see the doctor to make sure that they both were healthy. I bent down and kissed her on her pink lips and felt her smile on mine. I said "Are you really here my Bella?" She chuckled and looked up into my eyes. She said "Yes Sam. We're both here with you and we won't be leaving you ever again. I missed you so much that it hurt in my heart to be away from you." I told her how much I had missed her and loved her. I also filled her in on so much like how Embry had imprinted on her friend Angela. Bella was shocked and laughed. We made our way to the doctor just to make sure that she was alright. Everything was okay with her and the baby so everyone met up to have a welcome home party. I promised her that I would never leave her alone.

here is Embry and Angela

luv it cant wait 4 more.
Love it
Love it!!! Thank you for the update!!!!! I cant wait for more!!!! Awww Bella is back home with Sam!!!! Please write soon!!!! :)
love it!


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